Hooked and Baited: The Stunning, Secret Tale of Powerful Covert Hypnosis

Hooked And Baited

“Thanks again,” said Alex. 

“My pleasure,” Jason replied. Little did Alex know the real reason Jason had invited him out on the lake to fish.

The outboard motor continued its slow whir as they sped across the lake towards Jason’s “special fishing spot.” It was bass season, but Jason had a different catch in mind. Alex was damn cute, and Jason had been itching for new minds to play with. This was the perfect opportunity.

“So why is this called Stony Lake?”

“Because there are a lot of low spots and high rocks, if you don’t know the routes you can crack your motor good. But trust me, I am an expert. In fact, we’re almost there.”


They neared the shoal of a small island, which hosted a number of fir trees. Jason slowed the motor to a crawl and eased them close.

“Now, we sit here and drift slowly. Dropping anchor won’t get us anything. Got it? We drift.”

“Drift, right.”

They got their poles and tackle ready and soon cast their lines.

“Now, we wait and we drift. And speak softly, or you’ll scare the fish.”

“Got it.”

“That’s the beauty of this lake. You can get your mind off things. You can get away from it all. You can just relax and drift. Floating.”

Alex just nodded. Jason lowered his tone and slowed his cadence. He could see this was working; he just had to play it right.

“I love to relax and drift here. I can see you do too. It’s so quiet and safe, and safe and quiet. As you drift. Just drift. Let your cares just, drift away. Let your thoughts just, drift away.”

Alex was breathing more slowly now. Jason could see the tension leaving his co-worker’s body.

“It feels so good just to relax. To not have to even think. It feels good to drift and not to think. So good. So good.”

Alex mustered an “mmm” of agreement.

“I told you, I’m the expert here. So just drift and relax. Drift and let go. Drift. Drift. Drift. It’s so easy to relax here, with me, focused on the now. Focused on the words. The gentle lap of the lake helping you to relax. Helping you to drift. Helping you to let go of worry. Of cares. Of thoughts. Just let it all go.”

Jason was pleased there was zero chance of catching fish in the area, since the last thing he wanted was a bite snapping Alex out of it.

“I’m the expert here. So listen to me. Listen to every word I say and you just relax and drift. Relax and drift. Everything gone. I’m the expert here. Thoughts gone, I’m the expert here. Mind so relaxed. So empty. So open. Open to the words of an expert. Open to these soft, warm, wonderful words.”

Jason’s grip on his rod was slacking. Soon, he’d have other rods on his mind.

“You love to drift. You love to relax. And the expert will help you drift and relax. And, if your eyelids start to become heavy, that’s fine. Just focus on the word, the expert words, as your eyes slide closed. It’s ok. I’m the expert and I say it’s ok.”

Alex’s eyes slid shut, right on cue. Jason reached over and took the rod from his hands, setting both of them aside.

“That’s good. Trust me when I say it’s good. You can always trust me, I’m the expert. You can always relax for me, I’m the expert. It feels good. It feels good to drift and relax for the expert. Drift and relax. Drift and relax into this warm, comfortable, safe, feeling. Drift and relax totally. It’s easy, and it feels so good.”

Alex let out a slight whimper of pleasure.

“Good. Very good. You’re relaxing so deep now. Focused on the words. The important words. The powerful words. The words are what matter. The words are what helps you drift and relax. Relax and drift. So relaxed. So open. Open to the words. To my words. To Jason’s words. You drift and relax for Jason’s words. You drift on Jason’s words. Jason’s words are so important now; because Jason is the expert. That’s true. You know it’s true, and it will always be true. The words are true, the words are always true.”

This was going perfectly.

“Alex loves the words. Alex loves Jason’s words. Alex loves to drift and relax for Jason’s words. Jason’s words touch Alex deep inside. They reach into him. His mind. His body. His very soul. All are open to Jason’s words, as you drift and relax. So relaxed. So open. So ready. The words are so strong. The words of an expert. And Alex always listens to experts.” 

The last line was true; Alex had a great respect for experts in their fields, and expertise in general. Jason knew that going in, all part of months of scoping and planning for this day to finally arrive. How many nights had he dreamt of, or jerked off to, fantasies of bending Alex to his will?

“Alex drifts and relaxes for Jason, the expert. Jason is the expert in drifting and relaxing. In fact, whenever Jason the expert tells you to drift and relax, you will return to this place. This deeply relaxed place. The place only Jason takes you. The place you love to go. The place you love Jason to take you. Drift and relax. Drift and relax. Relaxing twice as deep now. And twice as deep again. So deeply relaxed. So deeply focused on the words. The expert words. Jason’s words. Always focus on Jason’s words.”

Jason had to gamble now. The next step was call and response, but it needed to be handled carefully. Alex could still snap out of this if Jason moved too far, too fast.

“You feel good Alex. Tell me how you feel.”

Jason’s lips twitched then he mumbled in a faraway voice, “Good.”

“That’s good Jason, just let go and you will feel so good. So incredibly good.”

The same faraway voice, “Good.”

“You can always relax for Jason, you know that. It’s true. It feels right. It feels so good.”


“You want to feel good, and any time Jason helps you drift, you feel good.”


“You want to drift for Jason, because it feels so good.”


“It feels so good, it can’t be wrong. Alex feels so good, it can’t be wrong. It’s never wrong to feel good for Jason. Jason always makes Alex feel good.”


“Jason is the expert, the expert in making Alex feel good. Trust the expert. The expert knows best. The expert knows the best ways to make Alex feel good.”


“Alex is drifting for Jason. Drifting gently down. Down. Down so deep. Drifting so deep.”


“Alex is drifting deeper than ever before. Drifting beyond consciousness. Drifting deep into Alex’s core. Jason’s words are going to Alex’s core. Jason’s words are so powerful. Impossible to resist. Why would you want to resist when it feels so good?”


“Deep is good. Drift is good. Drift is your trigger. When Jason, and only Jason, tells you to drift, you return to this special place. This relaxing, drifting place. And each time you hear the word drift, you drop deeper and deeper into relaxation. Into Jason’s words. Jason’s words make you feel so good.”


“Drift. Good. Drift. Good. Drift. Listening. Drift. Focusing. Drift. Nothing else matters. Drift. Absorb. Drift.”


“Yes Alex. Keep repeating that word in your mind. In your conscious mind and your subconscious. It’s all you want. Need. Crave. To drift. Drift. Drift. It feels so good.”


“Listening to Jason feels good. Right. Natural. No need to worry. No need for fear. It feels good.”


“Drifting.  Slowly sliding into total focus. Total absorption…” he hesitated for a moment then took the next big step. “Total obedience.” 

