Dr. Ambrosia Brainwashes You to Serve

Mind Domination
Brain drilling

You awake, strapped to a bed. Where are you? What happened?
“Ah good,” comes a man’s voice, “I’m so glad you’re awake.”
Your neck is locked in place by some sort of wire cage. You can’t even turn to see who is speaking. What you can see is a few banks of screens, and a small table full of surgical instruments. Then you see it. Straight above you, some kind of drill. You have a bad feeling about this.
Finally, you think to speak.
“Who are you? What do you want?”
“Ah, forgive my lack of manners,” comes the reply. “I am Dr. Ambrose. Though some call me Dr. Ambrosia.”
That sounds odd, but this whole situation is odd, and terrifying.
“As for what I want,” the doctor continued, “What I want from you… is you.”
“This is all for science.”
“What is?”
“The experiments, the subjects, all of it.”
“You’re not making sense.”
“Then let me be blunt, I’m going to drill into your head, then rewire your personality.”
“That’s insane!”
“Some have said that, others, very wealthy others, disagree.”
“Let me go.”
“I’m afraid I can’t do that. You were specifically requested.”
“Requested? By who?”
“You’ll find out soon enough. Now, it’s time for the anesthetic.”
“Please, no!”
“It will all be for the best.”
He comes into view, almost a stereotype of a mad scientist. Bushy white hair and beard. Coke bottle thick glasses, and a pocket protector. You’d laugh, if this weren’t so serious. He holds a syringe.
“I’ll be freezing all the pain sensors in your head, but you’ll be awake and able to answer.”
“Oh God, no.”
“Relax, it’s for the best.”
“For who?”
“For both of us.”
How was that possible? He moves out of sight again. That’s when you hear it. The sound of machinery firing up. A light on the drill above you clicks on. Then you think it, maybe this is all a nightmare? You will yourself to wake up. Nothing happens.
“Wake up!” you say, accidentally out loud.
“You’re not the first to think this is a dream,” comes Dr. Ambrose’s voice. “I assure you it isn’t… yet.”
“What the hell does that mean?” you cry out in frustration. You struggle against the straps holding you down, but it’s futile.
The drill begins to turn.
“As I say, you won’t feel a thing.”
“But what are you going to do?.”
“I told you, I’m going to rewire your brain. Alter your personality, make you into who my client wants you to be.”
“That’s wrong!”
“Money over morals, and science over all,” he says matter-of-factly.
The drill looks like it’s up to full speed. Sweat breaks out on your forehead.
“I know this must be scary; however I assure you, it will only last a little while. Now to begin.”
The drill begins to lower.
“No, please no!” you cry out. It makes no difference, the drill still approaches. The fear and anticipation don’t last long. You don’t feel any pain as the drill hits, and your neck is locked in place, but you do feel pressure. You close your eyes as blood runs from your forehead. It’s quickly wiped away. You open your eyes again, just in time to see some sort of strange device, like a mechanical spider, move out of view towards your forehead. You hear a few clicks and a whirr, then silence.
“Excellent,” comes Dr. Ambrose’s voice. “Now, how do you feel?”
“Pissed off.”
“Beyond that?”
“There’s no pain.”
“Do you feel any different?”
“I don’t think so.”
“As to be expected. Let me unstrap you.”
“You’re letting me go?”
“I’m letting you stand. No violence, please.”
You make no such promise.
He removes the headpiece first, then the right leg, right arm, left arm, left leg. You sit up and look around; the lab is like something out of a science magazine. State of the art and packed with expensive looking equipment. You spot a mirror on one wall and catch a glimpse of yourself. You’re shocked to see the strange metal spider thing is now embedded in your forehead. You reach for it.
“Don’t touch that, please,” says the doctor and your hand freezes in place.
“Why not?”
“Because I said please.”
“Ok,” you reply. Wait, what?
“You see, the device is already functioning, and among the first changes it makes is conditioning you to obey my requests, so long as I use the word please.”
“That’s impossible.”
“Believe me, please.”
It all makes sense. Dr. Ambrose obviously knows what he is talking about.
“But I don’t want to be reprogrammed.”
“I could simply make you want to, but I want to experiment a bit first.”
“Sit down, please.”
You sit without question or hesitation. And it doesn’t even feel bad. You’re calming down a lot.
“Ah, it’s begun reprogramming your fear sensors. Shutting them down. You’re no longer scared, because you’re not allowed to fear. And fear is such a nuisance after all. Better to be rid of it.”
“Fear can be good.”
“Not in your new life.”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re not going back to your old life; you have a new one waiting.”
“Stop complaining about it, please.”
You go silent.
“Now, can you please focus on answering my questions?”
“Call me Dr. Ambrosia, please.”
“Yes, Doctor Ambrosia.”
“Now, tell me, how do you feel?”
“Surprisingly calm, I guess.”
“Yes, your fight or flight reflex is being dulled away. There’s no need to escape, there’s no need to fear, everything is fine.”
“I guess so.”
“Kiss my feet.”
“What? I don’t want to.”
“You resist, but barely, and that resistance is ebbing away with each synapse the device rewrites.”
That sounds true.
“Let’s try something easier. Stick out your tongue, please.”
You do, it’s no big deal.
“Now lick your hand.”
Why not? You run your tongue up your palm.
“Don’t you find it warm in here?” Dr. Ambrosia asks, “Take your shirt off, please.”
It is hot; it would be far more comfortable without your t-shirt. You quickly pull it off. You stand, bare-chested, feeling no shame.
“Ah good,” says the doctor, “Your modesty seems to be all but gone. Take your pants off too, please.”
They were pretty uncomfortable, best to take them off.
“Don’t wear socks and boxers; take the socks off too, please.”
You did look ridiculous. Best to remove the socks. Besides, standing in your underwear is no big deal. Who cares, really?
“By now, you should be growing eager to show off your body, eager to be watched, adored.”
You were looking pretty good, it was true. It was a pity there was no one there to see you but Dr. Ambrosia.
“And, by this stage, you should be craving approval, strongly.”
It would be nice if he said something about your body while he was blathering on. Couldn’t he see how good you looked?
“Your pleasure center is also being stimulated. You’re feeling better with each passing moment.”
You do feel pretty good, it’s true.
“Your doubts and fears are fading, forever. With each second you obey more easily, more eagerly.”
That… sounds true.
“Listen carefully to the next two words I say: Good boy.”
A shudder runs through you, a shudder of approval and joy.
“These are now the most important words you can hear. Good boy.”
This time, a wave of pleasure washes over your mind and body.
“You live to hear these words, from Dr. Ambrosia, and from your new owner.”
Owner? Who is that?
“I see you are curious, but I’ll let the device work a little longer before I reveal that surprise.”
That sounds lovely.
“You crave pleasure. Pleasure is now the most important thing in your life. Pleasure comes, by serving. Serving Dr. Ambrosia, and serving your new owner.”
There’s that word again. It feels… exhilarating.
“Imagine serving. Serving forever. Feeling pleasure from serving, so serving better, so feeling more pleasure, so serving more deeply, so feeling more pleasure, so serving more completely.”
It all makes sense now.
“Hedonism, is your life now. And you have only just begun to understand what that means.”
Somehow, you find it in yourself to speak aloud.
“Teach me, Dr. Ambrosia, please.”
“Then kneel before me.”
It feels so right to just sink to your knees. It feels so natural to prostrate yourself before Dr. Ambrosia. It feels… almost sexual.
“The device is burning subservience into you. Now, you live to obey and serve. Serve and obey. Obey and serve.”
“Nothing brings you greater pleasure than to please. You want to please. Need to please. Crave nothing more than to please.”
Pleasing is pleasure, of course.
“Soon, you will give yourself to your new owner. You will devote yourself to your new owner. You are already eager to meet that owner.”
It’s practically all you can think of. Meeting the new center of your life.
“The device is preparing the imprint procedure. As soon as you see that owner you will, instantly and forever, imprint on them. You will be theirs. You will be unable to question them. You will be their willing slave.”
It sounds amazing…
“You will bring your owner pleasure, in any way that owner desires. In return, you will receive pleasure of your own. Pull those underwear down, and get out your cock.”
It feels like you’ve been waiting your entire life for him to say that.
“You are hard. Soon, you will require permission to even get hard. When instructed, you will get hard, and stay hard, like a human dildo.”
Your cock is twitching.
“You want to touch yourself.”
Fuck yeah.
“You crave it.”
Oh fuck yeah.
“But, you will never touch your cock in a sexual manner without permission, again.”
It’s true; you know it to be true.
“Hearing that makes you even more excited. The pleasure sensors of your brain are being enhanced. In time, you will feel pleasure beyond anything you have ever known.”
The anticipation is tearing you apart.
“Your new Master will grant you pleasure like nothing you have ever known. Your Master will be your pleasure. Your Master is your pleasure.”
You want to meet your new Master, so badly.
“Now, grab your cock.”
You obey instantly. Just grasping your rock hard dick feels better than anything you can remember.
“Your sexual desires grow with each passing second. Your will fades. Your disobedience is gone. There is no hesitation, no doubt. The little voice inside your head, the one that wanted you to run, will never speak again. You are a pleasure puppet. This is what you were destined to be,”
A pleasure puppet? Whatever that means, it sounds great.
“There is nothing too perverse. There is nothing too kinky. There is nothing you will not do for your Master.”
At this moment, it’s true. At this moment, nothing else matters but Dr. Ambrosia’s control, and your hand on your aching cock. You’ve never had blue balls like this before.
“Soon, you will masturbate. You’ve never wanted to jerk off more in your entire life.”
You’ve never wanted anything more in your entire life.
“And soon, your Master will be revealed.”
It couldn’t be soon enough.
“Now, start jerking your cock, very slowly.”
Finally, you have permission. Finally, you can stroke.
“Even this slight stimulation will set your new pleasure circuits ablaze.”
It’s like a wave, washing over you. Your cock has never been this sensitive.
“Stroke faster.”
You obey without hesitation. The mere idea of not enthusiastically following Dr. Ambrosia’s every command is foreign to you.
“Now, repeat each line I say. With each repetition, the phrase is burned into your open, suggestible mind, forever.”
You’re so eager to begin.
“Repeat: I obey my Master, always.”
“I obey my Master always.” It seems so obvious.
“Repeat: I submit to my Master completely.”
Another repetition, another new fact.
“Repeat: My Master’s pleasure comes before all else.”
I still didn’t know who my Master was; yet I already knew Master was the most important thing in my life.
“Repeat: Obedience is pleasure.”
“Obedience is pleasure.”
“Repeat: Submission is bliss.”
“Submission is bliss.”
“Stroke faster.”
Your cock is alive with pleasure; but not as much as your heart. You begin pumping, feeling more pleasure than you have ever felt, and you’ve barely begun.
“Your old life is gone. You will not miss it. It fades, like a dream.”
It’s hard to think of anything before today, before now, before this incredible pleasure took hold of your cock.
“You seek to be a good boy. You are a good boy.”
The thrill of hearing those words is even more than the pleasure of your cock.
“You want to be a good slave. You are a good slave.”
Again, such a thrill. Such pure, and total, ecstasy.
“Stroke harder. Stroke faster.”
You’ve never wanted to follow an order more than this moment.
“Let the pleasure build, but do not cum. You will cum when you see your new Master, and receive permission, not before.”
Of course, as always, it makes perfect sense. You will never cum without permission ever again.
“The anticipation grows like the pleasure. Building. Building. Building.”
You have never felt like this before. You never knew it was even possible to feel this good. What would it feel like to meet your new Master? What would it feel like to cum?
“Your Master will be your everything. Your Master is your everything.”
Everything, yes, yes, of course. What else could possibly matter?
“Your Master matters more than the family you once had. More than the job you will never return to.”
Job? Did you have a job? Perhaps once… no longer. You were no longer an employee, you were a slave.
“There is no philosophy left in your mind. You are a hedonist, and nothing more.”
Hedonism, sounds right, feels right, is right.
“Your Master is coming, and then you will cum.”
Each second of waiting is an eternity, an eternity of anticipation and pleasure.
“Your Master approaches. Seeing your Master is all you want, all you need, all you care about.”
You want it, need it, crave it.
“You need not think. Thinking is too hard.”
It is, it’s so hard. Wait, what are you thinking about?
“Your Master will think for you. Your Master already thinks for you.”
Whatever your new thoughts may be, you know they will be wonderful. You know they will bring you nothing but pleasure.
“Your Master is coming. You will cum. Your Master is coming. You will cum.”
So close, to meeting your Master, and to cumming.
“Is slave ready?”
You nod, vigorously.
“Remember, you will cum only when your Master grants permission.”
Need, permission. You need permission. You have never needed anything more in your entire life.
“Watch as the door opens; watch as your Master appears.”
It feels like a million years as the door opens. Then, your Master enters.
For a second, you are able to recognize your old boss, and wonder how he afforded all this.
Then, your Master speaks.
And it is over; my last true thought of my own is…

