Simp for Jack: How to Make Hypnosis a Part of Your Life

Let’s face it. We’re in a real relationship. But it’s a parasocial one.

I’m more visible than you. I’m out there to see and to listen to.
You follow me from a distance, while I can’t really see you because you’re not in the public eye like that.

Maybe you like that you don’t have to be visible. Or maybe you would like to be more visible. Either way, it doesn’t matter.

You simp for ME. Just be honest–you’re in love with me. You love the way I mesmerize you every day with my voice. You love the feelings you get. You love the way it makes your life better, just to put it simply.

You respect me. You admire me. You are attracted to me.
Now I’m going to teach you how to be a good simp. After all, if you admire me so much, it’s best that you do what I say.

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Tags: Dumbing down, subservience, slavery

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Premature for Big Dick 3

You will become even more premature for me. I’m going to work you hard. You’re only allowed to use one finger this time.

You will have to get off just using that.

And it will increase your sensitivity for the next time!

If you can orgasm with just one finger, your nerves will become accustomed to this stimulation level.

Once you add more stimulation (such as a full hand), your nerves will become overwhelmed and you will cum incredibly quickly. 

Of course, I’m also going to use my psychological powers to make you cum quicker.

I’m going to get more dominant in this one, and you are going to get more submissive. 

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The Brainwash Lab Is Too Effective Hypnosis Story

Tyler couldn’t remember who he used to be, what his true given name had been before entering the lab. All he could remember was what he had been taught, what had been programmed into his brain.

He knew he was meant to satisfy those in power, the higher-ups that frequently visited the facility, and honestly, he was eager to do it. Perhaps it was a result of the insatiable sexual appetite the brainwashing process has instilled in his mind, or perhaps it was the fact that he might have been a sexual creature before being kidnapped. It didn’t really matter to him

What did matter was the fact that the higher-ups didn’t come as frequently as his high libido wished they would, and so Tyler had to find a loophole to enjoy some wild, gay sex more and more often.

His methods had come to the attention of the researchers and scientists who had developed the brainwashing technique used on every single subject, and it was a cause of great concern.

“At first it didn’t alarm us that he was trying to establish sexual encounters with other subjects. It was strange since their desires usually remain dormant until a higher-up arrives, but nothing to be truly concerned about. However, when he actually managed to manipulate the other men into thinking they needed to satisfy his sexual urges, that was when things made a turn for the worse,” the scientist in charge of investigating this occurrence explained to a review board, who would decide what to do with Tyler next. “He is a good specimen: has the potential to pleasure multiple men a day and his stamina is impressive. Losing him would be a waste.”

“So what do you propose? We can’t have one of our subjects out-cunning the system,” one of the supervisors replied, clearly not pleased by the turn of events. These kinds of errors weren’t supposed to happen, not in this facility.

“Andrew’s right. What if next he begins thinking he should hurt the higher-ups to get more for himself?” William, another of the men in suits and labcoats added.

“Your concerns are valid, but it’s important to note Tyler hasn’t displayed any aggressive behaviors. We believe he can be reprogrammed, and the results analyzed to avoid this kind of accident from happening again,” the young scientist replied. He had introduced himself to the board as Luke, but he doubted any of the men in front of him remembered any longer.

There was some debate, but in the end, they agreed it was worth a shot as long as Tyler was monitored daily for at least the following six months, and all his access to higher-ups was forbidden unless great security measures were introduced.

Luke was pleased by these results. After all, not only was Tyler a good specimen, but this situation granted a unique opportunity to reevaluate the brainwashing process. 

And so Tyler was taken back to the room all of the other victims only visited once, right after being placed in the facility for the first time. Naked and confused, he was strapped to a large gurney, several monitors surrounding his body, as well as odd-looking machines.

“Hello, Tyler, how are you feeling today?” Luke asked, approaching the handsome young man. Tyler was truly a looker, with broad shoulders and a muscular frame. His hair was brown and short, his eyes a bright shade of blue. Most subjects had empty stares most of the time, communicating among themselves only when necessary, but not Tyler. Tyler’s gaze looked sharp, filled with a lustful sort of determination.

“Horny as hell. I’d like to fuck someone right now… maybe you?” he suggested cheekily, and Luke promptly scribbled something on Tyler’s file.

“It’s good that you’re excited to have sex with other men, but you need to understand you’re here to please the higher-ups, not yourself,” Luke explained calmly, attaching small sensor patches over Tyler’s chest, inner legs and arms.