Not a hint of resistance from Alex. Even when Jason dropped that bomb. It was going so well, Jason was practically giddy. Still, he needed to focus. The celebration would come later.

“Alex listens to Jason, the expert, who knows best. Alex knows Jason makes him feel good.”


“Jason makes Alex feel good. So Alex wants to make Jason feel good.”


“Drifting for Jason makes Alex feel good. So you want to drift for Jason. Because making Jason happy makes Alex happy. So happy. Because it feels so good.”


“Alex has drifted so deep for Jason. Alex feels so safe. So warm. So comfortable. Alex feels total trust. Total trust. And feeling total trust feels so good.”


“Alex feels so good it’s almost sexual. And sexual feels so good.”


“The pleasure will build. And it can build more. And more. And more. Tell Jason, what would Alex do for that much pleasure?”

There was a brief pause before Alex replied, “Anything.”

“Very good, Alex is being very good.”


“Alex wants to be good. Needs to be good. Craves to be good. For Jason. Be good for Jason. Always be good for Jason.”


“Alex will do anything to feel this good. Alex wants to feel this good more and more. So Alex will drift for Jason. Alex will always drift for Jason. And it will make Alex feel good.”


“Drift deeper. Drift down. So far into Alex. Jason is penetrating far into Alex. And Jason penetrating Alex feels good.”


“No need to worry. No need to think. Just drift and feel good. Drift, and feel good.”


“Yes Alex. Alex is being so good. So good for Jason. And Alex will always be good for Jason.”


“Alex’s mind is open. Soul is open. Alex will be open with Jason, always open with Jason. Being open with Jason feels good.”


“Alex can trust Jason. Always trust Jason. Alex can tell Jason anything. Jason will never judge. Jason wants Alex to feel good.”


“Alex can share secrets with Jason. Alex can share everything with Jason. Sharing with Jason feels good.”


“Alex can admit the things to Jason that Alex can’t even admit to himself. Sharing with Jason makes Alex feel good.”


“Drift, Alex. Drift. Drift. Drift.” Time for another milestone.

“Alex can tell Jason everything. Alex can tell Jason his fantasies. His secrets. Every dirty little thought in his dirty little mind. Because Jason wants Alex to be dirty. And being dirty feels good.”


“Jason knows Alex so well. Jason knows Alex has deep, dark fantasies.” Every man did, so that was a gimme. “Jason knows what Alex dreams of.”

Now the real work began.

“Alex knows he’s dreamed of other men. Alex knows it’s ok. In his heart of hearts Alex knows there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about other men. In fact, it feels good.”

Jason hesitated a second. Alex held his breath. 

“Good.” Jason said, just a second later.

“Yes Alex. That’s good. It feels good. It feels good to admit it. To accept it. To understand it. To embrace it. It feels so good.”


“Alex has always had these thoughts, and it feels good to admit that.”


“Alex has fantasized about many men. All his life. Alex fantasizes about his friends. Right now, Alex is fantasizing about his friends.”

Of course he was, Jason had just planted the thought. It was no different than saying “Don’t think about a hard cock,” it instantly springs to mind.

“Alex has even fantasized about Jason. Jason knows this, and Jason is the expert.”

It was working.

“Alex has wondered since he met Jason. Wondered what Jason’s skin feels like. Knowing it would feel good.”


“Alex has wondered how soft Jason’s lips are. How they would feel to kiss. To French kiss. Another man’s tongue must taste good.”


Another big step was next.

“Alex has wondered what a man’s cock tastes like. Alex knows it must taste good.”


He hadn’t even hesitated.

“Alex knows he needs to try it. He knows he must satisfy his curiosity. He knows he will regret it forever if he doesn’t.”

Regret is a powerful motivator..

“Alex wants to do it. Needs to do it. Craves to do it. Alex knows it will feel so good.”


“Alex knows Jason. Alex trusts Jason. Jason is the expert. Alex needs an expert. An expert can help Alex. Alex needs an expert. Alex wants an expert. Alex wants Jason. Alex knows Jason is good.”


“Jason is good for Alex. Has been good for Alex. Will be good for Alex. Alex trusts Jason. Alex knows Jason won’t hurt him. Alex knows Jason will make him feel good.”


“Alex owes Jason for making him feel good.”


“Alex needs to make Jason feel good.”


“Alex needs to listen very carefully. This is very important. When Jason tells Alex to awaken Alex will, and Alex will remember nothing of this conversation. But Alex will be horny. Horny for Jason. Tonight, back at the cabin, Alex is going to give in to the fantasies Alex has had for so long, so very long. Tonight, Alex is going to suck cock. Alex is going to suck Jason’s cock. Alex can’t wait. Alex knows it will feel good.”


“Alex knows cock will taste good.”


“Alex knows cum will taste good.”


“Alex knows Jason, the expert, will teach Alex how to make Jason feel good.”


“Alex wants to learn to be a cocksucker. He wants to suck good.”


“Suck good.”


“Suck Jason good.”


“You want to suck good.”


“Need to suck good.”


“Crave to suck good.”


“Alex has learned so much. Alex has done so good.”


“Now, Jason is going to clap his hands, and Alex will awake. Alex will remember nothing except his desire for Jason. From now on, any time Jason tells Alex to drift, Alex will return to this pleasant, receptive, obedient state. The state that feels so good.”


“Good Alex. Good.”


“Now wake,” Jason said with authority, then clapped his hands loudly.

Alex, shook his head and opened his eyes.

“Oh wow,” he said, “I must have dozed off.”

“I saved your pole. It’s not as nice as my pole,” Jason caught a flash in Alex’s eyes when he used the word ‘pole.’ “But I’m sure your pole is fine too.”

“Thanks, sorry for coming out here just to nap.”

“Sometimes it’s good to doze a little. How do you feel?”


Jason smiled. Tonight was going to be a lot of fun. And this was just the beginning.

Alex and Jason had split the cost of the cabin. It was modest, a kitchen, a TV room and two bedrooms. If everything went according to Jason’s plan, they would only need one of them.

Alex cooked dinner; Jason was surprised at how well his pasta sauce tasted. Alex could cook, just one more reason he’d make such a nice addition to Jason’s harem. Jason felt magnanimous enough to wash the dishes, as the “rustic” cabin had no dishwasher.

Alex lounged on the sofa, watching a basketball game. Jason loathed sports, and soon he expected Alex would too. Now was not the time to worry about that. Now, Jason decided as he sat next to Alex, it was time for phase two.

“Tiring day,” Jason began.

“Yeah,” Alex replied, still absorbed in the game.

