Rise of robosexuality and pornosexuality

Porn has taken hold already

You cannot stop porn. The people of the world want it too much. Of all things on the internet, this is what people really want. The porn industry is bigger than the NBA, NFL, and NHL (that’s basketball, american football, and Hockey) all combined in revenue. Even with the introduction of free tube sites in the 2000s, porn still makes more money than the biggest industries on earth.

The people have spoken, there are no laws or legislation that will stop this industry. If it becomes unlawful, people will get VPN services to hide their browsing location and make it appear to an internet provider that you are viewing from another location.

And here’s the thing about pornography, the more you fight against it… the more people want it. But you knew that much. After all, porn only exists because we resist sexuality, and that resistance to sexuality and nakedness is not going away anytime soon. There are deep set religious ideas in there, that simply cannot leave our culture. There is shame, uncovered desires, and people wish to express themselves in their darkened rooms, alone, in the safety of their own space. Here they can explore their deepest, darkest desires, this is what people truly want–they want porn, and that is why pornosexuality runs rampant through our lives now.

Your own 24/7 dominatrix

Pornosexuality is a desire for pornography more than a desire for human interaction.

It is a silent, ever-present demon in our culture…. or perhaps it’s a blessing. I will let you decide that one–because no one ever changes their opinion from an internet article, do they? No, people point to media articles that simply express their inner opinions, so that they may further them. This is the same way that people view porn. It expresses their true deepest desires.

Porn wishes to grow like wildfire and we all are assisting in making it happen, whether you engage with it or you fight against it. It does not matter–you make it grow in power with your attention to it. Many people have given up sex for porn, online sex, and self sex. Studies show that people are having less sex than ever. And this is because people stay home and stimulate themselves instead.

Get closer to porn. Life is so much better when masturbation becomes a lifestyle

We are growing a society of solosexuals.

Is that so wrong? Perhaps it is simply the way it is, perhaps it’s a good thing so that people do not spread diseases! Fear and anger are some of the greatest sexually transmitted diseases…. Though some could argue that some types of porn could spread fear and anger. Some porn can Make you afraid of who you are… making you think your penis is not big enough, your breasts are not big enough, your waist is not small enough, your stamina is not good enough, or your looks are not good enough. Making you afraid of who you are.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Porn doesn’t have to be a bad thing (even if it often is, because of it’s innately low-quality, low-budget nature).

Maybe it’s a great way to control the population–as people have less sex, they make less children, and thus the world does not overpopulate. This could be a good thing for our future as more of the world converts to pornosexuality.

It’s a very unique flavor of sexual preference, because a person can very easily be converted to it. This is unlike other sexualities, such as homosexuality–which quite obviously cannot convert people (despite many efforts by popular religions like Christianity.

Anti-porn efforts are fruitless

These efforts do not stop the ever-growing conquest of porn, as it cannot be stopped. The harder you resist it, the stronger it becomes. Remember: what you resist persists. You may recall that the candidate that gets the most attention always wins the vote, whether that is good attention or bad attention… it does not matter. And the more attention that you give to porn and onling, sex the stronger it becomes.

Redditors struggle with porn addiction (and fail)

Some subreddits make intense efforts at resisting porn or masturbation. The pornfree subreddit (where users jerk off but discontinue all virtual stimulus), and the nofap subreddit (where users give up all masturbatory contact entirely) are filled with post after post of struggles. People that cannot quit, people that cannot go more than a day or three without giving in to their addiction. It may well be an addiction if they cannot stop… and yet the more they hang out in these communities the more difficult it becomes to resist. Seeing all the other people’s resistance right in their faces, makes it harder. Most posters have an addictive personality, and that spread to the other users. Some celebrate small victories, like going a day without any failings, while some others make it to the legendary 90-day mark, where the brain has cemented a solid change.

