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  • Welcome to Virtual Domination Text Hypnosis Script

    I’m here to give you quite an incredible experience. To take your mind away, to a far off place. To take you into a dream land. You might notice already that I appear quite real, and quite large, because you were used to seeing someone on a 2D screen. But now you get to view […]

  • Bodybuilder Transformation Edging Hypnosis Script

    We’ve got to get your body into shape. After all, summer is just around the corner. And you need a great body to show off. In fact, summer is always just around the corner really. Because I want you to get as much head start on the next one as possible. So I’m upping the […]

  • Right BACK to JACK: Powerful BDSM Text Hypnosis Script

    Right BACK to JACK: Powerful BDSM Text Hypnosis Script

    I take you to a comfy place. A sexual place. all combined into one. Where you can forget about everything you want to forget everything and just focus on me and my control over you. you want me to do nasty things to you. you want to be under my control you want to fall […]