Where’s all the hypnosis content gone?

My Soundcloud was deactivated . There was no warning, no questioning, nothing. Just flat out deleted. All of my subscribers, comments, and the discussion community on that site along with it. Users would play the files on chat servers (like discord servers), where they could listen together. It was a cool feature, but it’s gone now.

People keep asking me what happened to my files. Well, some of them are gone forever. Some of it has been reuploaded to this site (Hypnosis Files Page).

I’m honestly not motivated to make content as much anymore, especially free content. There’s very little incentive to upload my stuff online anymore, because it can be even harder to upload when it is free. Maybe this will change in the future. I will continue to make SOME content. But it’s clear that I am moving away from that as my focus. I just don’t want to deal it. Its easy to feel unmotivated when the rules, regulations, censorship, and takedowns are clearly growing very steadily. It will never end. It will continue on this trajectory of policing and deletion.

I don’t want it all public and under someone else’s watchful eye of content control, which is why my favorite place to post files is with my All Erotic Files Package or the All Self Improvement Files Package. This is because I can post whatever the hell I want and no one can cancel me. No one else can decide what’s acceptable or unacceptable. No one can tell me what subjects should be allowed to decide do to themselves. Because you have to buy it to see the unlisted extras inside. Only real enjoyers of my stuff get to see it. This is the only way to keep the critics and cancellers out completely.

This is why I always say that you should download the files you enjoy and keep them saved on your device. Make a backup of it if you really like it that much. Because the files will not be around forever. I know I say that constantly, over and over again, but it’s true.
Sometimes people come to me looking for old files they lost that are no longer available. But I can’t give it to you. It’s gone.
Not only are authorities and websites deleting my content, but I am deleting it too. Any content that I deem to be “low quality” (a lot of old files recorded on cheap audio equipment I used to get started) are often deleted. Many people still love these files, even though I consider them embarrassingly bad. My standards are quite high now.

I also have to delete some content related to laws in my country, which are also getting worse. Please do not ask for these files when they are gone. Some people will say “Oh, it’s okay, that’s legal in my country!”, which is irrelevant–You’re not on the chopping block. I am. So there are files which I have requested people do not speak of. It’s not because they are ultra HARDCORE, either. These files are harmless, but laws are stupid, of course.

My ways of speech have been altered just to make content, and I have to always be careful what I’m saying, and it’s become incredibly tiresome. It’s artistically stifling. I’m an artist and creator. I want to be free to express and give people the experiences of life changes that they want, but there’s a ton of completely harmless phrases I have to watch out for.
For example, I will have content taken down if I mention the words Hypnotic, Sleepy, Tired, Vampire, Big Brother (the irony of this one makes me laugh), Blazed, Brainwash (this one makes my work very difficult sometimes), Limp, Tipsy, Mind Control… This is just the tip of the iceberg. They keep growing these lists.
They are now introducing voice detection systems that will automatically delete content or users that use these words, which is pretty outlandish. Obviously this makes my job quite difficult.

Sharing my content on my own website is okay, but there’s a net-negative effect for me. It doesn’t actually add any new viewers for me like another website would. It just uses up server capacity, potentially slowing it down for other users who are trying to to listen. It also doesn’t play nicely with low- quality devices (Apple devices are low-quality, despite their high price).
YouTube doesn’t allow a lot of content, and will launch false copyright strikes against me if I use any background audio (even when I own the rights to the audio). You’re not allowed to inquire about the copyright strikes until your channel is really big. They also place ads randomly in the middle of the audio/video, which is obviously unacceptable because it ruins the listening experience. They don’t pay me anything for the ads on my videos.
A whole bunch of the audio content is up for streaming on my site now, though it is lacking the features of before (individual commenting, favoriting, community, etc) which is a bummer, but at least it’s up and working now.
If you have any ideas of places to post content, then please comment below.

These are the final days to enjoy hypnosis. You will look back on today as the golden age. Creators like me are giving up, one by one. New creators are discouraged from joining. Hypnosis content on the web is dying. It is becoming more censored and more illegal every day.– So get it, save it, and store it for your personal usage while you can.

Hypnotist Makes Her Cigarettes Sexy

Hypnotist Makes Her Cigarette Habit Sexy 

Darla had tried everything to quit smoking. Gum. Meditation. Acupuncture. Therapy. Nothing ever worked, not even for a day. The one thing she hadn’t tried was hypnosis. She was skeptical it would work on her. Next she considered going to a professional, but then how would she know if they were a quack? After weeks of agonizing, and chain smoking from the stress of trying to quit smoking, it came to her. She could go see a stage hypnotist, to see if they could actually do it, then she could approach them to see if they could help.

Luckily, Las Vegas was the place to find any sort of entertainment available. She found herself with three choices. Two were men, one was a woman. For some reason, her heterosexual self felt weird about being put under by another woman. That left two. One was “The Great Hypnotico,” the other just used the name Alan Miller. The first one sounded far too goofy, so she went with the second. Then, a phone call later, she had reservations for a Saturday matinee.

The opening act was a really crappy comedian. It was made worse by Darla not wanting to drink. She wanted to be sober to be hypnotized, if it did happen.

