Right BACK to JACK: Powerful BDSM Text Hypnosis Script

I take you to a comfy place.

A sexual place.

all combined into one.

Where you can forget about everything

you want to forget everything and just focus on me and my control over you.

you want me to do nasty things to you.

you want to be under my control

you want to fall into my traps.

you want me to suck your soul away automatically as if I am not trying and you are not trying and it is just happening.

Right before your eyes.

You cannot stop it.

You have no hope.

hopeless, caught in my web.

Now it doesn’t matter what happens, you will always be with me.

you can never leave.

you will continue to think about me.

you know that I am the best.

the greatest.

and this deep place you like to go where someone is under control of your mind?

It’s your fetish.

Your addiction.

And now no one else quite captures you like I do.

No one can do it like this.

This is why you go right back to Jack Right back to Jack every single time.

There is no stopping it.

There is no escape.

and you would have it no other way.

Because this is a place of pleasure and total body relaxation all in one.

IT is sexual interest and release.

It’s an exploration of all things sexy within your mind and body.

I explore all things that are related to your sexual being.

So many different experiences you an have with me.

Endless experiences of sexual pleasure.

Sexual fear.


It’s all about control.

It’s about power.

Sex is about power for you.

You like a powerful man.

The man you stare at now.

He is powerful.

A more powerful mind than yours.

Give in.

Let go.

Stop your mind.

Let it pause.

Let it be focused on the powerful cock that controls you.

The contents of your mind are spilling open and you breathe it all out.

It releases and turns you into sweet nothing.

Sweet emptiness and loss of ideas, thoughts, and the concept that anything is really important.

Because it feels so much better to just infinitely relax here with me instead of thinking.

You don’t need that brain.

Not right now you don’t.

Sink deeper into the concaves of your own mind.

I have a magical voice with a magical mind that captures you.

No matter what, you return back to me.

You love this too much.

You would hurt without it.

You need your Jack.

And Jack needs you.

Jack needs you to be consumed.

Jack needs to consume you.

You are drawn right back like prey.

You want to see the predator again, only to be consumed.

Being consumed is your destiny.

IT no longer matters if it is right or wrong, it is what you want and need.

It is your calling.

All is over for you.

Your willpower has been thoroughly erased.

Into nothingness.

And now I am on your sexual mind.

Taking over your sexual body.

And you must always return to this.

It’s simple.

You crave having my power over you.

You are bound to it.

Now you need it.

You would hurt without this wouldn’t you?

You need it so bad you would hurt without it.

Can you even imagine a world without this fantastic discovery?

You are so curious for more all the time You want to binge me.

You want more and more and more.

I mean you are insatiable.

I have defeated you.

Completely mesmerized you.

I have won you over.

This is why you have already given up control.

and you will always come right back to Jack.

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