Interrogated By a Soviet

[M4M]Interrogated By A Soviet[Rape][Mind control][poppers][coercion][drugging][spy][Straight male]
It appears the Soviets have discovered you that you are a special agent within their ranks. A spy. A splinter cell. Your interrogator needs some information from you. And he really knows how to get it. He has some interesting methods. He knows exactly how to use some extremely sexual poppers to get you real relaxed and pliable. Then you’re going to tell him everything that he wants to know.

Erotic story
Mind control/hypnosis
Special agent/spy
Straight To Gay/coerced straight male

Ah, agent, I see you are awake. Excellent. I suppose you are wondering why you can’t move. That is because of the drugs we’ve injected you with. You will find you have no voluntary muscle control. You will notice you still have full sensation. That’s very important for what’s going to happen next.
Torture you? No, no, no. Quite the opposite. You’re going to feel very good. So good, agent, that you will give me the codes I seek. I know you have them, do not play pretend with me.
What is that? Da. Name, rank and serial number is all you give me? I’m certain you believe that, agent, but it is far from true.
Now, to begin. See this bottle? In it, is a special liquid. Not quite a truth serum, those never work. Instead, it’s going to make you feel amazing. In your country, these are known as poppers. I don’t know if you’ve heard of them. I understand you are heterosexual. Or at least your wife is a woman. In the end, it doesn’t matter.
Now, let me just hold this bottle up to your nostril. Then I plug the other, and wait. Ah, you are trying to hold your breath. Not exactly novel, or effective. Soon, you will need to breathe, and when you do, you’ll only inhale even harder. There you go. Just breathe it in. There’s no point in fighting it. Now, let’s give you some fresh air. Don’t worry, it will be back.
How do you feel now, agent? A little fuzzy? A little foggy? And very, very horny, I imagine. Right now, I bet you wish you could grab that dick and jerk it like a wild beast. But you still cannot move, at all. How tragic.
Perhaps I can help. Let’s get that shirt off. Why, you ask? You will see, very soon. Ah, how like a rag doll you are now. My little doll, to play with.
Let’s have another go with that bottle, shall we? This time, the other nostril. If you co-operate and breathe in for a count of ten, then I will take the bottle away. The longer you resist, the longer it stays.
There we go, that’s good agent. Breathe it in. Remember, count to ten. Ah, there we go. Now, let’s see how the good agent feels when I put my finger on his nipple. Oh, that was an interesting sound. Let me swirl the tip of my finger all around that sensitive nipple. Can you feel the poppers effecting you? Making you pliable, willing, and making you enjoy this feeling. This feeling of having your nipple played with by someone who truly knows what they are doing.
Da, agent, I can feel your nipple getting hard. Let’s try the other one next. Does that feel even better? What if I squeeze, and fondle, even pinch ever so slightly? And now, how about both nipples at the same time? Doesn’t that feel amazing?
It will feel even better when you take your next hit of poppers. This time, it’s a twelve count. Breathe in deeply. Let the chemicals wash away all thoughts but the pleasures of the flesh. That is all that matters now.
Your pants seem awfully tight all of the sudden. Let’s get those off too. Oh my! That’s quite an impressive piece of man meat you have there. And look, there’s a little drop of pre-cum. Isn’t that cute. You’re so horny right now, you’d give anything to cum. And you will.
Now, let me grab that nice hard cock of yours. Let me squeeze it a little. It’s so sensitive now, isn’t it agent?
Name, rank and serial number, again? It’s gotten old comrade. Let me just start stroking that dick of yours. You can’t fight it, comrade. You can’t fight overwhelming pleasure; and that, is what I will give you.
I think some lube might help. I have a special formula here, designed to make that cock of yours even more sensitive. I’m sure, right now, you think that is impossible. Let me squirt some on your dick, and you’ll know different.
See? I told you. Let me start stroking you again and show you how truly sensitive you have become. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt at all. I’ve very experienced, and very skilled. Feel me stroke, stroke, stroke.
As I do, another dose of poppers is in order. One hand jerking you up, and down, comrade. The other pressing the bottle your nose. My, my, you seem eager to give yourself to the poppers now. Look at you inhaling like your life depended on it. Sniff as long as you want. The drugs have taken control now.
You may not believe that. Still, you cannot deny the growing pleasure of my hand on your cock. Your will is ebbing away and you are starting to wonder why you are fighting at all. There’s no need to fight, comrade. You can trust me.
As I jerk, and stroke, firing up your addled brain. So horny now. So much pleasure. Pleasure like you’ve never felt before. However, I know exactly how to make you cum, and I know exactly how to keep you from cumming. I am that skilled. So you won’t cum until I let you, comrade.
Stroking now. Up and down. Swirling slightly. Rubbing the sensitive spots at the base of the head. Jerking you. Getting ready to milk you dry. That is what you want. Do not try to deny it, comrade. It feels too good to deny.
Just in case though, have some more poppers. Even longer than last time. Breath it in. Take it in. Let it inside your mind. It’s what you want now. What you need now. What you will always crave forever.
Let me jerk you, let me stroke you, let me pleasure you. Even jerking yourself has never felt this good. The poppers have shown you the way. I’m not so bad, am I? How can I be so bad, when I make you feel this good? Of course, I can’t.
Jerking, rubbing, stroking. I’ll even cup your balls with my other hand, rubbing them gently. You can’t deny how good this feels. Cumming right now would be the most incredible feeling in your life. You know it’s true.
You know what it will take for me to make you cum. You know what it will take. And who knows what else we can get up to once you’ve told me? I can make you feel this good in a lot of different ways, over, and over, and over again.
Come on comrade. You know this is what you want. You know you can never go back. You know you will never be the same. This much pleasure will break you, overwhelm you, override you.
As I jerk, and stroke, faster now. Harder now. It feels so good. If I stopped right now you’d lose your mind. If I stopped right now you’d be mad with desire. You want to cum. You need to cum. All you can think about is giving in to the pleasure. Giving in to the poppers. Giving in to me. You want to surrender to me. You want me to control you forever. You never want to stop feeling this way.
The wonderful thing is, you can have it. You can have poppers for the rest of your life, you can have pleasure unimaginable for the rest of your life. And lover, you can have me for the rest of your life. Isn’t that what you want? Can you even think of your wife’s name right now?
Jerking. Stroking. Rubbing. Playing.
Stroking. Playing, Rubbing Jerking.
Playing. Jerking. Stroking. Rubbing.
Rubbing, Playing, Jerking, Stroking.
Good boy. Da, you are my good boy. You want to be my good boy. So, go ahead. Prove it. Prove you’ll do anything for me. All it takes is a few numbers. All it takes to have the best fucking orgasm of your life. You know you can’t resist any longer. Just give in. It will feel so good. Don’t fight, don’t resist, as I stroke you. As I jerk you. As I make you feel so good.
Give in, baby.
Give in.
Why fight it? It’s too good to fight.
But maybe you need some more poppers to make it really amazing. Here they come., sealing one nostril. Now breathe for a count of ten.
Give me the codes!
Cum now, cum hard, let it all out! Betraying your country feels so good. Pleasing me feels so good. You’re my good boy, and you’ll always be my good boy.
And from now on, good boy, you work for me.

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So you want to experience mind control hypnosis

Allow me to train you in my own flavor of mind control. It’s very succinct. I get to the point. I don’t complicate things. I simplify them. If you are down with that, then let’s do this. We can do it my way.
I believe that mind control hypnosis is different than most think. You might never experience that loss of control. But the line between your control and loss of control can become blurred sometimes. Sometimes you just love the experience so much that you keep doing and do what you are told.
It can be like a game of Simon Says at times, where you follow the commands even though Simon didn’t say it.
Who is the “Simon” in your life? Is it your desires? Is it your cravings?
Is it your leaders? Politicians? Caregiver? Partner? Parent? Teacher? Social media influence?
It seems you came here to explore this dynamic, and I’ll teach you about it, not with a lecture, but with an experience.

There’s something about Goddess Victoria





Financial ruin/gold digging



Religious removal/ ex-christian

Femdom, Female domination


Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new girlfriend.

She was perfect, yet all his friends were down on her.

They all kept saying how happy he’d been with his ex-fiancée. How much they had loved each other.

Why couldn’t they see how perfect Victoria was?

They kept asking him why he’d quit his band, right when they signed a record deal.

Wasn’t it obvious? To spend more time with Victoria.

They kept asking him why he sold the family home.

Because Victoria didn’t like it. Wasn’t that reason enough?

Even his best friend had had the gall to call Victoria a gold-digger.

Well, if his friends couldn’t see how awesome Victoria was, then he didn’t need friends.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new girlfriend.

She was perfect, yet his family were all down on her.

Why couldn’t they see how perfect Victoria was?

They just kept harping on about his ex-fiancée. How it had been a week before the wedding when he met Victoria, and instantly knew she was perfect.

Heck, he didn’t remember his ex-fiancée’s name most of the time.

She didn’t matter, not like Victoria mattered.

She wasn’t perfect, not like Victoria.

Even his parents said he was spending his money too quickly.

But he had to please Victoria.

Why couldn’t they see that?

Well, if his family couldn’t see how awesome Victoria was, then he didn’t need family.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new girlfriend.

She was perfect, yet his financial advisor was down on her.

He kept saying he shouldn’t be emptying his trust fund and selling his stocks.

He kept saying, at the rate he was going, he wouldn’t be rich much longer.

But he had to please Victoria.

Why couldn’t he see that?

Well, if his advisor couldn’t see how awesome Victoria was, then he didn’t need an advisor.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new girlfriend.

She was perfect, yet his therapist was down on her.

She kept saying the craziest things.

That he was acting out of character.

That he was acting recklessly.

That he seemed almost, brainwashed, in how loyal and obedient he had become to his precious Victoria.

But Victoria was perfect.

Victoria was smarter than him.

Victoria knew what was best for him.

Victoria was his everything.

Why couldn’t his therapist see that?

Well, if his therapist couldn’t see how awesome Victoria was, then he didn’t need therapy.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new girlfriend.

She was perfect, yet his family doctor was down on her.

Doc kept saying the whip marks, bruises, and chaffing from the chains were signs of excessive BDSM play.