When Alan Miller was introduced, and stepped out of the curtain wearing a classic black Zoot Suit, Darla was surprised how handsome he was. A guy like him could be a model, not doing penny ante hypnotism shows. He gave an introduction then, as Darla had expected, he asked for a volunteer from the audience. She kept silent. Alan selected a mousy, withdrawn, young woman and led her to the stage. Darla was impressed he hadn’t simply picked the girl with the biggest tits in the room. Darla could see that woman, and she had volunteered. She was busy pouting now.

Alan didn’t use a watch or anything special like that. Just his voice and the occasional hand gesture. He began his induction, using a slow relaxation technique and multiple countdowns. His patience paid off, as the girl drifted away, right in front of the audience. Next, he led her through a typical series of tricks. He did the classic, cluck like a chicken. He had her forget her own name. The piece de resistance was him having this shy young girl give him a surprising erotic dance, that almost turned into a lap dance. Darla was amazed she would act like that in public. Maybe, this guy really knew what he was doing.

After almost an hour, Alan finally returned her to consciousness. The crowd gave the woman a huge ovation as she nervously returned to his seat. Alan bid the crowd good night, and the show was over. The crowd began to file out, but Darla hesitated. Would she go see him? Could she even get to him? She was lost in thought when she heard the usher.

“May I help you, miss?”

She made up her mind.

“Would there be any way I could see Mr. Miller?”

“Of course, Mr. Miller loves to hear from fans. He’s with someone else right now. Would you mind waiting? I can take you to our green room.”

“That sounds great.”

The phrase “green room” sounds great, until you learn it’s an oversized closet, crammed with chairs, there’s garbage everywhere, plus the food has been picked over to the point there’s only honeydew left. Darla felt nervous. She kept thinking about chickening out. She also craved a cigarette. That, ironically, was what kept her there. 

Almost ten minutes later, the usher returned and asked her to follow. When they reached a door with a paper star taped to it, the usher knocked. The door opened, but it wasn’t Alan who answered it. It was the big breasted woman who hadn’t been invited onstage.

She turned back, waved and said “Thanks, Alan.”

Darla heard his reply, “It was my pleasure.”

The woman bounced away, literally bounced, in more ways than one. Darla wondered how anyone with tits that big could go without a bra. She needed one herself, but not that badly.

“Come in,” Alan called.

The dressing room was a step up from the green room, but hardly the Ritz.

“Hello,” said Alan with a smile. He had removed his jacket. Darla took one look at his swimmer’s build, not overly muscular, but as cut as a Greek statue. 

“Hi,” she said, nervously, “I’m Darla, Darla-“

“He cut her off, “First names will do. Now, how can I help you?”

“I want to quit smoking,” she blurted out, happy to just get it off her chest.

“I’ve worked with people who needed that. I won’t make any guarantees, but I also won’t charge you, unless you feel you need follow up sessions.”

“Ok, I’m willing to try. What do I need to do?”

“I want you to close your eyes, and listen.”

She did. She heard his fingers snap, then, seconds later she heard him speak again.

“You can open your eyes.”

She did, turning to him, “Why?”

“I can tell already it won’t work, you’re too tense. Maybe some other time.”

Darla worked hard to hide her disappointment. Still, it was a Hail Mary to begin with.

She looked at her watch and realized it was later than she had thought.

“I should go,” she said.

“Maybe some other time.”

That wasn’t going to happen, Darla told herself.

“Thanks for trying,” she said, before heading straight for her car.

She wasn’t even at the car yet when she lit up a cigarette. No help at all. She got in with the cigarette still lit, and kept it going inside, until it burnt to the filter. Darla felt flushed as she finished it, so flushed she turned on the AC, despite it being 70 degrees outside. She got home in twenty minutes, headed inside and lit another cigarette. The flushing returned, and her nipples began to harden. She realized what it was; she was horny. It had been a few months since she dumped her ex, and she’d gone without since. She figured she’d just make dinner to take her mind off it. It helped, but not entirely. She barely tasted her meal, she was so preoccupied, and she sank into her sofa for her after-dinner cigarette.

Halfway through the cigarette, her pussy got wet.

By the time she finished, her panties were soaked. She headed to the bedroom to change. As she opened the drawer for a new pair, her eyes fell on her vibrator. She didn’t use it often, but…

After an hour of self-fucking, she felt a bit of relief. She staggered back to the living room, desperate for a smoke. As she finished it, she realized she was still horny. This was crazy! She lit another cigarette, just to try to calm it, but it only got worse. She needed to get fucked, masturbation was not going to cut it, but how? The idea of calling her ex flashed across her mind, but even this horny, she couldn’t bear the thought. But there was no other option, unless…

This was Vegas, after all, and she made decent money. The prostitute she called came highly recommended, and she came over and over and over, until she lost count. It was, quite literally, the best sex she had ever had. Twice, she had to buy another hour. She was exhausted at the end, and the hooker had another appointment. Darla thanked him, tossed him a $50 tip, and said goodbye. Out of breath, she collapsed on the bed. When she did get her breath back, she lit up a post-coital smoke, the best kind there was.

Two puffs in she realized it. She was horny again!

There was a knock at the door. It was 4 a.m., the prostitute must have forgotten something. She went to the door, naked, since he’d certainly seen everything already. She opened the door… and there stood Alan Miller. She was too shocked to be embarrassed. He smiled at her.

“How was the sex?”

“It was… wait, how did you know?”

“I saw the guy leave. Plus, you’re naked. May I come in?”

