Incredible results from penis shrinking hypnosis

I have to remind people constantly that these files actually work. Loads of guys get off on just the fantasy of shrinking their cock. Loads of guys have tried hypnosis files online about shrinking their penis, and none of them worked.

Well these ones do. They work really, really well.

One thing I find hilarious is telling people to try one of my penis shrink files when they don’t believe that hypnosis files work. Oh? You think my files don’t work? They sure as hell ain’t willing to take any chances on it working, then.

Anyway, let me show you a few pictures from a user that used my hypnosis files to make his package smaller. Like way, way smaller. I was blown away by this amount of shrinkage.

Some of the people who have listened to these files have deeply regretted it. But you know what you’re getting in to.

Jackstock Tiny cock file result

Maybe now you’re wondering what the files are if you’re a true masochist.

Tiny Cock


Premature Ejaculation Curse

These files are seriously powerful. There’s just something about the fear factor in them that activates the brain so easily and makes them work incredibly quickly. It’s a things I noticed. I include a lot of that same fear-activation technique in my curse files. It is a frighteningly effective technique that requires some real finesse and creativity.

There may be more. To be honest, I really cannot remember all the files I make. I have published hundreds of files, along with hundreds more privately ordered files and simply can’t keep track. I also cannot remember what is in each and every individual file. So you can browse my file list and see for yourself.

We have full discussions on files that are working for us on My Discord Chat group. Join in to read the #results channel and see more.

Oh yeah, and the ones that make it bigger work, too. If youre into that, for some strange reason. Here’s one reaction from a guy that increased his size. Not sure why he wanted that, but it was a custom order so I did it!






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  1. Dave Avatar

    I have only listened to the Tiny Cock file and I have to say I have noticed the direction at least on my flaccid size. No difference on the erect size yet but the flaccid size is definitely smaller.

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