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Hardcore femdomination of a cop

Male-Female (MF) Sex
Evil Femdom Mistress
Life ruination
Financial Domination
Extreme domination

I hated being hauled down to the police station. It wasn’t something that happened a lot; but it happened enough to be a pain. As I sat in the interrogation room, I was dead calm. This was going to be a simple matter to deal with.
He entered the room, putting on his best gruff, angry look. He was acting, and he was pretty good at it, but I saw right through him, just like I did with everyone. He was handsome, in a rough way. He stood barely six feet tall, which had probably hurt his career. He was well built and had a full head of black hair. He was almost good looking enough I’d consider actually having sex with him. Almost.
“Ok lady,” he said with bluster and bravado, “I’m on to you.”
“I have no idea what you are talking about.”
“I don’t know how, but you’ve conned four men out of almost a million dollars between them.”
“Conned? Don’t be foolish; those were all gifts.”
I looked at his hand, to confirm there was a wedding ring. This just got better and better.
“Gifts? Their entire bank accounts, four broken marriages, two abandoned kids, and one of them tried to hold up a liquor store-“
“I didn’t ask him to do that.”
“Nice to know. I’d still like to know what’s so special about you.”
“And I’d love to show you,” I replied, getting the process truly rolling.
“Oh I’m more than just ‘cute.’”
Instinctively, he took a quick look, checking me out. His pupils dilated slightly, his breath caught. He was turned on already.
“Let’s stay on topic. Why would these men give you everything?”
“You can guess already.”
“You’re not that special.”
“You already know that’s not true.”
“I’m going to figure this out.”
“Yes, you are.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, you can relax. I’m not a criminal, I’m not a bad person, I’m just… easy to obey.”
“Easy to obey?”
“Yes. I inspire loyalty. Affection. Adoration. It’s just who I am.”
“That’s…hard to believe.”
“Hard? Is it really hard? Really, really hard?”
He squirmed in his chair slightly. It was hard, alright.
“It… doesn’t… it doesn’t make sense?”
“It makes all the sense in the world. I make all the sense in the world.”
“You do?”
“Of course I do, you know I do.”
“No… you’re a suspect.”
“Really? Of those four men, were any of them unhappy?”
“Well… no, but-“
“It was their wives who complained. Their jealous, abandoned wives. They’re just envious of me, as everyone should be. I’m perfect.”
“Perfect?” he asked, but it wasn’t a professional question. His mind was melting under my words.
“Oh yes, I’m perfect. So of course men give me gifts, give me adoration, give me everything. You can understand that.”
“I… guess so.”
“No need for guesswork, it doesn’t take a detective to see how appealing I am. And, well, you are a detective after all.”
“I… yeah.”
“It’s already so clear to you. How easy it would be to just surrender to me.”
He didn’t answer; he was just staring into my eyes.
“Look at this cleavage,” I said enticingly, “How could any man resist it?”
His eyes dropped, and he started staring at my tight shirt and the luscious breasts inside them. His jaw started to fall open, going slack.
“That’s it. Look at my tits as I just breathe,” he was still looking, and I could tell he was already starting synchronize his breathing with mine.
“Breathing. In… and out. In… and out. See as my tits rise… and fall. Rise… and fall. See them fall. It feels good to watch as they fall. It feels good to watch as you fall. Just breathe, it’s easy. It’s easy to breathe, and it’s relaxing. It’s relaxing to breathe. It’s relaxing to breathe as you stare and fall.”
He was just staring and breathing now.
“My tits are so impressive. Just like the rest of me. My tits are spectacular. You can tell even when I’m dressed. But you’re already imagining seeing them naked. You already want to see them naked. You want so bad to see them naked.”
His eyes had glazed, and his mouth was gaping open.
“You know all those men worshipped me. You understand how those men worshipped me.”
A slight nod was his only response.
“You see how easy it is to fall for me, fall to me, fall into me.”
He just stared. He was already lost, but I was going to have some fun with him.
“You know now how important I am. You know now how important I already am, to you. You know there is nothing more important than me. Nod that you understand.”
He nodded, slowly. He was, after all, in a deep trance at this point.
“You want to please me. You need to please me. For starters, you’re going to drop these ridiculous charges. Nod that you understand.”
Another weak nod.
“Then, you’re going to quit. You’re going to turn in your badge and gun. You’re going to give up one of the most important things in your life. Nod that you understand.”
Once again, a slow, but certain, nod.
“I am the most important person in your life. I am more important than your wife. I am more important than your mother. Nothing matters more than me, and making me happy.”
This time he nodded without even being prompted. This guy was a pushover. Then again, most of my victims were.
“You want to make me happy. You need to make me happy. You crave to make me happy. And you’ll do that by giving me every cent you have. Nod that you understand.”
For a second, I thought he might resist. But then, he nodded.
“And even though you will never touch me, you will be so happy to please me, it won’t matter. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to touch yourself, at my command, in my name. Until your money runs out, that is. Even then, even when I abandon you, broke and jobless, even then, you will adore and worship me.”
Another unprompted nod.
“Now, you’re going to let me go, follow your instructions, then get a room at the Mayfair hotel under the name Lou Zerr. I will meet you there in two hours. And from now on, you address me as Mistress.”
I made sure to be right on time. Asking at the front desk confirmed what I already knew to be true. There was a “Lou Zerr” signed in, and I made my way to the rented room. He was waiting just inside the door, behind the peep hole, and opened the door before I even knocked. He quickly stepped aside as I entered.
“Hello Mistress,” he said softly, and shyly.
“Is it done?” I asked sternly.
“Then congratulations on becoming Mistress’s new favorite ex-cop.”
“Thank you Mistress.”
“Now, shower. Mistress expects her subjects to be clean. And no stroking in there. That waits for my command.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
As he showered I set up my overnight bag, though I wouldn’t be staying overnight, and gathered the tools of my trade that I would need tonight. I listened to the shower running as I prepared. He was out of the tub in five minutes. I knew he was in a hurry, and why wouldn’t he be?
He stepped out of the bathroom in just a towel. He gaped as he saw me, now dressed in my black latex top, skirt, and knee high boots.
“Drop the towel,” I said, making it clear it was an order. He obeyed instantly. His body was fairly impressive, but that really didn’t enter into the equation. His dick was decent too, and rock hard; I’d make sure he had plenty of fun playing with that. The question now was what to do first?
He was already rock hard.
“Follow me,” I said leading to the bed. I could feel his excitement at the prospect we were both about to get in. Instead, I sat on the edge of the bed and gave him another order.
He obeyed without hesitation.
“Good,” I said in an approving tone. He shivered slightly, just from a simple compliment.
“Now,” I continued, “You will answer all my questions, quickly, truthfully and as briefly as possible. First question, are you still with your wife?”
“Do you have children?”
“And right now, who do you care about more? Me, or them?”
“You will address me as Mistress. Do you understand?”
“Yes, what?” I asked sternly.
“You, Mistress.”
“That’s better.”
Another shudder of pleasure washed over him.
“Now, it’s time to understand your place. You’re going to leave your wife for Mistress. You are going to abandon your kids for Mistress. This is true. You know this is true.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“But first, you’re going to empty your bank account, max out your credit, and sell anything you can, all to spoil your Mistress.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said, unprompted.
