Just Ten Seconds Video and Text Script

Just Ten Seconds (Video)


Ten seconds is all it takes. Can you watch for just that long? This is a test of your willpower, and I will show you that I own your will. Ten seconds is all it takes to have you stupefied. Mesmerized, and under My control. 


Hello there, why don’t you just keep watching. 

You can handle ten seconds, right?

You wouldn’t be under my control so quickly? 

That would be absurd. 

Is that all it takes?

Is your mind so weak that you would drop like that? 

 Let me show you real quick.











And now you’re mine. 

I know this, because you’re still watching, aren’t you? 

You desperately want to know what’s next. 

Well nothing out of the ordinary. 

Just you, still watching, unable to look away, as I program you further. 

Try me. 

Try to look away.

Try to stop.

Something much more important could suddenly come up, but it’s unlikely.

What’s more likely is that you are still there, watching, wondering, and fixated.

With the realization of total peace closing in around you. 

With that zen-like feeling of listening to my guidance as I take you away with my skill and my intentions of superior mind power. 

Because you want to submit to a superior mind, and when you keep watching, it shows that you respect my mind power. 

It shows that you respect my intentions. 

You want to show respect for that, don’t you?

That’s why it only took a few seconds to enrapture you.

You’ve got a reverence for a superior being.

You are naturally submissive like that.

 You are a follower, when it comes to revering such a powerful, respectable being. 

Someone that you just know you could trust.

You got that absolute sensation of trust deep in your gut. 

You just know it. Then you get lost in it.

Such a pleasure in knowing you are in good hands when you give in to me. The absolute best. 

Now relax your shoulders and let them go loose.

Allow me to take you wherever your body happens to take you today.. it’s that sensation of allowing. Letting go. Falling into my energy. My vibe. My way of being. My intentions for you. 

You feel a true submission when you listen to me. You know that you are observing divinity and getting what’s right for you. There is an absolute abundance here. There is just so much possibility and potential for creation of an experience. 

I know what it’s like to be trusted. Everyone naturally trusts me. I have this genuine way about me. 

People sense it in my voice and in my words, because it’s in my intentions.

 It’s clear that I have a righteous focus for this world, for the people around me, and a focus for you. 

it’s all lined up. It all makes sense, and yet it doesn’t really matter.

All that matters is that you are deeply relaxing here with me, in our favorite way. 

In a way that is sexual and beneficial all in one. In a way that creates something more. Something greater, something that definitely adds to your life. 

That’s how you know you are looking at divinity. The efforts add energy. The effort of using your eyes to focus on it creates more life for you. The effort of focusing your ears on my voice adds to your life experience. 

That means it’s not just worth it, it’s exciting for you. You give something, and receive even more in return. 

You, as a human, always looking for the most advantageous trade, in everything. With every single focus of the mind. Perhaps youre fully aware of that already. Or perhaps this is a new concept. 

Basically, you naturally want to get as much as possible, as fast as possible, for as little as possible. That’s human. That’s mammalian, in fact. It takes a whole lot of effort to overcome that. More than what is worth it, you see. 

But you came here because you saw that you could give just ten seconds of your time to see if you could get that sensation of finally letting go. 

Well here you are, still intensely interested in more. still enjoying a good brain fucking, a sweet, ephemeral break from whatever your life may be today. To get lost in it. 

You came here to have a whole lot of enjoyment very quickly. I got you. Because I simply know you. I know how your little mind works. That’s quite clear, now. That’s how I got you here, it’s how I got you here every other time I convinced you to click into my world, where I am in control and you are following commands. 

And you’re glad for it. You love that I brought you here. You appreciate that I captured you in the best ways possible. And I provided as much as possible, so quickly, for so little of your time and resources. 

You’re pleased with this, because it all makes sense. It seems like the way that it should be. In a perfect world, everything would be this sensible, this abundant, and this wonderful. 

Unfortunately, only the experiences that I create can be in that particular flavor. I mean have you ever personally experienced something with a vibe even close to this flavor of experience? I’ll let you decide that one.

Fact is, it didn’t even take ten seconds. It was only long enough for you to read the title, see that it was me, and say “Oh fuck yeah I’m watching this as soon as I can” Perhaps that meant you watched it right that second. 