“Yes,” she said, wanting to get to the bottom of this. It didn’t even twig in her mind to ask how he’d learned her address, without even knowing her last name.

“Yes, the nudity and the hooker leaving paint a pretty clear picture.”

“How… he wasn’t a hooker,” she lied to save face.

“I know one when I see one,” he said with a wry grin before continuing, “Besides, when I hypnotized you earlier tonight, I planted a trigger.”

“You didn’t hypnotise me,” she said, puzzled.

He ignored her and continued. “I made it so whenever you smoke, you get horny. More smoking, more arousal.”


“So, I’ll ask again, how was the sex.”

She hesitated then went with the truth. “Amazing. So good I can’t really describe it.”

“That’s part of the trigger too, you’ll enjoy sex far more from now on, that is…”

“Is what”

“Or what”

“The way I see it, you have three options, I can undo the hypnosis and free you of the entire trigger.

You can keep trying to quit smoking, but you’ll be giving up the amazing sex too.

I can leave you as is. The knowledge that  smoking makes you that horny should be enough to help you quit. Or…” He paused.

“Or, you can just keep smoking. Then you’ll be a wanton, sex addict, but it will feel so good. Imagine feeling that good, all night, every night. Besides, it’s not like you can’t make a living doing it.”

At this point, she wasn’t sure what she wanted.

“Smoking feels good. Sex feels even better. Why not dedicate your life to both?”

“I… I don’t know.”

He pulled a pack of cigarettes from his own pocket. He pulled out two, lit one, and offered her the other.

“What’s it going to be.”

She snatched it from his hands and lit it up, drawing deeply.

After a few long puffs, she asked “Are we going to fuck now?” hoping for the answer yes.

“Fuck yeah!”

Darla wasn’t quitting smoking any time soon.

Amazing Gamer Girl Program (Mind Control Story)

Gamer Girl Program

December 31, 1987

This was her life, alone in an arcade on New Year’s Eve.

Ok, there was one staff guy hanging out by the jukebox. Either he was a creep, or too shy to talk to a real-life “girl”. Of course, having just turned 18, she wasn’t a girl anymore. Anyway, she didn’t care about him. She needed to blow off some steam. Another fight with her mother had left her both physically keyed up, and mentally exhausted. She needed a challenge.

Josie wasn’t your ordinary girl.  She was an arcade queen. She wasn’t just the best female player in their little town, she won almost half the tournaments when the “boys” played too. She loved showing them up. This arcade was her home away from an excruciating home. She had a strategy for every game in the place. That was, until she saw the new one.

First and foremost, it was sleek, black, shiny and smooth. Only one blood red lettering was scrawled across it: Program.

Seemed like a bland name. Every video game was a program. But it was new, and new was just what she wanted right then. She reached into her heavy coin pouch, to make sure she had at least twenty quarters in there. It shouldn’t take more than seven or eight to figure the game out. She eagerly closed on the joystick, and controls. Just two buttons. Seemed simplistic. She glanced down at the directions.









That’s it? Fine then, she’d play along, literally. Still doubtful she popped her quarter into the coin slot. At the same time she did the staff guy hit a button on the jukebox and Salt n’ Pepa’s “Push It’ began playing. It wasn’t a bad song, it had just been so overplayed. MTV had the video on so many times a day. Anyway, time to focus on the game.

Push push it real good.

As soon as she hit Start, the lights began. In addition to that the lights were flashing, whirling, forming spirals and shapes that dissolved into mist within minutes, only to turn into patterns, and waves and energy. Nonetheless the graphics were really great. Then the game began. Round one was still simple enough. The point was just to match colored bubbles by hitting one, then the other of the same color. Josie needed less than a minute to work out the sensitivity of the joystick, from there she was picking them off like womp rats.

Push push it real good.

Now, the bubbles had words in them. As a matter of fact, there were three on each side, still three different colors. The words though, seemed to make no sense. She tapped on a blue word on the left side that read “Obedience,” the matching one on the other side read “Pleasure.” They really had nothing to do with each other, but the combo matched and she earned more points. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been playing, but she knew she was doing well for her first quarter. She knew she was doing well.


Push push it real good.

The next combination was “service” and “bliss,” followed by “surrender” and “orgasm.” Woah! That was naughty. She was caught by surprise, then surprised again as the screen began to flash and swirl even faster now. She really had to focus.

Push push it real good.





She looked at the first line which was simply “I.” The next columns began moving, like a slot machine, spinning quickly. She really had to focus.

The first combo was “I love sex.” She was a bit shocked, but yes, the two times she’d had sex had been great.

“Obedience is pleasure.”

What? The spirals and swirls and lights were making it so hard to focus and she really had to focus. Nevertheless, she needed to focus on the colors, the words didn’t matter.

“Service is bliss”

“I want sex.”

True, she guessed, in fact a little New Year’s nookie would have been nice.

Push push it real good.

“I am bi.”

Wow, she’d only just realized that all of a sudden.

Pus-pussy’s real good.

“I love cock.”

Yeah, cock was great in fact.

“I suck cock.”

She was just thinking also, wouldn’t some cock taste great right about now?

“I love cum.”

Suck suck it real good.

Then, she licked her lips.

“I’m a slut.”

Was she? Besides, It would be fun, wouldn’t it?

“I must obey.”