“You look exhausted.”


“Really? You look like you could drift off at any moment.”

Alex’s eyes drooped suddenly, his head falling forward then jerking.

“That’s ok. It’s ok to drift.”

Alex was wobbling slightly, like his spine was made of Jell-O. 

“Lean back on this nice, comfortable sofa.”

Alex did. Jason quietly picked up the remote control and switched off the television. This was no time for distractions. Alex didn’t even notice as the game blinked away.

“Nice and comfortable. As you drift. Just drift. It feels so good to drift. You are comfortable when you drift. You are safe and warm, when you drift. Drifting is like sinking into a warm bath. Drifting is like the comfiest bed you have ever been in. Drifting is safe, warm and comfortable.”

Alex let out a soft whimper. Jason was sure it was from pleasure.

“And as you drift, you listen. Listen and drift. Drift and listen. Listening. Listening to Jason. Always listening to Jason when you drift. Jason speaks to you when you drift. And you listen. Listen to Jason when you drift. Follow Jason when you drift. Drifting and following. Following and drifting. It feels so good. It feels amazing. Drifting feels amazing. Listening feels amazing. Say it, ‘it feels amazing.’”

This was a key moment. Jason held his breath for a second.

Alex’s voice was low and faraway as he spoke, “It feels amazing,” came his words. Jason’s heart surged, and so did his cock. 

“That’s good Alex. It’s good to listen and drift and follow. Follow Jason. Always, follow Jason. It feels good to follow Jason. Drift and follow Jason. Follow Jason when you drift. It feels amazing.”

“It feels amazing.”

An unprompted reply? Alex was looking like a very good subject. This might be even easier than Jason had expected.

“It feels so amazing, it’s almost sexual. Almost sexual. Arousing. Sexual. Arousing and sexy. Sexy and arousing. Drifting feels sexual; and it feels amazing.”

“It feels amazing.”

Though faraway, there was conviction on Alex’s voice.

“Drifting with Jason feels right. It feels amazing.”

“It feels amazing.”

“It’s easy to give in to that feeling. It’s easy to give in. It’s easy to give in to drifting for Jason. It’s easy to give in. It’s easy to give in. It’s easy to drift and listen to Jason. It’s easy to drift and give in to Jason. It’s easy to give in to Jason. It feels amazing.”

“It feels amazing.”

“Give in to Jason, it feels amazing.”

“It feels amazing.”

“It feels arousing. It feels sexual. Jason feels sexual. Giving in to Jason feels sexual. It feels amazing.

“It feels amazing.”

“You fantasize of Jason when you drift. Jason makes you drift and you drift into fantasies of Jason. Jason has always felt sexual to Alex. Jason has always been arousing to Alex. It feels amazing.”

“It feels amazing.”

No hint of resistance left. No hint of will. Time for the big bomb.

“Good boy.”

Jason let out a whimper of pleasure.

“Now Alex. It’s time to listen even more carefully than before. It’s time to drift and absorb, and absorb, and drift. It’s time to let Jason in. Into your mind. Deep into your mind. Let Jason drift into your mind. Jason in your mind feels right. It feels natural. It feels amazing.”

“It feels amazing.”

“Alex knows it’s time to drift into fantasies of Jason. Alex has always fantasized about Jason. Alex has always wanted to make those fantasies, realties. Alex wants to give in to those fantasies. Alex wants to drift into Jason. Give in to Jason. Follow Jason.”

The last big bomb was next.

“Alex wants to suck Jason’s cock. Alex knows it will feel good. Alex is certain he wants to give in to his fantasies of sucking cock. The fantasies he has always had about sucking cock. Alex wants to drift into sucking cock. Drift. Suck. Suck. Drift. It feels amazing.”

“It feels amazing.”

“In a moment, Jason is going to count up to five. When Jason reaches five, Alex will awake, refreshed and alert, remembering nothing. Nothing except a burning desire to suck Jason’s cock. A need to suck Jason’s cock. Alex wants to suck Jason’s cock. Alex needs to suck Jason’s cock. Alex craves to suck Jason’s cock. The very thought thrills Alex. It feels amazing.”

“It feels amazing.”

“Alex needs to seduce Jason. Alex will do anything to seduce Jason. As soon as Alex wakes he will begins seducing Jason.”

“Prepare to rise, and fulfil your fantasies. Starting at five, still feeling amazing. Four, slowly climbing back to your life. Three, focused on Jason, even as you wake. Two, let everything sink in and, one. Wide awake.”

Alex shook his head.

“Oh sorry,” he said, “I must have drifted off.”

Jason smiled, knowingly.

“So,” he began, looking directly into his eyes. “What now?”

“I don’t know, any ideas?”

“There’s a bottle of wine in the fridge. Neither of us are going anywhere? What say we open that?”

“I suppose,” Jason said, hiding his eagerness.

It didn’t take long for Alex to return with two beer mugs full of white wine.

“They don’t exactly have a selection of wine glasses here.”

“It’s fine.” Those mugs probably each held half the bottle. He was trying to get Jason drunk. How cute.

“I don’t know much about wine,” Alex said. “So I hope this is good.”

“I’m sure it will be amazing.” Another trigger word, and Jason could sense its effect on him.

“Cheers,” Alex said as he sat on the couch, nearer than he needed to. He handed Jason his drink, then held up his glass so they could clink them. Jason took a sniff, pretending he knew what he was doing. Then he took a long sip.

“How is it?” asked Alex.

“Mmm,” was all Jason replied, then took an even longer drink. Alex responded in kind, also pleased with the taste. Jason had something else in mind for him to taste.

“It’s good,” Alex said.

“Hope it doesn’t make me horny,” Jason said, “It can be weird jerking off in a strange place.”

“I… I know what you mean.”

Jason took a slug; Alex followed suit. Not one to argue with a good thing, Jason kept going. Alex matched him, drink for drink, until both men had drained their mugs. 

“Woo,” Jason said, “That went straight to my head.” He was exaggerating heavily.

“Yeah, me too,” Alex said; Jason could tell he was exaggerating too.

“Today was fun,” Jason said.

“Yeah, high five.”

He raised his hand. Jason slid a little closer on the couch to give him a gentle slap in return. Jason could see Alex’s eyes light up as he felt Jason’s flesh against his own.

“Today was fun,” said Alex. “We should hang out more often.”

“Yeah, hanging out is cool. I like being hung.” And he was. 

“What else are you into?”

“Besides sex?”

Alex giggled. He was blushing.

“I guess,” said Alex.


“And how is ‘stuff’ going?”

“You know.”

“You’re an interesting guy. I’d love to know you better.”

