Boston Red Sox baseball hat girl hypnotized to become sissy girl

[M/F] Tomboy sports player becomes girly girl with subliminal hypnosis

Subliminal hypnosis/reprogramming
MF sex
Dubcon (dubious consent)

Jane swung hard.
The moment the bat slammed against the ball she knew: out of the park.
Sure, it was only a local women’s softball game; but Jane took pride in being the best player in the league. As she trotted the bases, trying not to show off, she checked the score board. These three runs made it 14 to 3. The “mercy rule” meant the game ended once one team had a ten run lead. With seven of those fourteen RBI, she was the clear choice for MVP, she almost always was.
She genuinely liked the rest of the team, and it was a pleasure to play with them, but she was the most serious athlete of them all. It had been that way all her life. She’d chosen sports over dolls at age three. She competed in triathlons. If she’d been born to a wealthy family, she might well have gone to the Olympics, but it was never in the cards.
Her body was built for athletics. Lean, wiry and with tiny, A-cup, breasts, she had never been “girly.” Polite people called her a “tomboy,” behind her back she was often called a “dyke.” That wasn’t true at all. Jane was straight as an arrow, and she’d had a few relationships over her twenty-two years on this Earth. But her work as a welder, and her love of athletics, left her with no time for anything serious.

Tall softball girl is hypnotized with hypno to become girly and sissy

Jane was saying good bye when the newest member of the team, Carol, approached her. Jane smiled politely, but she was not impressed. Carol was wearing heavy make-up to play a softball game. Her clothing was far more fashionable than functional for playing a game. Jane knew the type, treating this as just a lark, most likely quitting within weeks.
“Hi!” Carol began in her bubbly squeak of a voice.
“Hi,” Jane replied.
“You’re great!”
“No, I really mean it, you are amazing.”
Jane found herself softening a little, almost in spite of herself, at least Carol seems to care about the game.
Carol continued, “I know I don’t look like much. I really am not into this sort of thing.”
“So why did you come.”
“My new boyfriend wants me to get out and make new friends. And get in a little better shape.”
A boyfriend, wonderful. That was the worst possible motivation.
“He even made me a motivational music program.”
“Some mix?”
“More than that. It has a motivational subliminal track. It’s done wonders for me.”
Jane didn’t believe a word of it. Still, she had to try to play nice.
“I bet it might even help you,” Carol said.
“I can’t imagine how good you’d be with even more motivation.”
“I’m… I’m fine, thanks.”
“Oh come on, I can tell you really don’t believe me, but it’s a great mix anyway. You have nothing to lose, just give it a listen.”
“Here,” said Carol as she reached into her purse and produced a small flash drive. “My boyfriend’s company gives these things away as promos. They’re tiny, memory wise, but they can hold a decent size playlist. Catch.”
She lobbed it, underhand and high. Jane caught it with embarrassing ease.
“I couldn’t-” Jane began before Carol cut her off.
“Humor me. If you don’t like it, erase it and put new music on, just promise me you’ll listen once, ok?”
“Sure,” Jane said.
“That’s the spirit. See you next game.”
The bike ride home was twenty minutes. It wasn’t until after her shower, as she settled in her living room, she thought about the flash drive. It was a bunch of hokum, she was sure of it, yet she had given her word. Popping the flash drive into her laptop, without bothering to look at the playlist, and sent the sound to her sound system’s speakers. She’d paid damn good money for those speakers; no way she was using earbuds.
The first song was “All Star,” by Smashmouth, and she was already disappointed. How predictable could you be? The sad part was, it was a decent song, and she didn’t skip past it. She settled on the sofa to listen, but soon felt too jumpy to sit still. Restless, she stood, then spotted her treadmill. That would keep her occupied, without working up a huge sweat after she’d already showered.
She got up to a comfortable pace quickly. The mix played on, and she found herself enjoying it. An hour later, she stepped off the treadmill, feeling great. It was a nice mix, and upbeat enough to go with a workout. But Jane didn’t feel any different. It’s not like the mix could change her, but she figured she’d try again tomorrow.
Jane’s new, pink, workout shorts and bra felt great as she hit the treadmill and the mix. Sure, they were a little frilly, and the salesperson had billed them as “lingerie” instead of “sportswear,” but it’s not like anyone would see them. And, if they did, didn’t she want to look her best? Weird that the tag said B. Was that her cup size?
When Jane reached the treadmill, she was annoyed. Pumping weights had been more annoying than usual, her mascara kept running into her eyes and sweat smeared the rest of her make-up too. She couldn’t even remember why she put up with it this long. The treadmill was so much better, especially with Carol’s hot mix to go with it.
Carol missed tennis, the next day, as she went shopping for new work out shoes. The ones she picked out were nice, especially the three-inch heels, though it took a little while to adjust on the treadmill. Things needed to be broken in, after all.
She kept her appointment with Ben, her personal trainer, the next day. He acted a bit… odd. He kept saying she looked “different” and “better,” than before. That didn’t make any sense. She was still the same as before, just more motivated thanks to Carol’s awesome mix.

