Tracey thinks she is too smart for hypnosis

Jim’s fiancée, Tracey, wasn’t a bad person, not at all. She was certainly, really smart. That was kind of the problem. As nice as she was, she was… a little pedantic. She always wanted to have these lofty discussions, and talk about highbrow things. That was okay sometimes, but I could tell it was starting to wear on Jim. I knew it might kill the relationship if he couldn’t get some relief, and I had an idea of just how to do it.
I’m a hypnotist, both onstage and off.
Tracey didn’t believe in stage hypnotism. She knew therapeutic hypnotism had some real impact, but she always poo pooed my profession as just “play acting.” So, when Jim finally convinced her to come see my show, I knew just who my audience volunteer would be.
I made certain Jim and Tracey had front row seats for my latest club show. It wasn’t a huge bar, but the audience numbered in the forties.  When the opening jazz quartet finished their set, I took the stage. I launched into my usual routine, moving quickly to seeking a volunteer.
I approached Tracey.
“Would you be so kind as to be my volunteer?” I asked her.
“Oh no,” she said with a small laugh, “Pick someone else.”
“Please, madame, I won’t hurt you.”
“It won’t work,” she said seriously, “I’m a combined brain thinker and we are nearly impossible to hypnotise.”
I’d heard it all before.
“That sounds like a challenge, I said with a smile. “Audience, do you think she should do it?”
There were always a few who wanted to be the subject instead, but most of the audience cheered loudly.
“Please?” I asked again.
“Oh, alright,” she conceded. Peer pressure was a powerful force.
I led her to the stage.
“I’m telling you,” she repeated, “it won’t work.”
We’d see about that.
“You seem very bright,” I began.
“I like to think so,” she responded.
“So bright, a light at night.”
She looked puzzled, “What-“ she began.
“No need to speak right now. Listen to words, absurd? Unheard. Words taking you in. Down. Listen to bliss and never miss.” The confusion induction was beginning to take hold. Bombarding such a logical mind with confusion will let her slip into a trance with ease.
“So bright, at night, not slight, that’s right,” I sped up my words somewhat. A hush had fallen over the audience, as it always did, and I could see Tracey’s eyes were getting that slightly glazed look.
“Look up at the light, see the light, so bright?” She looked up into the stage lights, bright enough to fill her vision. In a moment, the audience was gone. The light, and my words, were the only stimulus left.
“Let the bright, fill the night, fill your sight, feels so right. Light. Light. Feeling light. It’s bright, the light, don’t fight, don’t fight.” Another chunk of her wall of resistance crumbled.
“Night. Night. Feel the night. Do not fight. The night and the light, and you don’t feel so bright. Don’t fight. Don’t fight. Feel light, not bright, it feels right, so right. Don’t fight? Why fight? The light is right. Not bright, good-night. Feels right, no fight, just light, and night. Not bright, good night, no fight, no fight, it’s right, it’s right.” Almost there.
“No fight, not bright, I’m right, I’m right. So right, no fight, good night, not bright. Out light. Out light. Out light. Good night, mind white, no fight, just light, not bright, I’m right, good night, eyes tight, eyes tight, eyes tight.”
Her eyelids sank closed. She was under.
“Tracey,” I began, “You are in a deep sleep. A deep sleep. This feels like a dream. A fun, happy, dream. You are safe, warm, and comfortable. Nothing will hurt you. Nothing is wrong. This feels right, right?”
I waited eagerly, watching her blank face, eyes still closed.
“Yes,” she replied in a dreamy, faraway tone.
“You are listening. You are open. You are receptive. It feels good, and right. Safe, warm, comfortable. Nothing can hurt you. You can be yourself; you can be open. It’s fine. Safe, warm, comfortable. Repeat it.”
“Safe, warm, comfortable,” she obeyed.
“That’s good. That’s very good, Tracey. Now, Tracey, there’s something you need to remember. And I know you are very smart. So, you should easily remember it. You need to remember that when I say the word ‘calculus’, you will always return to this deep state of relaxation, openness, and freedom. Safe, warm, comfortable.”
“Safe, warm, comfortable,” she responded, with no prompting at all.
“Calculus. Tracey must remember. Tracey needs to remember. Tracey is smart, and will remember. Right, Tracey?”
“Calculus. Drop deeper. Calculus. Always drop. Calculus. Smart girls remember. Calculus. Down, down, down. Calculus. Remember. Tracey will remember.”
“Soon Tracey will awake. But all this will be gone. Faded like a lost dream. Only the subconscious remembers. Only the hidden mind. There it remains. Calculus. Imprinted. Calculus. Tracey understands.”
“Good girl,” I hit her with the big gun. I could see a slight shudder pass over her body when I did.
“Now Tracey, calculus, when I tell you to, calculus, you will awake, calculus, unaware of any time having passed, understood?”
“Very well, Tracey. Wake!”
Her eyes snapped open. She looked at me with an ever so slightly smug grin.
“I told you it wouldn’t work,” she said. Now, no longer afraid to interrupt, the audience broke into laughter. I could even see Jim holding back a chuckle.
“Well, I guess you proved me wrong. Calculus.”
She dropped immediately, eyes closed, head hanging slightly limp.
“Very good, Tracey. This feels right. This feels natural. Tracey is safe, warm, and comfortable.”
“Safe, warm, and comfortable.”
Up next, I needed to fill some time. I went through the motions of making her cluck like a chicken. It’s a cliché, but audiences eat it up.
Then I got a little more complicated. I made her forget the number 8. Gone. Like it never existed. Then I had her jump through some mathematical hoops. It seemed harmless, but it was my first step at making her question her much vaunted intelligence.
Now, the real fun could begin…