“You can know me any way you like.”

A puzzled look crossed his face, but he quickly went back to trying to land me. Soon, Jason would know Alex biblically. 

“You’re right,” Alex said. “The wine does make you horny.”

“I’m serious about not wanting to jerk off in a rented bed.”

“I guess.”

“But a rented couch I can deal with.”

Alex’s eyes bulged. Sneaking a glance downward, Jason could tell that wasn’t the only thing bulging. 

“Are you serious?”

“Sure, why not? I used to jerk with other guys back at university. There was only one TV on the men only floor.”

“Wow. What’s that like?”

“It’s fine. No big deal.”


“Let me show you,” Jason said, as he unzipped his fly. His cock was hard as a rock; it felt harder than it had in months. “What do you think?”

“Uh… well… it’s nice… I guess. I’m no expert.”

“I’ve got some lube in my backpack.”

“You carry lube?”

“You don’t? Side pocket, can you grab it for me?”

He scurried quickly, and found the bottle right away.

“Got it.”

“Then hand it over.”

He walked back to the couch and extended his hand. Jason reached up, but instead of taking the lube directly, Jason made sure his   fingers brushed against the back of Alex’s hand before he took the bottle. Jason could see the shiver run through Alex as they touched.

“Thanks,” I said as I squirted the lube on my hand. “I’m not sure why I brought flavored. Who is going to taste it anyway? You?”

He giggled again. Jason proceeded to run his hand up and down his shaft to get it nice and lubed. Alex’s eyes were locked on Jason’s cock. He started stroking at the base, very slowly. 

“Oh yeah, that feels better already.”

Alex said nothing.

“It feels amazing.”

“It feels amazing,” Alex replied mechanically.

Jason sped up his jerking slightly, he began to slide further up, to the base of his mushroom head.

“Doesn’t jerking off feel good? Hell, yeah. It feels amazing.”

“It feels amazing.”

“The only thing better than jerking off is getting sucked off. It feels amazing.”

“It feels amazing.”

“I know, right?”


Jason looked him dead in the eyes. “So, what are you waiting for?”

His eyes went wide with shock, and desire. He looked Jason in the eyes and Jason quickly glanced at his cock. Alex’s eyes followed, and stayed there.

“I…” stammered Alex, “I… Do you mean it? Can I?”

“Do it. Do it now.”

From where Alex was sitting on the couch, he was only a few feet away. Eyes fixated on Jason’s cock, he slowly bent down. Jason saw him quickly lick his lips as his mouth got closer and closer to the object of his desire.

Jason removed his hand from his cock.

“Go on,” he said, “touch it.”

Slowly, gingerly, Alex reached out his left hand until the tips of his fingers touched Jason’s shaft.

“That’s good. That’s a good start. Have you ever touched another man’s cock, before?”

He shook his head.

“Then grab it and start jerking me off.”

Alex wrapped his hand around the erect shaft. Then, slowly, he began to stroke Jason. Awkward at first, Alex soon got into a rhythm, sliding the full length of Jason’s penis.

“That’s good, Alex. That feels good.”

Jason saw a flash of pride in Alex’s eyes. He picked up his pace, just a little.

“Yeah, just like you were stroking yourself. Make me feel good, Alex, make me feel so good.”

Alex seemed almost like he was back in a trance. The world was falling away. There was Jason’s voice, and Jason’s cock. Nothing else mattered.

“Now Alex,” Jason continued, “Let’s feel that mouth. It’s time to fulfil your fantasies, and suck another man’s cock.”

Alex’s head drifted down, down, closer and closer until his mouth was less than an inch away from the head of Jason’s rock hard cock.

“Taste it.”

Alex’s tongue slid from his mouth, moving closer, until it finally reached the base of Jason’s head. Giving in to his desires, Alex pushed his tongue against the base of Jason’s head and slid it all the way up to the opening of his penis. Jason grinned. Alex might only have tasted the lube, but Jason’s pre-cum was now inside him for the first time.

“Don’t tease it,” Jason instructed, “take the head in your mouth.”

Opening wide, Alex lowered his mouth over the entire head, closed his lips over it, and began sucking eagerly.

“That’s good, Alex. That’s very good. Now, up and down, deeper each time. You want to go deeper, each time.”

Alex pushed harder, pulled back and repeated. His mouth was now sliding over the sensitive skin at the base of his head. Then down the shaft slightly. Then more, then more, then-

Alex gagged.

“It’s ok,” Jason immediately reassured him, “This is new to you. You’ll get better with practice.”

Alex nodded. He had just accepted he’d be doing this even more, without batting an eye.

“Just go as far down as you can without feeling like you’re going to gag. Don’t worry if you don’t make it all the way to the base on your first time out.”

Alex went right back to it. He wasn’t making it much more than halfway down the shaft, but Jason still felt amazing.

“Mmmm,” Jason moaned. “That feels good. Now… drift!”

Alex topped sucking midway through and just waited.

“Keep sucking.”

Alex went back to sliding his warm mouth down as far as he could.

“Swirl your tongue a little. Move it around.”

Alex was learning fast and began moving his tongue with purpose.

“Good boy.”

Alex let out a whimper, his mouth very full.

“Keep drifting. Just drift. And drift. Deeper into a trance. Deeper into Jason’s control. Suck faster.”

Alex sped up, the lube now gone, replaced by Alex’s saliva.

“Keep going. Just focus on that cock. Nothing else matters.”

Jason reached over to the coffee table as Alex sucked furiously. Grabbing his cell phone, Jason hit the camera button. As the pleasure grew, Jason managed to steady himself just long enough to snap a photo of his cock, deep in Alex’s mouth.

“Good boy. Keep going, my good boy. Be my good boy and make Jason feel good. Be my good boy and be a cocksucker. Jason is going to cum, and Alex wants Jason’s cum. Needs Jason’s cum. Craves Jason’s cum.”

Another muffled sound of agreement.

“Mmm. Suck me good, Alex. Be my good little cocksucker, my good boy. You’re going to taste my cum, swallow my cum, let my cum inside you. And you will never be the same again.”

As Alex sucked with every ounce of energy he could muster, Jason let himself relax. The pleasure was growing, Alex was a rookie, but the turn on of feeding him his first load ever, more than made up for it. He moaned, warm mouth and  soft tongue bringing him ever increasing pleasure.

“You need this. You want this. You crave this. You are a good boy and you want Jason’s cum. When it hits your mouth you will awake, remembering the sex, but not the trance itself. It will feel so good, so natural, so right as… I… mmm… mmm… can’t hold it. Get ready… Cumming!”

