The Brainwash Lab– Brett’s Resistance

We are chronicling the lives affected by a secretive corporation involved in a brain-altering technology research lab. Subject #8080, whom they have named “Brett”, proved to be a much more difficult subject than most. This man struggled, trying to retain his previous life, but the brainwash facility owns him now. He has a new name and a new life. His new life purpose is to follow routine and serve his higher-ups in any way that they desire. His powerful mind proved challenging to overcome, but it has also helped the research facility to discover how to control the most difficult subjects. That’s why this subject has been chosen as a primary case study for teaching new handlers. Please read the document detailing what happened, or listen to the accompanying audio version.
Brainwashing devices
Bondage with rope
BDSM, pain, discipline

The handler was growing frustrated with his latest test subject. He had once been a man, with a name, a family, friends, a job, whatever. None of that mattered to the handler.

He had a task to complete, and he was good at it. He had brainwashed countless subjects previous to this one, and he wasn’t going to fail because this latest victim was a bit more stubborn than the others.

“You keep trying to resist the process, why would you do that? Don’t you see it’s only harming you? I’m going to break your mind sooner or later, and when I do, it will all be blissfully peaceful for you. Just give in…” The handler whispered softly, grinning at the man tied up to a chair before him.

The man used to have a name, but it had been erased long before. Now he was Brett, and nothing else. No past, no future, just the present. Or at least that would be the case when he finally managed to destroy all remaining barriers.

“Let me correct some of the parameters of this new device. I think it’ll do the trick, at last,” he said wolfishly, adjusting the preset conditions on his cell phone. It was easy enough now, technology had advanced so far! Before, years back, most of hypnosis was done by hand, a grueling process. Now, machines made life so much easier for people making a living out of brainwashing victims.

The device was simple enough: a few electrodes connected to Brett’s head, attached to an unreachable chip placed right between his shoulder blades. Most of the time, the young man was kept tied up and blindfolded, to further extend the effect of the brainwashing. It worked most of the time, and yet Brett somehow managed to wiggle his way back into some sort of consciousness after a while.

It was annoying, but the handler wasn’t going to give up until the job was done..

“There we go. It should be programmed to minimize your resistance now. It’ll send shocks whenever you begin experiencing intrusive thoughts. Thoughts of freedom, memories, that sort of crap. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t hurt too much,” he chuckled, clearly not caring whether it did or not. “Now, let’s go over the rules again.”

At the facility, Brett had to follow basic guidelines that never changed, making every single day almost the same as the one before. He had to comply dutifully, without hesitation, unless he wanted to be tied up. Those days, his handler forced him to endure yet another session, erasing his thoughts, destroying his memory, stripping away his humanity.

When he obeyed, things could be pleasant enough. Food was healthy and it honestly didn’t taste bad, and he even got to watch tv. Of course only propaganda movies or nature documentaries were available, but at least it was something.

And it was so much easier when he didn’t have to think, wasn’t it? Yes, so much easier, life was so simple when he just gave up and embraced the void. Nothing but the drive to follow commands, to pleasure the higher ups that came to him. Suck a cock, let someone fuck them, it was simple enough, it helped pass the time…

“No,” Brett couldn’t speak with the gag on, but he thought that word as loudly as he possibly could. “No. it’s not easy, it’s not good, it’s… AH!”

A grunt of distress was muffled by the gag placed inside his mouth, but it was still loud enough for his handler to immediately notice it.

“See? Intrusive thoughts. Not good. The device will fix it. Like Pavlov’s dog, you know? Think about something you shouldn’t, you get a discharge. Eventually, your brain will learn its lesson, trust me. It’s basic human behavior. Or animal behavior, really. All that matters is that you’re done causing problems here, Brett. This ends now. And trust me… life will be much easier for you when you just let go of the past, of your individuality. Just embrace it, embrace the void.”

Brett heard that sound, the sound he had been programmed to adore, and he couldn’t help but gasp with anticipation. He hated it, hated the handler, hated those men who thought they could use him as if he was little more than a sex toy.

And yet, as another shock made him tense all over, those angry thoughts seemed to vanish away, and only one instinct remained: The sound was good. The sound let him know, even when he was blindfolded, that the man in front of him had unzipped his pants.

That meant he got to suck cock, and that was what he was there for, wasn’t it? Obey, fullfill his daily exercises, eat right, be good and let the higher ups fuck him whenever they damned well pleased.

“I’m going to take off your gag now… and you’re going to give me a mind-blowing orgasm, do you understand?” The handler’s voice was smooth as butter. He knew what he was doing, and Brett wanted to hate him for it… but he couldn’t.

He tried, he truly tried, but whenever that thought entered his mind, another shock was released and it vanished like smoke escaping through a window.

Brett wanted to suck that cock, he wanted it so badly. Because that was what he was supposed to do. Obey, pleasure the higher ups, be a good boy.

The gag came off and Brett tried to yell. Scream anything. Calling out for help wouldn’t help, he knew it now after several incidents, but he still wanted to speak his mind. Feel like a human again.

But the device wouldn’t allow him to. The thought vanished again after a sharp pain, and his mind was so wonderfully empty, so devoid of ideas. Just obey, his instinct told him. Obeying keeps you healthy, content, it pushes the pain away. You get to go back to the room and watch a movie. No more being tied to the chair. No more shocks. Just… peace.

“Yes… Yes, I understand,” Brett found himself speaking out these words and any resistance was crushed by yet another bolt. He trembled all over, but didn’t struggle or try to run away when he was finally untied, when his blindfold was removed.

There he was, the handler: tall, handsome, in control. His cock was stiff and long, ready to be sucked.

And Brett wanted it in his mouth so goddamned badly. It was messed up, he didn’t truly want to suck a cock, did he?

…Did he?

“Come on, don’t waste any more time. You know what you’re supposed to do. I’ve trained you well, show me all the progress you’ve made,” the handler commanded, pushing his hips forward so the tip of his cock brushed against Brett’s lips.

The brainwashed man couldn’t fight it any longer: He opened his mouth as wide as he could and rolled his tongue all over that thick, erect cock, enjoying its taste, its musk. He drooled over that shaft, aching to take it into his mouth, and so he did that too. Wrapping his lips around the handler’s bulbous head and then taking inch after inch inside his greedy mouth.

Thoughts weren’t good, thoughts brought pain and discomfort. When Brett obeyed, everything was so much easier. When he just let the void fill his mind, nothing bothered him. He could just suck a cock or two, let a few men use his holes and then go back to his easy to follow routine.

Closing his eyes, Brett began to bob his head up and down the handler’s shaft, gulping down more and more of his cock with each new movement. Weeks before, Brett had gagged so miserably during his first blowjob, but now he could take it inside his throat without choking. It was certainly an improvement.

“That’s it, don’t try to think about anything at all. Just enjoy my cock in your mouth, just suck me faster, harder… yeah, just like that,” the handler grunted with arousal as his latest victim continued to bob his head up and down his throbbing cock. He was so close, and rewarding Brett was a great idea at this point.

The brainwashed man was thinking about nothing at all, he could tell. Those muscles were relaxed: he wasn’t getting any shocks as punishment. He was being a good victim, and deserved a reward for obeying so dutifully.

“You want my cum, don’t you? Then swallow it all!” he grunted loudly, thrusting deep inside Brett’s throat one last time, releasing his seed at long last. Brett gulped it down as he was expected to, and it felt so good to obey.

Obeying was easy. It was better to let go of all those intrusive thoughts. He was Brett now, he was there to pleasure the higher ups, and nothing more. No past, no future. Just the facility and his endless routine.



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