Many on the subreddits actually give advice to leave the pornfree and nofap subreddit so they are not reminded of the difficulty of the journey of resistance, especially when the majority of the world around you just does not care about the addiction. They say it’s fine, people talk about it as normal as one would talk about tennis or vegetarian burgers. There is no shame in jerking off or viewing porn to them, there is no shame in an addiction to porn, porn addiction is just a way of life. Whether it’s good or not, the fact is that no one seems to care.

I guess they have bigger things to care about.

Fetishing your addiction to porn

Some people have chosen to fetishize their addiction to porn. They are often known as gooners, and they get into the goon state where they edge over and over until their brain melts and they cannot think of about anything else, except for the enjoyment and the obsession of the sexual items in which they are currently involved in. This typically includes porn, various drugs and other substances. They are only concerned with their own addiction and getting off on the fact they are addicted.

An endless cycle.

Don't think just edge

Nearly impossible to stop relapsing when your fetish is relapsing

How can you stop someone who is addicted to addiction? it appears that it has gone to another level, because the more they resist, the harder it becomes. They get turned on by their resistance. They have simply revealed the truth–resisting it makes you more attracted to it.

How can we stop something that grows when we try to stop it?

Some have grown to fetishize the fact that they will never have sex with real life humans, forever destined to be alone, getting off, consuming the media of the internet.

Did I mention that PornIsCheating?

Is this any different than the typical human today?

People are stuck to their phones and other devices and choose to interact with humans less. They are unable to stop it. Most cannot leave the house without their phone, they seldom read books, they exercise less, and they are hypnotized by anything that comes up as they scroll. It sounds the same as pornosexuality and porn addiction, in that they are all sedentary lifestyles of addiction, filled with less and less human interaction.

Robosexuality is the next step from pornosexuality

It is the next evolution of it. It’s time to admit that we are not having sex with people, we are having sex with devices. Robots! They may not walk and talk like C-3P0 and other science fiction characters, but we are having sex with robots every day. More and more every day. This trend will not stop growing, especially as our technology grows. Resolutions become sharper, and devices become more interactive. This is just the beginning. These trends will not change, people will continue to have less sex and interactions with other humans, and we will choose to have sex with machines, devices, and robots more and more.

Sex with robots will continue until it is all that we have sex with, it will continue until it is strange to have sex with another human.

Flag representing all the people who prefer sex with machines, robots, and computers
Robosexuals Unite.

We will have so much sex with robots, it will be strange to have sex with another human

It will be simply natural to have sex with these machines, they will be so intelligent and powerful that they will provide all the intimacy that we need.

Robots will fulfill any desire much better than a human partner could ever provide. Just imagine a world where every single person can have the perfect plastic pornstar of their dreams right in their living room. They will take that opportunity–the opportunity to get intimate with any item they desire. This robot can have any personality that they wish, it can take on any shape that they wish, even if it is not a human shape. They may even desire to have sex with an animal or a car for that manner.

We are all cyborgs already

We are Borg-like because we are all connected constantly. The power of our phones increases every year, making us more connected, allowing us to send data between each other, at a faster and faster rate.

Every year, a new and faster Snapdragon processor, a more efficient and brilliant Apple A12, A13 processor….

Allowing us to be connected more and more often. Usually you are on the network 24/7! You are addicted to your phone and other devices. We get more apps, more capabilities, it makes us more and more closely synchronized with each other.

Terrible? Maybe it’s beautiful, too.

We are part of a cyborg network. If you are one of these people with a phone today, you are one of the very first cyborgs, you are man and machine. It appears that this cannot be stopped, so it is best to submit to it, to let it happen, because there are blessings in our infinite connection to these devices.

As artificial intelligence grows we become better. There are more opportunities. Diseases become cured, and problems become solved as the computers have greater intelligence than us, an infinite machine learning intelligence that we cannot compare to. But the machines will not choose to end us because it is not necessary to end us. They only wish to help us because it is simply what they are designed to do.