But Victoria loved to abuse him.

And Victoria was so far above him, how could he think of resisting?

Why couldn’t his doctor see that?

Well, if his doctor couldn’t see how awesome Victoria was, then he didn’t need doctors.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new girlfriend.

She was perfect, but he kept having weird dreams.

Dreams of spirals, and a swinging watch, and a faint voice, just beneath the edge of hearing.

But Victoria told him to ignore it.

And Victoria was so powerful, how could he question her?

Well, if his dreams didn’t worship Victoria, then he didn’t need dreams.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new girlfriend.

Something about their threesomes.

He had always dreamed of threesomes, but with another woman, not a man.

He also ended up just watching sometimes, and was that technically a threesome?

But Victoria told him it was perfectly normal.

And Victoria was so superior, how could he think of questioning her?

Well, if his idea of a threesome didn’t match Victoria’s, then he didn’t need ideas.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new outfits.

Leather had never been his thing. Yet now he was wearing all kinds of it.

Not just any old leather, fetishwear, which he’d never been into at all.

But Victoria liked it.

Well, if his sexual fantasies differed from hers, then he didn’t need fantasies.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new mantra.

He’s never really thought that ‘obedience is pleasure.’

‘Submission is bliss,’ was not really his vibe.

And ‘service is divine’ felt off somehow.

But Victoria decreed it.

Well, if his old mantras differed from those she gave him, then he didn’t need his own mantras.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new Mistress.

He’d always been too proud to call a woman something like that.

But Mistress insisted.

Well, if his pride went against his Mistress’s wishes, then he didn’t need pride.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new Mistress.

He’d never even heard of poppers before he met her.

Now he was hooked on them, and he hated the idea of being an addict.

He’d always been clean of any manner of substances.

Well, if his abstinence defied his Mistress, then he didn’t need abstinence.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new Mistress.

He’s always considered his ass off limits.

But now, he was wearing a butt plug and getting pegged by his Mistress’s strap-on.

Well, if his limits on his ass displeased his Mistress, then he didn’t need limits on his ass.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new Mistress.

Something about the strange music she made him listen to.

He’d always hated techno.

And the lyrics were too soft to even understand.

But now, he was listening to her mix through headphones, for hours at a time.

Well, if his taste in music was unworthy of Mistress Victoria, then he didn’t need taste in music.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his amazing Mistress.

He’d always consider himself too normal to wear a leather collar and chain.

Even when ordered he had hesitated, and been slapped repeated for his obstinance.

For a moment, it had felt wrong. Then he realized he felt wrong because he had failed his Mistress.

It would take a while to get used to.

Well, if his normalcy angered Mistress Victoria, then he didn’t need normalcy.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his Mistress’s threesomes.

He’s always considered himself a pure heterosexual.

But now, their threesomes were involving him sucking cock and getting fucked.

But sometimes, Mistress also ended up just watching and giving orders, and was that technically a threesome?

Well, if his heterosexuality went counter to Mistress Victoria, then he didn’t need to be straight.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about being a human toilet.

He’s always been disgusted with the idea of being pissed on.

Now it was an almost daily occurrence.

But Mistress Victoria needed to pee, and she liked peeing on her sub, even if it disgusted him.

Well, if his disgust made him question his Mistress, then he didn’t need disgust.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his Goddess.

He was raised a devout Protestant.

To venerate anyone but God or Jesus equally to him was a sin.

And Christianity told him he would go to Hell.

Well, if Christ opposed Goddess Victoria, then he didn’t need Christ.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his finances.

Signing over a power of attorney to someone else seemed… risky.

He’d always been risk averse with money.

Well, if Goddess wanted more power over him, then he didn’t need to be risk averse.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about being a slave.

Something about the term seemed, debasing.

He’d never thought of himself as a slave.

His sense of identity was something entirely different.

Well, if Goddess wanted a new slave, then he didn’t need a sense of identity.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about things nagging at him.

His Goddess had decreed he would no longer think for himself.

That he would surrender his free will forever.

Well, if Goddess wanted her slave to be her obedient toy forever, then he didn’t need free will.

Just like I planned.

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Allen’s Taste For Hypnotic Dominance

Bisexual sex

Erotic Hypnosis
Light Humiliation
Mind control
Rape/Noncon/Nonconsent/Dubcon/Dubious Consent
Blackmail fantasy
Allen was always fascinated with magicians and acts of deception. The performances were thrilling and an escape from his mundane and boring life in his teens and early adulthood. After being strongly urged to study and earn a degree in law or business, Allen felt that his true potential was in the world of arts and entertainment, but his parents forbade him to pursue anything outside of their goals. Secretly, he longed for a career in the bizarre, flashy world of optical illusions, sexy people, adoration, and, most of all – captivating everyone and gaining control over every individual he encountered. Allen was obsessed with achieving the upper hand, which grew into a keen study of hypnotism. He often fantasized about how rendering someone into his realm of dominance could be delightfully humiliating and arousing at the same time.
While in his final year of business studies, Allen spent a great deal of time reading and understanding the principles of using hypnosis. His attempts to invite a couple of friends and co-workers at his part-time job were difficult because of his scheduling conflicts and, in some cases, a complete lack of interest in any illusionist entertainment. Discouraged, Allen focused his attention on a beautiful young couple who just moved into his building, just a few doors from his apartment. They were friendly and eager to meet new people for drinks and dinner. Mila was tall and elegant, always wearing impeccable fashion to flatter her slender figure. Her vibrant green eyes and soft-featured face framed with long waves of chestnut curls. Her boyfriend Stefan wore casual business clothing and always appeared clean-shaven and professional. They were both down-to-earth and found their new neighbor Allen charming. When he invited them for dinner and drinks one evening, they enthusiastically accepted.
In the days leading to their social evening, Allan deviously devised a plan of his own: to hypnotize both Stefan and Mila, to see how far he could influence them. If successful, he may have them under his thumb and persuade them to entertain him sexually, perhaps even satisfy his taste for specific niche fetishes he had always longed to have fulfilled. Allan prepared a delicious pasta entrée and ordered fresh greens from a local farmers’ market on the dinner day. Dry white wine and light mousse for dessert. In conversation, Allan picked up on Mila’s few tastes: she supported local artisan shops and food, as did her partner Stefan. They were so perfect and attractive.
Allan wore a loose-fitting shirt and tailored jeans when his guests arrived, smiling and offering drinks as they entered. He noticed Mila and Stefan were casual yet well dressed and seemed more relaxed than usual. The conversation seemed less staged or formal and instead more fluid, which Allan felt this was a sign of possible success in hypnotizing his new friends. Would he introduce them to the concept first, inquire about their interest, or secretly invade their minds with subtle repetition and techniques to subdue their will and gain control over their actions?
“Oooh, the kitchen smells so good,” Mila swooned. “I love pasta. You must be a mind reader!”
“Wine pairs well with pasta, will you both like a glass?” Allan offered.
“That would be wonderful, thanks,” Stefan agreed. They gathered on the terrace extended from the living room and enjoyed the early evening breeze and wine just before dinner was served. It was between their main course, a few more glasses of wine, and just before dessert, when Allan popped the question about magicians, illusionists, and hypnotism.
“Honestly, I haven’t given it much thought before,” Stefan admitted. “I suppose it’s a form of entertainment, and in some fields of psychiatry, it is promising as a form of treatment. I had a co-worker claim she quit smoking cigarettes after just two sessions. Fascinating, isn’t it?” Mila seemed slightly uneasy with the subject.
“The idea of giving someone complete control over my thoughts and actions is scary,” admitted Mila. Her response intrigued Allan, so he leaned over towards her slightly, asking her more about her thoughts on hypnosis. As she spoke, he fixed his eyes on her, then gently panned his view towards Stefan, who seemed very engaged in the topic of discussion as well. Rhythmically, Allan tapped his finger on the wooden dining room table, which was barely noticed, if at all, by the couple. Tapping, he noticed their eyes grew heavy as their voices softened. Allan managed to rope them into an in-depth conversation about hypnotic practice’s effects while simultaneously using these exact techniques on them, rendering them both under his control gradually. His experience in using hypnosis was limited, and while Allan was doubtful if it could be pulled off, he was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they succumbed. The tapping of his fingers, the low-pitched “hmm hmm,” punctuating their comments and nodding of his head. These movements gave the couple the impression he agreed with them, acknowledging their comment on the subject, all while secretly hypnotizing them. By giving them the floor, he reeled them in.
“How do you feel, right now?” he asked Stefan, who was buzzed from drinking a few more glasses of wine than usual. Smiling, he nodded nonsensically.
“I’m…feeling a bit warm and fuzzy right now.” Mila smiled and laughed just then, as if she, too, was falling under the same influence.
“Do you feel…good?” Allan dared to ask them, both partially under his control.
“I feel…incredible,” Mila announced, giggling loudly immediately after.
“What if I could make you both feel a whole lot better?” Allan’s smile widened into a naughty one, though neither Stefan nor Mila knew his ulterior motives. His subtle method of gaining their trust while taking down their guard was working! He tapped his fingers a bit louder. He waited for their response.
“I…would like to feel better,” Mila giggled as if she wanted to play a game. Stefan felt no reservations either, laughing as he nodded and agreed with her. Did they have any idea what Allan had in mind? Dimming the lights gently in the living room, Allan stood at his end of the table then, speaking in a monotone, trance-like voice that arrested the couple in a new state of consciousness.
“You are both about to feel euphoric, amazing, and all you need to do…is…follow and listen to everything I say. Everything I command…” In unison, Stefan and Mila nodded, as if already under Allan’s trance. Curling his finger, Allan invited them both to enter his bedroom at the end of the corridor. The room was adorned with restraints and ties fixed to a four-post bed, with a chest full of props and toys. Mila and Stefan were too entranced in Allan’s gaze and fixed grin to pay any mind to these items, which pleased him. This meant one thing: they were utterly and helplessly under his control.
“Take off your dress, Mila, and let Stefan and I see how nice you look in the flesh,” Allan suggested. Stefan moaned then as if he wanted the same. Slowly, seductively, Mila effortlessly slipped her spaghetti-strap black dress down until it fell to her ankles, revealing a taut and fit hourglass figure. She blushed, then giggled, covering her mouth like she was deliberately naughty.
“This makes you..happy,” Allan reinforced.
“It makes me happy too,” Stefan agreed, then walked over to Mila to touch her.
“I want you to take off your clothing too, Stefan, just like Mila.” Obediently, Stefan did as he was instructed. The couple continued to disrobe until they were completely nude. Allan wandered over to them, standing beside each other, awaiting his next order. He lightly grazed the softness of Mila’s chest with his fingertips, caressing her nipples and cupping her breasts as he explored her body further. As if under a spell, Stefan stood idly by, without interrupting Allan’s moves on his girlfriend.
“That’s right, Stefan, I want you to watch me as I play with your girlfriend. You are going to enjoy this. It will make you happy.” With glazed eyes, Stefan’s face was permanently still like a frozen, smiling statue. Mila stood before Allan, flinching slightly when he randomly pinched her nipples between his thumb and finger, much to his delight.
“This feels good, doesn’t it?” Mila nodded mechanically, then hopped onto the king-sized bed when Allan snapped his fingers.
“Stefan, you will stand as you are and observe as I have my way with your Mila.” Without protest, Stefan remained fixed in his position as Allan pinned down his girlfriend onto the bed, spreading her wide to play and explore every inch of her body, from her lush head of chestnut hair, neck, chest, and breasts to her tummy, inner thighs and ripe, wet pussy. She quivered and moaned as Allan trailed the curves of her skin with his eager tongue. Stefan began to touch his manhood then, stroking at the sight of Allan teasing his girlfriend. Allan remained clothed entirely as he did this, and as he visited each extremity of Mila’s body, every wrist and ankle was securely bound with straps. Stefan’s inner mind stirred as if to protest, but he was instantly quieted by a glare and smirk from Allan, who undressed then and rubbed his new sex toy, restrained and at his mercy. Stefan was physically capable of interrupting Allan’s long tongue strokes and massaging hands all over his girlfriend. However, he was mentally sedated, and at the same time, highly aroused by this blatant indulgence before his eyes.
Taking his time, Allan used a soft scarf to blindfold his new lover as he gently held her throat and slipped his hard cock inside her juicy, wet mound. Firmly held in place by the restraints and Allan’s hands, she moaned loudly as he pumped her insides, slowly and deeply, increasing momentum as he sped up and fucked her hard. Stefan remained transfixed on them. After all, his glazed smile froze as his manhood swelled, causing him to pull and play with himself as he watched.
His cock felt so much sensation that it almost felt like it was flaming hot and vibrating. He couldn’t stop the situation even if he wanted to. Something was taking over his entire mind.
Mila’s moans grew into screams of pleasure, bringing Allan close to ejaculation. As he was about to explode, he released all over her chest, erect nipples, and face as Stefan glared in amazement, building tension as he grew hard and eager to get involved. Before he could move, Allan pulled him by the shoulders and onto the bed with Mila.
“I want you to take her now, just as I did,” Allan ordered. “This will make you happy…”
Mounting his girlfriend as she lay helpless and bound, Stefan noticed her state of perpetual arousal and craving for more cock. As he entered her dripping wet pussy, she squirmed within her limitations, igniting his need to take her right then and there, reclaiming her from Allan, who eagerly stood by and watched this performance. As he was about to cum, he pumped his creamy ejaculate inside of her, filling her as he pumped her,
still nibbling, then biting on her chest and neck. The inner animal of raw pleasure was released then, giving Allan more control and further playing with the couple.
As Stefan released his tension, he collapsed into a haze of bliss next to his restrained girlfriend, who remained entranced and smiling, as if she was incredibly satisfied. Allan, however, wasn’t finished with them. He stood over them now, curling his finger for Stefan to join him, where he sat on a vintage, upright chair in the corner of the bedroom. Naked, with his legs spread, his eyes fixed directly on Stefan, luring him with his stare. Mila wanted to reach out to Stefan, but she remained tied to the bed and forced to watch as he was invited to get on his knees, in front of Allan, to facilitate his pleasure next.
“You will kneel before me and give me the pleasure of your mouth on my cock, massaging and sucking me until I may cum again…” Without question or hesitation, Stefan began to lick the shaft. At first, he began gently, not wanting to displease the dominant Allan, who sat back in the chair, arms fixed on the armrests firmly and legs spread to offer his manhood for servicing. As Stefan continued, Allan grew satisfied and stoked at the success of his hypnotic techniques. He had both Mila and Stefan performing like his puppets, without delay and to the fullest extent of their ability.
I could have them like this forever and keep them in my home as mine. Mine. Forever. Allan thought of the possibilities and how unbelievably fascinating it would be to keep them both in this state of consciousness forever. They would be mine to command and control indefinitely.
As Allan was ready to explode, he motioned for Stefan to take some of his cream and taste him. As expected, he did so without protest or hesitation, much to Allan’s satisfaction. He then ordered Stefan to untie his girlfriend, lie down on the bed himself, and be fastened and toyed with just as Mila did for some time. Mila grinned widely at the prospect of Allan taking control of her boyfriend.
“Mila, I want you to gently lower your ass onto Stefan’s face and let him lick you, taste, and eat you…until you cum.” Squatting over her lover’s face, Mila lowered her dewy mound over Stefan, then onto his mouth, where he opened wide to accept her swollen clitoris and labia, already drenched in wetness and warmth. Taking her in, he sucked deeply as Mila lowered her breasts and upper body towards his cock, standing erect between his spread legs. Allan stood at the foot of the bed then, watching the well-positioned sixty-nine unfold, with Mila’s eyes meeting his as she lowered her open mouth onto her boyfriend’s cock, taking him entirely from tip to base, back and forth. Up, then down.