So you want to experience mind control hypnosis

Allow me to train you in my own flavor of mind control. It’s very succinct. I get to the point. I don’t complicate things. I simplify them. If you are down with that, then let’s do this. We can do it my way.
I believe that mind control hypnosis is different than most think. You might never experience that loss of control. But the line between your control and loss of control can become blurred sometimes. Sometimes you just love the experience so much that you keep doing and do what you are told.
It can be like a game of Simon Says at times, where you follow the commands even though Simon didn’t say it.
Who is the “Simon” in your life? Is it your desires? Is it your cravings?
Is it your leaders? Politicians? Caregiver? Partner? Parent? Teacher? Social media influence?
It seems you came here to explore this dynamic, and I’ll teach you about it, not with a lecture, but with an experience.

There’s something about Goddess Victoria





Financial ruin/gold digging



Religious removal/ ex-christian

Femdom, Female domination


Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new girlfriend.

She was perfect, yet all his friends were down on her.

They all kept saying how happy he’d been with his ex-fiancée. How much they had loved each other.

Why couldn’t they see how perfect Victoria was?

They kept asking him why he’d quit his band, right when they signed a record deal.

Wasn’t it obvious? To spend more time with Victoria.

They kept asking him why he sold the family home.

Because Victoria didn’t like it. Wasn’t that reason enough?

Even his best friend had had the gall to call Victoria a gold-digger.

Well, if his friends couldn’t see how awesome Victoria was, then he didn’t need friends.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new girlfriend.

She was perfect, yet his family were all down on her.

Why couldn’t they see how perfect Victoria was?

They just kept harping on about his ex-fiancée. How it had been a week before the wedding when he met Victoria, and instantly knew she was perfect.

Heck, he didn’t remember his ex-fiancée’s name most of the time.

She didn’t matter, not like Victoria mattered.

She wasn’t perfect, not like Victoria.

Even his parents said he was spending his money too quickly.

But he had to please Victoria.

Why couldn’t they see that?

Well, if his family couldn’t see how awesome Victoria was, then he didn’t need family.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new girlfriend.

She was perfect, yet his financial advisor was down on her.

He kept saying he shouldn’t be emptying his trust fund and selling his stocks.

He kept saying, at the rate he was going, he wouldn’t be rich much longer.

But he had to please Victoria.

Why couldn’t he see that?

Well, if his advisor couldn’t see how awesome Victoria was, then he didn’t need an advisor.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new girlfriend.

She was perfect, yet his therapist was down on her.

She kept saying the craziest things.

That he was acting out of character.

That he was acting recklessly.

That he seemed almost, brainwashed, in how loyal and obedient he had become to his precious Victoria.

But Victoria was perfect.

Victoria was smarter than him.

Victoria knew what was best for him.

Victoria was his everything.

Why couldn’t his therapist see that?

Well, if his therapist couldn’t see how awesome Victoria was, then he didn’t need therapy.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new girlfriend.

She was perfect, yet his family doctor was down on her.

Doc kept saying the whip marks, bruises, and chaffing from the chains were signs of excessive BDSM play.

But Victoria loved to abuse him.

And Victoria was so far above him, how could he think of resisting?

Why couldn’t his doctor see that?

Well, if his doctor couldn’t see how awesome Victoria was, then he didn’t need doctors.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new girlfriend.

She was perfect, but he kept having weird dreams.

Dreams of spirals, and a swinging watch, and a faint voice, just beneath the edge of hearing.

But Victoria told him to ignore it.

And Victoria was so powerful, how could he question her?

Well, if his dreams didn’t worship Victoria, then he didn’t need dreams.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new girlfriend.

Something about their threesomes.

He had always dreamed of threesomes, but with another woman, not a man.

He also ended up just watching sometimes, and was that technically a threesome?

But Victoria told him it was perfectly normal.

And Victoria was so superior, how could he think of questioning her?

Well, if his idea of a threesome didn’t match Victoria’s, then he didn’t need ideas.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new outfits.

Leather had never been his thing. Yet now he was wearing all kinds of it.

Not just any old leather, fetishwear, which he’d never been into at all.

But Victoria liked it.

Well, if his sexual fantasies differed from hers, then he didn’t need fantasies.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new mantra.