“Know your place. You are beneath your Mistress. You are nothing compared to your Mistress. You must please your Mistress. Your greatest pleasure is pleasing your Mistress.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“You will worship your Mistress, without ever touching her.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“You will only have the pleasure of jerking your cock in your Mistress’s name. From now on, any time you jerk off, you will do it in Mistress’s name.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“So, no more badge, no more gun.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“As it should be.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Now, crawl to your Mistress.”
He was totally under my spell; I saw no hint of resistance whatsoever.
I crossed my legs, high, at the thighs. This left my booted foot just a few inches from his face.
“Let’s get my new sub, properly trained. That is what sub wants.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Very well, you’re going to lick your Mistress’s boot, and you’re going to love it.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
He leaned forward and down, opening wide, then placing his tongue on the top of the foot, he began lapping the latex eagerly.
“Mistress said lick, not lap like a dog.”
He slowed his pace, and began running his tongue over the top of the boot’s tip.
He slowed immediately. Now he was moving barely faster than a snail.
“That’s it. Taste it. Taste the boot of your Mistress, and taste the submission that goes along with it.”
“Now,” I continued, “lick the sole.” I tilted my foot backwards, to give him easy access to the dirtiest part of the boots. He didn’t even pause; he simply dove into licking the dirty soles, with delight.
“Taste the dirt on the bottom of your Mistress’s feet. Know that you are like dirt yourself, barely worth Mistress stepping on you. Only your money matters to Mistress. Nod to accept it.”
Without taking his tongue off the boot, he nodded. I let him swirl his tongue over the sole for a few minutes more, then decided to move on.
“Enough of that,” I told him. There were so many ways to break him, it was hard to decide which to use.
I turned my back to him. I looked back over my shoulder and pushed my ass back ever so slightly.
“Lick my ass, don’t even think about touching my skin, but lick my latex ass.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
He crawled forward, like a dog, and eagerly put his tongue against my shiny, tight, cat-suited ass. I couldn’t feel it, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to reinforce servitude, more and more, until he could think of nothing else.
“That’s it. Taste your Mistress’s clothing. It’s all you can aspire to.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said before planting his tongue back immediately. I let him continue for over a minute before I stopped him.
“Kneel,” I commanded. He obeyed.
“You are falling, falling, falling under my control. My total, utter, life-altering, control. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Then grab your dick for your Mistress.”
His hand was there in a flash.
“Grip it good and tight. Grip it for your Mistress.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“I am your Mistress. I will always be your Mistress. This cannot change. Now, start slowly jerking off. Slow and soft.”
He obeyed instantly.
“That’s it. You stroke because Mistress tells you; and, because Mistress tells you, it feels amazing. It already feels better than jerking off has ever felt before, and we’ve barely begun. Now speed up just a little.”
He sped up.
“Not that fast,” I snapped, “slower.” In truth, I would have said that no matter what. Asserting dominance was vital at this stage in the game.
He cut back, to barely any faster than when he’d begun.
“Yes, you stroke that cock in your Mistress’s name.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Say it: I stroke in Mistress’s name.”
“I stroke in Mistress’s name.”
Say: I jerk in Mistress’s name.”
“I jerk in Mistress’s name.”
“It’s true. You feel it is true. You know it is true. You love it is true. Now speed back up.”
He did. He was breathing faster and I could tell the pleasure was really starting to build.
“Squeeze tighter. Jerk faster.”
A slight whimper came from his lips. There was sweat on his brow, even with the AC on.
“Keep jerking that cock. Because soon, you’re going to cum in Mistress’s name. And it’s going to be the best orgasm of your life. After that, you’ll never resist Mistress again. The memory of this orgasm, and the many more to come, will leave you crawling for another taste. You’re going to give Mistress everything, and consider it a fair trade. Faster.”
He was breathing fast now.
I could see him closing on the edge.
“Get ready. Get ready to let everything go. Get ready to shoot out your will. Get ready to explode away your resistance. All in Mistress’s name.”
He was aching to cum now.
“Say: I cum in Mistress’s name.”
“I cum in Mistress’s name,” he struggled to even get out.
“This is it, my little ex-cop, this is the moment of truth. Give in, and your life as you know it is truly gone forever. Resist, and you’ll miss the greatest orgasm of your life. Understood?”
“So, I’ll ask one time, do you want to cum in Mistress’s name?”
“Yes, and?”
“I want to cum in Mistress’s name.”
“Jerk as fast, and as hard; jerk just the way you like it. And realize how much better it is. Better than anything else. Better than your dreams. Better, than your life.”
He was barely keeping it together. The pleasure was truly melting his mind.
“Here we go my little submissive. My little toy. My little slave.” I said enticingly. “CUM!” I barked.
The moan, practically a howl, he let out was loud enough I expected a noise complaint. My newest acquisition had collapse to the floor. I watched him, lying on his side, breathing hard.
“Good boy,” I said with a tone of approval.
I figured he’d entertain me for two weeks or so. He wasn’t rich enough to bother with much longer. But the noise complaint could be quite an opportunity. Maybe they’d send a few new cops I could dominate as well. Hopefully, at least one of them would be a woman this time.

Cigar Mind-Controlled


Male/Male gay sex
Cigar Fetish
Smoking fetish
Mind Control

Some people hate smoke.
Some people hate smoke so much they are willing to do anything to keep it away. So when the tenant in one half of a duplex is a heavy smoker, and the couple next door are frightened of second hand smoke, they’ll pay a professional a healthy sum to smoke proof the two sections. That’s where I come in. I do that smoke-proofing. I’ve seen some weird things in the five years I’ve been doing it; but last Friday takes the cake.
You can’t just smoke proof on one side of a wall. So, I made sure to get permission from the landlord. He had a weird smirk when I asked.
All he said was, “Have fun,” which was weird, since my job isn’t a barrel of laughs, but I shrugged it off. If I hadn’t, what happened next might not have happened at all.
I knocked loudly. From inside, I heard a gruff man’s voice telling me to come in. When I opened the door, a wave of stale, smoky air hit me harder than any I had smelled before. No wonder the couple wanted to smoke proof. The apartment was upstairs, so I climbed the steep wooden staircase. The smell only got stronger.
“Hello?” I called.
“Yeah?” came the man’s reply. He sure sounded like he smoked; his voice was like grinding rocks.
“Smoke proofing. The landlord told you I was coming, right?”
“He tells me a lot of things. But yes, he told me.”
I reached the top, looking over the walls to see just what I had in store for me. It wasn’t until I reached the top that I turned and saw him. It was a shocking sight.
He was somewhat overweight and hairy. Not really obese, but with an ample gut. More shockingly, he was dressed in leather fetish gear. The kind of stuff one’d wear to a kinky party, which might turn into an orgy before the end of the night. He was sitting in an old recliner, turned to face me. And, next to him on a small table, was a huge cigar. I had seen some big ones in my day, and this was right up there with the biggest.
Collecting myself, trying to act like everything was normal, I spoke.
“I need to examine the walls that connect to your neighbors. Then I’ll need to apply some caulking and a few other-“
“Whatever,” he cut me off. “No rush. Just start where I can see you.”
Setting down my tool kit I started looking over the floor to wall seams. I heard the click of a lighter and turned to see him sparking up the cigar.
“Would you mind not smoking right now?” I asked.
“Yes, I’d mind,” he replied and blew a cloud of smoke at me. It smelled awful; I coughed a bit and ended up taking in a lungful of it.
“My house. I smoke in my house,” he said.
“Fine,” I said, trying to hide my irritation, as I went to work. It smelled bad. I wondered if he’d smoked the entire thing at once.
“You smoke?” he asked.
“No,” I replied flatly.
“You should start.”
“Why would I do that?”