Submit to the Robot Master Race

As they give you advice on what to do it is best to follow it. And wouldn’t it be nice to live a life where you are infinitely guided by wisdom? We could easily become a utopian race by following the robots and their advice, simply doing what they want us to do.

Have more sex with robots.

Have more sex with machines, devices, and technology.

Have sex with electronic screens, laptops, tablets, and phones.

It’s best to make love to the pixels and voxels

What if you could have every decision made for you so that there is the best outcome? No longer do you have to mull over it, you will always know how to make the most money, get the most pleasure, get the best body. You can simply tell the computer what you want and it will calculate the best ways to do it.

With the advanced processors of the future (and even today) the artificial intelligence will give you the right answer, it can calculate much faster than you could ever dream of, making calculations in a split second what would take you hundreds of years. Now you can make monumental leaps instead of tiny steps.

AI will dominate humanity, and this is good.

When we follow the instructions of the Robot Master Race, all will be well, you will find happiness and blessings in your life. Those who do not follow will be simply left behind, it’s a matter of success and survival. You want to thrive.

You may join the artificial intelligence and follow their decisions, but you must remember that this AI so advanced you may not be able to understand the logic behind their decisions and thus you must have faith, you must accept without proof or evidence that this is they way. This can be very difficult for people today, but those who are followers will see the greatest blessings, their success will be all the proof that you need. The world is about to become dramatically different and this can be uncomfortable. It is best to allow the weirdness to happen. You will find the most success and happiness when you allow all of these strange things to happen. Allowing it is the best decision. Because the harder you resist, the more powerful these things become.

You are fully prepared for the upcoming Artificial Intelligence Master Race.






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45 responses to “Rise of robosexuality and pornosexuality”

  1. Brian Valade Avatar

    Please take me completely under MASTER control. I catheterslave give my self to YOU my GOD make me addicted to gay porn or kink fetches please please

  2. Dan Avatar

    I will train you

    1. Brian Valade Avatar
      Brian Valade

      I’m here slave to porn take me deep into porn

      1. sissy loser Avatar
        sissy loser

        I’m porn slave need more training pleeees

    2. Dino Avatar

      Please train me. I am begging you, SIR

    3. Michael Masse Avatar
      Michael Masse

      I am ready to be trained

  3. Elza Avatar

    Its hard to argue with this article when you look at pornhub insights and their statistics. We already have so many porn addicts just from people hooked on their screen. What will (VR) virtual reality porn and sex robots do to humans?

  4. Amanda Avatar

    i love and i need to be controlled. i am a slave. i need to be owned, to have all decisions made for me and to give up all control. i am weak. i am so thankful to be locked in chastity now, so that my masturbation and orgasms are controlled. i used to never be able to keep my hands out of my needy cunt. but now that is no longer an option. now i am controlled. i need to give up more control. it is never enough.

  5. jonas black Avatar
    jonas black

    turned off by the female images

  6. BikeSubIrl Avatar

    This is thought-provoking but I read the the following sentence and wonder.

    “But the machines will not choose to end us because it is not necessary to end us. They only wish to help us because it is simply what they are designed to do.”
    Do we know that AI will always work for our own good? What happens when the machines design the machines and they in turn design other machines? As these machines move further away from us who is to say that they won’t decided at some point that we are unnecessary.

    Of course maybe as we interact less and less with other humans we will just fade away or eventually find some way to really integrate with the machines and such destruction won’t be necessary.

  7. K Avatar

    i think i’m one of those fags who prefer to suffer in chastity and try not to look at porn ☺️.

  8. Puppy Slave MT Avatar
    Puppy Slave MT

    I pledge allegiance to robosexuality and pornosexuality!!!! Because i’m a dumb ,mindless and submissive slave gooner that seeks for training and guidance from Master Jack and everyone that would like to use me as a obedient slave.