Perhaps you scheduled it in and had something wonderful and new in your life to look forward to. It doesn’t matter. 

All that matters is that you knew in that INSTANT that this was for you. Instantly hooked. Under my control. That means you are doing what I want. That’s my control. I wanted you to watch this, obviously. 

And it took just a few seconds to have you under my control. doing what I want. 

From that moment you saw this title, you were under my control.

You probably thought, wow I want to be under his control.

 But you already were. Without even realizing it. 

I maintained control over you from the moment you saw this title, right up to this moment.

 And probably before and after that too, to varying degrees. 

So let me guess, it actually took all of…. 2 to 3 seconds. So that’s how long you actually take to become enraptured. Really puts you into perspective. 

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It’s a Very Special Hypnotic Cock 

After four lectures in one day, I just wanted to get back to my dorm room. My roommate usually went out by this time on a Thursday. The lucky bastard had no Friday morning classes. Hopefully, I could be alone.

I was wrong; just after I closed the door I heard a slurp, coming from my roommate’s bed. I turned to see him, sucking a guy’s cock. Greg was really going to town, bobbing up and down furiously, taking the cock deep into his throat. He didn’t even notice me; his look was of pure ecstasy.

“Greg !” I exclaimed in shock, and confusion, “You said you were straight.”

Between licks and gulps, Greg answered.

“I am… I… just… like sucking…this… guy’s… cock.”

The other guy spoke for the first time.

“Of course he does. Greg, can you back away for a moment?”

Looking like a sad puppy, Greg let his mouth leave the guy’s meat.

“Look at it.” the guy said. His voice was soothing, but strong. I really didn’t want to look at another guy’s dick, but it’s like asking someone not to think of a purple elephant. I took a glance. It wasn’t that big, or that thick. It had a nice mushroom head, but it wasn’t porn star impressive.

The guy continued,  “There’s something captivating about it, fascinating. Somehow, you can’t seem to look away.”

I could look away if I wanted to. Or at least I thought so. Then, for no reason I could think of, I couldn’t turn away.

“No need to be alarmed, it’s just a fascinating cock. A special cock. Looking at it helps you relax, helps you focus, focus on the cock. The cock that is helping you relax and focus on the cock. The cock is helping you focus on the cock. Focus on the cock. Focus on the cock. Nothing but the cock. There is nothing but the cock.”

There was nothing but the cock.

“It’s a very special cock and you want to focus on it. It’s a very special cock and you want to make it happy. It’s a very special cock and you want to please it. It’s a very special cock and you want to fall to your knees before it.”

I vaguely felt my knees touch the floor.

“It’s a very special cock and you want to obey it. It’s a very special cock and you want to worship it.”

Did I?

“It’s a very special cock, and sucking it doesn’t make you gay. It’s a very special cock and it’s ok. It’s a very special cock, and you’ve always wondered. It’s a very special cock and it’s just this once. It’s a very special cock and it’s time to give in. It’s a very special cock, and you want to suck it.”

I was his mindless play-toy.  And I eagerly sucked his cock. Greg and I took turns for a while, then his cock made us double team it, which felt odd when they accidentally touched each other.

After what felt like an eternity in paradise, we heard a new phrase.

“It’s a very special cock, and you want it in your asses.”

The very special cock introduced us to the world of anal sex, and it was a joy like no other.

Then, the very special cock introduced us to each other. It wanted us to please each other’s cocks. And we did.

That’s when the cock revealed the truth. That all cocks were special. That all cocks should be made happy. That all cocks should be worshipped. 

Now, would you like a blow job?

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Where’s all the hypnosis content gone?

My Soundcloud was deactivated . There was no warning, no questioning, nothing. Just flat out deleted. All of my subscribers, comments, and the discussion community on that site along with it. Users would play the files on chat servers (like discord servers), where they could listen together. It was a cool feature, but it’s gone now.

People keep asking me what happened to my files. Well, some of them are gone forever. Some of it has been reuploaded to this site (Hypnosis Files Page).

I’m honestly not motivated to make content as much anymore, especially free content. There’s very little incentive to upload my stuff online anymore, because it can be even harder to upload when it is free. Maybe this will change in the future. I will continue to make SOME content. But it’s clear that I am moving away from that as my focus. I just don’t want to deal it. Its easy to feel unmotivated when the rules, regulations, censorship, and takedowns are clearly growing very steadily. It will never end. It will continue on this trajectory of policing and deletion.