Then, she hit the sweet spot, as the dancing lights, the text, and the subliminals laced in the jukebox took complete hold. Her eyes glazed now; her mouth gaped open. 

“I must obey.”

“I must obey.”

“I must obey.”

“I must obey.”

“I fuck men.”

“I fuck chicks.”

Fuck-fuck it real good.

“I must suck.”

“I must fuck.”

“I must lick.”

Lick-lick it real good.

“I must submit.”

“I must obey.”

“All holes open.”

“All are welcome.”

“Fuck me good.”

“Fuck me hard”

“Be a slut.”

Slut slut baby.

“Turn and kneel.”

“Turn and kneel.”

“Turn and kneel.”

After that, she clicked the first two lines, before the command sunk in. Next, she turned and slowly sank to her knees. While at the same time her eyes dutifully looked to the floor, it was only his shoes she saw. But she knew who he was, the staff guy from the arcade. Then he stood close, facing her.

He undid his fly.

Josie had a new favorite game.

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The Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis

Experience the Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis

A nearby public phone rings, and you are too curious to ignore it. You step into the phone booth, and find yourself trapped within.

Someone has been following your every move, and has formulated a series of traps and hypnotic tricks made just for you.

You have to listen to the whole thing!

Leave a message after the tone, or just hang up.

You will not be able to resist this mind fuck. Idc if you’re a girl, boy, sissy, or they/them! Experience the Phone Booth Trap.

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Stress Relief Cock Hypnosis 5

Your brain is going under for me as you watch this cock get stroked. I know just what to say to drive you crazy with horniness while I relax and melt you at the same time. It’s a sublime experience and it ends with a huge cumshot.

I want you to let this cock relax you, because it does relax you when you look at it, even if it stimulates you and turns you on. Especially when it gets big and hard and full of blood

There’s a certain life force to a hard cock that cannot be explained. but you feel it. you love to stare at it. especially this one. I will make you feel so good, and relieve you of all this daily stress in the way you love it most. 

Strip Trigger

A trigger is implanted. “Lose the [X]” where X is an item of clothing. E.g. “Lose the shirt” or “Lose the shoes”. The triggered person can try to leave the targeted clothes on, but they will become hot, itchy, and burning, and taking them off will cause pleasure and arousal. This is an open and permanent trigger, but it is very unlikely you will hear it accidentally. Try telling someone that you listened to this file. Let them test it on you.

Cock Mesmerize For Hard-To-Trance types

Do you find it hard to give up control? This one is for you. I will work with the complexities of your mind to get your guard down and make you ultra submissive to this power.


I know that you really want to go really really deep for me. I know everyone says that they want to truly give up control. Maybe you have before. Maybe you haven’t. In any case, you could always go deeper. Consider this a practice session regardless, while you get to stare at my big huge rod while I relax you into a better place.
If you’re hard to trance, maybe you’d like to listen to this multiple times to really get it. You might zone out and miss some of it, which is actually a sign of trance sometimes. You’ll definitely forget some of it, so repeating it is a good idea to help you remember it.
If you’re an overthinker, this will be perfect for you, because it’s made specifically for you.
I will search deep within you today to explore the different parts of you. because you aren’t just you. there are multiple parts of you. You’re a complex person, and I like that. I really like that you are more than just one-dimensional.
So if we are going to take you deep and train you to go deep regularly, we are going to need to address these parts of you.
Take a few slow, deep belly breaths. get comfortable. Allow your eyes to stare, and if they ever become heavy, it may become hard to keep them open, and if that happens, let it happen. You may stare or you may drop into sleep today. Like an actual sleep, not just a hypnotic one. Because if you do fall asleep, you can just listen to this again and you’ll get the jist of it.
That makes you feel comfortable and safe to have your body do what it wants.
Slow down. ease into this.
I know that you want to be totally dominated by this cock.
You want this cock to take you over and change who you are.
and when you stare at it while listening to my voice guide you, you let it train you to go deeper. Because I’m not going to just tell you to go deeper. You see, that doesn’t actually work for most people. You need practice. Practice it until you get it. And you need to practice it in the right way. I’ll help you out.
You may find your mind sinking deeper. and if it does this, please allow it. Let that happen when it happens.
Now there’s multiple parts of you watching this. It’s not just you. You have many different selves, and they are all useful for different things. When you find it hard to submit to trance, it’s because there are parts of you that disagree with this action, even if YOU consciously agree fully.
These parts of you are here to protect you or to move you in the right direction. Maybe you could feel the different parts of yourself.
Yes, we are exploring you. That, in itself, is a sort of deep hypnosis. Just not a mind-dominating sort. We will need to find agreeability between your different parts in order to make this work, so lets put mind domination aside for a moment to explore who this part of you is.
I want you to allow yourself to become the part of you that resists this. Go ahead. BE the part of you that objects to this experience. the part that feels it when it just isn’t working on you. What kind of emotions do you feel? Feel them for a moment.
What kind of thoughts about difficulty going under are you having?
I want you to invite this part of you to surface.
Yes, there is a part of you that objects to giving up control. This part may not trust me, or anyone else hypnotizing you. They may feel it is a dangerous endeavor where you could do things you do not really want to do. That is a valid feeling. and though this fear factor may come as an excitement for one part of you, for another part of you, it knows that you need to be shielded.
Can you sense that feeling of excitement of having your mind controlled by this powerful thing, yet you are apprehensive of what might happen if you fully let go?
We are not going to stop this feeling. We invite it in. Because you are important.
Can you sense the part of you that says that this is all so silly? They don’t want you to just do what someone else says. And this part of you is smart. That’s not always a good idea.
I know you’ve had experiences before where someone did not have your best interests in mind. You ARE important. You are doing a good job of shielding from these people.
you might have to play pretend that YOU ARE this version of you, or you may just let them speak. Everyone is different. But hear this part of you now for a few moments.
So now I want you to see, or even BECOME the part of you that is so excited to be controlled by a big hard cock. See how badly you want to sink down for it. Become obedient for big cock. To submit to masculinity and power.
You want this. You love this. It makes your whole body want to serve this. It’s an opportunity for a better you and a better experience. And just a whole lot of pleasure and fun.
What would this submissive go-getter part of you say about this? Listen to them rave about how AMAZING this could be for a moment. You may have to play pretend and that’s fine.
Now return to a normal version of you, viewing these two different parts of you sitting on either side of you. The part that stops you from trance, and the part that wants to go into trance. One on each side. Everyone is staring at this dick.
Now I ask all of you. Are you ready and willing to be controlled by a man with his big cock out in front you?
Now the resistant part of you isn’t going to go away. And we don’t want them to. Let’s all agree to let them prevent trance any time that they want. give them thanks. After all, there’s probably people you don’t want to see you doing this. And that’s fine, we all have secrets we need to protect. This part of you keeps those secrets. This entire world wants to control you. It makes sense to have someone logical here to hold you back. Advertisers want to sell you lies, and they protect you from that. Following the wrong advice could ruin your life. It’s AMAZING that you have this person within you to hold you back from destruction.
To them, everything could be a threat. The harder you push to go into trance, the harder they will pull you back. So let them see who I am. Let them see my content. Listen to my files. See my intentions. Feel me out. don’t rush in. If you ever struggle to go into trance, stop trying, and just listen to the files to feel out this environment. After all, you wouldn’t sleep somewhere that doesn’t feel safe. It can be hard to sleep in a new place , especially when you are alone.
Alone, just you and someone else that you have never met in real life. That can be frightening. And it should be. But I’m willing to see that part of you that is apprehensive. I hope you are too, because they are really important.
This was a lot to take in, so you might want to watch this video multiple times.