Of course Tyler’s cock was stiff as a board already. That was a good sign, as he had been brainwashed to get easily aroused, but paired up with everything else going on, it had to be evaluated in a different light.

“I just want to fuck, I don’t care who it is on the receiving end,” Tyler replied casually, just as Luke grabbed the bound man’s erection, making him groan loudly. “Yeah, jerk me off, fuck, that feels good!”

“I’m not going to do that,” Luke replied calmly, instead inserting the entire penis, up to Tyler’s lap, into a long tube, which would massage and stimulate the phallus during the brainwashing process, as well as collect important data. “Remember this isn’t about your pleasure. It’s never about your pleasure. You’re only here to please others. The higher ups.”

Activating a series of blinking lights and putting on black glasses specially designed to block the intense signals being bombarded at Tyler, Luke continued to calmly, soothingly repeat those words over and over again.

“You are here to bring pleasure to the higher-ups. You must not be selfish, you must not approach other subjects unless you are commanded to. You must only get hard when a higher-up walks up to you, or you are called to pleasure them,” Luke continued to speak, his voice interrupted only by the sucking noises emanating from the large tube entrapping Tyler’s cock entirely.

Tyler moaned rhythmically, trying and failing to thrust his hips up against the machine. He was strapped too tightly to do anything of the sort. That certainly didn’t stop him from trying, at least not during the first stage of the procedure.

“No, don’t thrust your hips up. This isn’t about your pleasure. You can thrust when fucking a higher-up, you can jerk off if ordered to. You can suck and get on your knees, but you must not search for pleasure from other subjects. You are submissive, you’re only here to serve others,” Luke continued to speak, repeating these sentences in certain orders, making notes on Tyler’s files, noting the reactions to every different combination.

A harder stimulation seemed to be more effective than a gentle one, he realized after a while, but it was important to avoid giving Tyler what he wanted. That meant, no orgasms until the process was over. Fortunately, the machine was calibrated to analyze the subject’s vital signals as well as the way and frequency of his cock’s twitches and throbbing motions, in order to avoid anyone lying on the gurney from cumming without authorization.

Whenever Tyler got too close to cumming, the machine slowed down and proceeded with a gentler massage to keep arousal levels high while keeping an orgasm safely out of reach. 

“No! Let me cum, fuck! Let me cum!” Tyler demanded angrily the first, second, and even third time this happened.

After an hour stuck there, his cock constantly massaged, the lights continuing to blink in pre-set intervals, Tyler’s demands had turned into pleas, and that was a step in the right direction. Not enough, but certainly a good sign.

“No demands, Tyler. Demands are bad. Manipulation is bad. You’re not here to find pleasure, you’re only here to grant it. You are a living sex toy for the higher-ups,” Luke continued through his list of fundamental reminders, though he adjusted them to fit Tyler’s high libido and cunning ways. This session would be far longer than a usual brain-washing procedure, certainly the longest one he had ever conducted.

Tyler whimpered as the machine slowed down once more, his cock stimulated to the very limit only for the sucking motions to become gentler all at once. His erection and the tube it was stuck inside were both coated in what seemed like an endless supply of precum. The machine allowed Luke to know precisely how much precum Tyler was producing, and this only helped to reassure his belief that this particular subject was worth the extra effort. He was a fine specimen, one that would bring incredible pleasure to those in charge, so why let his potential go to waste just because of a little hiccup?

“What are you here for?” Luke asked as the sucking motions regained their usual rhythm and intensity. “Tell me, who do you need to please?”

“M… me?” he asked slowly, clearly confused, bewildered. He had demanded pleasure before, but now the question confused him, not certain if he was entitled to any orgasm any longer, not without being commanded to enjoy one. 

“No… try again,” Luke replied calmly, increasing the frequency of the blinking lights to further Tyler’s trance. “Who are you here to please?”

“The higher-ups,” the handsome young man moaned, having stopped attempting to thrust his hips against the machine more than half an hour earlier. They were reaching the second-hour mark, a stunning record in Luke’s mind. Tyler was a magnificently determined young man, but no one was safe from the brainwashing techniques developed in this very lab.

“That’s good. And what about other subjects like you?”

“They aren’t important. Only higher-ups are important. I’ll fuck them if I’m told to, and nothing else. I’ll get hard if I’m ordered to,” Tyler replied between loud moans, his arousal so powerful, his need to cum almost impossible to resist. 