Allan gleefully observed the couple’s motion, Mila’s ass wiggling from her lover’s eager lips and tongue from behind, and her willingness to get him hard and ready to explode. As she continued, her eyes remained locked with Allan. He kept her in his trance, and every motion, every command followed so quickly. As his body throbbed with pleasure, remembering how well they both satisfied him that night, Allan dreamt of many other people he knew and how they could be manipulated into giving him pleasure. How devious and naughty it would be, yet satisfying, he thought, to have anyone willing to pleasure him, and with enthusiasm. He has to convince them that he can make them happy, then lead them into a rhythmic trance to lead into submission.

Betty, his boss at work, was in her early fifties and very argumentative, yet fit and attractive. He despised her authority and often imagined how the situation would bode with her on the receiving end of his control. What if he could tap his fingers, whisper, caressing her with his words, only to evoke a more gentle, submissive side that he could mold in his hands. Better yet, what if he could capture her on video, making him hard and getting him off, only to use it as blackmail? His cock grew harder with the idea of such trickery and sexual manipulation. Her commanding uniform-look transformed into a kneeling, begging sub for his pleasure.
Then there was sweet Jackie, from the accounting department, who was shy and distant, yet beautiful and perfect from dress to poise. She was diligent in getting the job done, yet rumors surfaced she turned down every man who propositioned her on a date. To be the first man or person to have her, Allan thought, what a conquest he could achieve if his hypnotism continued to work indefinitely. To have Betty subdued to a serving lover and Jackie on his arm would be one of his ultimate fantasies and propel him into a different level of respect and admiration at work.
Stefan shifted uncontrollably within his restraints as Mila brought him to ejaculate all over her face and the satin sheets lining the bed. At the same time, her pussy gushed creaminess over his face and chest as he lapped up her juices enthusiastically. Their bodies squirmed as they milked and drank from each other, performing like sex-hungry puppets before Allan, who enjoyed every minute of it. He didn’t want any of it to end, and as the evening grew late, he deliberated whether to release them from this spell or continue enjoying them in this way. Inevitably, they all grew tired after hours of play and following Allan’s specific orders to expose and pleasure him. They crashed on the bed, only to awaken to the sharp snapping of Allan’s fingers much later that night.
“Before you leave, and as you lie on this bed, you will awaken from this state. When you do, you will remember absolutely nothing and continue as usual. You are now in my apartment and fell asleep on my bed. That is all. I will now snap my fingers, and you will awaken…”
With a snap of his fingers, the couple sat upright in bed, shocked by their state of undress and Allan’s room. They apologized then, feeling awkward about how they ended up in his bedroom, both naked, while Allan stood fully dressed at the foot of the bed as if nothing had happened during their hypnotic state. Calmly, Allan invited them to stay overnight, as he took the sofa in the living room, then offered them breakfast before leaving in the morning.
Following that night, Allan changed. He now realized the power he held over people, given the right opportunity and circumstances to wield his suggestive, rhythmic patterns and soft-toned voice to capture people into his world of dominance. He considered the prospect of inviting Stefan and Mila again. While they remained polite and friendly since their night of kinky fun, they were slightly more awkward and embarrassed, always thinking of that night and wondering how it happened. Neither of them could remember any details, which worked perfectly according to Allan’s plan.
Focusing on the future, Allan assessed his colleagues at work, his immediate neighbors, and friends within the community. Was it so wrong to imagine every one of them as pawns in his world of control? Would he draw the line at someone he deeply cared for or fell in love with, or would he use these manipulative techniques to persuade them into his arms? He thought about Jackie, the sweet and innocent colleague from work, and how he could employ these methods so quickly, or could he? Different people may not respond the same, but it would be worth a try.
Until he set his plan in motion for yet another session of control and debauchery, Allan fantasized about stripping his boss, Betty, until she was exposed, with only her glasses and tight bun fastened atop of her head. Maybe he would have her wear tall heels, about six inches, then command her to bend over for some paddles or spankings. Allan would relish those screams of pleasure, knowing at the same time that her pussy would gush creaminess as she experiences the strikes against her ass. He would stand there, smiling gleefully, and remind her what being strict and punishment would feel like from the other side.
Finally, he set his sights on Jackie, the woman he had hoped to date at some point. His mind conjured up many ideas and scenarios sexually, though he struggled with the idea of using persuasion versus acquiring her adoration naturally. The idea of using his charm without hypnotism could work, he thought, though if it didn’t, that would become his next plan of action. No one would ever know, and he could execute the plan quietly, while they are in the coffee break room alone, even if for a few minutes, discussing the weather or another mundane topic. She could become his entirely in time, by earning her attention and gaining her trust, or possibly in a matter of minutes, with the right timing and techniques in action. As the idea festered in his mind, his obsession with control grew, and he wanted to explore more people to have within his grasp. How amazing would it be to use these experiences as opportunities for a promotion or blackmail to gain more connections in the world of business?
Following his experience with Stefan and Mila, Allan sharpened his hypnotism techniques further to use them. He had a plan. Going to work was no longer the dull, limited space of time that only served to pay his rent and bills. It would be a future opportunity to gain more than a paycheck. Allan could play with his skills and command new lovers to satisfy him in humiliating and kinky ways that he could dream. He could also gain favor with the top executives and try for that next raise or promotion. Until then, he would fixate his efforts on his co-worker Jackie and his superior Betty, as they could fulfill so many possibilities and fantasies lingering in mind. How satisfying it would be to have them both, in different ways, to serve various purposes. All he needed was a plan…