I don’t want it all public and under someone else’s watchful eye of content control, which is why my favorite place to post files is with my All Erotic Files Package or the All Self Improvement Files Package. This is because I can post whatever the hell I want and no one can cancel me. No one else can decide what’s acceptable or unacceptable. No one can tell me what subjects should be allowed to decide do to themselves. Because you have to buy it to see the unlisted extras inside. Only real enjoyers of my stuff get to see it. This is the only way to keep the critics and cancellers out completely.

This is why I always say that you should download the files you enjoy and keep them saved on your device. Make a backup of it if you really like it that much. Because the files will not be around forever. I know I say that constantly, over and over again, but it’s true.
Sometimes people come to me looking for old files they lost that are no longer available. But I can’t give it to you. It’s gone.
Not only are authorities and websites deleting my content, but I am deleting it too. Any content that I deem to be “low quality” (a lot of old files recorded on cheap audio equipment I used to get started) are often deleted. Many people still love these files, even though I consider them embarrassingly bad. My standards are quite high now.

I also have to delete some content related to laws in my country, which are also getting worse. Please do not ask for these files when they are gone. Some people will say “Oh, it’s okay, that’s legal in my country!”, which is irrelevant–You’re not on the chopping block. I am. So there are files which I have requested people do not speak of. It’s not because they are ultra HARDCORE, either. These files are harmless, but laws are stupid, of course.

My ways of speech have been altered just to make content, and I have to always be careful what I’m saying, and it’s become incredibly tiresome. It’s artistically stifling. I’m an artist and creator. I want to be free to express and give people the experiences of life changes that they want, but there’s a ton of completely harmless phrases I have to watch out for.
For example, I will have content taken down if I mention the words Hypnotic, Sleepy, Tired, Vampire, Big Brother (the irony of this one makes me laugh), Blazed, Brainwash (this one makes my work very difficult sometimes), Limp, Tipsy, Mind Control… This is just the tip of the iceberg. They keep growing these lists.
They are now introducing voice detection systems that will automatically delete content or users that use these words, which is pretty outlandish. Obviously this makes my job quite difficult.

Sharing my content on my own website is okay, but there’s a net-negative effect for me. It doesn’t actually add any new viewers for me like another website would. It just uses up server capacity, potentially slowing it down for other users who are trying to to listen. It also doesn’t play nicely with low- quality devices (Apple devices are low-quality, despite their high price).
YouTube doesn’t allow a lot of content, and will launch false copyright strikes against me if I use any background audio (even when I own the rights to the audio). You’re not allowed to inquire about the copyright strikes until your channel is really big. They also place ads randomly in the middle of the audio/video, which is obviously unacceptable because it ruins the listening experience. They don’t pay me anything for the ads on my videos.
A whole bunch of the audio content is up for streaming on my site now, though it is lacking the features of before (individual commenting, favoriting, community, etc) which is a bummer, but at least it’s up and working now.
If you have any ideas of places to post content, then please comment below.

These are the final days to enjoy hypnosis. You will look back on today as the golden age. Creators like me are giving up, one by one. New creators are discouraged from joining. Hypnosis content on the web is dying. It is becoming more censored and more illegal every day.– So get it, save it, and store it for your personal usage while you can.

Extend Your Sub Limits Ultimate Hypnosis

A submissive training session for gay submissive men. I’m going to extend your sub limits with this hypnosis, making you more comfortable with deeper and harder kinks and fetishes. Open up a little.

WATCH THE VIDEO: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/4047525/Extend-Your-Sub-Limits-Mesmerize/

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Simp for Jack: How to Make Hypnosis a Part of Your Life

Let’s face it. We’re in a real relationship. But it’s a parasocial one.

I’m more visible than you. I’m out there to see and to listen to.
You follow me from a distance, while I can’t really see you because you’re not in the public eye like that.

Maybe you like that you don’t have to be visible. Or maybe you would like to be more visible. Either way, it doesn’t matter.

You simp for ME. Just be honest–you’re in love with me. You love the way I mesmerize you every day with my voice. You love the feelings you get. You love the way it makes your life better, just to put it simply.

