Bodybuilder Transformation Edging Hypnosis Script

We’ve got to get your body into shape. After all, summer is just around the corner. And you need a great body to show off. In fact, summer is always just around the corner really. Because I want you to get as much head start on the next one as possible. So I’m upping the intensity of the muscle freak program. I’m taking you past the limits that you’ve set for yourself. Because extreme results will require extreme training. And you’ll see that this really does something to your brain in a very extreme way. I bet you are 

Already thinking about your body in this way, and that sets off a progression, that you may or may not even realize is beginning. Make sure that you pull up videos of bodybuilders working out and posing. And on another screen I want you to look at a video of me stroking my big, thick cock. Now this really activates something interesting within you. There is that big cock energy, and there is that big bodybuilder energy, all in one. Of course this does incredible things to your body.

It is already doing it as we speak, and as you look at it. But we are going to take it even further, to make this even more extreme. Now make sure, as you’re doing this, that you move your hand exactly like I do in the video. That’s right. Do it just like that. Concentrate on the bodybuilders, but keep just enough focus on the video of my cock, so that your hand mirrors your movement. You can see that you really absorb a whole lot of mind energy. 

It’s all about taking it in. Relax your body as much as needed. And relax your mind as much as needed. This helps you to absorb it even better. That’s right. Take it all in. I know that you absorb these feelings, because you are turned on by these things. And we are converting this powerful, primal sexual energy into muscle on your body. It has a way of psychologically converting itself. Even a spiritual collection of energy. 

we are not really sure what happens. All we really know is that you gain muscle like this. It makes you anabolic. It activates muscle growth in you, and makes you want to exercise as well. It makes you want to do everything you can to accelerate the muscle growth that is happening in your body, as you experience this.  

(Multi-layer voices start here)

You see I’m very good at helping men to achieve their goals. And go beyond them. In fact, that is my purpose. And my methods are very powerful. 

Very, very powerful. And it is good to be susceptible to the changes I have in store for you. I mean can you just imagine the power over you that might occur? Making your body more and more muscular. Forcing it on you. Yes, that’s right. Because that’s what all of the imagery does, along with the audio. It really pushes that muscularity into your brain. Which moves it into your body, and makes your muscles large. I mean just look at how big those muscles are. You find those huge muscles incredibly erotic. You focus intently on them. You are turned on by them. And they drop you deep into a state of trance. 

give in to it. Just allow them to take you away. 

(Multi-layer voices end here – except for “You are a bodybuilder. You are a muscle freak” occasional chant)

Let that arousal drive the desire to build your body in exactly the way I tell you to. Now make sure that you are not stroking your Dick any faster than my hand. Yes follow  only at my pace. Only my pace. Follow that. And that will bring you into perfect synchronicity dropping deeper into it. As you feel it naturally making your body relaxed. Naturally making you compliant.   Stroke your Dick in true synchronization with my hand. It can feel like we are connected. Yes. I’m stroking your Dick, and your stroking mine. Go ahead  and feel that. And to give in to that. Because it is so good to feel that connection. Fall into it, going down,  deep down, so low, And feel this connection grow. Feel the synchronization really lock up. I’m allowing connection. And so are you. And you bring it closer as you really synchronize your stroking with mine. That’s right. 

Feel the energy from that big, huge cock. And notice how my Dick is a lot like the bodybuilders. It’s huge. It’s hard. It’s veiny. See that vascularity. Filled with blood, and filled with this power and attractiveness. That’s right, I know how attracted you are to that hyper masculinity. You crave it deeply. You will never escape that craving. It gives you the illusion of control. That’s why you have to build your body. That’s why you’ll do anything for more and more muscle. This sight of bodybuilders, or the sight of my cock, is a trigger for you to lift more. That’s right. You lift more because of this. You get so turned on, that this sexual energy, all of these thoughts, but most of all the feelings, turn into muscle. Big, thick, hard muscle. And your muscle begins to resemble my cock, in a way. 

Huge, hard, vascular. Just like the body of a bodybuilder. That’s right. You can feel that connection. Feel how it’s all really coming together. You can feel not just the coincidences there, but the synchronicities. The way it is all aligned. And it is entering into your subconscious mind. So that you are filled up with what is sexual. But calming and focusing and stimulating. Something that is so erotic. But making you better. 

making you more muscular. Making you want to move your body in a way that you squeeze the muscles. So that you feel it. And that squeezing of the muscles as you lift and move and exercise, it’s very much like stroking a cock. Feeling that stimulation. Until your muscles burst into an orgasm of growth. That’s right. You hold back your orgasm. And your muscles orgasm with growth. Think of how good that feeling is. Think of the sensation of that. And then think of the visual of that. 

altogether you know that it is yours. Yours to have. It is for you to be. Now take in those bodybuilders, and take in my cock. Feel all of it. Let these sights penetrate your mind, as you focus further and further. Allowing your mind to take you deeper. And in a way, it’s kind of like allowing my mind to take you deeper. Because I fully understand what we are doing here. And you understand it, on another level as well. 

and so we come together in this. That’s right. You feel that togetherness. Feel that synchronicity with me. Feel that oneness with me now. As we allow the muscularity to take over. This is about masculinity and growth. So feel the core of that ultimate masculinity. Feel the core of growth. And feel how masculinity trends towards growth. Feel how masculinity loves growth. And is growth. Feel how it is power. 