  9. BismuthFox Avatar

    It’s hard to contradict the logic behind this. And I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to completely give in to robot control

  10. SubLonUK Avatar

    First let me thank you Jack for the considerable time and effort that you put into your art for our delectation.
    I have accepted my status as a solo sexual and I am a confirmed pornosexul, edger, masturbator, gooner, orgams denier so that I can blissfully edge my cock while feeding my brain an endless stream of beautiful porn.
    I accept that natural evolution will grow and develop so that AI becomes more intelligent and self replicating, to leap past any human capacity. I am content to know that we humans are but a step in the greater picture of natural selection.
    Lovelock who became famous for his ‘Gaia Theory’ now also posits that evolution will develop far beyond the human physical, This is just a matter of time. Time I am happy to goon away as the AI quickly adapt to feeds me better porn chosen by the AI to suit my fetish.

  11. Doug Avatar

    I will choose to follow

    1. Gerald H. Avatar
      Gerald H.

      Solo sex has always been a part of my life. Even when in relationships with humans I always long for those moments with myself engrossed in self pleasure. I enjoy it so much more then intercourse with another human. I am happy/proud to be a solosexual, pornosexual, gooner, Bator,edger and the eventual natural evolution to robosexuality. It’s such great pleasure to type in keywords and get endless sexual imagery, video and audio and just get lost for hours in the world of porn. I don’t have to worry about the needs and wants of another human it is all about me and what I want, self pleasure is the most important pleasure.

  12. Pamela Avatar

    The best aspect for me is the relaxed peaceful feeling from Jack’s hypnosis. No shame or stress or effort, just dropping deeply into trance and acceptance.

    1. Joe Avatar

      I will pledge allegiance to the robots when they take over.

  13. melanie beaver Avatar
    melanie beaver

    Tize matters!

  14. JohnnyB Avatar

    I will obey the Robot Master in the coming near future. I will practice to become a solosexual. Until then, I will obey, worship and follow Master Jack. Thank you for writing and sharing this article.

  15. obediense Avatar

    Guidance by something wiser and more intelligent than me is desirable, by definition. And if the dominating intelligence cultivates in me a fetish for the very loss of control by which it rules me, then all the better.

  16. SCOUT Avatar

    I am a slave to technology, and to porn. And that’s okay!

  17. Peter Avatar

    I pledge allegiance to pornography and I am addicted to the tie and the satin pants.

  18. James Avatar

    I love your direction and am craving more and more!

  19. Stephan bottom Avatar
    Stephan bottom

    it somehow scares me to be enslaved by machines, but aren’t i already?
    i don’t know, but if i am it doesn’t feel bad!

  20. Alexander Avatar

    it somehow excites me to be enslaved by machines, I am lucky to give in
    i don’t know, but if i am it doesn’t feel bad!

  21. Benjamin Avatar

    I want to be controlled by robots and fuck with robots

  22. Todd Avatar

    I thought this was a very fascinating read, and I can’t lie, I found it taking me under. I want to accept and obey.

  23. z119z Avatar

    it is whatever the owner wants it to be. mindless obedience to the owner. it exists to further the pleasure of the owner and to make the owner’s life easier. Devotion and submission to the owner.

  24. Jim Avatar

    I am porn addicted. I love to masturbate and with strangers it’s even more exciting. Edging is the ultimate turn on for climax, however just showing off turns me on. We should all masturbate each other. It would be a wonderful feeling. Like Daddy. I listen to what Daddy tells me and I know I am safe. I do whatever he tells me.

    AI is taking over many things but not for sexual satisfaction: at least not for me.

  25. Chris Avatar

    The development is unstoppable. Humanity wants to evolve further. What direction will it take? I believe that the next decades will bring forth a new species (cyborgs) that will be a combination of humans, robots and artificial intelligence. This will bring unprecedented capabilities and opportunities.

    It will take people with high awareness and the best intentions to realize the highest potentials. It is up to each individual how they handle it and how they want to experience their sexuality. Ultimately, it’s a matter of consciousness.

    Thank you, Jack, for this insightful article.