“You are a sexual creature, your libido high enough to need sex at every moment but unable to satisfy those needs unless you are commanded to,” Luke reminded him, and his words were answered only by a string of loud, almost desperate sounding moans.

At the beginning of the session, Tyler had been close to smug, demanding sex, demanding pleasure, and thinking himself as important as any of the facility’s higher-ups. That wasn’t the case any longer. The man lying in front of Luke was docile and waited for the scientist to speak to him in order to talk, focusing only on the strong sensations emanating from his dick, aching for an orgasm but no longer begging for one.

“Do you want to cum?” Luke asked softly, prompting the machine’s setting to a higher level still, one he had never tried before. It was programmed specially for Tyler’s session, and as soon as it was activated, the young man seemed to tense from head to toes, panting heavily.

“Ahhhhh! Yes, yes, let me cum, let me cum!” he screamed out loud, his docile behavior snapping away. He was quivering all over, trying and failing to thrust his hips up into the air. As Luke suspected, any intense peak in his arousal levels would activate that hidden part of his consciousness all over again.

He needed to continue the brainwashing process in this state, no matter how torturous it might be for Tyler. There was no way the young man would ever reach this level of stimulation and arousal in a common setting.

“No, you don’t get to make that demand. You don’t even get to ask for it, unless you are told to beg,” Luke said patiently, scribbling a few more words onto the file. He was documenting every single reaction, and would later be able to analyze the results from the different machines attached to Tyler’s body.

For the following ten or fifteen minutes, Tyler’s demeanor continued to be far from the desirable submissiveness expected from all subjects in the facility. He tried his best to push himself to orgasm, an impossible feat while connected to this machine. Every single time he was about to reach that boiling point, the sucking motions would simply slow down over and over again. The special lights installed in the room blinked at a speed Luke had never used in any of the procedures he had conducted before.

The young scientist continued to speak, reminding Tyler of his place, of his objective in life, over and over again, with no rush, no anger. Just constant repetition, over and over and over again until his patient stopped screaming for an orgasm.

Slowly, bit by bit, Tyler seemed to grow more docile all over again, even though his body continued to quiver, his every muscle tensed almost perpetually. His dick was releasing a record amount of precum, like nothing Luke had ever witnessed before. It was all being collected for further examination, of course. For now, the hypnosis was far more important than any of that, though, and so Luke focused on Tyler’s reactions instead.

It took almost one extra hour to get back to the desired demeanor. Docile, almost dazzled with pleasure and arousal, but unable or unwilling to beg for an orgasm even if he wanted to. 

“What do you want?” Luke asked, certain that the session was close to end, at long last. They had been in that room for over 3 hours, an incredible record Luke never thought one of his patients would reach.

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The Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis

Experience the Phone Booth Trap Hypnosis

A nearby public phone rings, and you are too curious to ignore it. You step into the phone booth, and find yourself trapped within.

Someone has been following your every move, and has formulated a series of traps and hypnotic tricks made just for you.

You have to listen to the whole thing!

Leave a message after the tone, or just hang up.

You will not be able to resist this mind fuck. Idc if you’re a girl, boy, sissy, or they/them! Experience the Phone Booth Trap.

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Sissies Suck Alpha Cock Hypnosis: A Sissy’s Ultimate Dream

This is an ultra-deep, hour long mind-fucking for sissies that dream of sucking cock. In this scene you are forced to worship and suck alpha male cock.

It becomes the entire purpose of your life.

You want to lock up your little sissy clitty and promise to never use it.

Because all of your focus is on serving and sucking big alpha male dick, sucking on cock whenever possible.

*This file is incredibly powerful, a full hour of intense sissy brainwashing

Get the video and learn how to become a slut for any Alpha male who gives you his cock.

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Stress Relief Cock Hypnosis 5

Your brain is going under for me as you watch this cock get stroked. I know just what to say to drive you crazy with horniness while I relax and melt you at the same time. It’s a sublime experience and it ends with a huge cumshot.

I want you to let this cock relax you, because it does relax you when you look at it, even if it stimulates you and turns you on. Especially when it gets big and hard and full of blood

There’s a certain life force to a hard cock that cannot be explained. but you feel it. you love to stare at it. especially this one. I will make you feel so good, and relieve you of all this daily stress in the way you love it most. 