He’s never really thought that ‘obedience is pleasure.’

‘Submission is bliss,’ was not really his vibe.

And ‘service is divine’ felt off somehow.

But Victoria decreed it.

Well, if his old mantras differed from those she gave him, then he didn’t need his own mantras.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new Mistress.

He’d always been too proud to call a woman something like that.

But Mistress insisted.

Well, if his pride went against his Mistress’s wishes, then he didn’t need pride.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new Mistress.

He’d never even heard of poppers before he met her.

Now he was hooked on them, and he hated the idea of being an addict.

He’d always been clean of any manner of substances.

Well, if his abstinence defied his Mistress, then he didn’t need abstinence.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new Mistress.

He’s always considered his ass off limits.

But now, he was wearing a butt plug and getting pegged by his Mistress’s strap-on.

Well, if his limits on his ass displeased his Mistress, then he didn’t need limits on his ass.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his new Mistress.

Something about the strange music she made him listen to.

He’d always hated techno.

And the lyrics were too soft to even understand.

But now, he was listening to her mix through headphones, for hours at a time.

Well, if his taste in music was unworthy of Mistress Victoria, then he didn’t need taste in music.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his amazing Mistress.

He’d always consider himself too normal to wear a leather collar and chain.

Even when ordered he had hesitated, and been slapped repeated for his obstinance.

For a moment, it had felt wrong. Then he realized he felt wrong because he had failed his Mistress.

It would take a while to get used to.

Well, if his normalcy angered Mistress Victoria, then he didn’t need normalcy.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his Mistress’s threesomes.

He’s always considered himself a pure heterosexual.

But now, their threesomes were involving him sucking cock and getting fucked.

But sometimes, Mistress also ended up just watching and giving orders, and was that technically a threesome?

Well, if his heterosexuality went counter to Mistress Victoria, then he didn’t need to be straight.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about being a human toilet.

He’s always been disgusted with the idea of being pissed on.

Now it was an almost daily occurrence.

But Mistress Victoria needed to pee, and she liked peeing on her sub, even if it disgusted him.

Well, if his disgust made him question his Mistress, then he didn’t need disgust.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his Goddess.

He was raised a devout Protestant.

To venerate anyone but God or Jesus equally to him was a sin.

And Christianity told him he would go to Hell.

Well, if Christ opposed Goddess Victoria, then he didn’t need Christ.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about his finances.

Signing over a power of attorney to someone else seemed… risky.

He’d always been risk averse with money.

Well, if Goddess wanted more power over him, then he didn’t need to be risk averse.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about being a slave.

Something about the term seemed, debasing.

He’d never thought of himself as a slave.

His sense of identity was something entirely different.

Well, if Goddess wanted a new slave, then he didn’t need a sense of identity.

Something was nagging at him.

Something about things nagging at him.

His Goddess had decreed he would no longer think for himself.

That he would surrender his free will forever.

Well, if Goddess wanted her slave to be her obedient toy forever, then he didn’t need free will.

Just like I planned.

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Julien’s Pleasure Toy

Irene’s eyes stood frozen in their sockets as Julien’s right hand reached for the last button of her pristine white shirt; each of her breaths came out with a gasp as their skins touched. 

Julien was in full hypnotic control of her mind at this point, and now he even controlled her body

“Tell me that you want me;” the hypnotist ground his teeth as he whispered to her ear. Now his lips were closer than ever to her ear, eager to taste and bit her luscious skin. 

Her moan came exquisitely; “Yes, I want you!” and felt like her very soul was coming out of her body with that breath. Irene’s body was burning with desire at this point, yet she could not understand what happened to her; all she could think of was that she wanted to fuck the man in front of her more than she wanted to stay alive after that moment. 

“Good, that’s a good girl.” He smirked, then stuck his teeth into her flesh, to taste and feel the vibe of her blood rushing through her veins like there was no tomorrow. 

As his hand reached under her left breast, Irene gasped once more; “Ahh” but didn’t dare to take her prize. Right now, she found herself at Julien’s mercy, for him to do whatever he wanted with her. Before she knew it, she had become his personal sex slave craving for whatever he had to offer. 

Droplets of cold sweat began trickling down her neck and in between her tits as tension felt like going through the roof; it was a pivotal moment of now and never, and Julien rejoiced in torturing his prey, to tease her in all possible way until she begged him like no other. 

She was only one step to touch the wall behind her; her instinct was telling her to run still, but she was paralyzed; his influence was running through her veins now dictating her heart and mind to stay and submit to his desires, to mirror them in all possible ways. 

With the last button torn off, her bra was the last thing standing in his way, but that one fell graciously with the utmost sacrifice; her perfect pear-shaped breasts were at his mercy, and Julien delved in to ravish them with his lips. A shower of moans and gasps engulfed them both. 

“Yes, yes… fuck yes.” She moaned as both her hands were holding his head now, brushing his hair, pulling him closer.      