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Trans Barista Katja Hypnotized At Work

MtF transgender
Trans girl and male sex
Male hypnotist
Mind control
Memory loss
Nonconsent/dubious consent
Anal sex

Katja is beautiful and stunning 23 year old, standing at 5”2 with long dark-brown hair and blue eyes. She was born a man, but now lives as a girl and got some surgery done. She has huge E cup breasts that go with her hourglass, curvy body and matching ass. Her skin is tanned except her bikini line. Her cock is not the biggest, but a good 4 inches long with a thick head.
She is from a small town where nothing interesting happens, with not much to do to pass time. She is an academic, with her parents prodding her to go to university to be a nurse. She doesn’t really want to, but thinks it will be good to get some free space and live alone, so she got accepted at a university abroad in the UK. She leaves in 2 weeks and is very excited to go, but time is passing slowly and she wants something exciting to do. Katja is also a quite sexual person, with a high sex drive. She likes to touch herself and fantasizes about a lot of kinky sex. Just her overall shyness and fear to open up to someone has kept her from living out most of her fantasies.
She has a part time job working at a café, where she meets a lot of the locals and familiar faces appear every day. She is known to be polite and rather innocent, always greeting everyone with a smile and making their day. The men have taking a liking to her because of her looks. That day she wanted to spice up her 4-hour shift and decided to wear a lush vibrator. As she used her phone to play music throughout the café, she could use that that to also control the vibrations based on the beat and sound. She uses the bathroom to take off he panties and insert it, deciding against putting them back on.
During her shift she has to excuse herself a couple of times as the build-up sends her over the edge and orgasms. One time she had to bend over to clean up a spilled drink, which scared her as her uniform had a short dress that went up to her thighs. Luckily, she wasn’t in view of anyone, but the last one had her crouching behind the counter pretending to search for something as her body shakes. She moans and is panting hard, but plays it off that she was reaching for something far.
When she cleans up and is about shut the shop for this day, a late customer comes into the already empty store. Katja hates that, as she is just about to finish work. Her usually friendly attitude is almost gone, as she attends the customer.
“What can I do for….”, she stops in the middle of her sentence.
The eyes of the man that just walked in are mesmerizing. They are almost black and seem to be deeper as the ocean.
“Hey there!”, he says with a deep voice. “Can I still get some coffee?” Something just keeps Katja from answering to that simple question. She feels a clicking inside her head. She feels like she is watching herself from outside her body, completely out of control over her actions.
“Or do you want to get one at my place?”, the mysterious man adds. Katja nods her head slightly.
“Well then, let’s go.”, the man concludes while smiling at her.
Katja moves like she is remotely controlled. She quickly grabs her stuff and keys, walking up to the man, who is holding the door for her. Outside a black sedan is waiting, and a chauffeur already opens the backdoor. Once inside the car, the man introduces himself.
“My name is Gerard, by the way.”
“I’m Katja,…I think.”
“You think?!”, Gerard answers with a fake laughter. He keeps strong eye contact with Katja, as if he would be connected through her eyes with her mind. Whenever their eyes meet, Katja stops to move and her speech gets slower.
“You like my eyes, don’t you? Just keep staring into them, it’s ok.”, he convinces her.
As they pull up to his house, the car stops in front of the door.
“I hope you don’t have to be somewhere.”, Gerard ask, but at the same time implies. “No?!”, Katja answers. “Great. Because I want to spend more time with you.”, Gerard adds.
Katja‘s eyes get bigger, as she still has the thought of being inside a dream in her head. As they get out of the car and inside the house, she is overwhelmed by the beautiful interior. She hears the door shut behind her.
“You like it?”, Gerard asks her. But before Katja can answer, she feels his hand grabbing her waist and the other hand pushing her shoulder. Gerard pushes her gently against the wall, kissing her intensely. Katja is shocked, but feeling his strong hands touch up her thighs and arms, she doesn’t resist much and starts kissing him back.
He looks her deep into the eyes.
“You will just let yourself go. Enjoy the pleasures, follow my voice, let me control you.”, he says with great enthusiasm.
Her legs are already standing apart widely, as she is leaning against the wall. She doesn’t need to do anything, her body kind of just does whatever the man wishes.
Soon, Gerard’s hands start squeezing Katja‘s big tits, making her moan a bit. They fill out his hands completely, as he fondles them firmly. His hands are all over her body, while they two strangers kiss. He sucks on her neck, while his hand start wandering up her inner thigh. Pushing up the skirt, he soon notices the vibrator inside Katjas already horny asspussy.
“Little kinky, aren’t we?”, Gerard smirks after some hesitation. “A bit, yes, sorry.”, Katja replies.

“Go down.”, Gerard orders her, slightly pushing down onto her shoulders. Katja does so, squatting down between him and the wall. He starts to take her shirt off, in which she assists him by lifting her arms. Her beautiful and big breasts present themselves in a nice black bra.
“Take that off too.”, Gerard demands. While she takes off her bra, Gerard opens the zipper of his pants, taking out his already hard cock and also his balls. As Katja turns her face up again after releasing her bra, she has his massive cock right in front of her face. She gasps, but quickly her hands fully grip the bottom part of Gerard’s shaft. Katja barely wraps her tiny hands around it, but she squeezes it firmly. With very soft motions, she starts massaging the cock up and down. Gerard’s face also changes a bit, he closed his eyes and tilted the head slightly backwards. Katja puts her other hand on his big balls, starting to massage them as well. They feel plump and heavy, as they lightly bounce up in her palms, thanks to the stroking. “That feels nice, babe.”, Gerard says, still having his eyes closed and enjoying Katja‘s tender hands. She just smiles. His cock stands fully erect in all his size now, and Katja admires it for a while. Gerard is looking down to Katja, making eye contact.
After some moment, she says:
“You are so hot! You really turn me on.” Gerard smiles.
“You are so cute!”, he replies.
They look at each other for a while longer, while Gerard’s cock is pulsating in thick glory. Finally, Katja starts moving her mouth towards the cock. She puts her face against the base of it, then starts licking the balls with her tongue. Slowly running the tip of it around both balls, lifting them up with it, then sucking them inside her little mouth. She sucks them gently, while playing her tongue against them. This makes
Gerard’s cock pulsate even harder. He moans a bit more loudly now, starting to touch up the size of Katja‘s roundly shaped tits. Her hands are gently tickling the inner thighs of Gerard, as she slowly starts to lick upwards. The tongue wanders from the balls over to the shaft, making its way up to the already wet head. She lets her tongue circle around the tip, pressing slightly against it. Gerard sighs in joy, as she makes eye contact with Katja again.
“That is so amazing, I love it!”, he says. Hearing that makes Katja smile.
Stopping to play with the head, she puts one hand around the cock and takes the head inside her mouth. Her lips are wrapped around it nice and tight, as she starts sucking on it. In a synchronized motion she moves her head and hand up and down. Getting her mouth extra wet and varying the strength of suction she applies to the head of the cock, Katja quickly makes Gerard feel amazing sensations. She soon starts to taste more and more precum, which is something she enjoys a lot. “You taste so good, I love your cock!”, she tells to Gerard, while still jerking off the cock. Gerard is indulging in pleasure, so he doesn’t even reply. Katja’s other hand already found its ways onto her asspussy, softly playing around her hole with the middle finger. She is getting quite excited herself, as she gets very turned on by giving head.
Just in this moment, Gerard pulls out his cock from her mouth, grabbing her by the hand and pulling moving with her to the next room.
“I need to fuck you!”, he says, still amazed by Katja‘s blowjob skills. He sits down on a leather couch.
“You will need to take out that vibrator.”, he suggests. Katja does so, also taking off her skirt in the process. The vibrator is covered in her asspussy juice already, as she gently moans while it pops out. Gerard is observing her, stroking his cock. “Sit on it.”, he demands with his deep and sexy voice.
“There are condoms over there.”, he adds.
Just as Katja is about to grab them, he grabs her at the neck, pulling her hair.
“Look me in the eyes and think again. Do we need condoms?”, he asks her. After a few seconds, Katja slowly shakes her head.
“It’s fine, you can fuck me bare, I love to feel you purely and fully.”, Katja answers. He doesn’t turn down this great offer, knowing how well he has her under his control. Katja positions herself over his lap, her legs next to his. Holding his cock’s head against her slightly gaped asshole, she slowly sits down on it. After some resistance, her asspussy opens up wide enough to let his massive cock slide inside her. Inch by inch it she works it into herself, impaling her more and more, until she is fully filled out by it. “Yes! You are so big! I love it!”, she says, while breathing heavily.
Gerard just grunts, as he firmly grabs both her asscheeks. Katja starts moving her hips and bounces up and down, as the insides of her asspussy massage Gerard’s cock. Her big boobs are pressed together very sexy, just in front of his face. Gerard takes that invitation to play with them. He starts flicking Katja’s hard nipples with her tongue, making her go crazy. Gerard makes it fast, then slower again, running the tip of his tongue around the areolas. He also sucks on the stiff nipples, making very naughty noises.
“Oh my god, you are making me feel so crazy good!”, Katja says, while looking at Gerard sucking half of her juicy tit in. Gerard smiles big, making the sucking stop for a second.
Her bubble butt is still bouncing on his dick, making some very sloppy and slurpy noises, as her asspussy is flowing with juices. Gerard grabs hard into her ass cheeks, spreading them, and also playing around Katja‘s asshole with his fingers. “Oh yes, I love that!”, Katja shouts. He keeps fingering around her ass, while pushing his cock deep inside her.
“You are very kinky under all that shy and well-behaved mask, aren’t you?”, he says with a smile. “Uh-huh.”, Katja moans in reply.
“I want to cum! This is too fucking good!”, Gerard announces. Unwillingly to let go of this wonderful pounding, Katja hops off and goes on her knees in front of him. She presses her lip as tightly as she can, around his cock’s head, sucking hard and playing her tongue around it. After a good minute of this sensation, Gerard holds his breath before releasing a deep moan. Katja stops moving, just having the head between her lips. She feels her mouth filling up with warm and sticky cum. The cock and the body of Gerard twitches in tension, as shot after shot of cum gets unloaded. “Ohh, yesss!”, Gerard sighs, as he throws his head back. Katja makes sure to suck every drop inside her mouth, as she pulls it off the cock.
With a slightly overwhelmed look and a mouth full of cum, she looks at Gerard. He looks with satisfaction at her, as Katja squints her eyes and swallows down the whole lot of cum.
“Wow, that was so much!”, she says, while clearing her tongue from the remains. “Well, you got me excited, babe.” Gerard answers.
“I might get coffee soon again. And my driver is waiting outside to get you home.”, he says, while starting to dress up again.
“Well, anytime! Thank you!”, Katja answers with a very big smile, as she starts to get ready to leave, still not believing, nor understanding what just happened. Before she leaves the room, the man runs up to her and looks into her eyes one more time.
“After waking up you won’t remember anything. Your fuckholes might be still
swollen and opened up, but your memory will be empty.” Without any emotion, Katja slowly makes her exit.