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He had her do way more push-ups than usual. Said something about “you’ll need these muscles a lot more now,” and offered to come by her home for an extra session later that week. He’d always been so nice. She wondered why she’d never invited him over before.
Jane had to miss work the next day. She was working out so much none of her shirts fit anymore. Her D-cups needed a lot of support, after all, and she figured a whole new wardrobe was in order. She broke out the credit card and headed to a shop she’d never tried. It was supposedly in a bad part of town, but who believed that stuff? The first thing the salesman asked her was “Street? Or high class?” and she, instinctively, knew to say “Street.”
She was so proud of her new outfit; she wore the smallest of it as she walked the treadmill, listening to Carol’s divine mix.
The weekend had arrived.
After her first three hours on the treadmill, the mix playing on an eternal loop, Ben showed up for her free extra session. He looked shocked when he saw her, saying something about them being even bigger, but she was paying more attention to his toned, rock-hard, muscles than anything he was saying.
They started with jumping jacks, her tits nearly busting out of her nippleless training bra. Then more push-ups.
He watched, more intently than he ever had before. Jane knew she must really be doing well, for him to take such a personal interest. As she finished another push-up, which was so easy since her boobies nearly reached the floor anyway, he nervously asked her:
“Would you like a rub down?”
She nodded, batted her eyes, and pointed to her bedroom. After all, that would be so much more comfortable. She did take one moment to switch the music to the bedroom speakers. It was soooooooo good, after all.
As his warm, firm hands glided over her, freshly moisturized, skin she wondered why he hadn’t done this before. Or why she hadn’t asked. It felt like her muscles were melting under his expert touch.
“Jane,” he said after what seemed like hours, “If you want what I think you want, you have to fire me first. I can’t be your trainer and…” he trailed off.
“Okey dokey, mister strong guy, you’re fired,” she giggled.
“Oh thank God! You’re so hot now Jane, I don’t know how; I just know I want to fuck you so bad.”
“How about you fuck me good, instead?”
He didn’t need any more convincing. He started by tearing off what little clothing she was wearing, then threw off his shorts and shirt in the blink of an eye. Jane turned to get a look at the part of him she now cared about most. She was not disappointed. Not only was his cock a good eight inches, it was thick and cut, just the way she’d dreamed.
“Mmm stud,” she said, all but drooling, “Janie needs cock.”
She reached up to take his meat in her hand. It was already rock hard, but it twitched when she made contact. She could already feel his lust, his need, and she felt so special knowing she could be the one to fulfil it. She slid her fingers gently up the shaft to the hair surrounding the base. He let out his first whimper of delight and she vowed there would be many more.
She knelt on the bed before him and slid his cock into her mouth. She took it deep the very first time, taking the whole thing past her mouth and down her throat, just like she’d always loved to do. Then she pulled back fast, her lips vacuumed to his cock the whole way. She wasn’t subtle, slurping right back down again, then hitting a fast rhythm as she sucked up and down his throbbing cock at high speed.
“Oh Janie,” Ben moaned, using her new name correctly on the first try. “You’re going to make me cum. Do you want it?”
She nodded as eagerly as she could with a cock deep down her throat. Her eyes though, really showed how much she craved it.
“Oh Janie, oh, oh, here it comes… here… I… cum!”
She made sure to wrap her lips around the head to suck eagerly at his spurting cum. She had always loved the taste of cum, but now she knew she loved it more than anything.
“That was… that… that…” Ben could barely speak. But Janie wasn’t done with him yet. She pulled him to the bed; he offered no resistance. As he moved his head to the pillow, she straddled him.
“I don’t know if I can-“
“Get hard for me baby,” she whispered.
He did.
At last, she saw why those push-ups were so important. She carefully positioned her cunt over his already revived hard on, and lowered just enough to take the tip inside her.
“Mmm… Janie likes Ben’s cock. Is Ben going to give it to Janie?”
“Oh yeah.”
“Really give it to Janie?”
“Let’s go.”
She lowered herself slowly, her breasts pushing into his chest, his cock sliding ever so slowly into her dripping wet cunt.
“Oh Janie,” he gasped, “you are so hot.”
“Thanks stud, now let’s get to it.”
In perfect push-up position, she began riding his cock like the whore she looked like. Pushing against him, mashing her fun bags into his smooth, built, chest, squeezing herself around him. Her incredible fitness let her fuck on, and on, and on.
“I can’t believe this… this is so…” Ben was on cloud nine, almost overloading with pleasure. She could tell he was on the edge again.
“Come on stud,” she panted, her cardio just starting to flag, “let go. Fill me up. I know you want to, and I’m on the pill.”
“You are?”
She nodded wickedly.
“Oh Janie! Oh Janie! Oh Janie! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!”
He exploded inside her! She could feel the flood of his semen filling her insides. This had always been the most fulfilling thing in her life. It was what she exercised for, why she kept in shape. To show off her hot body to men so she could seduce them into giving her all the cum she could ever want.
Janie called the next morning to quit softball. Her titties were way too big to play that silly game. And there were so many other fun games to play now. She made a point of getting Carol’s phone number before she hung up on her pleading coach. She had to find a way to thank Carol and her boyfriend for the awesome mix. Maybe they’d like a threesome?

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