Tracey thinks she is too smart for hypnosis

Jim’s fiancée, Tracey, wasn’t a bad person, not at all. She was certainly, really smart. That was kind of the problem. As nice as she was, she was… a little pedantic. She always wanted to have these lofty discussions, and talk about highbrow things. That was okay sometimes, but I could tell it was starting to wear on Jim. I knew it might kill the relationship if he couldn’t get some relief, and I had an idea of just how to do it.
I’m a hypnotist, both onstage and off.
Tracey didn’t believe in stage hypnotism. She knew therapeutic hypnotism had some real impact, but she always poo pooed my profession as just “play acting.” So, when Jim finally convinced her to come see my show, I knew just who my audience volunteer would be.
I made certain Jim and Tracey had front row seats for my latest club show. It wasn’t a huge bar, but the audience numbered in the forties.  When the opening jazz quartet finished their set, I took the stage. I launched into my usual routine, moving quickly to seeking a volunteer.
I approached Tracey.
“Would you be so kind as to be my volunteer?” I asked her.
“Oh no,” she said with a small laugh, “Pick someone else.”
“Please, madame, I won’t hurt you.”
“It won’t work,” she said seriously, “I’m a combined brain thinker and we are nearly impossible to hypnotise.”
I’d heard it all before.
“That sounds like a challenge, I said with a smile. “Audience, do you think she should do it?”
There were always a few who wanted to be the subject instead, but most of the audience cheered loudly.
“Please?” I asked again.
“Oh, alright,” she conceded. Peer pressure was a powerful force.
I led her to the stage.
“I’m telling you,” she repeated, “it won’t work.”
We’d see about that.
“You seem very bright,” I began.
“I like to think so,” she responded.
“So bright, a light at night.”
She looked puzzled, “What-“ she began.
“No need to speak right now. Listen to words, absurd? Unheard. Words taking you in. Down. Listen to bliss and never miss.” The confusion induction was beginning to take hold. Bombarding such a logical mind with confusion will let her slip into a trance with ease.
“So bright, at night, not slight, that’s right,” I sped up my words somewhat. A hush had fallen over the audience, as it always did, and I could see Tracey’s eyes were getting that slightly glazed look.
“Look up at the light, see the light, so bright?” She looked up into the stage lights, bright enough to fill her vision. In a moment, the audience was gone. The light, and my words, were the only stimulus left.
“Let the bright, fill the night, fill your sight, feels so right. Light. Light. Feeling light. It’s bright, the light, don’t fight, don’t fight.” Another chunk of her wall of resistance crumbled.
“Night. Night. Feel the night. Do not fight. The night and the light, and you don’t feel so bright. Don’t fight. Don’t fight. Feel light, not bright, it feels right, so right. Don’t fight? Why fight? The light is right. Not bright, good-night. Feels right, no fight, just light, and night. Not bright, good night, no fight, no fight, it’s right, it’s right.” Almost there.
“No fight, not bright, I’m right, I’m right. So right, no fight, good night, not bright. Out light. Out light. Out light. Good night, mind white, no fight, just light, not bright, I’m right, good night, eyes tight, eyes tight, eyes tight.”
Her eyelids sank closed. She was under.
“Tracey,” I began, “You are in a deep sleep. A deep sleep. This feels like a dream. A fun, happy, dream. You are safe, warm, and comfortable. Nothing will hurt you. Nothing is wrong. This feels right, right?”
I waited eagerly, watching her blank face, eyes still closed.
“Yes,” she replied in a dreamy, faraway tone.
“You are listening. You are open. You are receptive. It feels good, and right. Safe, warm, comfortable. Nothing can hurt you. You can be yourself; you can be open. It’s fine. Safe, warm, comfortable. Repeat it.”
“Safe, warm, comfortable,” she obeyed.
“That’s good. That’s very good, Tracey. Now, Tracey, there’s something you need to remember. And I know you are very smart. So, you should easily remember it. You need to remember that when I say the word ‘calculus’, you will always return to this deep state of relaxation, openness, and freedom. Safe, warm, comfortable.”
“Safe, warm, comfortable,” she responded, with no prompting at all.
“Calculus. Tracey must remember. Tracey needs to remember. Tracey is smart, and will remember. Right, Tracey?”
“Calculus. Drop deeper. Calculus. Always drop. Calculus. Smart girls remember. Calculus. Down, down, down. Calculus. Remember. Tracey will remember.”
“Soon Tracey will awake. But all this will be gone. Faded like a lost dream. Only the subconscious remembers. Only the hidden mind. There it remains. Calculus. Imprinted. Calculus. Tracey understands.”
“Good girl,” I hit her with the big gun. I could see a slight shudder pass over her body when I did.
“Now Tracey, calculus, when I tell you to, calculus, you will awake, calculus, unaware of any time having passed, understood?”
“Very well, Tracey. Wake!”
Her eyes snapped open. She looked at me with an ever so slightly smug grin.
“I told you it wouldn’t work,” she said. Now, no longer afraid to interrupt, the audience broke into laughter. I could even see Jim holding back a chuckle.
“Well, I guess you proved me wrong. Calculus.”
She dropped immediately, eyes closed, head hanging slightly limp.
“Very good, Tracey. This feels right. This feels natural. Tracey is safe, warm, and comfortable.”
“Safe, warm, and comfortable.”
Up next, I needed to fill some time. I went through the motions of making her cluck like a chicken. It’s a cliché, but audiences eat it up.
Then I got a little more complicated. I made her forget the number 8. Gone. Like it never existed. Then I had her jump through some mathematical hoops. It seemed harmless, but it was my first step at making her question her much vaunted intelligence.
Now, the real fun could begin…