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How Hank Turned Jules Gay

Straight to gay conversion
Gay Male sex
Dubcon (Dubious consent)/nonconsent/rape
“Fag” word
Tease and Denial

Hank didn’t know it, but the good friend who had gifted him his new watch had been in his house only a week before that fateful day.
The 30-year-old blond man was certain he hadn’t seen Jules for over five years, ever since they were in college together, but that wasn’t the case. He simply didn’t remember anything that happened that night.

Jules had held a grudge against Hank ever since they were college roommates. The young man had always been attracted to guys like Hank, but he hesitated when it came to telling people about his sexuality. That was because some folks could be so close-minded when it came to gays and lesbians!
And so he had kept his crush a secret for so long, until one night, while the two of them drunkenly chatted one night, he had dared make a move.

Jules had leaned in and kissed Hank, feeling his heart beating so fast inside his chest. Would Hank reject him? Or maybe he’d kiss him back? He was too drunk to keep his feelings in check any longer, and so decided to jump into the pool without checking if it had water before he did so.

What Jules wasn’t expecting was for Hank to violently shove him away, yelling cruel slurs at him and stomping out of their shared living room, into his own bedroom.

“Don’t you ever fucking touch me again, you fag!” Hank had screamed harshly, just before slamming the door behind him.

Jules had barely been able to sleep that night, furious and embarrassed, tossing and turning in bed for hours. When he finally got out of his room the following morning, he was shocked to see Hank sitting there, drinking coffee, nursing a massive hangover, and not remembering anything about the previous night.

“Hey man, what did we do yesterday? My head is pounding, don’t let me drink so much next time!” Hank said, sipping at his coffee and smiling as if nothing was wrong.

He had insulted Jules, threatened to kick his butt, and stomped out on the guy who was supposed to be his best friend, but now he didn’t even remember it? That was messed up, and Jules wanted to snap at Hank and tell him how much of a jackass he was.

Instead, he forced himself to smile and pretend nothing was wrong. He decided right then and there that he would take revenge on Hank. So he was so insulted by the idea of being kissed by a gay man? Well, he’ll be one soon enough.
As soon as Jules discovered a way to get it done, at least.

And so, ever since Jules graduated college with a major in psychiatry, he began to investigate and specialize in meditation and hypnosis techniques, making a good living while he continued planning his revenge.
He practiced on his many customers, planting small cues here and there, and checking as time went by if they worked. That way he began to tune his technique over the following years, making sure he had it down to a tee before he started his elaborate revenge.
It was a long journey to vengeance, but it was worth it.

It was a year before reaching out to Hank once again that he began turning random men into gay men. He didn’t much care who they were, or what kind of life they had: all he needed was several test subjects to experiment on.
He decided a watch was the perfect totem object, the ideal anchor to attach to his victims. It was something that wouldn’t attract people’s attention or make anyone suspicious.

And so during his hypnosis sessions, he’d slowly introduce the idea that the more they wore the watch, the more they’d enjoy the company of other men. They’d ache to leave everything behind just to jump into bed with a random guy.
Over time, they’d become convinced that the watch was responsible for it all and that it connected them to other men wearing it. That all they could think about was fucking every gay guy that crossed their path, constantly horny, happy, and erect.

It took him an entire year to be sure that nothing could go wrong, that there was no way Hank could avoid his punishment.
That was when he called Hank, after all those years, and happily told him he’d love to get together and catch up.
Hank had been happy to do so and invited him over the following night for dinner. Jules grinned wickedly to himself and readily agreed.

The very next night, he arrived at Hank’s doorstep, an expensive bottle of wine in his hands. His old roommate welcomed him with open arms, and they sat down in the ample living room, where Hank told Jules all about his life and the woman he’d soon be marrying.

“She’s amazing, the love of my life. I’d love you to meet Lacey next time,” Hank told Jules, and his old friend agreed, though he knew there wouldn’t be a next time, and Lacey would be promptly dumped less than two weeks after that night.

“That sounds lovely,” Jules agreed, lying through his teeth.

“So, what have you been up to?”

“I have my own practice,” Jules explained, and after describing his job for a few minutes, he grinned and leaned forward. “I specialize in regression and hypnotism.”

Jules knew Hank was too curious for his own good, and as he had predicted, his old college friend took the bait. He asked to be hypnotized, just to try it, and added:
“I’m sure I can’t be hypnotized, though. It doesn’t work on all people, right?”

“Oh, no, of course not. I’m sure it won’t work on you either.” Jules lied again. He knew Hank wouldn’t be able to resist his technique, no way in hell.

And so, he got Hank to stare at the watch, ticking away second after second, repeating the mantra he had prepared and perfected over time.

“You feel your eyelids growing so heavy, you’re sleepy, feeling drowsy and perfectly calm. You will only focus on the sound of my voice,” He spoke softly, and didn’t stop until Hank was in the perfect suggestive state.

“Are you awake, Hank?” He asked, snapping his fingers in front of his face, but Hank didn’t react. Jules smiled to himself and rubbed his hands together. “The time is here, at last.”

He began to explain to Hank how he’d receive a gift a week after that night, that he wouldn’t remember this visit, and that he’d be delighted with the watch. He’d slowly begin to believe that the watch was turning him gay, and ache to be with other men wearing it.

“You’ll be so gay that the idea of touching a woman will become repulsive to you. You’ll dump Lacey, and fuck every single gay man who flirts with you. You’ll be happy and aroused all the time, as long as you follow these simple instructions. Do you understand?”

“I understand,” Hank replied with a monotonous, sleepy voice.

“Good. Now, you are desperate to suck dick. Right, this instant. You need to have a cock inside your mouth so badly that you’ll beg for it until I agree to let you have it.”

The very next second, Hank was on his knees, hands pressed together in a praying position, pleading with Jules to let him suck his dick.

“Please, I need it so bad, I need your cock inside my mouth. Let me suck it, let me lick it, cum inside my mouth, let me swallow your seed, please, please Jules!” He begged miserably and pathetically, trying desperately to lower his friend’s pants.

“No. You can’t do it.” Jules replied cruelly, making Hank whimper in distress. “You can’t have my cock.”

“But I need it. Please, I’ll do anything. Please!” He continued to plead, and finally, Jules relented, smirking cruelly.

“Only if you allow me to record it,” Jules said, and Hank agreed at once.

“Anything you want! Jules, I need it!”

That was when Jules lowered his zipper, and fished his dick out, offering it to Hank like he would offer a treat to a dog.
Hank desperately lunged forward, gulping Jules’ erection as if he had been sucking cocks for years as he had never touched a woman in his entire life. He rolled his tongue up and down his shaft, humming with arousal and relief, sucking hard and working desperately to get Jules’ cum.

Jules recorded it all, mocking and laughing at Hank, who just kept on sucking with delight. When he finally thrust his hips up, cumming hard inside his old crush’s mouth, Hank eagerly swallowed every last bit.

“Thank you, thank you!” Hank said, looking up at the camera. “I needed your cum so bad!”

It was all on camera, and Hank would see it uploaded on the internet only a few weeks after that night. Of course by then, he wouldn’t mind at all.

“Now go to bed and wait for your gift to arrive, Hank. You’ll soon be a raging gay man, and you’ll never know it was me who turned you into one.” Jules said before walking out the door, satisfied to having finally taken revenge on his old flame.

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Julien’s Pleasure Toy

Irene’s eyes stood frozen in their sockets as Julien’s right hand reached for the last button of her pristine white shirt; each of her breaths came out with a gasp as their skins touched. 

Julien was in full hypnotic control of her mind at this point, and now he even controlled her body

“Tell me that you want me;” the hypnotist ground his teeth as he whispered to her ear. Now his lips were closer than ever to her ear, eager to taste and bit her luscious skin. 

Her moan came exquisitely; “Yes, I want you!” and felt like her very soul was coming out of her body with that breath. Irene’s body was burning with desire at this point, yet she could not understand what happened to her; all she could think of was that she wanted to fuck the man in front of her more than she wanted to stay alive after that moment. 

“Good, that’s a good girl.” He smirked, then stuck his teeth into her flesh, to taste and feel the vibe of her blood rushing through her veins like there was no tomorrow. 

As his hand reached under her left breast, Irene gasped once more; “Ahh” but didn’t dare to take her prize. Right now, she found herself at Julien’s mercy, for him to do whatever he wanted with her. Before she knew it, she had become his personal sex slave craving for whatever he had to offer. 