Feminized By A Bully

Thomas meets a bully that humiliates him by making him dress up as a girl. I wonder why he wants him to do that?
Cross-dressing, feminization, transgender

Thomas sighed as he stood by the door leading into the cafeteria. He didn’t want to walk in there: it was where all the students gathered, without the protection of his teachers and the neat, quiet classroom. Here they could do whatever they wanted with him, especially the worst among his bullies: Warren.

Warren had it in for him, bad. He seemed fixated on ruining his life every single day, without stop, and it was really getting to Thomas. He was nothing but a nerdy, silly nerd, why did this jock have to mess with him that way?

But he couldn’t stay out there all day long, he had to eat, and someone would come ask him what the hell was wrong with him if he didn’t. So he hoped everything would be better this time around, that Warren wouldn’t pick on him again, or push him around, or even give him a wedgie so bad that his balls would hurt for days. But of course, he didn’t have such luck.

Thomas managed to eat about half of his lunch before Warren, along with two other jocks, approached his table.

“Ah, it’s only you! I thought you were some new chick,” Warren spat cruelly, and his buddies laughed at once. Thomas was small, petite. From behind, he might have been mistaken for a thin girl, especially since he carried his brown hair relatively long for a boy. Nothing outrageous, but it did come close to his shoulders. He liked it that way, what was so wrong about it?

Thomas blushed furiously, looking down at his meal, trying to get them to leave him alone by ignoring those cruel remarks. Of course that didn’t help at all.

“Look at the way he dresses, that hairstyle? I bet you fucking spend hours in front of the mirror to get it just the way you like it, huh, sissy?” Warren hissed his way, smacking Thomas on the side of the head.

“P…please, stop it, I didn’t do anything to you,” Thomas whimpered meekly, but of course that only encouraged Warren further. It was a damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of situation. Reacting got him in trouble, not reacting did as well. He just couldn’t escape it.

“Oh, someone’s in trouble now!” Warren barked, a cruel smirk spreading across his face.

Warren towered easily over the small nerd, his muscles bulging thanks to daily exercises. Next to his favorite victim, the jock looked like some kind of massive Hulk, ready to smash Thomas at any given time.

Before he could even try and run away from the cafeteria, Thomas was grabbed and shoved against the wall. He panted heavily as Warren forced him to turn around, and for a second, it was almost as if the big jock was going to fuck his small, cute little ass from behind. After all, that was sort of how porn movies began.

A young, vulnerable pretty boy pinned against the wall, a massive, muscular young man right behind him, ready to…

But of course Warren didn’t lower his pants and get fucked by Thomas, that would have been insane. Instead, he did what he enjoyed the most: grabbed at his victim’s boxers and pulled them up so hard the fabric got tangled up in his private parts, sinking into his ass painfully. His balls were on fire, it hurt like hell, and the shrill little squeal that escaped his lips made him seem even more so like the girl Warren insisted that he was.

Warren let go of him, and walked away as his two friends high fived him to congratulate the quarterback for another great prank. No one approached Thomas, no one gave him a helping hand as he slowly stood up and stepped away, trying to hold back the tears.

“Hey, sissy!” Warren’s voice was the first thing to greet him the following morning. It startled Thomas, of course, since he didn’t expect the jock to be at school, not that ealy anyways.

Thomas made a point of arriving before anyone else in his class. It offered a bit of extra security and also granted him time to just enjoy some songs before school started.

The petite boy gasped, accidentally pulling the cord off his phone. He had been listening to music, something sweet and happy from Ariana Grande, and now the song blasted not into his ears but into the classroom, making Warren laugh cruelly.

“God, you’re such a fucking girl!” he hissed with dark amusement. The tall, muscular man was carrying a bag with him, and much to Thomas’ surprise, he actually threw it his way. Thomas managed to clumsily catch it, but almost fell down in the process.

Somehow maintaining his balance, he looked up at Warren with a look of confusion.

“Put that on. And don’t you fucking dare argue, sissy, because I’m going to beat you up into a pulp if you do,” Warren threatened Thomas, who timidly peeked into the bag before gasping loudly.

Inside, there was a long, blonde wig that looked surprisingly realistic, and a tight little red dress alongside a pair of high heels.

“W…what?” he managed to mumble, but Warren fisted his hands and took a step forward, making Thomas immediately jump back. “Sorry, sorry! Ok, I won’t ask any questions, but please don’t hurt me!”

