E-Stim Hypnosis testing

I need testers for e-stim hypnosis!

Please use these audio files used for testing E-Stim devices:

Audio 1: E-Stim Test file (No brainwave background)

Audio 2: E-Stim Test file (with Brainwave background)

Audio 3: Stimulation Sound Effects test

I’m attempting to make content for e-stim devices, which hook up to your body (usually genitals/anal) and pass an electrical current into it. This can cause extreme pleasure or extreme pain, depending on how it is administered (frequency) or the intensity. This causes powerful control over someone through the internet, without even being in the room with them. It can make you orgasm or it can make you scream in pain (pavlov’s dog, anyone?). I am currently experimenting with it, and I need help testing it. This is pretty uncharted territory. I could only find one brand of device that is designed to work correctly with audio input. It is very rare to find anyone providing these devices in the first place.

If you want to test it, you can pick up one of these e-stim boxes listed below. I’m currently using the ones mentioned below to make my content, so it will be tuned for these. The concept is to use the audio waves of my voice as input for the stimulation, or use a separate track for it. The inputs reinforce the hypnotic suggestions into the nerves of your body, greatly enhancing the effect. It’s very “mind control device” kinda vibe, which could be a lot of fun.

I’m testing the Abox and the 2B, which are designed with audio in mind. The ABox is cheaper and can do one output (eg. genitals or anal). The 2B is more powerful and has 2 outputs (genitals and anal at the same time). It can also do ‘triphase’, which I think makes it 3 inputs for a 3D effect of some sort (I dont know, I have not experimented with it). You will need to select the accessories that you’re willing to try out. I don’t really know how each one responds to audio input and what it feels like. I think that insertables have the most direct electrical response, providing a more accurate translation of input. These devices are out of this fucking world, though somewhat costly. I am wondering if anyone actually wants me to make content for for this (though the kicker is that it should work with any of my audios). If you already have these devices or similar, I want to know how they respond to my hypnosis files/videos or the files I’m making for e-stim. So if you know anything helpful about e-stim, please write it below. If you want to start testing my files with e-stim, you can get a device.

You will need some these items (though you can test any accessories you want): ABox mk2 or 2B power box

2-way Aux Audio splitter (to listen through headphones while you stim, find one on amazon)

Conductive rubber loops and/or cock straps.

An insertable electrode. (seems to work best)

Conductive electrogel (seems to smooth out sensations)

Triphase cable (optional but looks interesting, adds a “3D” Effect”)

Here is where you can get the devices that my work is tuned for:

Get it in UK

Get it in USA/worldwide

Please write your test findings in the comments below:



Audios used:





8 responses to “E-Stim Hypnosis testing”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Have several different electronic devices. One specifically meant for another over the internet to have complete controllable. and yes, the tens unit with dual output

    1. Jacksonstock Avatar

      Have you tested it with the files yet?

  2. jobo7 Avatar

    i also have a dual out tens unit, been using -stim for years.. I’m also a trance junkie. soo excited to try these out. :, )

  3. Dustin Avatar

    Listened without any device and wow, it felt so fucking good. I can only imagine how amazing it would be with a device!

  4. Jean-françois Avatar

    i did love the second one whit the background music. I have ruber band and a small control box by on Etsy. I love E-Stim a lot, specally whit your voice and background music. I’m a french guy from montreal so excuse me for my english

  5. Ian John Avatar
    Ian John

    Device: E-Stim Systems 2B
    Accessories: Wire Penis Bands and Mr. S Electro Butt Plug

    I tried all three of the files and when I had the audio splitter on the line to the power box the signal was to weak to register any sensations – I had the volume on my laptop at maximum which was so loud I had to just leave my earphones beside me.

    Then I took the splitter off the line and listened to the first file (E-Stim_Test_Audio_No_Brainwave_20230307-1) and the signal came through well (at roughly half volume) and I got the electro “effect”. Unfortunately, as I couldn’t hear you, I cannot comment on how the various tests worked. I am going to try testing where I run the file on two devices – one for me and one for the e-stim box.

    My initial reaction is two thumbs up – the electro effects were pleasant, and I think would enhance the effect of the hypnosis file. Thank you for doing the leg work to develop and test enhancing your hypno with electro stimulation!

    1. Jacksonstock Avatar

      Good feedback, thanks! Please try using headphones with volume adjustment on them

  6. Stimdaddy71 Avatar

    Hey there Jackstock! Stimdaddy here would love to test your estim audio files.

    I have many power boxes.. and my favourite wire up is with 2 ET312B boxes… one triphase on my cock, and the other triphase on my butt. i’m going to find a time to try some of these posted here.

    big fan of your hypno and your audio and video files.. and you’ve a very sexy cock and voice.

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