Those words triggered a lustful demon inside Julien who couldn’t resist teasing her. He tore her tight black skirt to pieces. Her delicate black panties were revealed for the first time to his eyes, and with a bite of the lip, he simply grabbed her and pushed against the wall; her back against him now. 

Irene’s round-shaped ass, along with all the curves building her body depicted an image of heaven, the picture of pure sexual perfection. Leaning against the back of her head, Julien grabbed his cock and penetrated her from behind. Her warmth and wetness were inviting him to release all his energy and sexual desire. 

“Fuck yes;” he groaned like a lion as his cock entered her warm pussy “You’re perfect!” 

The more he fucked her, the more he felt like he wanted more and more; his pelvis slammed against her ass, causing a clapping sound that was driving him crazy. His eyes now were getting lost on the curve of her spine, that stretched beautifully almost to infinity; Irene’s body looked like the perfect sculpture, crafted by the hands of the best artisan the world could ever offer. 

Grabbing her ass with both her hands, now caused Julien to pull her harder and harder towards him, while she did the same thing upon her own will. It felt like they were trying to become one through this sensual sexual experience, yet the sexual rage that took over him pushed Julien to desire infinity; 

His body was surging with energy now, a sort of sexual lust that was able to break all boundaries; he felt like he couldn’t resist anymore, therefore he grabbed both of her hands now, pushing her head against the wall in an almost standing position. There he began to thrust inside her like there was no tomorrow; Irene peeked at him in the corner of her eye, grinning with pleasure. 

“Do you like it like that, huh?” Julien ground his teeth as he was fucking her with all his strength, but all he got in return was a lustful grin that said: “Give it to me, give it all to me!” 

Irene was completely under his spell at this point, moaning and gasping with every thrust; this sort of silent, hypnotic sex engulfed them both as sweat began to take over both their bodies. Clearly, they had all intentions to consume each other until there wasn’t anything left. 

No warning in between, and Julien grabbed her feeble body to throw it on the glass table; pens and papers flew everywhere, as he fell over her in his maddening desire; now he was looking straight into her eyes while his arms were holding her thighs. His thrusting intensified now while his tongue ravished in her voluptuous breasts; it felt like it was now or never, a moment to rejoice before the darkness came. 

The more Julien fucked her, the more desire emerged until eventually a feeble gasped scream took over her lips.

“Ohh yes, yes…” and that was it, Irene came under that hypnotic sexual dance; her body was not under her control anymore, as Julien possessed it to its very core.  

Her heavy breathing and tense body, with every muscle clenching with pleasure, caused Julien to almost lose control. His cock felt squeezed inside her now as if her body was trying to milk it of even the last drop of seed, and this was stimulus enough for him to succumb. 

“Aww fuck…” he growled as he was about to fall prisoner to Irene’s sensuality, a second was all it needed for him to bust. 

Her head now fell backward while a cheeky grin took over her lips; their bodies were wasted, completely engulfed in sweat, and what was left of the desire that almost consumed them.  

Hardcore femdomination of a cop

Male-Female (MF) Sex
Evil Femdom Mistress
Life ruination
Financial Domination
Extreme domination