“Good. Now stop wasting my time and get dressed,” he demanded, and Thomas reluctantly agreed, taking off his jeans and designer shirt in front of that damned bully. Once he was standing in nothing but his underwear, feeling a cold shiver rushing up and down his body, he wondered, for a single second, if Warren was actually into this. If that’s why he was doing all of this to him.

But the thought swam away as easily as it had arrived, and by the time Thomas got the wig in place and slipped into the dress and shoes, the first of his classmates began to arrive.

Much to his shock, no one actually began laughing hysterically at his appearance. No one seemed to notice! He just sat down, and realized a few guys were eying him up, but not with amusement or cruelty. They were actually… smiling his way?

How could this be possible? Did no one recognize him? Did no one see that this was a cruel prank?

“Hey, wait, isn’t that… what the fuck?” one of his classmates finally said, but not before second period. It had taken them such a long time to notice something was amiss! “Thomas, what the hell are you wearing?!”

That was his cue to run, of course, and run he did. He whimpered miserably as he made it out of the school and onto the street, deciding to skip the rest of his classes, wanting nothing but to get home.

But before he could go even a block toward safety, someone grabbed him by the arm violently and threw him into a back alley, away from sight. No one would come help him now.

Thomas trembled, sitting on the floor, the dress getting dirty with whatever was lying there. Warren towered over him, smirking harder than ever before.

“Where the hell do you think you are going?!”

“H…home!” Thomas managed to reply between tears, trembling in fear. He expected to get a beating, but instead, Warren grabbed at his arm again, this time to pull him up.

“Yeah, go home. But not to cry into your pillow like a fucking loser. Get yourself ready, because from now on, you can’t come to school dressed in your normal fucking clothes any more. Fuck no. You’ll dress like a girl, wear make up, all that stuff, do you hear me? I see you come into school with a pair of jeans, no matter how fucking tight they might be, and you’ll end up in the hospital for the rest of the year, nerd!” Warren threatened him violently, shaking Thomas up by the arm so hard he almost fell down all over again.

Thomas nodded meekly, trembling all over and sobbing miserably.

“Good. You look better as a girl anyways, I’m doing you a favor,” Warren added cruelly, and shoved him back toward the street. “Go now, get ready! I want to see a real pretty girl tomorrow, you sissy! You better look like one, and act like one too”

Thomas was simply too terrified to do anything but obey. His older sister still lived at home, so there was plenty of makeup and dresses around the house.

The wig wouldn’t work: it looked like a fake after a while, and students had seen him wearing it. So instead, he styled his hair in a pretty pair of ponytails, giving him a cute look, framing his already dainty face in a way that made him even more feminine than he already was.

Eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, the whole nines, along with a blue dress managed to make Thomas look like a real girl. Pretty, even. He trembled as he stepped into his usual classroom, fearing this time they’d recognize him at once, even with the lipgloss, even with the new hairstyle, even with the pretty, girlish blue dress with a lovely cleavage. He had nothing to stuff the bra he was wearing with, but it gave the illusion that he had tiny yet perky tits, barely noticeable but still there. It was padded, but Thomas wouldn’t have known about that.

He was mortified, confused and alarmed, thinking that at any moment someone would notice who he was, but this time, no one did. No one said a word, and some guys actually tried to flirt with him before he rushed meekly away.

It wasn’t until a few days after changing the way he dressed that he actually began to have some fun with it. He could match and mix colors freely, without anyone mocking him, and makeup was fun, especially after he watched a ton of tutorials. He even considered letting his hair grow so he could wear it like Ariana Grande.

Men noticed him… but not because he was a guy dressed like a girl. No. Because they thought he was a cute, feminine, shy girl. They ogled at him, stared at his ass, and his slim legs. They liked him.

No one had paid so much attention to him before, at least not any positive kind.

It wasn’t until three weeks later that he finally wondered if he could go back to normal. To wear his usual clothes, to act like a boy again. Did he even want to? He didn’t know, but he had to try.

Maybe that jock had gotten bored with it. He hadn’t even spoken to him, hadn’t even mocked or bullied him in all that time. Probably Warren had found a new victim, and he wouldn’t even remember the fact that he had warned him never to dress like a boy again.

He was tense all morning long, wondering if a beating up was about to fall down on him, but it never happened. School went on as usual, with everyone just ignoring him, leaving him alone. It was good… but as good as dressing like a girl, he couldn’t lie… but good nonetheless.

