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  • Incredible results from penis shrinking hypnosis

    I have to remind people constantly that these files actually work. Loads of guys get off on just the fantasy of shrinking their cock. Loads of guys have tried hypnosis files online about shrinking their penis, and none of them worked. Well these ones do. They work really, really well. One thing I find hilarious […]

  • Hooked and Baited: The Stunning, Secret Tale of Powerful Covert Hypnosis

    Hooked and Baited: The Stunning, Secret Tale of Powerful Covert Hypnosis

    Hooked And Baited “Thanks again,” said Alex.  “My pleasure,” Jason replied. Little did Alex know the real reason Jason had invited him out on the lake to fish. The outboard motor continued its slow whir as they sped across the lake towards Jason’s “special fishing spot.” It was bass season, but Jason had a different […]

  • Pornosexual Hypnosis Unleashes Your Sensational Wildest Fantasies

    What is the Pornosexual BrainTrain? Are you tired of boring sex and missing out on the pleasures of porn? The Pornosexual BrainTrain is a revolutionary hypnosis video that can help you unlock new levels of sexual pleasure. This hypnosis video is designed to help you break free from your limiting beliefs and embrace your deepest […]

  • E-Stim Hypnosis testing

    E-Stim Hypnosis testing

    I need testers for e-stim hypnosis! Please use these audio files used for testing E-Stim devices: Audio 1: E-Stim Test file (No brainwave background) Audio 2: E-Stim Test file (with Brainwave background) Audio 3: Stimulation Sound Effects test I’m attempting to make content for e-stim devices, which hook up to your body (usually genitals/anal) and […]

  • Where’s all the hypnosis content gone?

    My Soundcloud was deactivated . There was no warning, no questioning, nothing. Just flat out deleted. All of my subscribers, comments, and the discussion community on that site along with it. Users would play the files on chat servers (like discord servers), where they could listen together. It was a cool feature, but it’s gone […]

  • Your misconceptions about losing control

    This is a reality check for people that have trouble losing control and going deep into hypnosis. You might say, “I’m just not feeling ULTRA relaxed, maybe just a little… it must not be working!”No, you don’t have to feel drowsy, sleepy, OR relaxed for hypnosis to be effective. In fact, it’s often preferable that […]

  • Don’t Fight Inner Bimbo!

    Don’t Fight Inner Bimbo!

    She tries to fight her inner bimbo, but fails.  Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight. She heard it again. In her head. The voice. Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight. Echoing, fading, then coming again. Don’t fight, fight, fight, fight. And with the voice, came the mental images. She fought again to open her eyes. Don’t fight, […]

  • BrainJACK: The Ultimate Hypnosis

    BrainJACK This dangerously powerful and deep journey will have me brainjacking you to the extreme. You will find it impossible not to be worshiping after this. It will change your brain and make you more receptive to me. It WILL cause addiction. Be careful with my content– loads of people think that they can play […]

  • Text Trance BrainTraining Hypnosis

    Text Trance BrainTraining I’m going to work your mind to make it more susceptible to text trance. For some people, text trance works well. For others, it does not seem to work at all. But I’m going to change that. I’m going to make hypnotic text have a powerful effect on you. Be careful with […]

  • How the Irresistible Hypnotic Barber Turns Nerd Into Hairy Jock

    How the Irresistible Hypnotic Barber Turns Nerd Into Hairy Jock

    Hypnotic Barber Turns Nerd Into Hairy Jock Corey was always a book nerd. But after meeting an infamous new barber, he becomes muscular, hairy, and begins to love sports.  Corey had never truly cared about appearances. He was what he was, and that seemed ok to him. Sure, others might see him as too thin, […]

  • Rubber Leather Hypnotist

    This man is about to really take full control over you. Incredibly hard to resist. He’s got a full lycra suit on with a leather jacket, pocketwatch, and a cigar. what more could he possibly have?

  • Anal Stretch Encouragement for Masc Bottom Fags

    I’m going to help you stretch your ass properly, because you need training in order to properly take alphas that want to pound the hell out of your ass. This is for masculine men only. “Fag” word used. It’s really important that you relax as much as possible during this, and I’m going to help […]

  • The Brainwash Lab– Brett’s Resistance

    The Brainwash Lab– Brett’s Resistance

    We are chronicling the lives affected by a secretive corporation involved in a brain-altering technology research lab. Subject #8080, whom they have named “Brett”, proved to be a much more difficult subject than most. This man struggled, trying to retain his previous life, but the brainwash facility owns him now. He has a new name […]

  • Feminized by a cheating girlfriend

    Chris sees a hypnotist to help him stop smoking, but his girlfriend has secretly set him up to be turned into a woman so that she can cheat on him with the hypnotist.  tags: Cuckold Stag Hotwife Cheating Feminization Cross-dressing Janelle slid behind her huge mahogany desk and crossed her sheer stockinged legs as she […]