Payphone with text "Phone Booth Trap"

The Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis

Experience the Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis

A nearby public phone rings, and you are too curious to ignore it. You step into the phone booth, and find yourself trapped within.

Someone has been following your every move, and has formulated a series of traps and hypnotic tricks made just for you.

You have to listen to the whole thing!

Leave a message after the tone, or just hang up.

You will not be able to resist this mind fuck. Idc if you’re a girl, boy, sissy, or they/them! Experience the Phone Booth Trap.

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2 responses to “The Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis”

  1. Anna Avatar

    This was literally the best hypnosis Session i have ever experienced and i have over 4 Years of experience. Simply amazing!

    1. Jacksonstock Avatar

      Wow, fantastic feedback, thank you! Glad you like it so much

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