Warren had walked right past him and either not recognized him or completely ignored Thomas.

So by the time he stepped outside the school, Thomas was sure it was all over. Maybe he would go back to wearing dresses, maybe not… but it would be his decision now. No more bullying, no more being wedgied into tears.

He never saw it coming, not for a second. One second he was walking calmly, listening to music, the other he was being tossed into Warren’s Dodge Challenger so roughly his head began to spin.

“Hey, wait, no, no!” Thomas whimpered, but it was too late. Warren was already speeding away.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at Warren’s place. No one was home, it seemed, and Thomas was too terrified to cry out for help even as he was dragged into the house, up the stairs and into the jock’s bedroom.

“I fucking told you not to come to school dressed as a guy any more! You’re not a fucking guy, you are a sissy, a girl, and you’re going to get punished for fucking pretending you aren’t!” Warren hissed cruelly, handing him that same dress he had worn weeks before. How had he gotten it back? No, it couldn’t be the exact same, he had thrown it in the trash.

Warren had gone back to the store and bought another, just to get Thomas into it.

“I don’t want to…” Thomas whimpered, but Warren wouldn’t hear it. A threat was all it took. Thomas got into the dress, and put a new wig on, trembling with fear, wondering what this muscular man would do to him.

He was grabbed and forced onto the wall again, much like he had during that lunch break weeks before. His chest was pinned against the unforgiving wall, his body trembling underneath the dress.

This time, a wedgie didn’t arrive. This time, his underwear went down instead of up.

And this time, Warren did unzip his own pants.

Thomas gasped out loud as his bully slid the dress’ skirt up his legs, caressing his hips, pinching at his ass. There was no one there to help him, but… did he want to be rescued?

“I want you to moan like the little slut that you are,” Warren grunted, and just like that, Thomas felt a firmness pressing against his buttocks, against his entrance. He was dressed like a girl, expected to act like one, and about to get fucked from behind.

He trembled, though this time he didn’t know for sure if it was out of fear or arousal. He didn’t know what to think, how to feel any longer.

“Moan for me!” Warren demanded, thrusting forward, penetrating that virgin ass, filling it up with his erect, throbbing cock. And Thomas moaned for him. Moaned and gasped and whimpered, experiencing a mixture of pleasure and pain unlike anything he had ever felt before.

He was a virgin, of course, and not just from behind. He had never touched a girl, he had never felt someone’s touch wrapping around his dick. Only his own.

Thomas moaned as that long, thick rod impaled his ass over and over again, as his petite body was shoved against the wall with each new thrust. It felt… horrible and amazing at the same time. It hurt, it hurt like hell, but at the same time, he wanted more, he wanted everything Warren was offering him.

And so he allowed that jock to fuck his ass. Not that he had a choice, not that he could stop him from doing whatever he wanted to him, but still. He let Warren do it, he felt his own cock throbbing hard against the wall, drenching the front of the dress with his precum.

He closed his eyes and moaned out loud like the girl he was supposed to be, and finally, when Warren’s cock slid deep inside his ass for the last time, filling him up with the tall, muscular jock’s cum, he gasped with a sort of surprised sigh so earnest and filled with confusion.

He felt himself cumming as well, a trembling orgasm that was unlike any he had experienced before.

Warren thrust out of that gaping ass then, and grabbed his favorite victim by the hips, forcing Thomas onto the bed.

“Get on all fours, slut. I’m going to fuck you again, and you better remember that you’re nothing but a girl now. A cock-hungry woman, do you hear me?!”

“Yes… yes, I do. I’m a girl,” Thomas whispered softly, his voice so feminine, so enticing. Not just any girl, but his. Warren’s.

Warren video called him the next week….