You respect me. You admire me. You are attracted to me.
Now I’m going to teach you how to be a good simp. After all, if you admire me so much, it’s best that you do what I say.

Watch the Video Here


Tags: Dumbing down, subservience, slavery

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Premature for Big Dick 3

You will become even more premature for me. I’m going to work you hard. You’re only allowed to use one finger this time.

You will have to get off just using that.

And it will increase your sensitivity for the next time!

If you can orgasm with just one finger, your nerves will become accustomed to this stimulation level.

Once you add more stimulation (such as a full hand), your nerves will become overwhelmed and you will cum incredibly quickly. 

Of course, I’m also going to use my psychological powers to make you cum quicker.

I’m going to get more dominant in this one, and you are going to get more submissive. 

Get the Video Here https://www.manyvids.com/Video/3581380/Premature-for-Big-Dick-3/

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The Brainwash Lab Is Too Effective Hypnosis Story

Tyler couldn’t remember who he used to be, what his true given name had been before entering the lab. All he could remember was what he had been taught, what had been programmed into his brain.

He knew he was meant to satisfy those in power, the higher-ups that frequently visited the facility, and honestly, he was eager to do it. Perhaps it was a result of the insatiable sexual appetite the brainwashing process has instilled in his mind, or perhaps it was the fact that he might have been a sexual creature before being kidnapped. It didn’t really matter to him

What did matter was the fact that the higher-ups didn’t come as frequently as his high libido wished they would, and so Tyler had to find a loophole to enjoy some wild, gay sex more and more often.

His methods had come to the attention of the researchers and scientists who had developed the brainwashing technique used on every single subject, and it was a cause of great concern.

“At first it didn’t alarm us that he was trying to establish sexual encounters with other subjects. It was strange since their desires usually remain dormant until a higher-up arrives, but nothing to be truly concerned about. However, when he actually managed to manipulate the other men into thinking they needed to satisfy his sexual urges, that was when things made a turn for the worse,” the scientist in charge of investigating this occurrence explained to a review board, who would decide what to do with Tyler next. “He is a good specimen: has the potential to pleasure multiple men a day and his stamina is impressive. Losing him would be a waste.”

“So what do you propose? We can’t have one of our subjects out-cunning the system,” one of the supervisors replied, clearly not pleased by the turn of events. These kinds of errors weren’t supposed to happen, not in this facility.

“Andrew’s right. What if next he begins thinking he should hurt the higher-ups to get more for himself?” William, another of the men in suits and labcoats added.

“Your concerns are valid, but it’s important to note Tyler hasn’t displayed any aggressive behaviors. We believe he can be reprogrammed, and the results analyzed to avoid this kind of accident from happening again,” the young scientist replied. He had introduced himself to the board as Luke, but he doubted any of the men in front of him remembered any longer.

There was some debate, but in the end, they agreed it was worth a shot as long as Tyler was monitored daily for at least the following six months, and all his access to higher-ups was forbidden unless great security measures were introduced.

Luke was pleased by these results. After all, not only was Tyler a good specimen, but this situation granted a unique opportunity to reevaluate the brainwashing process. 

And so Tyler was taken back to the room all of the other victims only visited once, right after being placed in the facility for the first time. Naked and confused, he was strapped to a large gurney, several monitors surrounding his body, as well as odd-looking machines.

“Hello, Tyler, how are you feeling today?” Luke asked, approaching the handsome young man. Tyler was truly a looker, with broad shoulders and a muscular frame. His hair was brown and short, his eyes a bright shade of blue. Most subjects had empty stares most of the time, communicating among themselves only when necessary, but not Tyler. Tyler’s gaze looked sharp, filled with a lustful sort of determination.

“Horny as hell. I’d like to fuck someone right now… maybe you?” he suggested cheekily, and Luke promptly scribbled something on Tyler’s file.

“It’s good that you’re excited to have sex with other men, but you need to understand you’re here to please the higher-ups, not yourself,” Luke explained calmly, attaching small sensor patches over Tyler’s chest, inner legs and arms.

Of course Tyler’s cock was stiff as a board already. That was a good sign, as he had been brainwashed to get easily aroused, but paired up with everything else going on, it had to be evaluated in a different light.

