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Free Files

Ultimate Abs (No Workout Needed)

Follow along and relax for the first 10 minutes.

After that, you will be instructed to IMAGINE exercising.

You will be guided through each exercise and this will trick your body/mind into thinking you have actually exercised–and your body will improve.

If you want to listen to this in your sleep, it’s best to listen while awake a few times until you have become accustomed to using your imagination to exercise.

After you do this, the effect will work much better, even when you sleep.

Microphone used:

Become A Muscle Nerd

No knowledge is too obscure–whether that is muscle building knowledge 

(that you put to excellent use!), or your favorite nerd media.

Become stronger– work out more and eat better

Become more intelligent–learn about muscle building 

Muscle building

Intelligence increase

Tabletop games

Comics and superheroes

Science fiction

Pop culture and cult classics

Math and sciences


Through the power of hypnosis, we increase your intelligence, making you better and better. No matter what kind of nerdy stuff you’re into, you will be embracing it totally and completely.

Shorter Slimmer Younger

The effect is very simple. Just like the title says, you will become shorter, slimmer, and younger. You continue to shrink like this until you stop listening, at which point the effect stops. You shrink as fast as possible, but it happens proportionally, in the right way for your body. You remain healthy, but lean and light. People will begin to question if you are a skinny kid or a small adult. You keep a good posture, even as you shrink. You keep your adult intelligence.  You remain an adult in intelligence and function. 

Bald Blue Collar Mustache

Under My hypnotic control, you become a simplistic, lackadaisical, but masculine man, and you are forced to like being this way. You gain a dad-bod, become bald, body-haired, and  gain a mustache, along with the blue-collar attitude. 

Cocky Muscle Italian Custom

In this VERY customized audio, you become a cocky italian-american musclehead college-age jock. You become hyper masculine and rough on the edges. You love to take risks, live with high testosterone, and think about muscle building all day long. Drink beer, get arm/chest tattoos, walk with a swagger. Thick hair on your chest. Dress like a straight guy from the East Coast with a philly accent. Jeans and t-shirts, gym clothes etc. Charismatic extroverted personality, even to the point of “toxic masculinity”.

You become sexually adventurous with men, even though you’re outwardly straight-acting, you’re willing to top any ass, be fucked by any cock, and suck men off. Group sex, get sucked off, into spit, masculine smells, etc. Eat your own cum, suck cock like jocks in a porno, get horny and excited at sucking cock and even more when you swallow. Your gag reflex is disabled so that you can deepthroat more cock. 

*This is a very intricate custom-ordered file, so it will only be suitable for certain people.

You learn to wake up and get up immediately in the morning. You are an important leader of others and you are motivated to lead. The beginning of the day is crucially important, and you feel alive and excited when you awaken. You feel ready to start your day. It truly sets the stage for an amazing day to begin, starting with some exercise. 

Today I will erase your reality. I will make you think less and make less decisions. all that you need to do with your life is to build your body. Everything is about building up the muscles on your body. The only reason that you go to work is to make your body more muscular with jock hypnosis. Your only purpose is working out and eating and building up your body. You don’t have to think about anything else. You don’t have to worry about anything. You just become a mindless drone now and forever. I am your priority now. Following The Way is all that you need to do. 

When you lift weights you become very dumb. And that feels incredibly good. It’s all about lifting weights, feeling it in your mind-muscle connection. Hypnotically growing your jock muscles. Click title to listen on YouTube.

The Hypno Barber’s Muscle Man ASMR

You step into a barbershop, and as you are getting a trim, you become very turned on. The Barber notices and then straps you into his chair, which causes your muscles to grow huge while he gives you a military-style flat-top haircut.

You become abducted by aliens and beamed into the mothership in another galaxy. You find yourself in an extraterrestrial experiment to make you ultra-manly. They change your brain with alien implants that cause you to have ultra masculinity. Click title to listen.

Personality Traits: Action oriented,  generous, encouraging, abundant, clear-minded, intellectual, growing, forwardness, look people in the eye, take on fears, powerful, worthy, sharp  

You find a genie. He is the ideal and biggest bodybuilder you have ever seen. As you admire the various parts of his magnificent, hard body, you are granted wishes of muscular growth and size. You hulk out of the T-shirt with the massive pump and growth with the tightness that comes from a hard pump. Same with chest, last, quads and bubble butt glutes. Manhood also grows in size as you desire. Extreme muscle growth. Bigger than the genie you admire.

Click title to listen on YouTube.

Hulk Transformation

In this fantasy (not real effects), you are exactly like the hulk now. when you get angry, you get bigger and more muscular. Your body hurts as it expands but you keep getting bigger anyway… you cannot help but like it. Your upper body becomes monstrous in size, until your muscle fibers begin to twitch with excitement.

Pay Files

Having trouble choosing? Get all of the Transformation files in one package (plus extras). This includes Self Improvement, Fitness, Muscle, Masculinization) files.

Domesticated Bodybuilder

You don’t need to think so much. You’re dumb, but you know your purpose in serving powerful men. You work out hard to become bigger and more muscular, with absolute submission in mind. You keep yourself clean and shaved all over, with tight fitting clothes to show off your body (which you show off a lot).

You are strong and useful. You are docile, obedient, polite, humble and eager to please. What you think does not matter. You live to make the lives of dominant men better. When you are around them, they should not have to lift a finger.

You will do anything for them– whether it is housework, cooking, cleaning, rubbing their feet, running their errands, physical labor, driving them, or providing any form of gratification that they desire. You are grateful to receive punishment for anything they see as unacceptable. 