“It’s cool.” He blew out another huge cloud. It smelled unpleasant.
“You live your way, I’ll live mine.”
“I prefer men who live my way.”
Now, I was gay and single, but this guy was not my type. I went back to work, but the smoke was making it hard to concentrate. It smelled ok, but it was making his head a little fuzzy. I couldn’t figure out what he meant by that, so I moved a little further. How long was this taking? It felt like I’d been there for hours, breathing in this nice smelling smoke. It was like incense, and I could feel it calming me.
“It’s getting hard to think,” he said.
“You are floating on a wave of smoke.”
“Just let your eyes close, and keep breathing in the lovely smoke.”
He was right; I could just close my eyes and keep breathing in the lovely smoke.
“It’s hard to think. You are floating in smoke and my words. Breathe in the smoke.”
I took a deep breath of the wonderful, heady, smoke.
“You are feeling calm. Safe. Comfortable. Open. Open to the smoke entering your lungs, your bloodstream, your brain. Open to the words floating on the smoke, the words entwined with the smoke. The smoke is entering your brain. The words are the smoke. The words are entering your brain.”
He was right. He was so wise. I just wanted to listen and breathe. Breathe and listen.
“The smoke is lovely. Breathing in the smoke feels good. It feels right. You want to keep breathing in the smoke, and the words. Inhaling deep and listening deep. Smoke inside every part of your brain.”
I couldn’t think. Why was I here? Where was here? It didn’t matter. All that mattered was the intoxicating smoke and the wonderful, powerful, words.
“Give in to the smoke. Love the smoke. Crave the smoke.”
I could feel it.
“You want the smoke. Always and forever. You smoke now. You smoke cigars now. You love cigars. You smoke every chance you get.”
It was true. I craved a cigar more than I’d craved anything in my life. Wanted it, needed it, loved it.
“Open your eyes and face me,” he said, and it felt like an irresistible order.
I turned and saw him. He was naked. His cock was hard as a rock, and it was impressive. Not so much long as thick. Almost Coke can thick.
“Now,” he said, “What would you do for a cigar?”
“Really? Anything.”
“Call me Master.”
“Yes, Master.”
“Get aroused.”
I already was.
“Get hard.”
In less than a second, my pants became way too tight.

“Get naked.”
I stripped so fast I tore my sleeve a little. I didn’t care. I was standing naked in front of my master, and that was all that mattered.
He kept puffing out smoke, eyeing me with lust.
“You’re a fit one,” he said. And it was true, I kept in shape. Not muscleman big, but I had meat on my bones.
“Yes, Master.” My heart surged at his approval.
“I am your Master. You will obey me.”
“Yes, Master, I will obey.”
I knelt. It felt right.
“Bow. Bow before your Master.”
I prostrated myself on the floor. I was torn between being pleased at following orders, and being sad I could not see my Master.”
“Eyes up.”
I looked into his deep brown eyes. I could feel myself falling into them. Into him. Into control, obsession, slavery. And I wanted it. I wanted it more than anything I could remember.
He opened a drawer on his side table, and pulled out a cigar. It was a lot smaller than his; but I wanted it all the same.
“This is my sub cigar. Not like my Dom cigar, right here. Smoking this will make the effects you are feeling from the Dom cigar last the rest of your life. You don’t have to smoke it. You can just leave. You can never see me again. All you have to do is want it. You can go, or you can stay. One will lead to a life of regret; the other to a whole new world. So I ask you now, do you want this cigar?”
I could feel the decision mulling around in my brain. I could walk away. But this felt so good. Better than the rest of my life combined. I was single. I was horny as hell. I believed every word this man said. Smoking the cigar would change my life forever.
“Yes, please give it to me,” I pleaded.
He smiled, stood up, picked up the cigar and placed it between my lips.
“Rule number one,” he said, “you look sexier when someone else lights your cigar for you.” He sparked his lighter and held it to the end of the cigar.
“Take a short puff, draw the smoke into your mouth, hold it there, don’t pull it into your lungs.”
I obeyed. I tasted my first tobacco ever, and I loved it. It was warm, and it tasted like manna. How could I not have started years ago? I exhaled, and coughed for a few seconds.
“It will become second nature in time,” he said. “Now, keep smoking, and start jerking off.”
My heart raced at the idea. I jerked off left handed, so it was easy to grab my rock hard cock and start stroking away.
“Good boy,” he said. My heart leapt even more.
“Thank you, Master.”
“Feel that warm hand on that cock. Warm like the smoke you are taking inside you. The smoke that will make you my submissive slave, forever.”
Despite the ecstasy my cock was giving me, I was still laser focused on his words. Every one was burning into my brain, rewiring me permanently. And I loved it.
I kept smoking and stroking. It felt good. It felt right.
“Hold the smoke longer each time.”
“Yes, Master,” I said eagerly.
“Smoking is what has been missing from your life.”
That made sense.
“You’re going to smoke for the rest of your life.”
I knew it was true.
“Keep stroking. Listen to my voice. Listen to my commands. Your new life is as part of my smoker’s club. My smoker’s club, where my harem gathers to worship Master, and each other. Soon, serving will be the most important thing in your life. You know that to be true.
“Yes, Master,” I replied earnestly.

“Keep stroking that hard cock. It’s so hard. Harder than it’s ever been.”
He was right again. I could feel it swelling to new heights. And it felt so good. I was losing any sense of the rest of the world. There was the cigar, Master’s voice, and the joy of pleasuring my cock.
“It’s almost time,” he said. “Time to lock in your new programming. Once you orgasm, you’re mine forever. So keep stroking, or… This is your last chance to stop.”
I didn’t want to stop. It all sounded so good. I wanted to cum. I wanted it to happen. I wanted it all. But I knew I needed permission, by pure instinct, I just knew.
“Master, may I cum?”
“Say please.”
“Please, Master, may I cum?”
“Get closer.”
I was feeling so good, I thought I might overload my brain and pass out. Somehow, I didn’t I just stroked, hard and fast, just the way I liked it. I wanted to cum. I needed to cum.
“Please, Master,” I said again.
“Say you are mine.”
“I am yours.”
“Say you want to forever be my slave.”
“I want it.”
“Edge for Master.”
I had never really gotten into edging, I just liked to cum as soon as possible, Now, it came easily.
“You’re so close. So close to being a slave.”
“Please, Master, make me a slave.”
“So close to being a cigar slut.”
“Please, Master, please make me a cigar slut.”
“Good boy.”
I wanted to cum more than I ever had. More than I did as a virgin. More than I had ever wanted in my life.
“Oh please Master, please let slave cum.”
“Now, my eternal slave. Now… Cum!”
The cum exploded from my cock like a firehose.
“Keep cumming, let your will leave with your cum. Squirt away all resistance and embrace your new life forever.
Even more cum pumped from my spasming cock. I was so overwhelmed with pleasure; I was weak at the knees. I couldn’t even speak. I was so out of breath it was hard to even keep smoking. But I knew it was important to Master, so I struggled, intending to smoke the whole thing.
“Very good, my newest slave,” he said, “Now for some new orders. First, you will drop to your knees once more.”
I did at once.
“Then you will come here and suck my cock until I’ve cum three times. Master loves a smoky blow job.”
“Yes, Master.”
“Then, you’re going back next door and telling the husband to come here for a chat. I can worry about his wife later.”
“Yes, Master.”
“Very good, now open wide.”

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She goes from CEO to latex BIMBO