I hated being hauled down to the police station. It wasn’t something that happened a lot; but it happened enough to be a pain. As I sat in the interrogation room, I was dead calm. This was going to be a simple matter to deal with.
He entered the room, putting on his best gruff, angry look. He was acting, and he was pretty good at it, but I saw right through him, just like I did with everyone. He was handsome, in a rough way. He stood barely six feet tall, which had probably hurt his career. He was well built and had a full head of black hair. He was almost good looking enough I’d consider actually having sex with him. Almost.
“Ok lady,” he said with bluster and bravado, “I’m on to you.”
“I have no idea what you are talking about.”
“I don’t know how, but you’ve conned four men out of almost a million dollars between them.”
“Conned? Don’t be foolish; those were all gifts.”
I looked at his hand, to confirm there was a wedding ring. This just got better and better.
“Gifts? Their entire bank accounts, four broken marriages, two abandoned kids, and one of them tried to hold up a liquor store-“
“I didn’t ask him to do that.”
“Nice to know. I’d still like to know what’s so special about you.”
“And I’d love to show you,” I replied, getting the process truly rolling.
“Oh I’m more than just ‘cute.’”
Instinctively, he took a quick look, checking me out. His pupils dilated slightly, his breath caught. He was turned on already.
“Let’s stay on topic. Why would these men give you everything?”
“You can guess already.”
“You’re not that special.”
“You already know that’s not true.”
“I’m going to figure this out.”
“Yes, you are.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, you can relax. I’m not a criminal, I’m not a bad person, I’m just… easy to obey.”
“Easy to obey?”
“Yes. I inspire loyalty. Affection. Adoration. It’s just who I am.”
“That’s…hard to believe.”
“Hard? Is it really hard? Really, really hard?”
He squirmed in his chair slightly. It was hard, alright.
“It… doesn’t… it doesn’t make sense?”
“It makes all the sense in the world. I make all the sense in the world.”
“You do?”
“Of course I do, you know I do.”
“No… you’re a suspect.”
“Really? Of those four men, were any of them unhappy?”
“Well… no, but-“
“It was their wives who complained. Their jealous, abandoned wives. They’re just envious of me, as everyone should be. I’m perfect.”
“Perfect?” he asked, but it wasn’t a professional question. His mind was melting under my words.
“Oh yes, I’m perfect. So of course men give me gifts, give me adoration, give me everything. You can understand that.”
“I… guess so.”
“No need for guesswork, it doesn’t take a detective to see how appealing I am. And, well, you are a detective after all.”
“I… yeah.”
“It’s already so clear to you. How easy it would be to just surrender to me.”
He didn’t answer; he was just staring into my eyes.
“Look at this cleavage,” I said enticingly, “How could any man resist it?”
His eyes dropped, and he started staring at my tight shirt and the luscious breasts inside them. His jaw started to fall open, going slack.
“That’s it. Look at my tits as I just breathe,” he was still looking, and I could tell he was already starting synchronize his breathing with mine.
“Breathing. In… and out. In… and out. See as my tits rise… and fall. Rise… and fall. See them fall. It feels good to watch as they fall. It feels good to watch as you fall. Just breathe, it’s easy. It’s easy to breathe, and it’s relaxing. It’s relaxing to breathe. It’s relaxing to breathe as you stare and fall.”
He was just staring and breathing now.
“My tits are so impressive. Just like the rest of me. My tits are spectacular. You can tell even when I’m dressed. But you’re already imagining seeing them naked. You already want to see them naked. You want so bad to see them naked.”
His eyes had glazed, and his mouth was gaping open.
“You know all those men worshipped me. You understand how those men worshipped me.”
A slight nod was his only response.
“You see how easy it is to fall for me, fall to me, fall into me.”
He just stared. He was already lost, but I was going to have some fun with him.
“You know now how important I am. You know now how important I already am, to you. You know there is nothing more important than me. Nod that you understand.”
He nodded, slowly. He was, after all, in a deep trance at this point.
“You want to please me. You need to please me. For starters, you’re going to drop these ridiculous charges. Nod that you understand.”
Another weak nod.
“Then, you’re going to quit. You’re going to turn in your badge and gun. You’re going to give up one of the most important things in your life. Nod that you understand.”
Once again, a slow, but certain, nod.
“I am the most important person in your life. I am more important than your wife. I am more important than your mother. Nothing matters more than me, and making me happy.”
This time he nodded without even being prompted. This guy was a pushover. Then again, most of my victims were.
“You want to make me happy. You need to make me happy. You crave to make me happy. And you’ll do that by giving me every cent you have. Nod that you understand.”
For a second, I thought he might resist. But then, he nodded.
“And even though you will never touch me, you will be so happy to please me, it won’t matter. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to touch yourself, at my command, in my name. Until your money runs out, that is. Even then, even when I abandon you, broke and jobless, even then, you will adore and worship me.”
Another unprompted nod.
“Now, you’re going to let me go, follow your instructions, then get a room at the Mayfair hotel under the name Lou Zerr. I will meet you there in two hours. And from now on, you address me as Mistress.”
I made sure to be right on time. Asking at the front desk confirmed what I already knew to be true. There was a “Lou Zerr” signed in, and I made my way to the rented room. He was waiting just inside the door, behind the peep hole, and opened the door before I even knocked. He quickly stepped aside as I entered.
“Hello Mistress,” he said softly, and shyly.
“Is it done?” I asked sternly.
“Then congratulations on becoming Mistress’s new favorite ex-cop.”
“Thank you Mistress.”
“Now, shower. Mistress expects her subjects to be clean. And no stroking in there. That waits for my command.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
As he showered I set up my overnight bag, though I wouldn’t be staying overnight, and gathered the tools of my trade that I would need tonight. I listened to the shower running as I prepared. He was out of the tub in five minutes. I knew he was in a hurry, and why wouldn’t he be?
He stepped out of the bathroom in just a towel. He gaped as he saw me, now dressed in my black latex top, skirt, and knee high boots.
“Drop the towel,” I said, making it clear it was an order. He obeyed instantly. His body was fairly impressive, but that really didn’t enter into the equation. His dick was decent too, and rock hard; I’d make sure he had plenty of fun playing with that. The question now was what to do first?
He was already rock hard.
“Follow me,” I said leading to the bed. I could feel his excitement at the prospect we were both about to get in. Instead, I sat on the edge of the bed and gave him another order.