“I just want to fuck, I don’t care who it is on the receiving end,” Tyler replied casually, just as Luke grabbed the bound man’s erection, making him groan loudly. “Yeah, jerk me off, fuck, that feels good!”

“I’m not going to do that,” Luke replied calmly, instead inserting the entire penis, up to Tyler’s lap, into a long tube, which would massage and stimulate the phallus during the brainwashing process, as well as collect important data. “Remember this isn’t about your pleasure. It’s never about your pleasure. You’re only here to please others. The higher ups.”

Activating a series of blinking lights and putting on black glasses specially designed to block the intense signals being bombarded at Tyler, Luke continued to calmly, soothingly repeat those words over and over again.

“You are here to bring pleasure to the higher-ups. You must not be selfish, you must not approach other subjects unless you are commanded to. You must only get hard when a higher-up walks up to you, or you are called to pleasure them,” Luke continued to speak, his voice interrupted only by the sucking noises emanating from the large tube entrapping Tyler’s cock entirely.

Tyler moaned rhythmically, trying and failing to thrust his hips up against the machine. He was strapped too tightly to do anything of the sort. That certainly didn’t stop him from trying, at least not during the first stage of the procedure.

“No, don’t thrust your hips up. This isn’t about your pleasure. You can thrust when fucking a higher-up, you can jerk off if ordered to. You can suck and get on your knees, but you must not search for pleasure from other subjects. You are submissive, you’re only here to serve others,” Luke continued to speak, repeating these sentences in certain orders, making notes on Tyler’s files, noting the reactions to every different combination.

A harder stimulation seemed to be more effective than a gentle one, he realized after a while, but it was important to avoid giving Tyler what he wanted. That meant, no orgasms until the process was over. Fortunately, the machine was calibrated to analyze the subject’s vital signals as well as the way and frequency of his cock’s twitches and throbbing motions, in order to avoid anyone lying on the gurney from cumming without authorization.

Whenever Tyler got too close to cumming, the machine slowed down and proceeded with a gentler massage to keep arousal levels high while keeping an orgasm safely out of reach. 

“No! Let me cum, fuck! Let me cum!” Tyler demanded angrily the first, second, and even third time this happened.

After an hour stuck there, his cock constantly massaged, the lights continuing to blink in pre-set intervals, Tyler’s demands had turned into pleas, and that was a step in the right direction. Not enough, but certainly a good sign.

“No demands, Tyler. Demands are bad. Manipulation is bad. You’re not here to find pleasure, you’re only here to grant it. You are a living sex toy for the higher-ups,” Luke continued through his list of fundamental reminders, though he adjusted them to fit Tyler’s high libido and cunning ways. This session would be far longer than a usual brain-washing procedure, certainly the longest one he had ever conducted.

Tyler whimpered as the machine slowed down once more, his cock stimulated to the very limit only for the sucking motions to become gentler all at once. His erection and the tube it was stuck inside were both coated in what seemed like an endless supply of precum. The machine allowed Luke to know precisely how much precum Tyler was producing, and this only helped to reassure his belief that this particular subject was worth the extra effort. He was a fine specimen, one that would bring incredible pleasure to those in charge, so why let his potential go to waste just because of a little hiccup?

“What are you here for?” Luke asked as the sucking motions regained their usual rhythm and intensity. “Tell me, who do you need to please?”

“M… me?” he asked slowly, clearly confused, bewildered. He had demanded pleasure before, but now the question confused him, not certain if he was entitled to any orgasm any longer, not without being commanded to enjoy one. 

“No… try again,” Luke replied calmly, increasing the frequency of the blinking lights to further Tyler’s trance. “Who are you here to please?”

“The higher-ups,” the handsome young man moaned, having stopped attempting to thrust his hips against the machine more than half an hour earlier. They were reaching the second-hour mark, a stunning record in Luke’s mind. Tyler was a magnificently determined young man, but no one was safe from the brainwashing techniques developed in this very lab.

“That’s good. And what about other subjects like you?”

“They aren’t important. Only higher-ups are important. I’ll fuck them if I’m told to, and nothing else. I’ll get hard if I’m ordered to,” Tyler replied between loud moans, his arousal so powerful, his need to cum almost impossible to resist. 