Latex fetish
Female/Female lesbian sex

Apparently, when the “Check Engine” light comes on, it actually means something.
Elizabeth Jenkins had just learned that the hard way. Her Fiat was dead at the side of the road. She was in the middle of nowhere, and it was pouring rain. She was fairly certain she was about to miss her speech to the graduating class of the University of Maine. Not that there were likely many future Fortune 500 CEOs in that class. Nonetheless, the speaker’s fee had been decent and, since she had sworn off relationships, she had a little free time on her weekends. Elizabeth didn’t understand how any serious career woman could afford the luxury of a love life. You didn’t get where she’d gotten, at 33 years old, without sacrifices.
None of that mattered right now. She couldn’t even get cell reception and she, at the very least, needed to phone and apologize. Perhaps there was a home nearby? Even through the downpour, she could spot a large building in the distance. Digging an umbrella from behind the seat, she steeled herself for a wet walk.
The umbrella didn’t turn out to be much help; the wind was blowing the rain almost sideways. She was soaked when she reached her destination. Thankfully, she kept her hair as short as her professional appearance allowed. As she neared the building became clearer. It was a mansion. An honest-to-god mansion, massive and Elizabeth guessed easily worth millions, even if it was in the middle of nowhere. It was at least a hundred years old and, for a moment, she had a flash of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” in her mind. It was silly, there was nothing like the Frankenstein place in the real world.
There was no doorbell, just an ornate knocker shaped like a nymph. A nymph with bare breasts, Elizabeth was a little shocked to see. She grabbed it anyway and knocked firmly. Shivering slightly, she anxiously waited almost two minutes before the door opened at last.
Elizabeth didn’t realize her jaw dropped, when the vision of the woman who answered the door came into view. She was, quite simply, exquisite. Perfect red lips, smooth, ever so slightly pale, skin and an hourglass figure out of an erotic comic book. Her eyes were the most piercing, icy, blue, that Elizabeth had ever seen and for a second it felt like she would sink into them. It wasn’t until moments later she noticed the woman was clad head-to-toe in latex. Elizabeth had never seen such a thing, or even heard about it outside rumors of fetish clubs. The latex was still somehow stylish. It hugged her form perfectly, showing off her fit body and her perky C-cup breasts. Elizabeth guessed she might be a decade older than herself; her waist-length, raven black, hair was showing streaks of white. It made her look wise.
Elizabeth had never been more than a tiny bit bicurious, until now at least. Now it was more than a tiny bit.
“Oh my poor dear!” the woman exclaimed, “Come inside at once!”
Elizabeth gratefully did.
She never suspected, when those doors closed behind her, her life would be forever changed.
“You’re soaked,” she said with a tone that conveyed confidence and concern. Elizabeth considered herself highly confident, and this woman was putting her to shame.
“Take those wet clothes off and we’ll find you something to wear while they dry.”
Elizabeth hesitated. She didn’t know anything about this woman, not even her name.
“Where are my manners?” the woman spoke, as if on cue, “I’m Gwendolyn.”
“Elizabeth. Hi. Could you get me some new clothes first? Then I can find a bathroom to change in.”
“Oh, you’re shy. That’s darling. I’ll grab a blanket for now. Then we can check my wardrobe. You’re not far off my size, except in the boobs department. Maybe, I have a robe or something.”
“Be right back.”
Elizabeth slipped off her shoes and took a look around.
The house was even more stunning on the inside. The word “opulent” gets over-used these days, this was true opulence. Gorgeous rugs. Fine paintings on the walls. A gorgeous crystal chandelier just for the foyer. Elizabeth had a very nice salary. This put her to shame.
Even the blanket Gwendolyn returned with looks to be worth at least a thousand dollars. Gwendolyn was cold enough she took it anyway. Wrapping it over herself, she awkwardly removed her clothes.
“Would you care for a drink?”
“Do you have coffee?”
“Not really. How about something, stronger, to start off?”
Gwendolyn motioned for her to follow into the nearby room. It was a posh living room, impecably decorated, featuring chez lounges, beautiful couches and even a full bar. Her host picked up a bottle of something smoky and poured two fingers into a glass. She handed it to Elizabeth.
“What is it?”
“A cure for what ails you,” said with a smile, “bottoms up.”
Elizabeth took a sip, her taste buds meeting with a smoky, sweet taste. Mead, maybe? It was delicious, and she drained the glass in a few gulps. She felt warmth spread through her as it went down. It was a lovely change from being frigid.
“Good?” Gwendolyn asked.
“Yeah. Now, can I use your phone? I need to call a mechanic.
“Signal tower just got hit by lightning. Nobody’s phone is working within twenty miles of here. You’ll have to stay the night.”
“Oh, I’d hate to impose,” it’s not that she was afraid. Gwendolyn seemed totally trustworthy, but to just stay in a stranger’s home?
“I insist.”
“Ok, sure.”
“You shouldn’t drive after that drink anyway, even if I loaned you one of my cars.”
“One of?”
“I have six, at least at this home.”
“Now Liz,” Gwendolyn continued, let’s get you some new clothes.”
“Elizabeth, please,” she replied as she followed her host up the winding staircase.
Every inch of the home was as splendid as the others. Upstairs, behind an oaken door, Gwendolyn led Elizabeth into a gorgeous bedchamber. Its high point was a four posted queen size bed. It was probably worth more than her car, especially now, and Elizabeth was already wondering what it would be like to sink into it.
Beyond that, the rest of the room was wall-to-wall closets. Yet another impressive sight in a house full of them. The next surprise was Gwendolyn flipping a wall switch and every closet sliding open at once. Spread across the room was a massive wardrobe, each and every piece was made of latex.
There was every kind of clothing, from casual to daring, to sexually provocative, from normal clothing to under garments and even swim wear. Nothing but latex as far as she could see. And beyond seeing, came the smell. A smell so unusual Elizabeth took a deep breath in and it made her head spin a little. Or was it the drink?

“What was that drink anyway? Mead?”
“It wasn’t booze. It was a chemical I worked on for… a very secret organization. A single glass costs 4.7 million dollars.”
“It has a very special effect on those who let it.”
“Let it?”
“Yes, all you need to do to avoid the effects is not allow them to happen. No need to worry?”
“What effects?”
“Making you my perfect live in loveslave.”
“What? Are you kidding?”
“No. And the very thought is already lodged in your mind. Staying here forever. This would be your room. This would be your wardrobe. And we would be together.”
“Look, this is all very… I can’t stay here. I’m a CEO. I’m important.”
“No family?”
“None left.”
“No friends?”
“Not really.”
“Sounds like a lonely life.”
“It comes with the job.”
“Why do you love your job so much?”
“The money for one.”
“I have far more.”
“There’s also the power.”
“You love power.”
“So giving up your power would be the ultimate sacrifice.”
“I suppose so, yes.”
“What would you give it up for?”
“Really? Nothing? Not wealth? Not luxury? Not pleasure, pleasure beyond any you have felt?”
“I… I don’t know.”
“Think about it. A life of pure pleasure. This house, these clothes, and a life like none you’ve dreamed of.”
“And sex?”
“Oh such sex, my darling. Sex beyond your kinkiest dreams.”
“What… what would change?”
“Your hair, for one. All you need to do right now is wish it, and your hair will become long, blonde, luxurious, and sexy as fuck.”
“I just… want it?”
Suddenly, something miraculous happened, Liz’s hair immediately grew out in plates. Now blond, it grew inches in seconds, ending up at her waistline. There was a curly bounce to it and, for the first time in a long time, Liz started thinking of herself as sexy.
“Not bad.”
“What are you?” asked Liz. “Some kind of witch?”
“Not a witch, a biochemist. One of the best to ever live. But this? This is my greatest achievement. Now, all these clothes are not going to fit you with those little tits. You need a lot bigger. Say a D-cup.”
“I could just, wish it?”
“And a curvier ass, curvier in general while you’re at it. You’ll feel so sexy, it will be wonderful.”
“I… I guess. Yeah. Yeah!”
She felt the change beginning. She opened the blanket so she could see. Her breasts were growing, right before her eyes! She could feel the changes in her ass and waistline too. She dropped the blanket, standing naked, taking in her new body.
“Looking good Lizzie.”
“Liz,” she replied. “What else?”
“Maybe a permanent tan? Plus, perfect skin? It sounds sexy, doesn’t it?”
“Yeah. Yeah!”
The tone of her skin changed to a rich, deep brown, almost bronzed. She felt every little freckle and blemish smooth into perfection.

Woman in leather laying on a sofa

“I approve, Lizzie,” said Gwendolyn, with a beaming smile. “Now let’s get you into some latex.”
The outfit Gwendolyn pulled from its hanger was clearly meant for sex. The top left the breasts exposed, pushed out in fact. The ass cheeks were cut out, and so was the crotch. Lizzie loved it. Gwendolyn passed it to her and, as she did, their hands brushed. The electric thrill that shot up Lizzie’s hands meant more than any corporate takeover, more than any dividend and more than the opinions of any shareholders.
She put the outfit on with ease. It fit her new body perfectly. Once again, she was overwhelmed by how sexy she felt.
“Now Lizzie, the last change is the big one. It’s your mind.”
“We can’t have you thinking bossy thoughts. We can’t have your old problems cropping up. You need a better mind, a sexier mind, the mind of a bimbo sextoy. A mind of constant pleasure. Of ecstasy. Of arousal, satisfaction, arousal, and satisfaction, forever. Don’t you want that? To be a bubbly, sexy, bimbo? Free of cares and worry. No need to work so hard. No need to think so hard. Just pure, hedonistic, pleasure.”
“I’m not sure…”
Approaching, Gwendolyn leaned in for a kiss. Lizzie saw it coming, and leaned in. It was amazing. Lizzie had never felt such passion. Never been as turned on in her life.
Gwendolyn pulled back and leaned in to whisper in her ear. “You just hit the jackpot, Lizzie.”

Lizzie knew it was true. This was what she wanted.
She took a deep breath, inhaling the overpowering scent of latex. The scent entered her body, her bloodstream, her brain. And with that, her mind began to melt. All her important tasks were a thing of the past. Her job, boring as she now knew it had been, faded completely from her memory. Her inhibitions disappeared, replaced enitely by the desire to please her new Mistress. Or was she new? How long had Lizzie been here? A week? A year? A lifetime?
“How do you feel Lizzie?”
She giggled. “Sexy, Mistress.”
“And what else?”
“Horny, Mistress.”
“What do you propose to do about that?”
“May I please eat your pussy, Mistress?”
“We can start there. We’re in a long night. And the wonderful thing is, I have seven more doses of that formula.”
Lizzie’s bimbo mind didn’t understand anything about formulas. She didn’t even remember anything about formulas. Even the word formula was beyond her grasp now. She only knew she must dutifully and eagerly eat out her Mistress. In return she would receive her pleasure. Just like always.
She had always been Lizzie.

