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  • Right BACK to JACK: Powerful BDSM Text Hypnosis Script

    Right BACK to JACK: Powerful BDSM Text Hypnosis Script

    I take you to a comfy place. A sexual place. all combined into one. Where you can forget about everything you want to forget everything and just focus on me and my control over you. you want me to do nasty things to you. you want to be under my control you want to fall […]

  • Just Ten Seconds Video and Text Script

    Just Ten Seconds (Video) Ten seconds is all it takes. Can you watch for just that long? This is a test of your willpower, and I will show you that I own your will. Ten seconds is all it takes to have you stupefied. Mesmerized, and under My control.  Script Hello there, why don’t […]

  • It’s a Very Special Hypnotic Cock 

    After four lectures in one day, I just wanted to get back to my dorm room. My roommate usually went out by this time on a Thursday. The lucky bastard had no Friday morning classes. Hopefully, I could be alone. I was wrong; just after I closed the door I heard a slurp, coming from […]

  • E-Stim Hypnosis testing

    E-Stim Hypnosis testing

    I need testers for e-stim hypnosis! Please use these audio files used for testing E-Stim devices: Audio 1: E-Stim Test file (No brainwave background) Audio 2: E-Stim Test file (with Brainwave background) Audio 3: Stimulation Sound Effects test I’m attempting to make content for e-stim devices, which hook up to your body (usually genitals/anal) and […]

  • Where’s all the hypnosis content gone?

    My Soundcloud was deactivated . There was no warning, no questioning, nothing. Just flat out deleted. All of my subscribers, comments, and the discussion community on that site along with it. Users would play the files on chat servers (like discord servers), where they could listen together. It was a cool feature, but it’s gone […]

  • Extend Your Sub Limits Ultimate Hypnosis

    Extend Your Sub Limits Ultimate Hypnosis

    A submissive training session for gay submissive men. I’m going to extend your sub limits with this hypnosis, making you more comfortable with deeper and harder kinks and fetishes. Open up a little. WATCH THE VIDEO: See all erotic files

  • Demon Sex Attraction Powerful Curse Text Hypnosis

    Demon Sex Attraction Powerful Curse Text Hypnosis

    Today, you’ll be meeting a demon. Maybe multiple. You will meet the demons that align with you. The ones that live with you, within you, and all around you.  Most people would not meet a demon, if given the choice. But they are not given the choice. They are not aware enough of the choice. […]

  • BrainJACK: The Ultimate Hypnosis

    BrainJACK This dangerously powerful and deep journey will have me brainjacking you to the extreme. You will find it impossible not to be worshiping after this. It will change your brain and make you more receptive to me. It WILL cause addiction. Be careful with my content– loads of people think that they can play […]

  • Simp for Jack: How to Make Hypnosis a Part of Your Life

    Let’s face it. We’re in a real relationship. But it’s a parasocial one. I’m more visible than you. I’m out there to see and to listen to.You follow me from a distance, while I can’t really see you because you’re not in the public eye like that. Maybe you like that you don’t have to […]

  • Premature for Big Dick 3

    You will become even more premature for me. I’m going to work you hard. You’re only allowed to use one finger this time. You will have to get off just using that. And it will increase your sensitivity for the next time! If you can orgasm with just one finger, your nerves will become accustomed […]

  • The Brainwash Lab Is Too Effective Hypnosis Story

    Tyler couldn’t remember who he used to be, what his true given name had been before entering the lab. All he could remember was what he had been taught, what had been programmed into his brain. He knew he was meant to satisfy those in power, the higher-ups that frequently visited the facility, and honestly, […]

  • The Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis

    The Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis

    Experience the Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis A nearby public phone rings, and you are too curious to ignore it. You step into the phone booth, and find yourself trapped within. Someone has been following your every move, and has formulated a series of traps and hypnotic tricks made just for you. You have to listen […]

  • Sissies Suck Alpha Cock Hypnosis: A Sissy’s Ultimate Dream

    Sissies Suck Alpha Cock Hypnosis: A Sissy’s Ultimate Dream

    This is an ultra-deep, hour long mind-fucking for sissies that dream of sucking cock. In this scene you are forced to worship and suck alpha male cock. It becomes the entire purpose of your life. You want to lock up your little sissy clitty and promise to never use it. Because all of your focus […]

  • Stress Relief Cock Hypnosis 5

    Stress Relief Cock Hypnosis 5

    Your brain is going under for me as you watch this cock get stroked. I know just what to say to drive you crazy with horniness while I relax and melt you at the same time. It’s a sublime experience and it ends with a huge cumshot. I want you to let this cock relax […]

  • The Hypno Barber’s Muscle Man ASMR

    The Hypno Barber’s Muscle Man ASMR

    You step into a barbershop, and as you are getting a trim, you become very turned on. The Barber notices and then straps you into his chair, which causes your muscles to grow huge while he gives you a military-style flat-top haircut. See all hypnosis Files

  • Feminized By A Bully

    Feminized By A Bully

    Thomas meets a bully that humiliates him by making him dress up as a girl. I wonder why he wants him to do that?GayNonconBullyingViolenceCross-dressing, feminization, transgender Thomas sighed as he stood by the door leading into the cafeteria. He didn’t want to walk in there: it was where all the students gathered, without the protection […]

  • Mesmerized by a Giant’s cock POV

    Hello there little man. I see you looking up at my cock, gazing in wonder at such a large man. A giant. But you are so small. So very tiny. I will easily dominate and use you for my own enjoyment. You will attempt to wrap your arms around my gigantic cock, and I will […]

  • Cuckolding Your Boyfriend

    In this fantasy, I take over your relationship. Your boyfriend becomes cuckolded when I become your bull. My cock is simply SO MUCH better than his. My power and dominance is so much greater. You cannot help but give in when I take you away and fuck your mind. I am more of a man […]

  • Strip Trigger

    A trigger is implanted. “Lose the [X]” where X is an item of clothing. E.g. “Lose the shirt” or “Lose the shoes”. The triggered person can try to leave the targeted clothes on, but they will become hot, itchy, and burning, and taking them off will cause pleasure and arousal. This is an open and […]

  • Cock Mesmerize For Hard-To-Trance types

    Do you find it hard to give up control? This one is for you. I will work with the complexities of your mind to get your guard down and make you ultra submissive to this power. I know that you really want to go really really deep for me. I know everyone says that […]