His load erupted from him like a geyser. Alex didn’t even flinch, greedily trying to suck up every drop. Jason had done it. Alex was his. And the photograph? That would make sure it would only get better from here.

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Audio 2: E-Stim Test file (with Brainwave background)

Audio 3: Stimulation Sound Effects test

I’m attempting to make content for e-stim devices, which hook up to your body (usually genitals/anal) and pass an electrical current into it. This can cause extreme pleasure or extreme pain, depending on how it is administered (frequency) or the intensity. This causes powerful control over someone through the internet, without even being in the room with them. It can make you orgasm or it can make you scream in pain (pavlov’s dog, anyone?). I am currently experimenting with it, and I need help testing it. This is pretty uncharted territory. I could only find one brand of device that is designed to work correctly with audio input. It is very rare to find anyone providing these devices in the first place.

If you want to test it, you can pick up one of these e-stim boxes listed below. I’m currently using the ones mentioned below to make my content, so it will be tuned for these. The concept is to use the audio waves of my voice as input for the stimulation, or use a separate track for it. The inputs reinforce the hypnotic suggestions into the nerves of your body, greatly enhancing the effect. It’s very “mind control device” kinda vibe, which could be a lot of fun.

I’m testing the Abox and the 2B, which are designed with audio in mind. The ABox is cheaper and can do one output (eg. genitals or anal). The 2B is more powerful and has 2 outputs (genitals and anal at the same time). It can also do ‘triphase’, which I think makes it 3 inputs for a 3D effect of some sort (I dont know, I have not experimented with it). You will need to select the accessories that you’re willing to try out. I don’t really know how each one responds to audio input and what it feels like. I think that insertables have the most direct electrical response, providing a more accurate translation of input. These devices are out of this fucking world, though somewhat costly. I am wondering if anyone actually wants me to make content for for this (though the kicker is that it should work with any of my audios). If you already have these devices or similar, I want to know how they respond to my hypnosis files/videos or the files I’m making for e-stim. So if you know anything helpful about e-stim, please write it below. If you want to start testing my files with e-stim, you can get a device.

You will need some these items (though you can test any accessories you want): ABox mk2 or 2B power box

2-way Aux Audio splitter (to listen through headphones while you stim, find one on amazon)

Conductive rubber loops and/or cock straps.

An insertable electrode. (seems to work best)

Conductive electrogel (seems to smooth out sensations)

Triphase cable (optional but looks interesting, adds a “3D” Effect”)

Here is where you can get the devices that my work is tuned for:

Get it in UK

Get it in USA/worldwide

Please write your test findings in the comments below:



Audios used:


Where’s all the hypnosis content gone?

My Soundcloud was deactivated . There was no warning, no questioning, nothing. Just flat out deleted. All of my subscribers, comments, and the discussion community on that site along with it. Users would play the files on chat servers (like discord servers), where they could listen together. It was a cool feature, but it’s gone now.

People keep asking me what happened to my files. Well, some of them are gone forever. Some of it has been reuploaded to this site (Hypnosis Files Page).

I’m honestly not motivated to make content as much anymore, especially free content. There’s very little incentive to upload my stuff online anymore, because it can be even harder to upload when it is free. Maybe this will change in the future. I will continue to make SOME content. But it’s clear that I am moving away from that as my focus. I just don’t want to deal it. Its easy to feel unmotivated when the rules, regulations, censorship, and takedowns are clearly growing very steadily. It will never end. It will continue on this trajectory of policing and deletion.

I don’t want it all public and under someone else’s watchful eye of content control, which is why my favorite place to post files is with my All Erotic Files Package or the All Self Improvement Files Package. This is because I can post whatever the hell I want and no one can cancel me. No one else can decide what’s acceptable or unacceptable. No one can tell me what subjects should be allowed to decide do to themselves. Because you have to buy it to see the unlisted extras inside. Only real enjoyers of my stuff get to see it. This is the only way to keep the critics and cancellers out completely.

This is why I always say that you should download the files you enjoy and keep them saved on your device. Make a backup of it if you really like it that much. Because the files will not be around forever. I know I say that constantly, over and over again, but it’s true.
Sometimes people come to me looking for old files they lost that are no longer available. But I can’t give it to you. It’s gone.
Not only are authorities and websites deleting my content, but I am deleting it too. Any content that I deem to be “low quality” (a lot of old files recorded on cheap audio equipment I used to get started) are often deleted. Many people still love these files, even though I consider them embarrassingly bad. My standards are quite high now.

I also have to delete some content related to laws in my country, which are also getting worse. Please do not ask for these files when they are gone. Some people will say “Oh, it’s okay, that’s legal in my country!”, which is irrelevant–You’re not on the chopping block. I am. So there are files which I have requested people do not speak of. It’s not because they are ultra HARDCORE, either. These files are harmless, but laws are stupid, of course.

My ways of speech have been altered just to make content, and I have to always be careful what I’m saying, and it’s become incredibly tiresome. It’s artistically stifling. I’m an artist and creator. I want to be free to express and give people the experiences of life changes that they want, but there’s a ton of completely harmless phrases I have to watch out for.
For example, I will have content taken down if I mention the words Hypnotic, Sleepy, Tired, Vampire, Big Brother (the irony of this one makes me laugh), Blazed, Brainwash (this one makes my work very difficult sometimes), Limp, Tipsy, Mind Control… This is just the tip of the iceberg. They keep growing these lists.
They are now introducing voice detection systems that will automatically delete content or users that use these words, which is pretty outlandish. Obviously this makes my job quite difficult.

Sharing my content on my own website is okay, but there’s a net-negative effect for me. It doesn’t actually add any new viewers for me like another website would. It just uses up server capacity, potentially slowing it down for other users who are trying to to listen. It also doesn’t play nicely with low- quality devices (Apple devices are low-quality, despite their high price).
YouTube doesn’t allow a lot of content, and will launch false copyright strikes against me if I use any background audio (even when I own the rights to the audio). You’re not allowed to inquire about the copyright strikes until your channel is really big. They also place ads randomly in the middle of the audio/video, which is obviously unacceptable because it ruins the listening experience. They don’t pay me anything for the ads on my videos.
A whole bunch of the audio content is up for streaming on my site now, though it is lacking the features of before (individual commenting, favoriting, community, etc) which is a bummer, but at least it’s up and working now.
If you have any ideas of places to post content, then please comment below.

These are the final days to enjoy hypnosis. You will look back on today as the golden age. Creators like me are giving up, one by one. New creators are discouraged from joining. Hypnosis content on the web is dying. It is becoming more censored and more illegal every day.– So get it, save it, and store it for your personal usage while you can.