“Good to see you complying. you know you got to get on video call whenever I say. Or else. You know what happens when you don’t do what i say. Remember that black eye I gave you last week when you didn’t do what I said? Well next time its gonna be worse. Don’t forget how much i like fucking up your face when you don’t do what I say.
I think its best to get to training a little faggot like you. You’re nothing but a little runt. might as well make yourself useful.
Go on and stare at that dick.
I’m not here with you but I can see you and i can see your eyes and where they are looking. I know if you’re staring at this big huge cock. Might as well stare until you fall in love. That would make you a faggot then. That would make you gay for looking at a cock so much. especially a big thick one like this. Most girls don’t even like it ’cause its too big. Only a fag would like one this thick.
Gay dudes love big cocks. you must be a gay dude if you stare at it this much. Look at you. your eyes all heavy and glazed over. You better not look away. Keep your eyes glued to it. You’re lucky I even let you blink. This is a present for you. This is a fucking gift. You’re so lucky to have me take care of your desires. Your newly acquired desires anyway.
I had to teach you to like dick. You didn’t like it at first, but then when I forced you into it, your true fag came out and you started to like it. Yeah.
I don’t give a fuck, you better pretend to like it if you don’t, or I’m gonna beat the hell out of you after geography class tomorrow.
In fact, you’re gonna meet up with me and you’re gonna suck ALL the cum out of this cock. You’re not gonna spit out half of it like you did last time, neither. You’re gonna take every last drop and swallow down your throat. I don’t care if you want to throw up this nasty spunk, you know I like seeing it all swallowed down. You should be thankful to have a piece of man inside of you. You don’t have any man left. You could use some.
You should be on your fucking knees thanking me for this manly spunk. From a big tall man with a big tall cock.
You like when I make you smell it? Take in that smelly scent. That’s the smell of a MAN. You like it. in fact, you love it, and you better thank me for letting you take in that fragrance, too.
I do do whatever the sweet fuck I want with you. I’m a jock and you’re a fuckin nerd. What do you do, program computers? I don’t know and I don’t care. Looks like you’re afraid to talk to girls. I don’t see you with them, ever. In fact, I barely see you with anyone ever. You’re a loner and now you’ve got the best relationship a loser like you could ever get.
You pretty much ask to get your ass kicked.
Hey you better keep staring at this dick. Fall in love with this rod. Deal with it. That’s what loves all about. Its about compromise. See, I’m just a big old lover. I’ll make you love it. I’m pretty romantic.
Best train your throat boy, because you’re gonna take it deeper this time. I know your jaw hurt when you did it last, well try to make it stronger. Maybe if you weren’t such a weakling you could take it. God, I’m so good to you to train you like this. I’m training you to be useful to somebody. I’m such a good person. I’m better than you. Better in every single way.
That’s why cocksuckers like you do it. Because I’m better.
You’re gonna run your tongue up and down that shaft. Look at me work more cum up for you. I’m saving up this load for you. I’m not letting a drop out. Its just building and building. i can literally feel my balls producing a big load of virile sperm.
Hah. millions of my potential children will be swimming around in your mouth, on your face, and down your throat. How’s that feel? You gonna cry about it again? Does that hurt? No one takes your cum on their face. You’re not worth it. You’re not worth a bag of shit.
But me? I’m the fucking man. I do whatever I want. Anything in the world is mine. So you do what i say. When I say it. No questions asked. If I tell you what to wear, you wear it. and you like it. If I tell you what to suck, you suck it.
You better hope there’s a hot girl around to drain these nuts before I get to you. Because either way I’m gonna drown someone. I get so horny and worked up after gym I got to drain a gigantic load. Somebody is getting it. Even I’m dripping sweaty, you’re gonna take in this dick while I laugh at you. What a life. you’re such a loser. This is what losers get for losing. its the natural way of things. If you were a winner, you would get to be in my place. This is the order of life. Its the hierarchy. Got to keep you down there and me up here. But you’re doing a pretty good job keeping yourself down.
A real man would stand up for himself. A real man wouldn’t gag on another man’s thick cock. Imagine putting a big huge cock in ANY real man’s face. You think he is just gonna drop to his knees and serve it? That is truly a sign of inferiority.

Feminization Files

Feminization Stories

Mesmerized by a Giant’s cock POV

Hello there little man. I see you looking up at my cock, gazing in wonder at such a large man. A giant. But you are so small. So very tiny. I will easily dominate and use you for my own enjoyment. You will attempt to wrap your arms around my gigantic cock, and I will watch with enjoyment as you make these feeble attempts to grasp this endless cock meat.
Big Dick
Male domination

Cuckolding Your Boyfriend

In this fantasy, I take over your relationship. Your boyfriend becomes cuckolded when I become your bull. My cock is simply SO MUCH better than his. My power and dominance is so much greater. You cannot help but give in when I take you away and fuck your mind. I am more of a man than your boyfriend. Admit it– you get off to me, my voice, and my cock WAY more than you do with him. More often, and much more powerfully than he could ever provide. You are now in a relationship with ME and your boyfriend will forever be a cuckold.
Gay cuckold
Male domination