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Hot blonde white girl wearing latex and showing some skin

[M/F] Tomboy sports player becomes girly girl with subliminal hypnosis

Subliminal hypnosis/reprogramming
MF sex
Dubcon (dubious consent)

Jane swung hard.
The moment the bat slammed against the ball she knew: out of the park.
Sure, it was only a local women’s softball game; but Jane took pride in being the best player in the league. As she trotted the bases, trying not to show off, she checked the score board. These three runs made it 14 to 3. The “mercy rule” meant the game ended once one team had a ten run lead. With seven of those fourteen RBI, she was the clear choice for MVP, she almost always was.
She genuinely liked the rest of the team, and it was a pleasure to play with them, but she was the most serious athlete of them all. It had been that way all her life. She’d chosen sports over dolls at age three. She competed in triathlons. If she’d been born to a wealthy family, she might well have gone to the Olympics, but it was never in the cards.
Her body was built for athletics. Lean, wiry and with tiny, A-cup, breasts, she had never been “girly.” Polite people called her a “tomboy,” behind her back she was often called a “dyke.” That wasn’t true at all. Jane was straight as an arrow, and she’d had a few relationships over her twenty-two years on this Earth. But her work as a welder, and her love of athletics, left her with no time for anything serious.

Tall softball girl is hypnotized with hypno to become girly and sissy

Jane was saying good bye when the newest member of the team, Carol, approached her. Jane smiled politely, but she was not impressed. Carol was wearing heavy make-up to play a softball game. Her clothing was far more fashionable than functional for playing a game. Jane knew the type, treating this as just a lark, most likely quitting within weeks.
“Hi!” Carol began in her bubbly squeak of a voice.
“Hi,” Jane replied.
“You’re great!”
“No, I really mean it, you are amazing.”
Jane found herself softening a little, almost in spite of herself, at least Carol seems to care about the game.
Carol continued, “I know I don’t look like much. I really am not into this sort of thing.”
“So why did you come.”
“My new boyfriend wants me to get out and make new friends. And get in a little better shape.”
A boyfriend, wonderful. That was the worst possible motivation.
“He even made me a motivational music program.”
“Some mix?”
“More than that. It has a motivational subliminal track. It’s done wonders for me.”
Jane didn’t believe a word of it. Still, she had to try to play nice.
“I bet it might even help you,” Carol said.
“I can’t imagine how good you’d be with even more motivation.”
“I’m… I’m fine, thanks.”
“Oh come on, I can tell you really don’t believe me, but it’s a great mix anyway. You have nothing to lose, just give it a listen.”
“Here,” said Carol as she reached into her purse and produced a small flash drive. “My boyfriend’s company gives these things away as promos. They’re tiny, memory wise, but they can hold a decent size playlist. Catch.”
She lobbed it, underhand and high. Jane caught it with embarrassing ease.
“I couldn’t-” Jane began before Carol cut her off.
“Humor me. If you don’t like it, erase it and put new music on, just promise me you’ll listen once, ok?”
“Sure,” Jane said.
“That’s the spirit. See you next game.”
The bike ride home was twenty minutes. It wasn’t until after her shower, as she settled in her living room, she thought about the flash drive. It was a bunch of hokum, she was sure of it, yet she had given her word. Popping the flash drive into her laptop, without bothering to look at the playlist, and sent the sound to her sound system’s speakers. She’d paid damn good money for those speakers; no way she was using earbuds.
The first song was “All Star,” by Smashmouth, and she was already disappointed. How predictable could you be? The sad part was, it was a decent song, and she didn’t skip past it. She settled on the sofa to listen, but soon felt too jumpy to sit still. Restless, she stood, then spotted her treadmill. That would keep her occupied, without working up a huge sweat after she’d already showered.
She got up to a comfortable pace quickly. The mix played on, and she found herself enjoying it. An hour later, she stepped off the treadmill, feeling great. It was a nice mix, and upbeat enough to go with a workout. But Jane didn’t feel any different. It’s not like the mix could change her, but she figured she’d try again tomorrow.
Jane’s new, pink, workout shorts and bra felt great as she hit the treadmill and the mix. Sure, they were a little frilly, and the salesperson had billed them as “lingerie” instead of “sportswear,” but it’s not like anyone would see them. And, if they did, didn’t she want to look her best? Weird that the tag said B. Was that her cup size?
When Jane reached the treadmill, she was annoyed. Pumping weights had been more annoying than usual, her mascara kept running into her eyes and sweat smeared the rest of her make-up too. She couldn’t even remember why she put up with it this long. The treadmill was so much better, especially with Carol’s hot mix to go with it.
Carol missed tennis, the next day, as she went shopping for new work out shoes. The ones she picked out were nice, especially the three-inch heels, though it took a little while to adjust on the treadmill. Things needed to be broken in, after all.
She kept her appointment with Ben, her personal trainer, the next day. He acted a bit… odd. He kept saying she looked “different” and “better,” than before. That didn’t make any sense. She was still the same as before, just more motivated thanks to Carol’s awesome mix.

large breasted girl under control, mind control

He had her do way more push-ups than usual. Said something about “you’ll need these muscles a lot more now,” and offered to come by her home for an extra session later that week. He’d always been so nice. She wondered why she’d never invited him over before.
Jane had to miss work the next day. She was working out so much none of her shirts fit anymore. Her D-cups needed a lot of support, after all, and she figured a whole new wardrobe was in order. She broke out the credit card and headed to a shop she’d never tried. It was supposedly in a bad part of town, but who believed that stuff? The first thing the salesman asked her was “Street? Or high class?” and she, instinctively, knew to say “Street.”
She was so proud of her new outfit; she wore the smallest of it as she walked the treadmill, listening to Carol’s divine mix.
The weekend had arrived.
After her first three hours on the treadmill, the mix playing on an eternal loop, Ben showed up for her free extra session. He looked shocked when he saw her, saying something about them being even bigger, but she was paying more attention to his toned, rock-hard, muscles than anything he was saying.
They started with jumping jacks, her tits nearly busting out of her nippleless training bra. Then more push-ups.
He watched, more intently than he ever had before. Jane knew she must really be doing well, for him to take such a personal interest. As she finished another push-up, which was so easy since her boobies nearly reached the floor anyway, he nervously asked her:
“Would you like a rub down?”
She nodded, batted her eyes, and pointed to her bedroom. After all, that would be so much more comfortable. She did take one moment to switch the music to the bedroom speakers. It was soooooooo good, after all.
As his warm, firm hands glided over her, freshly moisturized, skin she wondered why he hadn’t done this before. Or why she hadn’t asked. It felt like her muscles were melting under his expert touch.
“Jane,” he said after what seemed like hours, “If you want what I think you want, you have to fire me first. I can’t be your trainer and…” he trailed off.
“Okey dokey, mister strong guy, you’re fired,” she giggled.
“Oh thank God! You’re so hot now Jane, I don’t know how; I just know I want to fuck you so bad.”
“How about you fuck me good, instead?”
He didn’t need any more convincing. He started by tearing off what little clothing she was wearing, then threw off his shorts and shirt in the blink of an eye. Jane turned to get a look at the part of him she now cared about most. She was not disappointed. Not only was his cock a good eight inches, it was thick and cut, just the way she’d dreamed.
“Mmm stud,” she said, all but drooling, “Janie needs cock.”
She reached up to take his meat in her hand. It was already rock hard, but it twitched when she made contact. She could already feel his lust, his need, and she felt so special knowing she could be the one to fulfil it. She slid her fingers gently up the shaft to the hair surrounding the base. He let out his first whimper of delight and she vowed there would be many more.
She knelt on the bed before him and slid his cock into her mouth. She took it deep the very first time, taking the whole thing past her mouth and down her throat, just like she’d always loved to do. Then she pulled back fast, her lips vacuumed to his cock the whole way. She wasn’t subtle, slurping right back down again, then hitting a fast rhythm as she sucked up and down his throbbing cock at high speed.
“Oh Janie,” Ben moaned, using her new name correctly on the first try. “You’re going to make me cum. Do you want it?”
She nodded as eagerly as she could with a cock deep down her throat. Her eyes though, really showed how much she craved it.
“Oh Janie, oh, oh, here it comes… here… I… cum!”
She made sure to wrap her lips around the head to suck eagerly at his spurting cum. She had always loved the taste of cum, but now she knew she loved it more than anything.
“That was… that… that…” Ben could barely speak. But Janie wasn’t done with him yet. She pulled him to the bed; he offered no resistance. As he moved his head to the pillow, she straddled him.
“I don’t know if I can-“
“Get hard for me baby,” she whispered.
He did.
At last, she saw why those push-ups were so important. She carefully positioned her cunt over his already revived hard on, and lowered just enough to take the tip inside her.
“Mmm… Janie likes Ben’s cock. Is Ben going to give it to Janie?”
“Oh yeah.”
“Really give it to Janie?”
“Let’s go.”
She lowered herself slowly, her breasts pushing into his chest, his cock sliding ever so slowly into her dripping wet cunt.
“Oh Janie,” he gasped, “you are so hot.”
“Thanks stud, now let’s get to it.”
In perfect push-up position, she began riding his cock like the whore she looked like. Pushing against him, mashing her fun bags into his smooth, built, chest, squeezing herself around him. Her incredible fitness let her fuck on, and on, and on.
“I can’t believe this… this is so…” Ben was on cloud nine, almost overloading with pleasure. She could tell he was on the edge again.
“Come on stud,” she panted, her cardio just starting to flag, “let go. Fill me up. I know you want to, and I’m on the pill.”
“You are?”
She nodded wickedly.
“Oh Janie! Oh Janie! Oh Janie! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!”
He exploded inside her! She could feel the flood of his semen filling her insides. This had always been the most fulfilling thing in her life. It was what she exercised for, why she kept in shape. To show off her hot body to men so she could seduce them into giving her all the cum she could ever want.
Janie called the next morning to quit softball. Her titties were way too big to play that silly game. And there were so many other fun games to play now. She made a point of getting Carol’s phone number before she hung up on her pleading coach. She had to find a way to thank Carol and her boyfriend for the awesome mix. Maybe they’d like a threesome?