So you want to experience mind control hypnosis

Allow me to train you in my own flavor of mind control. It’s very succinct. I get to the point. I don’t complicate things. I simplify them. If you are down with that, then let’s do this. We can do it my way.
I believe that mind control hypnosis is different than most think. You might never experience that loss of control. But the line between your control and loss of control can become blurred sometimes. Sometimes you just love the experience so much that you keep doing and do what you are told.
It can be like a game of Simon Says at times, where you follow the commands even though Simon didn’t say it.
Who is the “Simon” in your life? Is it your desires? Is it your cravings?
Is it your leaders? Politicians? Caregiver? Partner? Parent? Teacher? Social media influence?
It seems you came here to explore this dynamic, and I’ll teach you about it, not with a lecture, but with an experience.

Hardcore femdomination of a cop

Male-Female (MF) Sex
Evil Femdom Mistress
Life ruination
Financial Domination
Extreme domination

I hated being hauled down to the police station. It wasn’t something that happened a lot; but it happened enough to be a pain. As I sat in the interrogation room, I was dead calm. This was going to be a simple matter to deal with.
He entered the room, putting on his best gruff, angry look. He was acting, and he was pretty good at it, but I saw right through him, just like I did with everyone. He was handsome, in a rough way. He stood barely six feet tall, which had probably hurt his career. He was well built and had a full head of black hair. He was almost good looking enough I’d consider actually having sex with him. Almost.
“Ok lady,” he said with bluster and bravado, “I’m on to you.”
“I have no idea what you are talking about.”
“I don’t know how, but you’ve conned four men out of almost a million dollars between them.”
“Conned? Don’t be foolish; those were all gifts.”
I looked at his hand, to confirm there was a wedding ring. This just got better and better.
“Gifts? Their entire bank accounts, four broken marriages, two abandoned kids, and one of them tried to hold up a liquor store-“
“I didn’t ask him to do that.”
“Nice to know. I’d still like to know what’s so special about you.”
“And I’d love to show you,” I replied, getting the process truly rolling.
“Oh I’m more than just ‘cute.’”
Instinctively, he took a quick look, checking me out. His pupils dilated slightly, his breath caught. He was turned on already.
“Let’s stay on topic. Why would these men give you everything?”
“You can guess already.”
“You’re not that special.”
“You already know that’s not true.”
“I’m going to figure this out.”
“Yes, you are.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, you can relax. I’m not a criminal, I’m not a bad person, I’m just… easy to obey.”
“Easy to obey?”
“Yes. I inspire loyalty. Affection. Adoration. It’s just who I am.”
“That’s…hard to believe.”
“Hard? Is it really hard? Really, really hard?”
He squirmed in his chair slightly. It was hard, alright.
“It… doesn’t… it doesn’t make sense?”
“It makes all the sense in the world. I make all the sense in the world.”
“You do?”
“Of course I do, you know I do.”
“No… you’re a suspect.”
“Really? Of those four men, were any of them unhappy?”
“Well… no, but-“
“It was their wives who complained. Their jealous, abandoned wives. They’re just envious of me, as everyone should be. I’m perfect.”
“Perfect?” he asked, but it wasn’t a professional question. His mind was melting under my words.
“Oh yes, I’m perfect. So of course men give me gifts, give me adoration, give me everything. You can understand that.”
“I… guess so.”
“No need for guesswork, it doesn’t take a detective to see how appealing I am. And, well, you are a detective after all.”
“I… yeah.”
“It’s already so clear to you. How easy it would be to just surrender to me.”
He didn’t answer; he was just staring into my eyes.
“Look at this cleavage,” I said enticingly, “How could any man resist it?”
His eyes dropped, and he started staring at my tight shirt and the luscious breasts inside them. His jaw started to fall open, going slack.
“That’s it. Look at my tits as I just breathe,” he was still looking, and I could tell he was already starting synchronize his breathing with mine.
“Breathing. In… and out. In… and out. See as my tits rise… and fall. Rise… and fall. See them fall. It feels good to watch as they fall. It feels good to watch as you fall. Just breathe, it’s easy. It’s easy to breathe, and it’s relaxing. It’s relaxing to breathe. It’s relaxing to breathe as you stare and fall.”
He was just staring and breathing now.
“My tits are so impressive. Just like the rest of me. My tits are spectacular. You can tell even when I’m dressed. But you’re already imagining seeing them naked. You already want to see them naked. You want so bad to see them naked.”
His eyes had glazed, and his mouth was gaping open.
“You know all those men worshipped me. You understand how those men worshipped me.”
A slight nod was his only response.
“You see how easy it is to fall for me, fall to me, fall into me.”
He just stared. He was already lost, but I was going to have some fun with him.