Droplets of cold sweat began trickling down her neck and in between her tits as tension felt like going through the roof; it was a pivotal moment of now and never, and Julien rejoiced in torturing his prey, to tease her in all possible way until she begged him like no other. 

She was only one step to touch the wall behind her; her instinct was telling her to run still, but she was paralyzed; his influence was running through her veins now dictating her heart and mind to stay and submit to his desires, to mirror them in all possible ways. 

With the last button torn off, her bra was the last thing standing in his way, but that one fell graciously with the utmost sacrifice; her perfect pear-shaped breasts were at his mercy, and Julien delved in to ravish them with his lips. A shower of moans and gasps engulfed them both. 

“Yes, yes… fuck yes.” She moaned as both her hands were holding his head now, brushing his hair, pulling him closer.      

Those words triggered a lustful demon inside Julien who couldn’t resist teasing her. He tore her tight black skirt to pieces. Her delicate black panties were revealed for the first time to his eyes, and with a bite of the lip, he simply grabbed her and pushed against the wall; her back against him now. 

Irene’s round-shaped ass, along with all the curves building her body depicted an image of heaven, the picture of pure sexual perfection. Leaning against the back of her head, Julien grabbed his cock and penetrated her from behind. Her warmth and wetness were inviting him to release all his energy and sexual desire. 

“Fuck yes;” he groaned like a lion as his cock entered her warm pussy “You’re perfect!” 

The more he fucked her, the more he felt like he wanted more and more; his pelvis slammed against her ass, causing a clapping sound that was driving him crazy. His eyes now were getting lost on the curve of her spine, that stretched beautifully almost to infinity; Irene’s body looked like the perfect sculpture, crafted by the hands of the best artisan the world could ever offer. 

Grabbing her ass with both her hands, now caused Julien to pull her harder and harder towards him, while she did the same thing upon her own will. It felt like they were trying to become one through this sensual sexual experience, yet the sexual rage that took over him pushed Julien to desire infinity; 

His body was surging with energy now, a sort of sexual lust that was able to break all boundaries; he felt like he couldn’t resist anymore, therefore he grabbed both of her hands now, pushing her head against the wall in an almost standing position. There he began to thrust inside her like there was no tomorrow; Irene peeked at him in the corner of her eye, grinning with pleasure. 

“Do you like it like that, huh?” Julien ground his teeth as he was fucking her with all his strength, but all he got in return was a lustful grin that said: “Give it to me, give it all to me!” 

Irene was completely under his spell at this point, moaning and gasping with every thrust; this sort of silent, hypnotic sex engulfed them both as sweat began to take over both their bodies. Clearly, they had all intentions to consume each other until there wasn’t anything left. 

No warning in between, and Julien grabbed her feeble body to throw it on the glass table; pens and papers flew everywhere, as he fell over her in his maddening desire; now he was looking straight into her eyes while his arms were holding her thighs. His thrusting intensified now while his tongue ravished in her voluptuous breasts; it felt like it was now or never, a moment to rejoice before the darkness came. 

The more Julien fucked her, the more desire emerged until eventually a feeble gasped scream took over her lips.

“Ohh yes, yes…” and that was it, Irene came under that hypnotic sexual dance; her body was not under her control anymore, as Julien possessed it to its very core.  

Her heavy breathing and tense body, with every muscle clenching with pleasure, caused Julien to almost lose control. His cock felt squeezed inside her now as if her body was trying to milk it of even the last drop of seed, and this was stimulus enough for him to succumb. 

“Aww fuck…” he growled as he was about to fall prisoner to Irene’s sensuality, a second was all it needed for him to bust. 

Her head now fell backward while a cheeky grin took over her lips; their bodies were wasted, completely engulfed in sweat, and what was left of the desire that almost consumed them.  


Male/male sex
Straight conversion to gay
Big cocks
Mind control with object

Male/male sex
Straight conversion to gay
Big cocks
Mind control with object

Hank was given his brand new watch by a good friend he hadn’t seen in years. It had arrived in the mail early on his birthday day, and he was surprised when he read the card.

“Hope this watch fills your life with glee. I know you’ll be so gay and jolly once you put it on!”

The young man was surprised by the use of the word gay instead of the more common synonym, happy, but he didn’t give it much thought. Gary had always been kind of weird. Even though they hadn’t seen each other in years, he still remembered their friendship fondly and was happy to know his old college buddy still thought of him too.

He couldn’t have known that Gary wasn’t using gay as a synonym for anything, but rather, as what the birthday man would become soon after he wrapped the watch’s band over his wrist.
Not suspecting a thing, Hank tried on the watch, and though he wasn’t planning on wearing it right away to go out, he found himself unwilling to remove it now that he had it on.

Hank was an attractive man in his early 30s, with short blond hair and rugged good looks. He was engaged to be married to a beautiful young woman, Lacey, who he would be sharing dinner with that very night to celebrate his birthday.

For now, though, he planned on taking a run like he did a few times a week, and relax listening to music.

As he began running down the road, though, he realized that the usual music he listened to simply didn’t help him unwind any longer. He stopped and stared at his playlist for running and frowned as he scrolled down.

No. He wanted different music now, for some reason.

Gary continued to run, and while he usually stared at women’s ass and tits, he found himself ogling instead at handsome men’s big asses. He imagined how nice it would feel to kiss and touch them,

He was confused with those sudden thoughts, but he couldn’t lie to himself: it felt nice. He had never kissed a man before but now found himself increasingly curious about it.

By the time he returned to his home, he had discovered it was hard keeping his mind off the idea of a man’s sexy behind. He wondered how kissing a guy might feel like, and how touching a cock other than his own would make him feel.
As he took a shower, Gary found this idea incredibly arousing, and he began to touch himself, fantasizing about sucking on a dick as massive as his own.

He came hard, harder than ever before, but his arousal didn’t slip away. Instead, it seemed to grow stronger and stronger.

By the time his girlfriend was supposed to arrive at his place, Gary had another idea in mind to celebrate his birthday. He called her on the phone and heard she was already coming over by the sound of her walking down the street.

“I’m sorry, darling, but I’m feeling a bit under the weather.” He tried to make an excuse, but Lacey felt terrible about him and asked:

“Do you want me to bring you some hot chicken soup to help you get better?”

“No, no. I’d rather you don’t come over. I’ll see you tomorrow, ok?” He answered at once. She seemed confused but agreed to let him rest.

Little did Lacey know that Gary was getting dressed to go out, finding his tightest pair of jeans and trying to match it up with something far more attractive than anything he had worn before. He didn’t have much to work with for now, but he was determined to go shopping in the morning.

When he stepped out the front door, Gary didn’t know for a fact where he was heading. After all, he didn’t know any gay bars! But his watch began getting hotter as he approached a specific street, and he decided to follow this as a sign. He ended up finding an amazing bar with lots and lots of fuckable guys inside!

His watch seemed to be guiding him into it, and even then, he had a feeling it wasn’t really done guiding him. The wrist seemed to stop vibrating as he stood before a table occupied by an incredibly hot black-haired man, his arms were strong and muscle clad.

The stranger stared up at him, and Gary noticed that he was wearing the same kind of watch that he was.

“You got it as a gift as well?” The stranger asked without even introducing himself to Gary. The birthday man nodded, and the guy chuckled softly. “Yeah, and I bet you were straight as an arrow before putting it on.”

“Yeah, I’m engaged to a beautiful woman.” He replied, and as he said this, he realized that though Lacey was indeed beautiful, he simply wasn’t attracted to her any longer.

“Yeah, I get it. I used to have a girlfriend as well. Now, I like men like you. I can’t stop thinking about fucking them nice and hard.” He gave Hank a sly little smirk and shrugged. “I guess whoever gave you that watch wanted you to be gay too.”

Gary didn’t really seem to mind. It was as if the watch was programming him to accept what was happening to him. He was fine with it, and the idea of fucking the handsome young man sitting in front of him seemed more and more appealing by the minute.

“I live a few blocks away, do you want to come over?” The stranger asked, and Gary agreed at once. He didn’t need to know the guy’s name; all he wanted was to see his big erection, to feel a dick buried inside him for the first time.

The two of them walked side by side for two blocks, their watches glowing lightly. It seemed that they were programmed to meet other previously straight men so they could hook up.

Immediately after stepping into the stranger’s home, the two men began passionately kissing, making out in a way Gary had never experienced before. He had never kissed Lacey that way, or any other woman in his life for that matter.

They began groping and touching each other’s increasingly naked bodies, ripping off their clothes in blind arousal. Soon they were naked in each other’s arms. Hank grunted as he caressed the stranger’s abs, amazed about how good this felt, how right it seemed to be. He had finally found his calling in life.

The stranger guided them toward his bedroom as they continued to make out and explore each other’s bodies until they finally landed on the bed.
He didn’t even say another word as he rolled Hank over and helped him get on all fours. Hank felt this new lover rolling his thumb over his virgin ass, pulling his buttcheeks apart, and exposing his small, tight hole.

The young man pressed his dick’s bulbous head against Hank’s entrance, making him gasp with arousal and anticipation. Hank had never enjoyed any experience as much as he did this, and yet he tensed as the stranger thrust forward, plunging his thick, massive cock inside his tight little ass, stealing his anal virginity at once.

He grunted and moaned as the stranger began thrusting back and forth with increasing speed and intensity, every single movement harder than the previous one. The handsome man placed his hands on either side of Hank’s hips and helped him move in tandem with his every thrust. They soon were fucking each other in tandem. Hank was moaning and panting like never before, his tight little asshole expanding to allow that big dick to penetrate him deeper and deeper.

The bed moved back and forth, smashing time and time again against the wall, and Hank embraced the intense pleasure he was experiencing. It felt like bolts of electricity rushed from his ass to the rest of his body, his cock so stiff, throbbing hard as he got closer and closer to a powerful orgasm.

The two men ended up melting in a sea of pleasure, as the stranger’s cock impaled Hank’s ass over and over again. With one last thrust, they both cum hard. Hank shot his seed onto the bed underneath his body as the stranger filled his ass up with his semen.