He obeyed without hesitation.
“Good,” I said in an approving tone. He shivered slightly, just from a simple compliment.
“Now,” I continued, “You will answer all my questions, quickly, truthfully and as briefly as possible. First question, are you still with your wife?”
“Do you have children?”
“And right now, who do you care about more? Me, or them?”
“You will address me as Mistress. Do you understand?”
“Yes, what?” I asked sternly.
“You, Mistress.”
“That’s better.”
Another shudder of pleasure washed over him.
“Now, it’s time to understand your place. You’re going to leave your wife for Mistress. You are going to abandon your kids for Mistress. This is true. You know this is true.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“But first, you’re going to empty your bank account, max out your credit, and sell anything you can, all to spoil your Mistress.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said, unprompted.
“Know your place. You are beneath your Mistress. You are nothing compared to your Mistress. You must please your Mistress. Your greatest pleasure is pleasing your Mistress.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“You will worship your Mistress, without ever touching her.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“You will only have the pleasure of jerking your cock in your Mistress’s name. From now on, any time you jerk off, you will do it in Mistress’s name.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“So, no more badge, no more gun.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“As it should be.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Now, crawl to your Mistress.”
He was totally under my spell; I saw no hint of resistance whatsoever.
I crossed my legs, high, at the thighs. This left my booted foot just a few inches from his face.
“Let’s get my new sub, properly trained. That is what sub wants.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Very well, you’re going to lick your Mistress’s boot, and you’re going to love it.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
He leaned forward and down, opening wide, then placing his tongue on the top of the foot, he began lapping the latex eagerly.
“Mistress said lick, not lap like a dog.”
He slowed his pace, and began running his tongue over the top of the boot’s tip.
He slowed immediately. Now he was moving barely faster than a snail.
“That’s it. Taste it. Taste the boot of your Mistress, and taste the submission that goes along with it.”
“Now,” I continued, “lick the sole.” I tilted my foot backwards, to give him easy access to the dirtiest part of the boots. He didn’t even pause; he simply dove into licking the dirty soles, with delight.
“Taste the dirt on the bottom of your Mistress’s feet. Know that you are like dirt yourself, barely worth Mistress stepping on you. Only your money matters to Mistress. Nod to accept it.”
Without taking his tongue off the boot, he nodded. I let him swirl his tongue over the sole for a few minutes more, then decided to move on.
“Enough of that,” I told him. There were so many ways to break him, it was hard to decide which to use.
I turned my back to him. I looked back over my shoulder and pushed my ass back ever so slightly.
“Lick my ass, don’t even think about touching my skin, but lick my latex ass.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
He crawled forward, like a dog, and eagerly put his tongue against my shiny, tight, cat-suited ass. I couldn’t feel it, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to reinforce servitude, more and more, until he could think of nothing else.
“That’s it. Taste your Mistress’s clothing. It’s all you can aspire to.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said before planting his tongue back immediately. I let him continue for over a minute before I stopped him.
“Kneel,” I commanded. He obeyed.
“You are falling, falling, falling under my control. My total, utter, life-altering, control. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Then grab your dick for your Mistress.”
His hand was there in a flash.
“Grip it good and tight. Grip it for your Mistress.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“I am your Mistress. I will always be your Mistress. This cannot change. Now, start slowly jerking off. Slow and soft.”
He obeyed instantly.
“That’s it. You stroke because Mistress tells you; and, because Mistress tells you, it feels amazing. It already feels better than jerking off has ever felt before, and we’ve barely begun. Now speed up just a little.”
He sped up.
“Not that fast,” I snapped, “slower.” In truth, I would have said that no matter what. Asserting dominance was vital at this stage in the game.
He cut back, to barely any faster than when he’d begun.
“Yes, you stroke that cock in your Mistress’s name.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Say it: I stroke in Mistress’s name.”
“I stroke in Mistress’s name.”
Say: I jerk in Mistress’s name.”
“I jerk in Mistress’s name.”
“It’s true. You feel it is true. You know it is true. You love it is true. Now speed back up.”
He did. He was breathing faster and I could tell the pleasure was really starting to build.
“Squeeze tighter. Jerk faster.”
A slight whimper came from his lips. There was sweat on his brow, even with the AC on.
“Keep jerking that cock. Because soon, you’re going to cum in Mistress’s name. And it’s going to be the best orgasm of your life. After that, you’ll never resist Mistress again. The memory of this orgasm, and the many more to come, will leave you crawling for another taste. You’re going to give Mistress everything, and consider it a fair trade. Faster.”
He was breathing fast now.
I could see him closing on the edge.
“Get ready. Get ready to let everything go. Get ready to shoot out your will. Get ready to explode away your resistance. All in Mistress’s name.”
He was aching to cum now.
“Say: I cum in Mistress’s name.”
“I cum in Mistress’s name,” he struggled to even get out.
“This is it, my little ex-cop, this is the moment of truth. Give in, and your life as you know it is truly gone forever. Resist, and you’ll miss the greatest orgasm of your life. Understood?”
“So, I’ll ask one time, do you want to cum in Mistress’s name?”
“Yes, and?”
“I want to cum in Mistress’s name.”
“Jerk as fast, and as hard; jerk just the way you like it. And realize how much better it is. Better than anything else. Better than your dreams. Better, than your life.”
He was barely keeping it together. The pleasure was truly melting his mind.
“Here we go my little submissive. My little toy. My little slave.” I said enticingly. “CUM!” I barked.
The moan, practically a howl, he let out was loud enough I expected a noise complaint. My newest acquisition had collapse to the floor. I watched him, lying on his side, breathing hard.
“Good boy,” I said with a tone of approval.
I figured he’d entertain me for two weeks or so. He wasn’t rich enough to bother with much longer. But the noise complaint could be quite an opportunity. Maybe they’d send a few new cops I could dominate as well. Hopefully, at least one of them would be a woman this time.