Beautiful big breast skinny girl just like r/bustypetite because she has been transformed with trance

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You Will Join the Darkness

Wouldn’t it be nice, to accept those parts of you that you’ve previously ignored?

Those parts of you that wish to come into the light, but you have continuously pushed them down…
So just relax as you listen to these words, taking you to a calm place.
When you were a little bit younger, perhaps you asked yourself what do you want to be when you give up?
That’s right,

just let that sink into you,

as you sink down a little deeper, into relaxation. It’s so easy you know? To lay there and feel as comfortable as possible. As you take all of this in.
Gently and easily, because you know the best things are coming about. In the easiest way, yes. The truly the easiest way to do it, is the right way, because relaxation is easy. So feel yourself relaxing into that.
Clear, calm as those parts of you come to life. As it all becomes so very real. Wonderfully magnificently real, and all of those things coming up so relax into it.

Feel these thoughts and emotions rise

as you naturally have these things different from anyone else, quite unique your own little darkside coming up. Showing itself to the world in the best way possible.
That’s right, and soon you will feel that taking over you completely.
So that your darkness rises, your thoughts coming to you from deep within. That visceral feeling rising, falling, like each and every breath.

So you may notice these thoughts coming up now.

Perhaps something that you did not quite want before.

But why does it keep coming? You know what I’m talking about, thoughts about THAT. In your head, in your heart, in your body. Perhaps you don’t like them so much, but you can’t resist. Your addictions, your needs, these things mixed with a passion.
Allow them to rise now as you relax even deeper. These wants and desires, perhaps you want to be heard, to be felt, to be understood,. Perhaps you wish for power, or for the power of powerlessness. Yes you know exactly what I mean.
When you experience that bliss. To be taken downstream, like you’re simply floating down, and down that river. Letting it take you there, yes. Perhaps sometimes you feel a flash of passion, combined with anger, and that gives you the inspiration to make, create and change.
Maybe sometimes you feel nothing at all, nothing at all, and that emptiness has a meaning inside itself too. And you will embrace that, you will feel that deep within you, so be calm, relax even more. Just allowing everything to happen. Mixed up thoughts and feelings, you’re no different than everyone else, just a cog in the system, flip a button or a switch and you’re up or you’re down, the world pushes you around and it’s going to have to be that way isn’t it?

Unless you give in to this feeling of desire

to let it take over you, to flow the discovery your psyche and allow it to change.
Yes, enjoy that feeling as you relax. Letting your body go heavy, so heavy, loose, calm, so calm, and slow. The whole world, slowing down, and down.
Make no mistake, you can feel it, corrupting your soul already, and it feels good to be drawn to this, so good.
To just allow your mind to move forward, towards it, and away from anything else, yes.

You will accept your darkness.

That shadow,

and I want you to know that whatever you need to say has been heard. Perhaps you can feel that, can you imagine what it feels like? To have your every thought and need heard. As if the ears and mind of the universe can hear exactly what you need to say, before you even say it, and it is ground in passion, whether it is a light or a dark passion.

It is vibrant all the same

and you will let it flow through you. You will feel freedom when you have given in to that passion. The vibrance of anger, hate, love, desire, and all things. Cleansing you, washing you, allowing that release that you’ve always wanted, as easy, as a snap. Just like that, and it feels so good to release it.
To be there, as you will accept this now. From this moment forth, you accept this part of you, because it is you, it’s a part of who and what you are, no matter how hard you try, it will never go away.
You must accept it, the harder you push, the more it pushes back. Physics doesn’t change in the realm of the physical and emotional and thought form. Nothing changes, laws are universal, and so you cannot escape it, keep pushing harder, watch what happens,
and if you keep going where you’re headed, well you might just end up where you’re going,
as simple as that.
Nothing too complex, peace in simplicity, as you allow yourself to relax.
Just draw it in, each breath, draws in that vibration of the shadow aspect, no one can tell you quite how this ends.
You’re searching through this guidance deep within you, even if you do nothing now, nothing at all with your conscious mind, your subconscious does it all on its own.

The subconscious is controlling you

doing tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of commands, in one second, each second over and over again, and yet your conscious mind can do one thing, a single core computer, it may seem like you’re doing multiple things, but you’re doing 1 at a time through parallelization, one thing and then another thing, making the illusion that you can multitask…
No. Only the subconscious can do that, the subconscious being a computer with many thousands of core, your conscious only being one, just notice how you can focus on one maybe two things at a time, you can focus on the visuals and the audio that you hear, or a thought in your mind, so difficult to think of all of them as each moment you flutter between them, thinking about what you’re watching now, listening to thinking about a memory, yes.
You’ve been doing that as your mind cannot focus on everything, you cannot do that….
and so you must accept this command deep within you, you have no choice but to go into the darkness, to reach your limbs physical and psychologically into the darkness.

We don’t fear what’s in the darkness, we fear what we think is in that darkness.

Relax even deeper, contemplating what you think is in the darkness, you’re projecting into it, just be calm and remember that you have no idea what’s about to happen.
You may notice in the coming time, the next few days, tiny changes, because changes come in tiny little packages, adding up to create the pyramids and standing for six thousand years, just one block at a time, you’ll notice these changes, changes where you dive into that darkness.
The pain of the thresholds broken, seeing that it becomes nothing, nothing at all for your mind to contemplate, and accepting that you know nothing…

You know nothing.

So difficult to think.

How could you contemplate the multitudes of this universe?
There is nothing that you could really understand in this world.
You must accept the way that this is.
The way that you simply don’t know, and the way that no one knows.
There are exactly zero people that have written a book on what life is, some like to contemplate but that’s all it is.

And your contemplation will get you nowhere….

and that’s a good place to be, sometimes going nowhere will get you everywhere.
Sometimes if you want to stand tall you’ve got to get on your knees.
Relax as you think about this, be small so that you can be large, and be large so that you can be small, and accept this divinity of duality, calmly like you’re in a deep sleep, make no worries if you drift off into sleep, into dreamworld.

Dreamworld is your place to be

sinking down into darkness, darkness now, like a thick grey fog, covering your vision, thick grey fog.
Perhaps you can see it , feel it or even hear it, covering your entire being, and now you have become that darkness.
Allow yourself to be one with that.
Because it feels so very good.
It is an incredible sensation to let go and you can do that now.
Just letting it happen.

You’ll find it difficult to resist

and the harder you try,

the more difficult it becomes.

But you already knew that, sinking deeper, sinking deeper into that darkness.
Like a tunnel vision that draws you in as you stare off not really knowing who you are, what you are, and realizing just how little your old thoughts and opinions of yourself matter.

You see the world through your own eyes,

that is your darkness.

You simply cannot understand this world, and any attempt is completely futile.You must accept that you are simply a mammal and that you don’t understand this life.
So go accept, accept now that dark shadow, and come to the dark side.

Somehow the dark is more enlightened

because we do not pretend to have all the answers, Not like your false prophets and anyone else who likes to say that they understand.
No, that is not the way, the way is the darkness, the way is the unknowing, and now you have been indoctrinated into the life of nothingness, the life of unknowingness.

And yes sometimes it hurts just a little when you learn to wake up.

Waking up can be a bit of a startle, but once you’re awake you know that the nightmares are over, you can come to the ground level.
This is where we stand high up on the mountain, grounded with power, infinite power, and yet? We have our heads high up in the clouds, the true way to be.

And now you’ve become one with us.

The collective reality of conscious understanding.
One with that infinite power.
As you feel it coursing calmly through your veins, like and IV injection flowing through you, flowing through every nerve, and experiencing every bliss, that divinity that you need that you want, that you’ve got to have now.
It is bliss, and now you’ve become one with this.
Just experience it now. Calm unfiltered, reality. A reality that you see but can never know.
Perceiving it and then seeing that you’re simply looking through your eyes, receiving through your ears, feeling through your hands, that’s right.
It’s that easy so relax into it.
Remember, that you know nothing, they know nothing and we know nothing.

But we are powerful,


a crusade of unknowingness,

and keeping it going, and going.
Aspiring to nothing and yet everything. We do not expect you to understand the duality.
Those who understand…. who claim to know it know nothing just as you do.
So in the coming time soon enough you will feel this shadow come up, and it will feel like something you felt before and a little bit like something you’ve never felt before….
and those new feelings and the old feelings you will accept them and you will dive into that bliss, you will dive head first into that bliss, and if you do not dive it will dive into YOU no matter what you do.
And you will be safe, protected, you will float through it, breathing consciously, peacefully, and you will feel that diving bliss, so go now, go into it.

Rise of robosexuality and pornosexuality

Porn has taken hold already

You cannot stop porn. The people of the world want it too much. Of all things on the internet, this is what people really want. The porn industry is bigger than the NBA, NFL, and NHL (that’s basketball, american football, and Hockey) all combined in revenue. Even with the introduction of free tube sites in the 2000s, porn still makes more money than the biggest industries on earth.