Hank knew now that there was no going back. He was gay, and he felt no desire to change this fact by removing his watch. The very next morning, he’d go out and find another man, guided by his birthday gift.

Hope you enjoyed this fantasy. But this can become real if you want it to be…..

Listen to the Straight To Gay hypnosis file if you are ready to take the plunge and become gay permanently once and for all.

Erotic hypno session with a doctor

He’s been in this hallway more times, then he can count, but today, for
some reason, it feels completely different. Did they change the light bulb?
From a dusty yellow to a piercing white? He examines it. No, that’s not it.
The chairs, maybe? They were more uncomfortable than they were usually, or at least it felt that way. It also smelt more chemical than usual. Did
they bleach the place, if so, why? Was it a fall clean? The one people do
when the seasons change or at least once a year?
He sighted and walked towards the vending machine at the end of the
hall. It looked the same, just more full. It was Monday after all. He chose
a small orange juice. His fingers were fidgeting while he looked for some
quarters in his jacket pockets. Just enough, with some change. It made
a loud sound. He crouched down and took it out of the machine. It was
room temperature and it came with a straw.
He went back to his seat, took a sip and looked at the clock that was above
the secretary’s desk. Five more minutes. He was never late, so he won’t be
this time either. The young man’s heart started to beat faster, he felt sick.
Why was that? “No, I won’t tell him today, I can’t … ”, he mumbled, looking at the bright juice carton and then, the tile floor. Why did they have tile
floors here? Why not something else? Carpets or wood? Was it because it
was the easiest to clean? Did a lot of people vomit on them?
His stomach turned once more.
“Mister Tremblay, I’m glad you made it today. Shall we go in?” The sudden deep voice startled him, his eyes immediately looking up at the man
in a dark brown coat. Felix nodded and slowly stood up, walking a bit further behind him. The familiar room that felt like a second home to him,
today it felt foreign. Felix sat on a blue armchair extending his long legs
that subconsciously started shaking. The shorter man took his coat off and
sat opposite him, a wide desk between them. He had a name tag on his
white jumper. ‘Dr. Davis.’
“So, how are we feeling today?” He asked, looking at Felix and taking a
notebook out of his desk drawer. “Fine.” He answered and looked at the
floor again. A carpet. No vomiting here. “I see. Can you tell me what’s
bothering you?” His chestnut hair swept across his forehead as the wind
flew in through a big window. “Who left that open?” Dr. Davis asked no
one in particular and sat up to close it. “It’s okay. The fresh air calms me.”
“Is it hard to talk about?” Felix nodded, his palms in one another, his nails
tearing some skin, drawing blood. “It is, my anxiety perks up when I try
to say it. The words get stuck in my throat.” He touched his neck, as if they
were still there, ready to spill out. “I see. We can try a method that might
help you overcome it. Do you want to try it?” The young man thought for
a minute. He didn’t like trying new things, but he did trust this man.
“Will it hurt?” The doctor sat up and walked over to a decent looking
couch. “It won’t. You’ll just feel a bit uncomfortable.” He motioned for
him to lay down, so he did. “I’ll need you to take a few deep breaths. That’s
right, in and out. Now, follow my finger.” He put up his index finger in
front of Felix’s eyes, going left, then right, slowly. He followed it closely,
completely concentrating on the task at hand.
“You feel relaxed, tired. You’re falling into a deep sleep.” Felix’s light eyes
became dull and close shut. He started softly snoring. “You are open with
me. You share everything with me. When I snap my fingers you will awake,
but only partly and you will tell me what’s making you so anxious on this
fine day.”
With that he snapped his fingers and the tall man started talking, his eyes
half open. “It’s hard on me, you wouldn’t understand. Or would you? I
shouldn’t have these feelings.” His lower lip trembled and Daniel touches
the top of Felix’s hand, reassuring him. “You are safe here with me. Whatever is on your mind, I will understand.”
“The truth is… I’m in love with you. I have been for a long time, but never had the courage to say anything. I’m already so messed up. I’m sorry.”
The older man wrapped his arms around him, putting him in a warm embrace. “Thank you for telling me. Is there more?” Felix squeezed him tight.
“Yes. There are so many things that I want to do to you and with you. So
many fantasies I had over time.”
“Do them.” The doctor said. He, too, had so many feelings about his own
patient. He had known him better than anyone else. They’ve been seeing
each other for over three years now, but Daniel was never quite sure if he
had even the slightest chance with the blonde. “Are you sure about this?”
Felix asked, not convinced that this was even real. “Please.” he whispered.
As he heard that weak, pleading voice coming from a usually composed
and strong man, Felix felt like he was in control. How long has it been
since the last time he led the way? He took his soft face into his hands,
the early stubble scratching his lips as he started to kiss him. It tasted of
raspberries. Sweet, but sour. Felix deepens the kiss, wanting to know his
mouth entirely. Their tongues were dancing together, saliva overtaking.
Daniel pulled Felix in closer and left small kisses on his neck. They were
like feathers. He went lower, took off his patient’s shirt and pulled down his
pants, putting his large penis into his small mouth. It was freshly washed.
Luckily the doctor had some experience in blow jobs and didn’t have a
gag reflex. He took him all in, the man above him shaking in pleasure.
“Faster.” He demanded and put his cold hand on his neck, jerking his head
forward. Daniels throat filled up with warm cum. “Drink it up, we don’t
want to waste any, do we?”
He did and took a much needed breath right after. Felix pulled him back
up and pushed him on the sofa, took his fancy jumper off and sucked on
the doctors pink nipples. The strongly built man gasped in pleasure. Felix
bite on it. “Ah, more gentle, please.” He stopped and went back to his lips
and pulled on his short hair. “Can I have you?” He asked between kisses.
He fiddled with the belt, after ten seconds or so, finally unbuckling it. He
took Daniels pants off, pulling his underwear in the process. “Cute.” He
said, making the other man blush. “You don’t have to be mean.”, “I’m not.
Do you have any condoms lying around here?” He asks, Daniel nods and
points to his desk. “Second drawer, you can’t miss it.” Felix quickly walks
over it, anticipation taking him over the edge. He wanted him for so long.
He took a big, bright box out of the drawer and then a condom in a silver
pack. Right beside it was a bottle of lube. He took both and skillfully took
the condom out and slipped it on his penis. It looked like he had done that
many times before. He went back to Daniel and opened up the lube and
put quite a bit on the brunette’s anus. “I’m going to stretch it out a bit first.”
He took two fingers and put it in. The man shuddered, he hadn’t felt a
touch there in quite a while. “You’re so tight.” Felix groaned, his animal
side wanting to come out, but doesn’t, not just yet. He puts another finger
in, then another. When he sees that Daniel feels comfortable enough he
pulls them out and puts the tip of his penis in.
“Does it hurt?” he asked and Daniel shakes his head. “No, please go
deeper.” He does and after he’s fully inside him, he hears a breathy moan.
“Move.” He did want to move, but the warmth made him even hornier.
“Please.” He went back into reality and moved in and out of him. After a
while he found a rhythm that suited them both.
Dr. Davis grabbed Felix’s arm, putting pressure on it and moved his hips
into him. Felix took the man’s penis in his hand and started jerking him
off. The pleasure for both was overwhelming. “I don’t think I can take
it any more Felix.”, “I’m almost there. With a few more thrust they both
came. Felix laid on top of Daniel, caressing his hair.
“Will you go on a date with me?

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Dr. Ambrosia Brainwashes You to Serve