Your misconceptions about losing control

This is a reality check for people that have trouble losing control and going deep into hypnosis.

You might say, “I’m just not feeling ULTRA relaxed, maybe just a little… it must not be working!”
No, you don’t have to feel drowsy, sleepy, OR relaxed for hypnosis to be effective. In fact, it’s often preferable that you do not feel like this or fall asleep.

“I just don’t feel like I ever lose control”
No, you are probably not going to lose control, ESPECIALLY if losing control is your intention. Your body is simply not set up to do that. Your own interests will always take over. You will have natural thoughts and desires that will bring you to make many of your own decisions in life.

No one else makes your heart beat and your lungs fill with air.

Losing control is typically not sexy.
You’re already under hypnosis, literally ALL the time. But it’s NOT sexy.

Just have to tell you the truth, we have to re-frame this “loss of control” you are looking for (if that’s what you’re looking for). Honestly, most subjects are just looking to be swept away with inspiration, mesmerization, and sexualization. You’re probably looking for someone to really grab your attention, change your focus, and even do a little domination. But you seriously aren’t looking to “lose control”, as much as it may feel that way.

Why? Because we always lose control to THE MOST boring, uncool, unfun things all day long. Advertisers influence you (yes, even you are not immune to it, ad campaigns are VERY sneaky today, and you ARE influenced by it). Media outlets influence you. Your family and friends alter your perceptions, consciously or subconsciously, and you do it to others too. It is an absolutely HUMAN thing to do, and 99.9% of the time, it does not turn you on. But THIS is where control loss is real. Clearly, total absolute control loss is not what you want.

I would like you to get what you want. Please reframe any “control loss” desires more specifically with the hypnotists that you meet. Please modulate your own personal expectations.

Expand it out. Tell them, “I want you to make me do something that I did not intend to do”

or “I want to feel like I’m not doing it”

or “I want to feel like I am asleep and not awake when I’m doing it”.

“I want you to make me forget the session”

Reality check: You’re not looking to lose control. You’re looking to control a feeling of having someone else control you.

Most subjects will say “Oh I want to be controlled, but not like this, or this, or this.”

It’s time to tell the truth. You are controlling it. No one is genuinely going to take that away, which is good! Imagine someone telling you to go to your bank, take out a gigantic loan, then send the money to them. Are you going to do it? NO! There HAS to be that part of you protecting you from such foolishness. This part of you will never go away, and you will need to work WITH this part of you if you want to go deeper.

Look at most people who want to hypnotize you. This is the type of shit that they want to do to you. They probably wont even call it hypnosis though. But they will do it if they can get away with it. People have their own interests in mind, not yours. Keep your own interests in mind, too.

You are made of many different parts, selves or personas. Each one has their own intentions. One (or multiple) parts are blocking you from going deeper and letting go to get this experience that you want. That’s because they know they are needed. You have to work WITH this part of you, not against you.

You are not just you. You are made up of a team of people within you. This is normal. If there was only one version of you, you would be crazy. Insane. Even animals have multiple selves.

Explore deep parts of your mind. Explore sensations and sexualities. Explore kinks and fetishes and encouragements. But most of all, explore this connection to different parts of you. This video explores that in an erotic sense, if you want to dive deeper into it. and change your ability to “lose control” by doign it in a way that your mind actually allows.

REAL loss of control is not typically something you are aware of. There are MILLIONS of people, entities, and things that are taking control of your mind, your attention, your money, and your time. If you pay attention, you will see that VERY few thoughts are yours. Almost no one has an original thought these days.
That’s not sexy, and I can guarantee it’s not what you’re looking for.
What are you looking for (most likely)?
Connection with a genuinely awesome human being.
To be swept away by someone.
To have someone intentionally drop your brainwave levels.

To have someone make you do something sexual.

To receive instructions that you cannot resist.

To work WITH the selves inside of you, not against them.

Maybe you just want to receive the most hypnotic hypnosis content on the web. If that’s what you want, then it’s here.

Furthermore, this entire message has captured you. It has shifted your thoughts. It’s literally just another control and influence over you, and you may or may not have felt that. But it’s true. It has influenced you.

Don’t Fight Inner Bimbo!

She tries to fight her inner bimbo, but fails. 

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

She heard it again. In her head. The voice.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Echoing, fading, then coming again.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

And with the voice, came the mental images. She fought again to open her eyes.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

It was useless, she couldn’t do it.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

The images. Images of women, and men, all engaged in lewd sexual acts.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Solo masturbation, sometimes with toys. Couples, threesomes, orgies. All manner of gender, all pansexual, it would seem. 

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

From hugely overweight, to rail thin. From barely 18 to what looked like 100.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Then, the words.




Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

What manner of Hell was she in? This couldn’t be the real Hell, could it?

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.




Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

What was the point of this? She’d never been a particularly sexual person… had she? And she was really smart not… like… a bimbo.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Anal sex, an act she’d never even considered allowing.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Women literally guzzling cum, a taste she’d never enjoyed. She usually asked sex partners to finish themselves off in the bathroom.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

69s of all kind. Women doing stripteases for me.




Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

There had to be a way to end this. She tried to scream, but she couldn’t control her body. She could barely even sense her body, only a gentle warmth surrounding her. And, for some reason, she could feel her pussy perfectly.




Obey? That was the worst one yet.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

She damn well was going to fight the sexy images.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Give in

It feels good


Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

She wouldn’t surrender. No matter how many times the voice repeated…

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Please men

Please women

Please both

She tried to please the men she’d been with, the few men she’d been with. Women? Well, she’d thought about it. And she was sure thinking about it now.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Wait, whatever was going on, it was trying to change her, and it was using sex to do it.




She wasn’t a slut!

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Sure, the life of a slut looked fun, but… what was she saying?

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Love cock

Suck Cock

Worship cock

Well, there was nothing wrong with that.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Suck cock

Lick clit

Eat ass

She didn’t want to do that.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Or did she? It looked like fun… what was holding her back?

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

You’re going to get wet

You’re getting wet

You’re wet

She was, she could feel that much. Her pussy was the one thing on her body that she could feel at all. Maybe because of that, it felt so sensitive it was like there was electricity flowing through it.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

She watched as two women 69ed, burying their tongues deep inside each other. She’d never had oral that good, no matter how much she longed for it.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

But she had to fight. She had to fight because…





Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.




Was that right?

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.




Bimbos were pretty cool. They seemed to have the most fun, and get all the hottest guys.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.




Sure, it sounded fun, but she had a life. She was a… what was she again? What the heck was her name, for that matter?

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.


You are Candy

Yummy Candy

Of course! Candy, that was her name.




