Your misconceptions about losing control

This is a reality check for people that have trouble losing control and going deep into hypnosis.

You might say, “I’m just not feeling ULTRA relaxed, maybe just a little… it must not be working!”
No, you don’t have to feel drowsy, sleepy, OR relaxed for hypnosis to be effective. In fact, it’s often preferable that you do not feel like this or fall asleep.

“I just don’t feel like I ever lose control”
No, you are probably not going to lose control, ESPECIALLY if losing control is your intention. Your body is simply not set up to do that. Your own interests will always take over. You will have natural thoughts and desires that will bring you to make many of your own decisions in life.

No one else makes your heart beat and your lungs fill with air.

Losing control is typically not sexy.
You’re already under hypnosis, literally ALL the time. But it’s NOT sexy.

Just have to tell you the truth, we have to re-frame this “loss of control” you are looking for (if that’s what you’re looking for). Honestly, most subjects are just looking to be swept away with inspiration, mesmerization, and sexualization. You’re probably looking for someone to really grab your attention, change your focus, and even do a little domination. But you seriously aren’t looking to “lose control”, as much as it may feel that way.

Why? Because we always lose control to THE MOST boring, uncool, unfun things all day long. Advertisers influence you (yes, even you are not immune to it, ad campaigns are VERY sneaky today, and you ARE influenced by it). Media outlets influence you. Your family and friends alter your perceptions, consciously or subconsciously, and you do it to others too. It is an absolutely HUMAN thing to do, and 99.9% of the time, it does not turn you on. But THIS is where control loss is real. Clearly, total absolute control loss is not what you want.

I would like you to get what you want. Please reframe any “control loss” desires more specifically with the hypnotists that you meet. Please modulate your own personal expectations.

Expand it out. Tell them, “I want you to make me do something that I did not intend to do”

or “I want to feel like I’m not doing it”

or “I want to feel like I am asleep and not awake when I’m doing it”.

“I want you to make me forget the session”

Reality check: You’re not looking to lose control. You’re looking to control a feeling of having someone else control you.

Most subjects will say “Oh I want to be controlled, but not like this, or this, or this.”

It’s time to tell the truth. You are controlling it. No one is genuinely going to take that away, which is good! Imagine someone telling you to go to your bank, take out a gigantic loan, then send the money to them. Are you going to do it? NO! There HAS to be that part of you protecting you from such foolishness. This part of you will never go away, and you will need to work WITH this part of you if you want to go deeper.

Look at most people who want to hypnotize you. This is the type of shit that they want to do to you. They probably wont even call it hypnosis though. But they will do it if they can get away with it. People have their own interests in mind, not yours. Keep your own interests in mind, too.

You are made of many different parts, selves or personas. Each one has their own intentions. One (or multiple) parts are blocking you from going deeper and letting go to get this experience that you want. That’s because they know they are needed. You have to work WITH this part of you, not against you.

You are not just you. You are made up of a team of people within you. This is normal. If there was only one version of you, you would be crazy. Insane. Even animals have multiple selves.

Explore deep parts of your mind. Explore sensations and sexualities. Explore kinks and fetishes and encouragements. But most of all, explore this connection to different parts of you. This video explores that in an erotic sense, if you want to dive deeper into it. and change your ability to “lose control” by doign it in a way that your mind actually allows.

REAL loss of control is not typically something you are aware of. There are MILLIONS of people, entities, and things that are taking control of your mind, your attention, your money, and your time. If you pay attention, you will see that VERY few thoughts are yours. Almost no one has an original thought these days.
That’s not sexy, and I can guarantee it’s not what you’re looking for.
What are you looking for (most likely)?
Connection with a genuinely awesome human being.
To be swept away by someone.
To have someone intentionally drop your brainwave levels.

To have someone make you do something sexual.

To receive instructions that you cannot resist.

To work WITH the selves inside of you, not against them.

Maybe you just want to receive the most hypnotic hypnosis content on the web. If that’s what you want, then it’s here.

Furthermore, this entire message has captured you. It has shifted your thoughts. It’s literally just another control and influence over you, and you may or may not have felt that. But it’s true. It has influenced you.






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