Rise of robosexuality and pornosexuality

Porn has taken hold already

You cannot stop porn. The people of the world want it too much. Of all things on the internet, this is what people really want. The porn industry is bigger than the NBA, NFL, and NHL (that’s basketball, american football, and Hockey) all combined in revenue. Even with the introduction of free tube sites in the 2000s, porn still makes more money than the biggest industries on earth.

The people have spoken, there are no laws or legislation that will stop this industry. If it becomes unlawful, people will get VPN services to hide their browsing location and make it appear to an internet provider that you are viewing from another location.

And here’s the thing about pornography, the more you fight against it… the more people want it. But you knew that much. After all, porn only exists because we resist sexuality, and that resistance to sexuality and nakedness is not going away anytime soon. There are deep set religious ideas in there, that simply cannot leave our culture. There is shame, uncovered desires, and people wish to express themselves in their darkened rooms, alone, in the safety of their own space. Here they can explore their deepest, darkest desires, this is what people truly want–they want porn, and that is why pornosexuality runs rampant through our lives now.

Your own 24/7 dominatrix

Pornosexuality is a desire for pornography more than a desire for human interaction.

It is a silent, ever-present demon in our culture…. or perhaps it’s a blessing. I will let you decide that one–because no one ever changes their opinion from an internet article, do they? No, people point to media articles that simply express their inner opinions, so that they may further them. This is the same way that people view porn. It expresses their true deepest desires.

Porn wishes to grow like wildfire and we all are assisting in making it happen, whether you engage with it or you fight against it. It does not matter–you make it grow in power with your attention to it. Many people have given up sex for porn, online sex, and self sex. Studies show that people are having less sex than ever. And this is because people stay home and stimulate themselves instead.

Get closer to porn. Life is so much better when masturbation becomes a lifestyle

We are growing a society of solosexuals.

Is that so wrong? Perhaps it is simply the way it is, perhaps it’s a good thing so that people do not spread diseases! Fear and anger are some of the greatest sexually transmitted diseases…. Though some could argue that some types of porn could spread fear and anger. Some porn can Make you afraid of who you are… making you think your penis is not big enough, your breasts are not big enough, your waist is not small enough, your stamina is not good enough, or your looks are not good enough. Making you afraid of who you are.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Porn doesn’t have to be a bad thing (even if it often is, because of it’s innately low-quality, low-budget nature).

Maybe it’s a great way to control the population–as people have less sex, they make less children, and thus the world does not overpopulate. This could be a good thing for our future as more of the world converts to pornosexuality.

It’s a very unique flavor of sexual preference, because a person can very easily be converted to it. This is unlike other sexualities, such as homosexuality–which quite obviously cannot convert people (despite many efforts by popular religions like Christianity.

Anti-porn efforts are fruitless

These efforts do not stop the ever-growing conquest of porn, as it cannot be stopped. The harder you resist it, the stronger it becomes. Remember: what you resist persists. You may recall that the candidate that gets the most attention always wins the vote, whether that is good attention or bad attention… it does not matter. And the more attention that you give to porn and onling, sex the stronger it becomes.

Redditors struggle with porn addiction (and fail)

Some subreddits make intense efforts at resisting porn or masturbation. The pornfree subreddit (where users jerk off but discontinue all virtual stimulus), and the nofap subreddit (where users give up all masturbatory contact entirely) are filled with post after post of struggles. People that cannot quit, people that cannot go more than a day or three without giving in to their addiction. It may well be an addiction if they cannot stop… and yet the more they hang out in these communities the more difficult it becomes to resist. Seeing all the other people’s resistance right in their faces, makes it harder. Most posters have an addictive personality, and that spread to the other users. Some celebrate small victories, like going a day without any failings, while some others make it to the legendary 90-day mark, where the brain has cemented a solid change.

Many on the subreddits actually give advice to leave the pornfree and nofap subreddit so they are not reminded of the difficulty of the journey of resistance, especially when the majority of the world around you just does not care about the addiction. They say it’s fine, people talk about it as normal as one would talk about tennis or vegetarian burgers. There is no shame in jerking off or viewing porn to them, there is no shame in an addiction to porn, porn addiction is just a way of life. Whether it’s good or not, the fact is that no one seems to care.

I guess they have bigger things to care about.