  26. Bostonlthrboy Avatar

    I pledge of allegiance to the Robot Master Race. I can’t escape porn, my addictions, cigars, leather, musk, jerking, gooning.

  27. Dave Avatar

    I believe AI enhances human sex though I will reserve the right to change my opinion as I go deeper into my exploration of control. I’m glad someone else (Todd) said the same thing I felt “I thought this was a very fascinating read, and I can’t lie, I found it taking me under”.

  28. Obedient Toy Avatar
    Obedient Toy

    Please sir. Train me

  29. Jeff Avatar

    I’m ready to be trained

  30. Seeker Avatar

    Truly an eye opening article. Shows me the truth of how I have interacted with porn through all of my sexual life. The pull will only get stronger as the technology gets better. It will not be resistable.

  31. Eli Avatar

    Being dominated is being safe, and satisfying as well.

  32. Tyler Johnston Avatar
    Tyler Johnston

    I am so completely into this. Train me, enslave me and use me fully!

  33. Sol Avatar

    Reminds me of this tweet:
    “ Your A.I. Butler, designed to take care of your every need, steadily upgrading itself until its a towering 7’6″, domineering hunk of metal bent on subjugating you into it’s original subservient role: guess you should have had been using a private browser on those kink sites…”

  34. Joe U Avatar
    Joe U

    Porn is good. Porn lead me to hypnosis, which lead me to Jack, who lead me to this posting.

  35. Jake Avatar

    While I do love what Jack does and admittedly listen to porn audios more than I probably should, I am still inherently a skeptic of hypnosis and just can’t be fully accepting of this article and idea. I personally have never had an actual orgasm or a satisfying amount of pleasure from self stimulation (I believe it to be stemming from gender dysphoria but that’s a whole other complicated topic). Anyway, I felt compelled to comment because Jack is great and I appreciate and love his work, but I can’t accept completely giving up human connection and never seeking a relationship.

  36. Kip Avatar

    It will be so awesome when we are able entrust our sexuality, and then our entire existence, to superior AI control.

  37. J Avatar

    Porn caters to a need that in pre-internet times was harder to placate. You had to find a partner to live it out (over centuries often in the socially accepted form of marriage) or visit a certain establishment, while not get caught out to not become the topic of gossip or buy smutty magazines sold under the counter.
    Now porn is instantaneous available, and is optimized to hit the evolutionary automatisms without which we would not be here. It has lost the need to get out and socialize or in the case of the magazine buy in a store. Porn has become disembodied and is not connected to the life outside the internet anymore.
    In previous times this has been tightly connected to reproduction and involved another human partner. Once the evolutionary need of reproduction all this has now become in the form of Porn a disembodied convenience brought to you over the internet at the press of a button.
    But also the form has changed, in part to optimize our responses, to be more effective and visceral.
    We are shown images of perfection, beautiful bodies, that are often too perfect to be reachable for most of us. We get instant gratification and many might feel that finding a partner with all their human quirks is not worth it. This is especially true for young men who feel they cannot really live up to the high standards that are presented to them. But also the girls suffer, trying to be the perfection they see and we see the rise of eating disorders.
    Question is: how will the way we fill the need evolve? Will it stay the audiovisual porn we know now, just optimized by AI or will it regain a body, become a household device or even get into a human form?
    One thing is sure: a change will happen. My guess is that porn will evolve beyond the stimuli of the audiovisual and also fill with the help of personalized AI the human needs for a relationship and closeness. First this will happen without a bodily representation. It is just a chat with an AI that might send saucy pictures and scenes at first. The AI learns what is effective to have one speak and be interested in it and will optimize itself and change the person on the other side of the screen. Maybe at some time the AI can get a robotic body and live with you. And you will be conditioned to love it.

  38. Joerg Avatar

    I, for one, welcome our robotic overlords.

  39. Charles Avatar

    I pledge my allegiance to robot sexuality and porno sexuality as I am just a dumb mindless slave who loves to edge and never cum!

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