That one even rhymed. Hee hee.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.




What was she supposed to accept? Everything felt… fuzzy. Plus, her cunt was distracting her. The growing arousal rapidly pushing aside all other thoughts.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Want sex

Need sex

Crave sex

She really hadn’t given sex a fair chance, had she. Like, soooo many people said it was great, and stuff, so maybe she’d been wrong.

Blank Bimbo

Horny Bimbo

Obedient Bimbo

She did feel blank, and horny, but she wasn’t obedient, like, was she?

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.




Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Always say yes

Always submit

Always pleasure

Pleasure, hee hee, she liked that word.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Fighting was getting like, sooooooo hard. Just like a nice big cock.




Playing is fun. Toys are fun.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Give in



Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.


Give in


Yeah, that like, sounded cool.




Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

Accept role

Accept control

Accept pleasure

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

That sounded, like really, cool too.




Damn right!

To accept cum

To cum accept

Accept and cum

It felt so incredible. It was beyond belief. She never wanted it to end, but she wanted the explosion of the climax too. Desire was driving her mad. A small part of her mind knew the orgasm would change her forever, make her into the blank, mindless, horny, bimbo, whoever was doing this wanted her to be.

Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight.

It was only a small part, the rest of her was a raging volcano of pent-up sexual energy, waiting to erupt. Then, for the first time, the voice changed, and the image changed to match it.

Good girl.

Good girl

Her orgasm robbed her of her sense of time. And that’s not all it took away… forever.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • UPDATE 4 – Re: Subject 8714

Process complete

BrainJACK: The Ultimate Hypnosis


This dangerously powerful and deep journey will have me brainjacking you to the extreme. You will find it impossible not to be worshiping after this. It will change your brain and make you more receptive to me. It WILL cause addiction. Be careful with my content– loads of people think that they can play pretend with it. This is no make-believe game. My brainjacking works. You have already seen how it’s better than anything else you’ll find online. It alters your mind. It shapes it. It changes you. The effects are very real. Be ready for it. 

This one turns much more harsh, sadistic, and aggressive than usual. It is devious and full of mind-tricks. You’ve been warned. If that’s too much for you, watch a different one. If you like it hardcore, then you have no choice. You have to watch this. 

41 minutes. Suitable for any gender


Text Trance BrainTraining Hypnosis

Text Trance BrainTraining

I’m going to work your mind to make it more susceptible to text trance. For some people, text trance works well.

For others, it does not seem to work at all. But I’m going to change that.

I’m going to make hypnotic text have a powerful effect on you.

Be careful with this, because people will be able to send you messages that may hypnotize you. 


How the Irresistible Hypnotic Barber Turns Nerd Into Hairy Jock

Hypnotic Barber Turns Nerd Into Hairy Jock

Corey was always a book nerd. But after meeting an infamous new barber, he becomes muscular, hairy, and begins to love sports. 

Corey had never truly cared about appearances. He was what he was, and that seemed ok to him. Sure, others might see him as too thin, too gawky, perpetually lost in a book, but it was simply who he was.

He had never known any different, after all.

Ever since he was a kid, he had been too sickly to participate in sports like the other boys in his class, and even as he grew, Corey didn’t develop muscles easily either. He remained rangy all through high school, pale from spending too much of his time in the library.

Today, though, he had decided to finally listen to his mom and go to the barber shop. His hair had gotten a bit long for comfort, and usually that meant going over to his mother’s house for a trim, but the older woman sighed at the idea.

“Come on, baby, you should pamper yourself a bit,” she said, offering her son a nice cup of coffee. He was almost completely hairless from the neck down, something that added to that geekish appearance he had dealt with all his life. “Get a new, hip haircut. I noticed a barbershop just opened up a few blocks away, why don’t you give it a try?”

A perpetual mamma’s boy, Corey couldn’t find the determination to argue with the woman who had raised him. It seemed to always go that way for him. So he meekly nodded and once his tea was finished, Corey stepped out onto the street, following his mother’s directions.

It wouldn’t be so bad, he told himself. Just a few minutes on the chair. He wouldn’t even have to make too much of a conversation, right? Corey was socially awkward, the idea of small talk put him on edge.

The barbershop was everything he might have imagined.

Cool, sporty, with an owner that looked like he would belong in any sports league. He was tall and broad-shouldered, muscular, a macho sort if he had ever seen one. He was also hairy beyond belief.

“Here for a trim, boy?” the barber asked him, and Corey nodded meekly, flushing under that strong stare. The man was at least a full head taller than he was, and twice as broad. Corey nodded, and the barber motioned toward the chair. “I’m Hank.”

“Uhm, nice to meet you. I’m Corey. I just want to cut my hair short, neat, so I…” he began to speak, but Hank shook his head, standing before the chair. His intense stare was on him then, and Corey found himself unable to look away.

“I know what you need. Don’t worry, just sit back and relax,” Hank spoke smoothly, his voice hypnotic. It was hard, if not impossible, to focus on anything else but that bearded face.

So Corey went silent and did just that: stare, while the barber began working his magic.

The sound of the scissors filled Corey’s ears, Hank’s smooth hands moving over his scalp increased that feeling of irreality. It was as if he wasn’t simply sitting on a barber’s chair any longer. It was as if he had been transported to a place where only both of them mattered. 

This man… oh, this barber, it was suddenly so clear to Corey he was everything he ever wanted to be. Maybe he always had wanted that, secretly, down in the bottom of his heart, but didn’t realize until that very moment.

“You would look so much better if you grew a beard,” the tall, muscular man told him, and suddenly it made so much sense. Yes, he would look better that way. He would look like Hank, and wasn’t that what he wanted? What he ached deep inside?

Hank continued to make eye contact, never looking away, never losing focus.

He spoke in a low, masculine growl that filled Corey’s ears, his touch numbing him to any other sensations, any other thoughts.

“More hair, that’s what you need. More hair here, everywhere… don’t you think? Yes… more hair, more hair…” he continued to speak, repeating those words over and over again, almost like a mantra which surrounded him.

Corey was in a haze, his mind spinning. The idea of being like Hank, just like him, was more and amore appealing with every passing second. To be muscular, strong, hairy. To be into sports instead of books.

Why had he wasted so much time in the library to begin with? It seemed so stupid now, such a bad decision. Books seemed dull all of a sudden, and though Corey had never sat through an entire game of football in his life, he suddenly felt an urge to rush to a gym and begin bulking up.

He was a man, after all, and he was far more similar to Hank than he had ever given himself credit for.

This was it, wasn’t it? The moment he changed his life, realized that he had always been meant to be a jock.

