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  • Amazing Gamer Girl Program (Mind Control Story)

    Amazing Gamer Girl Program (Mind Control Story)

    Gamer Girl Program December 31, 1987 This was her life, alone in an arcade on New Year’s Eve. Ok, there was one staff guy hanging out by the jukebox. Either he was a creep, or too shy to talk to a real-life “girl”. Of course, having just turned 18, she wasn’t a girl anymore. Anyway, […]

  • The Hypnotist’s Cursed Mask (Story)

    The Hypnotist’s Cursed Mask (Story)

    The Hypnotist’s Cursed Mask In ‘The Hypnotist’s Cursed Mask’, a hypnosis story is told. A man is drawn to an antique shop, where he eyes an old rubber mask. The shopkeeper tells him it’s been cursed by a very powerful hypnotist. He doesn’t believe in all of that superstition. But he is definitely drawn to […]

  • Rubber Leather Hypnotist

    This man is about to really take full control over you. Incredibly hard to resist. He’s got a full lycra suit on with a leather jacket, pocketwatch, and a cigar. what more could he possibly have?

  • The Brainwash Lab Is Too Effective Hypnosis Story

    Tyler couldn’t remember who he used to be, what his true given name had been before entering the lab. All he could remember was what he had been taught, what had been programmed into his brain. He knew he was meant to satisfy those in power, the higher-ups that frequently visited the facility, and honestly, […]

  • The Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis

    The Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis

    Experience the Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis A nearby public phone rings, and you are too curious to ignore it. You step into the phone booth, and find yourself trapped within. Someone has been following your every move, and has formulated a series of traps and hypnotic tricks made just for you. You have to listen […]

  • Cold War Super Soldier Hypno Program

    An enemy looms on our horizon. You have been chosen to be part of our super soldier training program, where you will become our state’s key asset in the fight for our freedom. You have no choice. Your will has become the state’s will. Your body has been implanted with enhancements to make you stronger, […]

  • Mind Controlling CEO Turns you Into Loyal Assistant

    The corporation could use someone like you. Someone sharp, intelligent, and useful. Of course, I’ll be molding you into something even more useful for us. I will be making you into my resourceful and obedient assistant. It’s all for the good of the company. And for me, of course. You will be implanted with mind […]