BrainJACK: The Ultimate Hypnosis


This dangerously powerful and deep journey will have me brainjacking you to the extreme. You will find it impossible not to be worshiping after this. It will change your brain and make you more receptive to me. It WILL cause addiction. Be careful with my content– loads of people think that they can play pretend with it. This is no make-believe game. My brainjacking works. You have already seen how it’s better than anything else you’ll find online. It alters your mind. It shapes it. It changes you. The effects are very real. Be ready for it. 

This one turns much more harsh, sadistic, and aggressive than usual. It is devious and full of mind-tricks. You’ve been warned. If that’s too much for you, watch a different one. If you like it hardcore, then you have no choice. You have to watch this. 

41 minutes. Suitable for any gender



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