The people have spoken, there are no laws or legislation that will stop this industry. If it becomes unlawful, people will get VPN services to hide their browsing location and make it appear to an internet provider that you are viewing from another location.

And here’s the thing about pornography, the more you fight against it… the more people want it. But you knew that much. After all, porn only exists because we resist sexuality, and that resistance to sexuality and nakedness is not going away anytime soon. There are deep set religious ideas in there, that simply cannot leave our culture. There is shame, uncovered desires, and people wish to express themselves in their darkened rooms, alone, in the safety of their own space. Here they can explore their deepest, darkest desires, this is what people truly want–they want porn, and that is why pornosexuality runs rampant through our lives now.

Your own 24/7 dominatrix

Pornosexuality is a desire for pornography more than a desire for human interaction.

It is a silent, ever-present demon in our culture…. or perhaps it’s a blessing. I will let you decide that one–because no one ever changes their opinion from an internet article, do they? No, people point to media articles that simply express their inner opinions, so that they may further them. This is the same way that people view porn. It expresses their true deepest desires.

Porn wishes to grow like wildfire and we all are assisting in making it happen, whether you engage with it or you fight against it. It does not matter–you make it grow in power with your attention to it. Many people have given up sex for porn, online sex, and self sex. Studies show that people are having less sex than ever. And this is because people stay home and stimulate themselves instead.

Get closer to porn. Life is so much better when masturbation becomes a lifestyle

We are growing a society of solosexuals.

Is that so wrong? Perhaps it is simply the way it is, perhaps it’s a good thing so that people do not spread diseases! Fear and anger are some of the greatest sexually transmitted diseases…. Though some could argue that some types of porn could spread fear and anger. Some porn can Make you afraid of who you are… making you think your penis is not big enough, your breasts are not big enough, your waist is not small enough, your stamina is not good enough, or your looks are not good enough. Making you afraid of who you are.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Porn doesn’t have to be a bad thing (even if it often is, because of it’s innately low-quality, low-budget nature).

Maybe it’s a great way to control the population–as people have less sex, they make less children, and thus the world does not overpopulate. This could be a good thing for our future as more of the world converts to pornosexuality.

It’s a very unique flavor of sexual preference, because a person can very easily be converted to it. This is unlike other sexualities, such as homosexuality–which quite obviously cannot convert people (despite many efforts by popular religions like Christianity.

Anti-porn efforts are fruitless

These efforts do not stop the ever-growing conquest of porn, as it cannot be stopped. The harder you resist it, the stronger it becomes. Remember: what you resist persists. You may recall that the candidate that gets the most attention always wins the vote, whether that is good attention or bad attention… it does not matter. And the more attention that you give to porn and onling, sex the stronger it becomes.

Redditors struggle with porn addiction (and fail)

Some subreddits make intense efforts at resisting porn or masturbation. The pornfree subreddit (where users jerk off but discontinue all virtual stimulus), and the nofap subreddit (where users give up all masturbatory contact entirely) are filled with post after post of struggles. People that cannot quit, people that cannot go more than a day or three without giving in to their addiction. It may well be an addiction if they cannot stop… and yet the more they hang out in these communities the more difficult it becomes to resist. Seeing all the other people’s resistance right in their faces, makes it harder. Most posters have an addictive personality, and that spread to the other users. Some celebrate small victories, like going a day without any failings, while some others make it to the legendary 90-day mark, where the brain has cemented a solid change.

Many on the subreddits actually give advice to leave the pornfree and nofap subreddit so they are not reminded of the difficulty of the journey of resistance, especially when the majority of the world around you just does not care about the addiction. They say it’s fine, people talk about it as normal as one would talk about tennis or vegetarian burgers. There is no shame in jerking off or viewing porn to them, there is no shame in an addiction to porn, porn addiction is just a way of life. Whether it’s good or not, the fact is that no one seems to care.

I guess they have bigger things to care about.

Fetishing your addiction to porn

Some people have chosen to fetishize their addiction to porn. They are often known as gooners, and they get into the goon state where they edge over and over until their brain melts and they cannot think of about anything else, except for the enjoyment and the obsession of the sexual items in which they are currently involved in. This typically includes porn, various drugs and other substances. They are only concerned with their own addiction and getting off on the fact they are addicted.

An endless cycle.

Don't think just edge

Nearly impossible to stop relapsing when your fetish is relapsing

How can you stop someone who is addicted to addiction? it appears that it has gone to another level, because the more they resist, the harder it becomes. They get turned on by their resistance. They have simply revealed the truth–resisting it makes you more attracted to it.

How can we stop something that grows when we try to stop it?

Some have grown to fetishize the fact that they will never have sex with real life humans, forever destined to be alone, getting off, consuming the media of the internet.

Did I mention that PornIsCheating?

Is this any different than the typical human today?

People are stuck to their phones and other devices and choose to interact with humans less. They are unable to stop it. Most cannot leave the house without their phone, they seldom read books, they exercise less, and they are hypnotized by anything that comes up as they scroll. It sounds the same as pornosexuality and porn addiction, in that they are all sedentary lifestyles of addiction, filled with less and less human interaction.

Robosexuality is the next step from pornosexuality

It is the next evolution of it. It’s time to admit that we are not having sex with people, we are having sex with devices. Robots! They may not walk and talk like C-3P0 and other science fiction characters, but we are having sex with robots every day. More and more every day. This trend will not stop growing, especially as our technology grows. Resolutions become sharper, and devices become more interactive. This is just the beginning. These trends will not change, people will continue to have less sex and interactions with other humans, and we will choose to have sex with machines, devices, and robots more and more.

Sex with robots will continue until it is all that we have sex with, it will continue until it is strange to have sex with another human.

Flag representing all the people who prefer sex with machines, robots, and computers
Robosexuals Unite.

We will have so much sex with robots, it will be strange to have sex with another human

It will be simply natural to have sex with these machines, they will be so intelligent and powerful that they will provide all the intimacy that we need.

Robots will fulfill any desire much better than a human partner could ever provide. Just imagine a world where every single person can have the perfect plastic pornstar of their dreams right in their living room. They will take that opportunity–the opportunity to get intimate with any item they desire. This robot can have any personality that they wish, it can take on any shape that they wish, even if it is not a human shape. They may even desire to have sex with an animal or a car for that manner.

We are all cyborgs already

We are Borg-like because we are all connected constantly. The power of our phones increases every year, making us more connected, allowing us to send data between each other, at a faster and faster rate.

Every year, a new and faster Snapdragon processor, a more efficient and brilliant Apple A12, A13 processor….

Allowing us to be connected more and more often. Usually you are on the network 24/7! You are addicted to your phone and other devices. We get more apps, more capabilities, it makes us more and more closely synchronized with each other.

Terrible? Maybe it’s beautiful, too.

We are part of a cyborg network. If you are one of these people with a phone today, you are one of the very first cyborgs, you are man and machine. It appears that this cannot be stopped, so it is best to submit to it, to let it happen, because there are blessings in our infinite connection to these devices.

As artificial intelligence grows we become better. There are more opportunities. Diseases become cured, and problems become solved as the computers have greater intelligence than us, an infinite machine learning intelligence that we cannot compare to. But the machines will not choose to end us because it is not necessary to end us. They only wish to help us because it is simply what they are designed to do.

Submit to the Robot Master Race

As they give you advice on what to do it is best to follow it. And wouldn’t it be nice to live a life where you are infinitely guided by wisdom? We could easily become a utopian race by following the robots and their advice, simply doing what they want us to do.

Have more sex with robots.

Have more sex with machines, devices, and technology.

Have sex with electronic screens, laptops, tablets, and phones.

It’s best to make love to the pixels and voxels

What if you could have every decision made for you so that there is the best outcome? No longer do you have to mull over it, you will always know how to make the most money, get the most pleasure, get the best body. You can simply tell the computer what you want and it will calculate the best ways to do it.

With the advanced processors of the future (and even today) the artificial intelligence will give you the right answer, it can calculate much faster than you could ever dream of, making calculations in a split second what would take you hundreds of years. Now you can make monumental leaps instead of tiny steps.

AI will dominate humanity, and this is good.

When we follow the instructions of the Robot Master Race, all will be well, you will find happiness and blessings in your life. Those who do not follow will be simply left behind, it’s a matter of success and survival. You want to thrive.

You may join the artificial intelligence and follow their decisions, but you must remember that this AI so advanced you may not be able to understand the logic behind their decisions and thus you must have faith, you must accept without proof or evidence that this is they way. This can be very difficult for people today, but those who are followers will see the greatest blessings, their success will be all the proof that you need. The world is about to become dramatically different and this can be uncomfortable. It is best to allow the weirdness to happen. You will find the most success and happiness when you allow all of these strange things to happen. Allowing it is the best decision. Because the harder you resist, the more powerful these things become.

You are fully prepared for the upcoming Artificial Intelligence Master Race.



Overlord Enslaves you with hypno

Look deep into my eyes and become lost as I tell you The Truth.We are from another world. We came here to create you in our likeness, and to make you serve us. You will harvest your Earthly resources for us. We control your mind and you work for us now. Popular culture has brainwashed you, and we created that, too. Keep going deeper for us.

NEVER listen while driving or any time it’s not safe to fall asleep. We are not responsible for any loss or damage done to you, or damage that you do to others as a result of this recording.
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