“You are a sexual creature, your libido high enough to need sex at every moment but unable to satisfy those needs unless you are commanded to,” Luke reminded him, and his words were answered only by a string of loud, almost desperate sounding moans.

At the beginning of the session, Tyler had been close to smug, demanding sex, demanding pleasure, and thinking himself as important as any of the facility’s higher-ups. That wasn’t the case any longer. The man lying in front of Luke was docile and waited for the scientist to speak to him in order to talk, focusing only on the strong sensations emanating from his dick, aching for an orgasm but no longer begging for one.

“Do you want to cum?” Luke asked softly, prompting the machine’s setting to a higher level still, one he had never tried before. It was programmed specially for Tyler’s session, and as soon as it was activated, the young man seemed to tense from head to toes, panting heavily.

“Ahhhhh! Yes, yes, let me cum, let me cum!” he screamed out loud, his docile behavior snapping away. He was quivering all over, trying and failing to thrust his hips up into the air. As Luke suspected, any intense peak in his arousal levels would activate that hidden part of his consciousness all over again.

He needed to continue the brainwashing process in this state, no matter how torturous it might be for Tyler. There was no way the young man would ever reach this level of stimulation and arousal in a common setting.

“No, you don’t get to make that demand. You don’t even get to ask for it, unless you are told to beg,” Luke said patiently, scribbling a few more words onto the file. He was documenting every single reaction, and would later be able to analyze the results from the different machines attached to Tyler’s body.

For the following ten or fifteen minutes, Tyler’s demeanor continued to be far from the desirable submissiveness expected from all subjects in the facility. He tried his best to push himself to orgasm, an impossible feat while connected to this machine. Every single time he was about to reach that boiling point, the sucking motions would simply slow down over and over again. The special lights installed in the room blinked at a speed Luke had never used in any of the procedures he had conducted before.

The young scientist continued to speak, reminding Tyler of his place, of his objective in life, over and over again, with no rush, no anger. Just constant repetition, over and over and over again until his patient stopped screaming for an orgasm.

Slowly, bit by bit, Tyler seemed to grow more docile all over again, even though his body continued to quiver, his every muscle tensed almost perpetually. His dick was releasing a record amount of precum, like nothing Luke had ever witnessed before. It was all being collected for further examination, of course. For now, the hypnosis was far more important than any of that, though, and so Luke focused on Tyler’s reactions instead.

It took almost one extra hour to get back to the desired demeanor. Docile, almost dazzled with pleasure and arousal, but unable or unwilling to beg for an orgasm even if he wanted to. 

“What do you want?” Luke asked, certain that the session was close to end, at long last. They had been in that room for over 3 hours, an incredible record Luke never thought one of his patients would reach.

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The Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis

Experience the Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis

A nearby public phone rings, and you are too curious to ignore it. You step into the phone booth, and find yourself trapped within.

Someone has been following your every move, and has formulated a series of traps and hypnotic tricks made just for you.

You have to listen to the whole thing!

Leave a message after the tone, or just hang up.

You will not be able to resist this mind fuck. Idc if you’re a girl, boy, sissy, or they/them! Experience the Phone Booth Trap.

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Sissies Suck Alpha Cock Hypnosis: A Sissy’s Ultimate Dream

This is an ultra-deep, hour long mind-fucking for sissies that dream of sucking cock. In this scene you are forced to worship and suck alpha male cock.

It becomes the entire purpose of your life.

You want to lock up your little sissy clitty and promise to never use it.

Because all of your focus is on serving and sucking big alpha male dick, sucking on cock whenever possible.

*This file is incredibly powerful, a full hour of intense sissy brainwashing

Get the video and learn how to become a slut for any Alpha male who gives you his cock.


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Stress Relief Cock Hypnosis 5

Your brain is going under for me as you watch this cock get stroked. I know just what to say to drive you crazy with horniness while I relax and melt you at the same time. It’s a sublime experience and it ends with a huge cumshot.

I want you to let this cock relax you, because it does relax you when you look at it, even if it stimulates you and turns you on. Especially when it gets big and hard and full of blood

There’s a certain life force to a hard cock that cannot be explained. but you feel it. you love to stare at it. especially this one. I will make you feel so good, and relieve you of all this daily stress in the way you love it most.