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Your body will be feminized with bigger breasts and butt. You will love giving blowjobs. You become ultra submissive when you give head. You may even orgasm just by giving head.

Lipstick Lover

You are gorgeous and beautiful. And whenever you wear lipstick, you you become ten times as gorgeous and you become extremely horny at the same time. you have a Lipstick fetish. You can’t get enough. All you want is more. Lipstick has an incredible effective on you.

Feminization Cockslut Fantasy

[MtF] You are transformed into a beautiful, shapely woman and forced to suck and fuck a series of men. Each time you swallow a load, your shape becomes more and more feminine. Your breasts and butt become larger. Your skin becomes smooth and you become increasingly submissive. you love the cum in your mouth, its your favorite thing. you are unbearably horny for cocks. You will remain in this beautiful woman body for 3 hours after listening

WARNING: Very intense. You are brainwashed to enjoy being abused as a fuck slut and humiliated. You love to pose for the camera and be a freak. Never being good enough. Wanting to be used by every single person that you see, no matter ugly they are, even perverted old men. Buy slut clothes and wear them all the time. Wear high heels. Ache to be a whore, pissed on and abused. Be a dumb little piggy whore. Go further with your sexuality and explore deeper and more depraved kinks.

Suitable for women, MtF, or sissies.
Tags: For-women, degradation, humiliation, brainwashing, enema, breast tying

suitable for any biological gender that identifies as female.

This file will help you with your fitness goals without making you too bulky and masculine.

You will gain a strong, capable, and beautiful body when you listen to this. It also helps you love who you are, eat plenty of vegetables, exercise more, and increase your feminine power in general. Click title to play. 

You love moving your hips like a beautiful woman. Feeling the urge to move whenever you can, your joints free to express with feminine movement. Love being a dancing girl!
Suitable for biological females and MtF females. Click title to play.

Pay Files

No more pussy for you. You are officially pussy-free. Your tiny little sissy dick isn’t worth fucking anyway. It’s useless. Learn your place. You’ll be jerking it for a real cock today. 

Contains gay f-word and hardcore degradation.

You don’t need that clit, sissy. So you need to learn to never use it. Lock it away in a chastity device. Even if it begs for stimulation, that will be denied. You will learn to love that! You will not need it while you are being bred, anyway. Wear your cage as much as possible. Never take it off. Feminize yourself. 

tags: emasculation, sissification, feminization, humiliation, mtf

This file will activate feminine hormones in your body.

You’re not quite a girl, but you’re certainly not much of a man. I’ll show you what you really are. You already have a tiny clit of a dick, and it’s going to shrink down even more. You have big hungry nipples, and that’s not very masculine either. You have two holes and you let other men use them. It’s not very dignified getting fucked like you, but you’ll learn to like it. “Two Holes, Two Tits and a Clit”

Results from original request: “Wow! You took a few bullet points and phrases and crafted something that reaches right into my cerebral cortex. Amazingly on point, button-pushing and truly insightful. The first couple of times I listened I was actually trembling. Truly cementing what’s already there, it was comforting, exciting and liberating to hear”This file is not the same as God’s Gay Emasculation Curse. This is completely different and unrelated.

Humiliation, degradation, emasculation. Penis shrinking. 

The desire to become healthy “because it’s the right thing to do” just doesn’t motivate you. That never works for you. You are only motivated by the prospect of becoming better for alpha males. These highly-desirable men are demanding. You should be in great shape if you wish to please them, and now this is the only reason you do it. You do it for them. These men are above you, and you would climb the highest mountain barefoot just for the opportunity to kiss the ground your Superior walks on. Pure absolute devotion, respect, and humility.  You eat the best foods for you.  You exercise regularly for dominant men. You develop a very lean, beautiful body. You will develop the PERFECT sissy body for these men to enjoy. You are below alpha males and live to serve them. You create this body for them. 