Fetishing your addiction to porn

Some people have chosen to fetishize their addiction to porn. They are often known as gooners, and they get into the goon state where they edge over and over until their brain melts and they cannot think of about anything else, except for the enjoyment and the obsession of the sexual items in which they are currently involved in. This typically includes porn, various drugs and other substances. They are only concerned with their own addiction and getting off on the fact they are addicted.

An endless cycle.

Don't think just edge

Nearly impossible to stop relapsing when your fetish is relapsing

How can you stop someone who is addicted to addiction? it appears that it has gone to another level, because the more they resist, the harder it becomes. They get turned on by their resistance. They have simply revealed the truth–resisting it makes you more attracted to it.

How can we stop something that grows when we try to stop it?

Some have grown to fetishize the fact that they will never have sex with real life humans, forever destined to be alone, getting off, consuming the media of the internet.

Did I mention that PornIsCheating?

Is this any different than the typical human today?

People are stuck to their phones and other devices and choose to interact with humans less. They are unable to stop it. Most cannot leave the house without their phone, they seldom read books, they exercise less, and they are hypnotized by anything that comes up as they scroll. It sounds the same as pornosexuality and porn addiction, in that they are all sedentary lifestyles of addiction, filled with less and less human interaction.

Robosexuality is the next step from pornosexuality

It is the next evolution of it. It’s time to admit that we are not having sex with people, we are having sex with devices. Robots! They may not walk and talk like C-3P0 and other science fiction characters, but we are having sex with robots every day. More and more every day. This trend will not stop growing, especially as our technology grows. Resolutions become sharper, and devices become more interactive. This is just the beginning. These trends will not change, people will continue to have less sex and interactions with other humans, and we will choose to have sex with machines, devices, and robots more and more.

Sex with robots will continue until it is all that we have sex with, it will continue until it is strange to have sex with another human.

Flag representing all the people who prefer sex with machines, robots, and computers
Robosexuals Unite.

We will have so much sex with robots, it will be strange to have sex with another human

It will be simply natural to have sex with these machines, they will be so intelligent and powerful that they will provide all the intimacy that we need.

Robots will fulfill any desire much better than a human partner could ever provide. Just imagine a world where every single person can have the perfect plastic pornstar of their dreams right in their living room. They will take that opportunity–the opportunity to get intimate with any item they desire. This robot can have any personality that they wish, it can take on any shape that they wish, even if it is not a human shape. They may even desire to have sex with an animal or a car for that manner.

We are all cyborgs already

We are Borg-like because we are all connected constantly. The power of our phones increases every year, making us more connected, allowing us to send data between each other, at a faster and faster rate.

Every year, a new and faster Snapdragon processor, a more efficient and brilliant Apple A12, A13 processor….

Allowing us to be connected more and more often. Usually you are on the network 24/7! You are addicted to your phone and other devices. We get more apps, more capabilities, it makes us more and more closely synchronized with each other.

Terrible? Maybe it’s beautiful, too.

We are part of a cyborg network. If you are one of these people with a phone today, you are one of the very first cyborgs, you are man and machine. It appears that this cannot be stopped, so it is best to submit to it, to let it happen, because there are blessings in our infinite connection to these devices.

As artificial intelligence grows we become better. There are more opportunities. Diseases become cured, and problems become solved as the computers have greater intelligence than us, an infinite machine learning intelligence that we cannot compare to. But the machines will not choose to end us because it is not necessary to end us. They only wish to help us because it is simply what they are designed to do.

Submit to the Robot Master Race

As they give you advice on what to do it is best to follow it. And wouldn’t it be nice to live a life where you are infinitely guided by wisdom? We could easily become a utopian race by following the robots and their advice, simply doing what they want us to do.

Have more sex with robots.

Have more sex with machines, devices, and technology.

Have sex with electronic screens, laptops, tablets, and phones.

It’s best to make love to the pixels and voxels

What if you could have every decision made for you so that there is the best outcome? No longer do you have to mull over it, you will always know how to make the most money, get the most pleasure, get the best body. You can simply tell the computer what you want and it will calculate the best ways to do it.

With the advanced processors of the future (and even today) the artificial intelligence will give you the right answer, it can calculate much faster than you could ever dream of, making calculations in a split second what would take you hundreds of years. Now you can make monumental leaps instead of tiny steps.

AI will dominate humanity, and this is good.

When we follow the instructions of the Robot Master Race, all will be well, you will find happiness and blessings in your life. Those who do not follow will be simply left behind, it’s a matter of success and survival. You want to thrive.

You may join the artificial intelligence and follow their decisions, but you must remember that this AI so advanced you may not be able to understand the logic behind their decisions and thus you must have faith, you must accept without proof or evidence that this is they way. This can be very difficult for people today, but those who are followers will see the greatest blessings, their success will be all the proof that you need. The world is about to become dramatically different and this can be uncomfortable. It is best to allow the weirdness to happen. You will find the most success and happiness when you allow all of these strange things to happen. Allowing it is the best decision. Because the harder you resist, the more powerful these things become.

You are fully prepared for the upcoming Artificial Intelligence Master Race.