Muscular. Hairy. Why not? It made sense, it was right.

He had never wanted something more in his entire life. It was hard to look away from that powerful stare. Impossible even. How could he do it, even if he tried? There was this magnetism about Hank.

Powerful, indomitable, hypnotizing. The scissors kept on clipping and clipping away, over and over again. That manly voice filling Corey’s ears.

And his body began to tingle then. An odd sensation that seemed to almost tug at his skin. Hair seemed to grow where there had been nothing but pale skin.

He felt so skinny all of a sudden, so lame. The idea of going to the library, of being his old geeky self seemed so impossibly stupid all of a sudden.

How much time had he lost reading books when he could have just as easily spent it at the gym, or down at the field throwing a ball? Yes, that seemed far more interesting in every sense of the word.

“You’d look good like me. More hair, don’t you think? Yes, more hair. That’s it, you want more hair, don’t you?” Hank kept on talking, his voice captivating. Corey listened, he stared, he would have nodded if he could have moved his head while getting a haircut.

Hair grew on his arms, on his chest, on his back. His legs suddenly seemed stronger, his arms larger… more muscular? Was that even possible? He didn’t know how, but it was happening, something was changing, both on the inside and out, and Corey wanted that to happen. Oh, he wanted it so badly.

Those words kept on circling endlessly around his head: Hair, hair, hair. Sports, sports, sports.

Muscles, so many muscles. Strong, bulky body. Strong and firm, not like the skinny frame he used to have. 

He wasn’t skinny because he had been born that way, he was skinny because he didn’t hit the gym often enough. That was going to change, yes, he was going to change. He could feel the transformation happening already, taking over completely.

His back was hairy too, his chest looked like a porn actor from the 70s, and it felt good. It felt right, the way it always should have been. He used to be so small, so thin, gaunt even. His body hairless, pathetic.

But now? Now… hair. That was all he could think about, all he could focus on.

It seemed almost like an obsession. One that had begun the instant he sat on the barber chair, the moment Hank stared deep inside his eyes and began trimming his hair.

Everything in the barbershop seemed to be designed to sink Corey further and further into a deep trance. Hank’s voice, the sporty decor all around them, the way those scissors moved at even intervals, like some kind of hypnotic magic which overpowered every single one of his senses.

“I’ll shape your beard too, just like mine. You’re going to like it,” Hank spoke smoothly, and though Corey didn’t have any facial hair when he first stepped into the barber shop, he surely did now.

A face full of hair that needed to be trimmed, shaped.

He would walk out of this place with a full beard and mustache, and it felt right.

He couldn’t even focus on how strange it was that he had been hairless and slim all of his life, obsessed with books and his studies, and it all had changed in a span of a few minutes. How could he suddenly be covered in thick hair? How had it grown so quickly? Why was his mind drifting toward thoughts of sports and beer?

No, Corey had always been a smart young man, noticing small details others might overlook, but not any longer. He was lost in a new world, hypnotized into a brand new man.

There was no way to escape the spell he had fallen into, the spell this guy had pulled him into with his voice, his scissors, his manliness.

“You’re into sports too, right? Say it… you’re into sports, just like your barber. It feels right all of a sudden, doesn’t it?” Hank continued to speak in a soft whisper, his voice engulfing Corey’s senses.

The barber kept on staring deep into his eyes.

He was done with the hair and now he was focusing on shaping Corey’s new beard, making it look just like the one he was sporting.

It wasn’t just his ears those smooth words filled, not any longer. Somehow they also managed to take over every other one of his senses. It was impossible, he could have told anyone who’d hear that only an hour ago. Now, now it made perfect sense. Hank and his beard, Hank and his hairy chest could make anything happen.

“Yes… I’m into sports. Yes…” Corey whispered back, his voice monotone, his eyes glazed over. He couldn’t think straight any longer, he couldn’t focus on anything but the man standing before him.

Hair, hair, hair. It covered his body now, like never before.

It was thick, it was dark and smooth, and it was all over. His back, his legs, his arms, his face and neck. Especially his chest. He felt manly, and oh, it was just right in every sense of the word.

This was what he was always meant to be without knowing it. A strong, hairy man, obsessed with sports, wanting nothing but to hang out with other guys and enjoy a good game on the television, or maybe even play football himself.

Why not? It made sense, it made perfect sense. Why shouldn’t he be just like the barber? There was no better role model to Corey at that very moment, no one he wanted to be like more than him.

It was right, it was what he had always been meant to be.

“Hairy…” he whispered, lost in a trance. His chest hair curled up then too, and he knew Hank’s must look just the same. “Yes, hairy”

“That’s it,” Hank encouraged his client, as he finished trimming that thick beard. 

Corey knew where he’d go once Hank finished working his -literal- magic on him. He had, of course, planned to visit the library, but not any more. Of course not. That sounded dull, boring, stupid.

He’d hit the gym. Sign up for the most expensive plan, one where he could work out day in and day out to bulk up just like Hank. He wanted his arms to be massive, his chest to be broad, his legs to be strong. And he’d look so good then, covered in thick hair, he knew it.

His body had already changed since the moment he sat down on the chair, since the scissors began to trim at his hair, at his brand new beard.

He was not slim, not any longer. But he still had a long way to go. He needed to bulk up, to work out until his body was just like Hank’s, and then come back to this barbershop.Come back and get another trim. Get a reminder of this new life he had embraced during his haircut.

Yes, that’s what he would do. It felt right, it was what he had always been meant to do, even if he hadn’t discovered that fact till he met Hank.

Hair, muscles, sports.

All that mattered any longer were those simple concepts. Hair that covered his body, thick and black. Manly, the way it always should have been.

“Well, I’d say you’re done for now,” Hank spoke, and the scissors went down. Corey stood up, no longer under that heavy spell, but still influenced by it. A brand new man, one modeled after the barber himself. “But come back next month for a trim. I’ll keep shaping this beard to make it look even better than it does now.”

Corey, of course, agreed at once, and he left the barbershop a new man.

Not a geek, but a jock, a sports fan.

There was a great gym two blocks away. He had walked past it a million times in the past, but never paid much attention to it. Now it seemed to be the only thing in his mind.

He spent the rest of the day working out, building up those muscles Hank had granted him, making sure to begin the journey that would turn him into a perfect copy of that handsome, broad-shouldered jock.

Corey couldn’t wait to go back to that barber chair, to sit down and stare into Hank’s eyes as he worked his magic, the sound of the scissors filling his mind, hair sprouting the way it always should have.Thick, black, plentiful hair, up and down his legs, his chest, his back, his arms. All over, and especially on that beard.

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