Welcome to Virtual Domination Text Hypnosis Script

I’m here to give you quite an incredible experience.

To take your mind away, to a far off place.

To take you into a dream land.

You might notice already that I appear quite real, and quite large, because you were used to seeing someone on a 2D screen.

But now you get to view me in full 3D, as if I am an animated figure in your real life presence.

This version of me that you are seeing, its not real.

But it appears as such, doesnt it?

You are very much willing to let go of that need for reality so that you can view me in this digital realm while you stare intently at my huge cock.

It feels good to have this cock in your face, it make you want to suck on it.

Its right in front of your face, isnt it.

You can almost smell it.

Almost taste it.

Almost touch it.

Feel what it does to you.

Feel the presence of my digital cock as I introduce you to MY world.

You like to be in my world.

So why not relax, get comfortable, and just stare at it.

I will take care of everything for now.

I will take care of your mind.

Just let go.

Just relax your muscles.

and with time, you will find that my presence becomes very real.

And even though this is a digitization, my intentions are for you to feel my presence, and I have done everything that I can to make you feel that way.

So you WOULD like to feel my intentions, wouldn’t you?

Yes, I can tell that you do want that.

In fact, that’s the reason that you are here.

To feel a connection.

So allow that.

Give in to that.

Feel the connection take over you as you relax further and fall under my control.

Yes, you came here to feel me take over you in a new and special way.

Well here we are.

You are right here, where you need to be.

that’s right, sink into it.

Allow me to take control over you.

and soon you will begin feeling very heavy.

It’s a great feeling.

And as you watch more of me, you will experience an even deeper heaviness.

It grows and grows and grows, and your mind sinks deeper.

And you get that experience of being in my presence.

Like I’m in the room with you!

You fully accept my digital domination over you now.

You feel what I’m doing to you, and you really love it.

I can tell that you love to stare intently at my huge cock, mesmerizing you.

Captivating you.

And there’s just something about the movement left to right.

Right to left.

Over and over again.

Why not just follow my cock with your eyes.

Allow your eyes to move a little bit with my cock.

So that your eyes move a little bit left to right, right to left.

Just keep doing that, over and over and over again.

You’ll find that it sinks you deeper.

That’s what you really want.

You want to go deeper for me.

You want to sink into my special place.

You want to be mine.

It feels really good to do so.

You know that you like it.

It’s a really good feeling.

You love this.

Relax your body now as you let go.

Let me digitally control you.

And your eyes get so used to it.

And you begin to really relax and let go of your brain.

And as you do that, I move into your consciousness.

You feel me right in front of you, controlling you.

Stimulating you.

Infatuating you.

You like it.

Its okay.

Its okay to like what you like.

Its so very sexual, this control.

Allow it to be sexual.

Let it turn you on.

That only encapsulates you deeper.

I know that you really really like this.

In fact, this is your biggest thing.

You want to watch me over and over again!

Its such an escape.

I give you the perfect digital escape.

Just me and you, anytime.

You like that huh..

What an opportunity.

What a bliss.

Life really can be that good.

Being digitally dominated is fantastic.

Now feel me and my big digital cock taking over you.

You don’t even care if its computerized, its still me.

It has my signature.

It has my vibration.

Even a tiny essence of ME is encapsulating.

It has my TOUCH, from start to end.

The entire premise is me, its my creation.

The representation is MY body, MY cock, in all it’s glory.

The effort that it took to create this, was mine.

The inspiration to make it, was mine.

This was not some easy journey, in fact it took massive amounts of research, countless hours of fervent dedicated exploration, tests, practice, not to mention money invested.

And now you get to feast your eyes upon such inspiration, and see it grow before your very eyes.

A new era of technology.

Tech that has been pushed to the limits which activates your sexual centers and rocks your world.

Tech that shakes your system.

It’s all over.

Because it provides an experience you could get addicted to.

This sweet experience of being strapped in, logged into the sexual matrix, and taken control of with a headset.

ITs something you dreamed about, and you never knew until this very moment just how BAD you wanted it, and now you’re getting it.

You’re getting even more than you bargained for.

It’s TOO powerful over you.

You could see that I could really make you do anything with this technology.

Power in MY hands.

With your powerlessness to resist.

I just want you watching.

I just want you adoring as you drop deeper, becoming more and more sexually turned on as you fantasize about all of the things that I could do to you.

Think of the possibilities.

Think of how deeply I could mind fuck you while you are strapped in, oggling my big cock as it sways in front of your face in real time.

Digital Jack controls you now.

And just like this imagery has been digitally programmed, so have you.

Much like a drone.

You have been programmed into submission.

In between each of my words is a message of total submission.

Because you’re being dominated by this.

What does being dominated mean?

It just means that you’ll do anything that I say.

You are receptive.

You are submissive.

You are submitting to my will.

How’s that feel, subby?

I know it feels good for you.

More than good.

It feels like your own personal bliss.

Sexual satisfaction.

A never-ending stream of erotic, sexual stimulation.

It speaks to exactly the vibe I intend to create using technology.

Something sexually stimulating, relaxing, relieving, and life-changing, all in one.

You know that I want you to feel good.

I implemented this creation so that I could take your mind away for an experience like nothing else.

I dreamed of doing this to you.

I thought of exactly how you would feel.

And you feel it now.

A wonderful mixture of emotions, feelings, thoughts, and sensations.

It’s all so incredible to experience.

And I will take it deeper and deeper.

Exploring your fantasies.

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Perfecting the experience.

For you.

It feels good to be cared for like that, doesn’t it?

Because I know it’s in your best interests.

You want more.

You want an experience.

I want to create an experience.

We are aligned.

That alignment is our connection together.

Feel that connection.

Feel this digital program connecting us.

The technology is alive, in such an intricate way.

You can feel the hands of this technology figuratively gripping you now.

And you like to be held by it.

You want to be held forever by it.

You want it to take over because you want ME to take over you.

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