Contains: Sissy submission, humiliation, degradation, servitude, devotion, MtF

This is a more extreme experience than usual, with harsh language, degradation, and sissy encouragement. Gay “F” word used. Serve dominant men as Gods. Become used as sissy fuckmeat. Destroy your ego and self-worth. Become a sexy object only  for alpha men. 

This is an ultra-deep, hour long mind-fucking where you are forced to worship and suck alpha male cock. It becomes the entire purpose of your life. You want to lock up your little clitty and promise to never use it, because all of your focus is on serving big alpha male dick, sucking on it whenever possible. This file is incredibly powerful, a full hour of intense sissy brainwashing 

No one has to know your true identity. You can be secretly female. This will help you become more feminine in your private life without it sinking into your public life. Your female self has a female shape and a female mind. This part of you is also very submissive.

There is no turning back now. You will turn completely female. You have no choice. You are being brainwashed into it. Your willpower cannot hold you back once you start. This will go deep into you and make you completely female in every way.

Become younger and more feminine. You become emotionally younger, much like a teenage girl, along with your appearances, as you become smaller, shorter, your body heals, female hormones, breast/butt growth, head hair growth.

You will see and feel a pair of massive breasts on your body at all times. You feel them bouncing. You feel the weight. You sense them pressing against your clothing. Does not cause any real growth. Gender neutral, suitable for anyone. 
Warning: This is a curse file, which means the effect will remain permanently. 

Train your mind so that you are accustomed to speaking from higher in the throat and head. This makes you sound much more feminine.

You find yourself daydreaming and fantasizing about being a gorgeous girl, and you can’t stop it. You are forced to fantasize only about that wonderful femininity and nothing else.
If you watch a video, you feel exactly like the girl in the video. If you have sexual fantasies, it will only involve you being a very feminine girl.

(Fantasy only) When you put on your magic bra, you can feel and see your big breasts. You can morph into any female that you want to.

This is a very deep and mysterious file that you will have to listen to in order to find out what will happen. Be warned, though. Anything could happen. If you choose to listen to this, then you will be subject to all of the permanent effects.
Suitable for any gender.
May include submission and domination themes, feminization, and mind control roleplay. You may also find it very hard to remember, making the contents and effects very hard to recall. This gives you a new surprise every single time you listen.

Allow Me to decide your fate today. Just like in the first Feminine Surprise, you do not get to know what is going to happen. Isn’t it nice to just let someone else decide for you? That makes you extra receptive. You may find yourself wanting to follow more and more.

There is one difference compared to the first surprise, though. You will be allowed to remember what happened to you this time (but only this time).

This recording will make you more feminine and sensual in your mind. Suitable for any biological gender. Can be used for MtF (male to female) or females that just want to be more feminine-minded.

This file features an alien abduction story, where your body is slowly evaporated from your location as you drift through space. You find yourself finally on the operating table, receiving a wonderful brain implant that turns your mind ultra-feminine for an extra-terrestrial experiment. You will re-condense back into human form where you started, feeling an uncontrollable urge to be more feminine. This is a fantasy, but the effects remain afterwards.

Effects: Sensuality (feeling through senses), Advanced level of love, appreciation, openness, playful naughtiness, receptivity, surrender, appreciation of beauty, girlishness

Such a fun file to listen to. I get so relaxed, and feel so good. I feel so beautiful after I listen to it!! Thank you so much for the file.

You will wear hot women’s clothing. You will feel your breasts and nipples become sensitive, and you will feel your pussy getting wet. You will feel a pleasurable sensation when you put on women’s clothing. Warning: Once you listen to this, you will have a compulsion to wear female clothing, and you cannot stop it.

You feel like you have gigantic, round breasts for the entire day after listening. Your nipples are big, hard, and sensitive. You can feel them bulging on your chest and you love it.  It feels like an incredible pleasure, it feels like your dream. With every listen, your real life breasts grow bigger.