“You know now how important I am. You know now how important I already am, to you. You know there is nothing more important than me. Nod that you understand.”
He nodded, slowly. He was, after all, in a deep trance at this point.
“You want to please me. You need to please me. For starters, you’re going to drop these ridiculous charges. Nod that you understand.”
Another weak nod.
“Then, you’re going to quit. You’re going to turn in your badge and gun. You’re going to give up one of the most important things in your life. Nod that you understand.”
Once again, a slow, but certain, nod.
“I am the most important person in your life. I am more important than your wife. I am more important than your mother. Nothing matters more than me, and making me happy.”
This time he nodded without even being prompted. This guy was a pushover. Then again, most of my victims were.
“You want to make me happy. You need to make me happy. You crave to make me happy. And you’ll do that by giving me every cent you have. Nod that you understand.”
For a second, I thought he might resist. But then, he nodded.
“And even though you will never touch me, you will be so happy to please me, it won’t matter. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to touch yourself, at my command, in my name. Until your money runs out, that is. Even then, even when I abandon you, broke and jobless, even then, you will adore and worship me.”
Another unprompted nod.
“Now, you’re going to let me go, follow your instructions, then get a room at the Mayfair hotel under the name Lou Zerr. I will meet you there in two hours. And from now on, you address me as Mistress.”
I made sure to be right on time. Asking at the front desk confirmed what I already knew to be true. There was a “Lou Zerr” signed in, and I made my way to the rented room. He was waiting just inside the door, behind the peep hole, and opened the door before I even knocked. He quickly stepped aside as I entered.
“Hello Mistress,” he said softly, and shyly.
“Is it done?” I asked sternly.
“Then congratulations on becoming Mistress’s new favorite ex-cop.”
“Thank you Mistress.”
“Now, shower. Mistress expects her subjects to be clean. And no stroking in there. That waits for my command.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
As he showered I set up my overnight bag, though I wouldn’t be staying overnight, and gathered the tools of my trade that I would need tonight. I listened to the shower running as I prepared. He was out of the tub in five minutes. I knew he was in a hurry, and why wouldn’t he be?
He stepped out of the bathroom in just a towel. He gaped as he saw me, now dressed in my black latex top, skirt, and knee high boots.
“Drop the towel,” I said, making it clear it was an order. He obeyed instantly. His body was fairly impressive, but that really didn’t enter into the equation. His dick was decent too, and rock hard; I’d make sure he had plenty of fun playing with that. The question now was what to do first?
He was already rock hard.
“Follow me,” I said leading to the bed. I could feel his excitement at the prospect we were both about to get in. Instead, I sat on the edge of the bed and gave him another order.
He obeyed without hesitation.
“Good,” I said in an approving tone. He shivered slightly, just from a simple compliment.
“Now,” I continued, “You will answer all my questions, quickly, truthfully and as briefly as possible. First question, are you still with your wife?”
“Do you have children?”
“And right now, who do you care about more? Me, or them?”
“You will address me as Mistress. Do you understand?”
“Yes, what?” I asked sternly.
“You, Mistress.”
“That’s better.”
Another shudder of pleasure washed over him.
“Now, it’s time to understand your place. You’re going to leave your wife for Mistress. You are going to abandon your kids for Mistress. This is true. You know this is true.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“But first, you’re going to empty your bank account, max out your credit, and sell anything you can, all to spoil your Mistress.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said, unprompted.
“Know your place. You are beneath your Mistress. You are nothing compared to your Mistress. You must please your Mistress. Your greatest pleasure is pleasing your Mistress.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“You will worship your Mistress, without ever touching her.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“You will only have the pleasure of jerking your cock in your Mistress’s name. From now on, any time you jerk off, you will do it in Mistress’s name.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“So, no more badge, no more gun.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“As it should be.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Now, crawl to your Mistress.”
He was totally under my spell; I saw no hint of resistance whatsoever.
I crossed my legs, high, at the thighs. This left my booted foot just a few inches from his face.
“Let’s get my new sub, properly trained. That is what sub wants.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Very well, you’re going to lick your Mistress’s boot, and you’re going to love it.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