Feel how it is shape and vascularity. Feel how masculinity is scale and size. Yes, it is unmistakably male. And that is what you like. You really like what is male. What is distinctly male. So take in these examples of pure unfiltered masculinity. Give praise for the opportunity to experience such concentration of manliness. 

you are observing the male spirit expressing itself, and taking over you in a way that you cannot control now. Yes, it is mind fucking you, taking over you. And making you submissive to the power of muscle growth that is taking over. You can’t help it now. The sexual imagery is taking you over. It is cleansing you of other thoughts, as you begin to think only of this. Completely absorbed in it, as if it is the only thing in the world now. Yes, this is all there is. 

there’s only men weightlifting, exercising, moving the muscles, flexing. There is only cock, and its similarities to muscle. The way a big thick cock is like a bodybuilder in itself. The sight of these things, it’s a trigger to make you lift more. . And with this the program takes over your mind. Really penetrating deep into it. Because I want you fucked up on the desire for more and more muscle. Allow the muscles to take over. And my dick to take over. So your mind is too vulnerable to resist my control. That’s right.

Too vulnerable to resist my control. I have made this program too effective for you to resist. And now it is inescapable. You cannot stop it. You couldn’t stop if you tried, because you don’t want to try. You like to be here, absorbing it, and being absorbed in it. That in its own synchronicity. And that there are still so many more levels of control to wrap you in, as you sink further and further, spiraling down into this. Because all of this adds up. Each moment is its own experience. 

and these experiences are in confluence with each other. Making your body act a certain way. Triggering actions within your body. Actions of sexuality and muscle growth. It’s as simple as that . You can feel them both. You can feel the desire. And the desire for muscle growth. You can feel the activation of masculinity. And the activation of muscle growth. It is truly the wanting, and the having in one. And I appreciate what you’re doing here .

Doesn’t it make it easier knowing that it is my ultimate intention to create the experience of something that is erotic, that pulls you in, and pleasures you, and grows you all in one. It’s as simple as that. You are engaging with exactly the kind of experiences and feelings that I really want you to engage in. I thank you for this, and that makes it even harder for you to escape. In fact it makes it quite impossible, because you’re enthralled by it now, aren’t you? 

You are sinking down deeper, and deeper into it. That’s right. It’s really taking control over you. And so easily. That’s right . You were easy. You were simple. And I knew that I could take you over with imagery of cock, and imagery of muscle. And this next level of the program is submersion training. Your headphones playing my voice, locked on your head, like a collar. That’s right. You can feel these headphones locked on your head like a collar. And now you’re unable to take them off, as videos of bodybuilders and videos of my cock play on every screen. And now you lift longer. You lift harder, and you lift heavier, at every single opportunity. 

in exactly the right way. And you only stroke while listening to this. Because this is the experience that grows your body. This is your training. I mean you want your brain to be trained properly, don’t you? You want your brain to be trained in exactly the way that it needs to be trained. It’s so important to train your body and your mind like this. It is so essential. So of course you only want to stroke while you’re listening to this. Let’s make that a sure thing. You now have the inability to stroke unless you’re listening to this. 

and it’s just because you love this so much, and you want to align with my direct interests, and yes, those really are my interests . You know I’m all about that vibe of erotic stimulation and growth. It is the core of my being, and you are reading that. You’re feeling it now. And you are projecting it, as your body creates it. It is sending out the signal and it’s receiving the signal all at once. Stroke to this, but only stroke in the way that I instruct you to stroke. Never ever come. That’s right Rob. Never come. You follow 

my every instruction. You allow your body to be stimulated, in the way that I want to stimulate it. Yes. Yes, That is a fulfilled life. That is truly an open life. Your body is good at recovering from muscle stimulation. Your body is good at motivating you to lift. Making you feel, not just in your mind, but in your body, that you need to lift. You need to be like these muscular men. You need to be the cock.

 And maybe when you look at yourself in the mirror you think that you may have gone too far. But that’s only because you’re missing the big picture. This isn’t about you, your body, your health. No. What you really want is to be controlled. And you are being controlled, aren’t you? Yes. You’re doing every single thing that I tell you. And your subconscious mind knows this. But now you know consciously. This whole bodybuilding thing is just the path that your conscious mind chose to let me in. I just know it’s something that you’re into rob. But i want to feel more control. And you want to feel more controlled. 

So we need to take it to a level that is beyond comfort. I need to take your body to a new level of muscle, that it feels uncomfortable. That’s how you really know that this is working. It’s when you get that little pang of regret that you’ve gone too far. And that’s so exciting for you. I know you’re thinking about it already, and getting excited. But focus on the muscle. Focus on the cock. But when you get to that level where you’ve really gone too far, that’s when you’ve really lost control. When you look like one of these men, when you feel like this cock that you see, that’s when you’ve gone too far. And you love that.

 You need that very much. So feel it. feel it every time you work out. Feel how you can’t stop it. Feel it, every time you deny yourself an orgasm. That is me controlling you. That’s me in your mind. You dream of being under my control. And your dream has come true. I push you deeper and deeper. I push you harder and harder. And now you know that you can ask me for so much more. Just turn it over to me. And you will love it, even when you don’t like it. 

Well, especially when you don’t like it. You’re feeling helpless. You feel controlled. And you feel so turned on by that. Let this control take over you nonstop.

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