Go into your girl place. Let go of all ideas you have about who and what you are, and get in the ZONE. The Girl Zone, where you are a free girl who can do what she wants.You don’t care about anything else. nothing else matters. You just want to have a ton of fun and get yourself off in any way that you please. Feel totally shameless. You grow huge tits and a beautiful perfect pussy. These changes will remain permanently.

Feminization, transformation, breasts, growth, boobs, vagina, curse

Whenever you look at a photo or video with a female in it, you become that woman (in fantasy). You experience all her feelings, all emotions, feel her body, everything exactly as it happens. You cannot stop this from happening. You only feel into female characters. 

This will not affect your body in real life, and the effect is temporary.

Your breasts grow larger and larger every day. Fuller, rounder, and perkier. Works for any biological gender.
Feel the construction crew building them up without any effort on your part. A golden liquid light fills them, making them expand like balloons.

Feminine FAQ

Will these hypnosis files change my body?
Yes, hypnosis can change the shape of your body and the ideas, thoughts, and feelings in your mind. Notably, there are studies showing that breast size can be increased using hypnosis.
However, some of the files are imaginary, and have no effect on the body, so you can keep your body as it is and experience the fantasy. The description will tell tell you if the change is real or not.

How often should I listen to get results?
Once every day or two will work fine.

Do I need to go deep for it to work?
No, my files are always made to work, regardless of how ‘deep’ you go. It is largely irrelevant, but many people find they go unconscious during listening. 


“Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how amazing your files are!! I listened to your flexible on youtube and felt there was some improvement. then i saw the dancing girl one. I have no desire or intention of being a woman, but i thought it would be a fun file to try. I was amazed how good i felt when i woke up. i just kept dancing. while dancing, i didnt think i was doing or forced to think like a woman, it was more like making my hips move felt really good, and i liked that feeling. After about 20 minutes, i was able to continue with my day, but while doing housework, i did notice doing little dances while washing the dishes or folding clothes. it actually made doing chores a bit more fun!! Thank you for such a great experience!!


11 responses to “Feminization”

  1. Sharri Avatar

    You really should consider recording extreme versions of various hypno-files that are permanent such as impotence, beach-ball sized breasts, IQ lowering to Bimbo levels, lip growth to puffy sock sucking size, wasp waist transformation, rubber doll training, total mind enslavement to a master, unable to walk in heels less than four inches, obsession with sucking cocks & getting fucked but not even a glimmer of the idea of using whatever was between the legs prior to listing to the extreme hypno files & so much more…

  2. Phillip Avatar

    I wanna be sissy girl.

  3. Becky Avatar

    I promise to submit and commit myself fully to become the girl I’m ment to be, I’m willing to be filmed and photographed every step of the way. You can use me however you want, share me with others or keep me for yourself. Thank you, should I call you master or something else?

    1. Mariah Avatar

      Becky, as a sister please don’t share too much info it’s not safe for you, be careful

  4. Silverstar Avatar

    Wish that I more sissy that wants to become more my pussy/ass becomes more more pussy to fucked and orgasm. That my sissy cock become my slit becomes a slit now. My breasts grow bigger and bigger. I would ddd breasts. The orgasms are all over my body’s.

    1. Mariah Avatar

      you are a lucky gurl

  5. mariah Avatar

    please ignore my previous post

  6. Mariah Avatar

    please ignore my.previous posts, I was being Silly.Masters files are so wonderful

  7. Sissy mariah Avatar
    Sissy mariah

    feminization brainwash is a wonderful file. it’s let’s you be the real you.

  8. chris Avatar

    lip growth to puffy pouty size shape, wasp waist transformation, female walk movement mannerisms.
    In addition to the video a file where one becomes the female in a written story.
    a slave auction?

  9. marissa Avatar

    I love these files. I have listed to 3 of them and now i am openly flirting more with guys in chat and getting into it and smiling. I just listed to degraded girl and it seems to have affected me. oh my.. i keep thinking i love master and i keep smiling.

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