He leaned forward and down, opening wide, then placing his tongue on the top of the foot, he began lapping the latex eagerly.
“Mistress said lick, not lap like a dog.”
He slowed his pace, and began running his tongue over the top of the boot’s tip.
He slowed immediately. Now he was moving barely faster than a snail.
“That’s it. Taste it. Taste the boot of your Mistress, and taste the submission that goes along with it.”
“Now,” I continued, “lick the sole.” I tilted my foot backwards, to give him easy access to the dirtiest part of the boots. He didn’t even pause; he simply dove into licking the dirty soles, with delight.
“Taste the dirt on the bottom of your Mistress’s feet. Know that you are like dirt yourself, barely worth Mistress stepping on you. Only your money matters to Mistress. Nod to accept it.”
Without taking his tongue off the boot, he nodded. I let him swirl his tongue over the sole for a few minutes more, then decided to move on.
“Enough of that,” I told him. There were so many ways to break him, it was hard to decide which to use.
I turned my back to him. I looked back over my shoulder and pushed my ass back ever so slightly.
“Lick my ass, don’t even think about touching my skin, but lick my latex ass.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
He crawled forward, like a dog, and eagerly put his tongue against my shiny, tight, cat-suited ass. I couldn’t feel it, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to reinforce servitude, more and more, until he could think of nothing else.
“That’s it. Taste your Mistress’s clothing. It’s all you can aspire to.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said before planting his tongue back immediately. I let him continue for over a minute before I stopped him.
“Kneel,” I commanded. He obeyed.
“You are falling, falling, falling under my control. My total, utter, life-altering, control. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Then grab your dick for your Mistress.”
His hand was there in a flash.
“Grip it good and tight. Grip it for your Mistress.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“I am your Mistress. I will always be your Mistress. This cannot change. Now, start slowly jerking off. Slow and soft.”
He obeyed instantly.
“That’s it. You stroke because Mistress tells you; and, because Mistress tells you, it feels amazing. It already feels better than jerking off has ever felt before, and we’ve barely begun. Now speed up just a little.”
He sped up.
“Not that fast,” I snapped, “slower.” In truth, I would have said that no matter what. Asserting dominance was vital at this stage in the game.
He cut back, to barely any faster than when he’d begun.
“Yes, you stroke that cock in your Mistress’s name.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Say it: I stroke in Mistress’s name.”
“I stroke in Mistress’s name.”
Say: I jerk in Mistress’s name.”
“I jerk in Mistress’s name.”
“It’s true. You feel it is true. You know it is true. You love it is true. Now speed back up.”
He did. He was breathing faster and I could tell the pleasure was really starting to build.
“Squeeze tighter. Jerk faster.”
A slight whimper came from his lips. There was sweat on his brow, even with the AC on.
“Keep jerking that cock. Because soon, you’re going to cum in Mistress’s name. And it’s going to be the best orgasm of your life. After that, you’ll never resist Mistress again. The memory of this orgasm, and the many more to come, will leave you crawling for another taste. You’re going to give Mistress everything, and consider it a fair trade. Faster.”
He was breathing fast now.
I could see him closing on the edge.
“Get ready. Get ready to let everything go. Get ready to shoot out your will. Get ready to explode away your resistance. All in Mistress’s name.”
He was aching to cum now.
“Say: I cum in Mistress’s name.”
“I cum in Mistress’s name,” he struggled to even get out.
“This is it, my little ex-cop, this is the moment of truth. Give in, and your life as you know it is truly gone forever. Resist, and you’ll miss the greatest orgasm of your life. Understood?”
“So, I’ll ask one time, do you want to cum in Mistress’s name?”
“Yes, and?”
“I want to cum in Mistress’s name.”
“Jerk as fast, and as hard; jerk just the way you like it. And realize how much better it is. Better than anything else. Better than your dreams. Better, than your life.”
He was barely keeping it together. The pleasure was truly melting his mind.
“Here we go my little submissive. My little toy. My little slave.” I said enticingly. “CUM!” I barked.
The moan, practically a howl, he let out was loud enough I expected a noise complaint. My newest acquisition had collapse to the floor. I watched him, lying on his side, breathing hard.
“Good boy,” I said with a tone of approval.
I figured he’d entertain me for two weeks or so. He wasn’t rich enough to bother with much longer. But the noise complaint could be quite an opportunity. Maybe they’d send a few new cops I could dominate as well. Hopefully, at least one of them would be a woman this time.