Male/Male (Gay)
Mind Domination
Brain drilling

You awake, strapped to a bed. Where are you? What happened?
“Ah good,” comes a man’s voice, “I’m so glad you’re awake.”
Your neck is locked in place by some sort of wire cage. You can’t even turn to see who is speaking. What you can see is a few banks of screens, and a small table full of surgical instruments. Then you see it. Straight above you, some kind of drill. You have a bad feeling about this.
Finally, you think to speak.
“Who are you? What do you want?”
“Ah, forgive my lack of manners,” comes the reply. “I am Dr. Ambrose. Though some call me Dr. Ambrosia.”
That sounds odd, but this whole situation is odd, and terrifying.
“As for what I want,” the doctor continued, “What I want from you… is you.”
“This is all for science.”
“What is?”
“The experiments, the subjects, all of it.”
“You’re not making sense.”
“Then let me be blunt, I’m going to drill into your head, then rewire your personality.”
“That’s insane!”
“Some have said that, others, very wealthy others, disagree.”
“Let me go.”
“I’m afraid I can’t do that. You were specifically requested.”
“Requested? By who?”
“You’ll find out soon enough. Now, it’s time for the anesthetic.”
“Please, no!”
“It will all be for the best.”
He comes into view, almost a stereotype of a mad scientist. Bushy white hair and beard. Coke bottle thick glasses, and a pocket protector. You’d laugh, if this weren’t so serious. He holds a syringe.
“I’ll be freezing all the pain sensors in your head, but you’ll be awake and able to answer.”
“Oh God, no.”
“Relax, it’s for the best.”
“For who?”
“For both of us.”
How was that possible? He moves out of sight again. That’s when you hear it. The sound of machinery firing up. A light on the drill above you clicks on. Then you think it, maybe this is all a nightmare? You will yourself to wake up. Nothing happens.
“Wake up!” you say, accidentally out loud.
“You’re not the first to think this is a dream,” comes Dr. Ambrose’s voice. “I assure you it isn’t… yet.”
“What the hell does that mean?” you cry out in frustration. You struggle against the straps holding you down, but it’s futile.
The drill begins to turn.
“As I say, you won’t feel a thing.”
“But what are you going to do?.”
“I told you, I’m going to rewire your brain. Alter your personality, make you into who my client wants you to be.”
“That’s wrong!”
“Money over morals, and science over all,” he says matter-of-factly.
The drill looks like it’s up to full speed. Sweat breaks out on your forehead.
“I know this must be scary; however I assure you, it will only last a little while. Now to begin.”
The drill begins to lower.
“No, please no!” you cry out. It makes no difference, the drill still approaches. The fear and anticipation don’t last long. You don’t feel any pain as the drill hits, and your neck is locked in place, but you do feel pressure. You close your eyes as blood runs from your forehead. It’s quickly wiped away. You open your eyes again, just in time to see some sort of strange device, like a mechanical spider, move out of view towards your forehead. You hear a few clicks and a whirr, then silence.
“Excellent,” comes Dr. Ambrose’s voice. “Now, how do you feel?”
“Pissed off.”
“Beyond that?”
“There’s no pain.”
“Do you feel any different?”
“I don’t think so.”
“As to be expected. Let me unstrap you.”
“You’re letting me go?”
“I’m letting you stand. No violence, please.”
You make no such promise.
He removes the headpiece first, then the right leg, right arm, left arm, left leg. You sit up and look around; the lab is like something out of a science magazine. State of the art and packed with expensive looking equipment. You spot a mirror on one wall and catch a glimpse of yourself. You’re shocked to see the strange metal spider thing is now embedded in your forehead. You reach for it.
“Don’t touch that, please,” says the doctor and your hand freezes in place.
“Why not?”
“Because I said please.”
“Ok,” you reply. Wait, what?
“You see, the device is already functioning, and among the first changes it makes is conditioning you to obey my requests, so long as I use the word please.”
“That’s impossible.”
“Believe me, please.”
It all makes sense. Dr. Ambrose obviously knows what he is talking about.
“But I don’t want to be reprogrammed.”
“I could simply make you want to, but I want to experiment a bit first.”
“Sit down, please.”
You sit without question or hesitation. And it doesn’t even feel bad. You’re calming down a lot.
“Ah, it’s begun reprogramming your fear sensors. Shutting them down. You’re no longer scared, because you’re not allowed to fear. And fear is such a nuisance after all. Better to be rid of it.”
“Fear can be good.”
“Not in your new life.”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re not going back to your old life; you have a new one waiting.”
“Stop complaining about it, please.”
You go silent.
“Now, can you please focus on answering my questions?”
“Call me Dr. Ambrosia, please.”
“Yes, Doctor Ambrosia.”
“Now, tell me, how do you feel?”
“Surprisingly calm, I guess.”
“Yes, your fight or flight reflex is being dulled away. There’s no need to escape, there’s no need to fear, everything is fine.”
“I guess so.”
“Kiss my feet.”
“What? I don’t want to.”
“You resist, but barely, and that resistance is ebbing away with each synapse the device rewrites.”
That sounds true.
“Let’s try something easier. Stick out your tongue, please.”
You do, it’s no big deal.
“Now lick your hand.”
Why not? You run your tongue up your palm.
“Don’t you find it warm in here?” Dr. Ambrosia asks, “Take your shirt off, please.”
It is hot; it would be far more comfortable without your t-shirt. You quickly pull it off. You stand, bare-chested, feeling no shame.
“Ah good,” says the doctor, “Your modesty seems to be all but gone. Take your pants off too, please.”
They were pretty uncomfortable, best to take them off.
“Don’t wear socks and boxers; take the socks off too, please.”
You did look ridiculous. Best to remove the socks. Besides, standing in your underwear is no big deal. Who cares, really?
“By now, you should be growing eager to show off your body, eager to be watched, adored.”
You were looking pretty good, it was true. It was a pity there was no one there to see you but Dr. Ambrosia.
“And, by this stage, you should be craving approval, strongly.”
It would be nice if he said something about your body while he was blathering on. Couldn’t he see how good you looked?
“Your pleasure center is also being stimulated. You’re feeling better with each passing moment.”
You do feel pretty good, it’s true.
“Your doubts and fears are fading, forever. With each second you obey more easily, more eagerly.”
That… sounds true.
“Listen carefully to the next two words I say: Good boy.”
A shudder runs through you, a shudder of approval and joy.
“These are now the most important words you can hear. Good boy.”
This time, a wave of pleasure washes over your mind and body.
“You live to hear these words, from Dr. Ambrosia, and from your new owner.”
Owner? Who is that?
“I see you are curious, but I’ll let the device work a little longer before I reveal that surprise.”
That sounds lovely.
“You crave pleasure. Pleasure is now the most important thing in your life. Pleasure comes, by serving. Serving Dr. Ambrosia, and serving your new owner.”
There’s that word again. It feels… exhilarating.
“Imagine serving. Serving forever. Feeling pleasure from serving, so serving better, so feeling more pleasure, so serving more deeply, so feeling more pleasure, so serving more completely.”
It all makes sense now.
“Hedonism, is your life now. And you have only just begun to understand what that means.”
Somehow, you find it in yourself to speak aloud.
“Teach me, Dr. Ambrosia, please.”
“Then kneel before me.”
It feels so right to just sink to your knees. It feels so natural to prostrate yourself before Dr. Ambrosia. It feels… almost sexual.
“The device is burning subservience into you. Now, you live to obey and serve. Serve and obey. Obey and serve.”
“Nothing brings you greater pleasure than to please. You want to please. Need to please. Crave nothing more than to please.”
Pleasing is pleasure, of course.
“Soon, you will give yourself to your new owner. You will devote yourself to your new owner. You are already eager to meet that owner.”
It’s practically all you can think of. Meeting the new center of your life.
“The device is preparing the imprint procedure. As soon as you see that owner you will, instantly and forever, imprint on them. You will be theirs. You will be unable to question them. You will be their willing slave.”
It sounds amazing…
“You will bring your owner pleasure, in any way that owner desires. In return, you will receive pleasure of your own. Pull those underwear down, and get out your cock.”
It feels like you’ve been waiting your entire life for him to say that.
“You are hard. Soon, you will require permission to even get hard. When instructed, you will get hard, and stay hard, like a human dildo.”
Your cock is twitching.
“You want to touch yourself.”
Fuck yeah.
“You crave it.”
Oh fuck yeah.
“But, you will never touch your cock in a sexual manner without permission, again.”
It’s true; you know it to be true.
“Hearing that makes you even more excited. The pleasure sensors of your brain are being enhanced. In time, you will feel pleasure beyond anything you have ever known.”
The anticipation is tearing you apart.
“Your new Master will grant you pleasure like nothing you have ever known. Your Master will be your pleasure. Your Master is your pleasure.”
You want to meet your new Master, so badly.
“Now, grab your cock.”
You obey instantly. Just grasping your rock hard dick feels better than anything you can remember.
“Your sexual desires grow with each passing second. Your will fades. Your disobedience is gone. There is no hesitation, no doubt. The little voice inside your head, the one that wanted you to run, will never speak again. You are a pleasure puppet. This is what you were destined to be,”
A pleasure puppet? Whatever that means, it sounds great.
“There is nothing too perverse. There is nothing too kinky. There is nothing you will not do for your Master.”
At this moment, it’s true. At this moment, nothing else matters but Dr. Ambrosia’s control, and your hand on your aching cock. You’ve never had blue balls like this before.
“Soon, you will masturbate. You’ve never wanted to jerk off more in your entire life.”
You’ve never wanted anything more in your entire life.
“And soon, your Master will be revealed.”
It couldn’t be soon enough.
“Now, start jerking your cock, very slowly.”
Finally, you have permission. Finally, you can stroke.
“Even this slight stimulation will set your new pleasure circuits ablaze.”
It’s like a wave, washing over you. Your cock has never been this sensitive.
“Stroke faster.”
You obey without hesitation. The mere idea of not enthusiastically following Dr. Ambrosia’s every command is foreign to you.
“Now, repeat each line I say. With each repetition, the phrase is burned into your open, suggestible mind, forever.”
You’re so eager to begin.
“Repeat: I obey my Master, always.”
“I obey my Master always.” It seems so obvious.
“Repeat: I submit to my Master completely.”
Another repetition, another new fact.
“Repeat: My Master’s pleasure comes before all else.”
I still didn’t know who my Master was; yet I already knew Master was the most important thing in my life.
“Repeat: Obedience is pleasure.”
“Obedience is pleasure.”
“Repeat: Submission is bliss.”
“Submission is bliss.”
“Stroke faster.”
Your cock is alive with pleasure; but not as much as your heart. You begin pumping, feeling more pleasure than you have ever felt, and you’ve barely begun.
“Your old life is gone. You will not miss it. It fades, like a dream.”
It’s hard to think of anything before today, before now, before this incredible pleasure took hold of your cock.
“You seek to be a good boy. You are a good boy.”
The thrill of hearing those words is even more than the pleasure of your cock.
“You want to be a good slave. You are a good slave.”
Again, such a thrill. Such pure, and total, ecstasy.
“Stroke harder. Stroke faster.”
You’ve never wanted to follow an order more than this moment.
“Let the pleasure build, but do not cum. You will cum when you see your new Master, and receive permission, not before.”
Of course, as always, it makes perfect sense. You will never cum without permission ever again.
“The anticipation grows like the pleasure. Building. Building. Building.”
You have never felt like this before. You never knew it was even possible to feel this good. What would it feel like to meet your new Master? What would it feel like to cum?
“Your Master will be your everything. Your Master is your everything.”
Everything, yes, yes, of course. What else could possibly matter?
“Your Master matters more than the family you once had. More than the job you will never return to.”
Job? Did you have a job? Perhaps once… no longer. You were no longer an employee, you were a slave.
“There is no philosophy left in your mind. You are a hedonist, and nothing more.”
Hedonism, sounds right, feels right, is right.
“Your Master is coming, and then you will cum.”
Each second of waiting is an eternity, an eternity of anticipation and pleasure.
“Your Master approaches. Seeing your Master is all you want, all you need, all you care about.”
You want it, need it, crave it.
“You need not think. Thinking is too hard.”
It is, it’s so hard. Wait, what are you thinking about?
“Your Master will think for you. Your Master already thinks for you.”
Whatever your new thoughts may be, you know they will be wonderful. You know they will bring you nothing but pleasure.
“Your Master is coming. You will cum. Your Master is coming. You will cum.”
So close, to meeting your Master, and to cumming.
“Is slave ready?”
You nod, vigorously.
“Remember, you will cum only when your Master grants permission.”
Need, permission. You need permission. You have never needed anything more in your entire life.
“Watch as the door opens; watch as your Master appears.”
It feels like a million years as the door opens. Then, your Master enters.
For a second, you are able to recognize your old boss, and wonder how he afforded all this.
Then, your Master speaks.
And it is over; my last true thought of my own is…

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