You become more masculine all over. Your body is manly. Your personality is manly. You grow a more muscular body, but most importantly, you grow a more hairy body ALL over. Absolutely everywhere.  You produce more semen, and more potent semen.  Your body produces so much, it feels like it is exploding from you. Suitable for any sexual preference.

If you are looking to get into competition-level body shape, or just get real serious about your training, then this one is for you. Wake up at 4 am. Eat a meal. Work out. Eat 5 more meals throughout the day. Your body is hungry and ready to digest all of it, turning it into pure muscle. Eat, train, and work at your job effectively. Gain your perfect mind-muscle connection.  Get to work on the things that will move you forward in your life, and never waste any time. This is your bodybuilder lifestyle. 

Listen 2-3x a week regularly, or at your own preferred intervals.

You’re only allowed to listen to this after you’ve had a good hard workout. You’re going to sink down as you watch bodybuilder videos and edge over and over as I grow your muscles and turn you into a man just like the ones you’re watching. This will make an awesome recovery for you. Heavy tease and denial. You will need a vape and nipple clamps for best results.

The first Muscle Freak file was a huge success, but this one explores new techniques. You’re going to obsess over your muscle growth. You will do anything it takes to become an absolute FREAK. Your ENTIRE LIFE is based around growing your muscles as large as possible.
Your only focus in life is your training, your nutrition, and other things that make you big and muscular.
Your cock and balls will grow larger. You will experience a natural increase in arousal, but your sexual energy will be focused into your training to make your body even better.

Become a powerful alpha male freak, with a huge cock/balls and virile sperm. Grow bigger and taller. Dominance and power. Hands, legs, feet, entire body growing larger. Bloodflow, stamina, flexibility. Ability to attract women powerfully. Masturbate less, fuck women more. Combination of Alpha Male, Mutant Muscle Freak, Himbo, Penis Growth, and Grow Taller.
Suitable for straight males only.

Make your body the way that YOU want it to be. Not the way that anyone else wants it to be. Make your body into the most optimum body that you could possibly think of. Then make it better than that.

You’re going to get a light workout when you go under today, but most of all, you are going to show off your muscles. First you will drop into a deep, mindless trance, and then you will be instructed to pose and flex. Your muscles will pump with blood, and swell bigger than ever before.

WARNING: Intense language. Not for everyone.

THE MOST popular recording on Transform Hypnosis, and for good reason — it is very powerful. However, this is not for everyone. You may enjoy this if you like the idea of being less human (or more than human). This isn’t for those who JUST want some subconscious automatic muscle growth…. Or even a LOT of growth. You’ll find plenty of that in other places around here. This is intended to cause illogical levels muscle growth that will consume you.

This WILL consume your life. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else if that makes you uncomfortable. But no. You don’t care. You’re an absolute animal. A barbarian. A bestial, gigantic, zoo creature.

The ground shakes when you walk, and you look like you pull sequoia trees out of the ground with your bare hands.You are an ATROCITY.  A freak show. You feel disgusting and you only want more.

Effects: Muscle growth, Height increase, Bone growth, Organ growth, Hormone production, Fat reduction, weight lift motivation

The idea of going to the gym is very pleasurable. You want only to go, and once you get there, you are totally focused on your workout, knowing there is no need for you to think of anything  else, because that is not necessary. You enter a sort of trance as you workout. All the stress of the day disappears. You are in another world, an amazing place. Every exercise makes you feel a growing pleasure and satisfaction. When you go back home, safely, the pleasure turns into a sexual pleasure,  even an orgasm and then a deep state of relaxation and appreciation. The little hurts of the following days make you remember the pleasure you felt and the desire to do it again. The power of this pleasure overcomes you and forces you to the gym so you can get your relief and pleasure.

Build your body for someone else. Work out your muscles and eat well. Become a muscle slave with the purpose of serving them. You will find it VERY motivating to do it for them. Show off your nude body to the one you serve.

Focus on becoming attractive and thinking less.
Effects include:
Bigger Muscles
Desire to sculpt body and stay in shape.
Lose fat
Eat food that is great for you
Grow a bigger penis
Groom your body and dress attractively (a huge part of your attractiveness!)
Beautiful face, body, hair, skin,

Mustache hair grows longer and thicker than every before. You find yourself with an irresistible and inescapable need to grow and wear a mustache. You only want to wear a mustache, no other facial hair. You are compelled to grow it freely and without restriction, wanting to keep it big and bushy. You want it so much, that you are left completely and totally unable to remove it and very reluctant to trim it.

Train your mind so that you are accustomed to speaking from deeper in the throat and chest. This makes you sound much more manly.

Using the power of the mind, your penis grows longer and thicker, with better erection quality. This makes it fuller, so that you have more blood flow. You are relaxed and confident, making it easier to get a great erection.

You will also be following your own schedule of penis growth exercises (such as stretching and/or jelqing), and this audio file will make sure that you follow your schedule perfectly and get the results that you want, or better.

Combining the mind work with physical work is the only one-two punch combo that will make your penis bigger, and keep it consistently that way.

It’s time to get manly AF. Produce the biggest, thickest, most radical beard ever.

It’s all about becoming a big man and having more.

  • Increased manliness
  • Increased body hair
  • Muscularity
  • Heavy, husky and thick body
  • Increased manliness
  • Increased body hair
  • Warrior/Guardian Mindset
  • Attitude of abundance (having more)

The Ultimate Muscle series uses brainwave signals and voice directions to change the nature of your body and your behavior. It is designed to have a different recording for each day of the week, but you may choose to listen to one or all of them that you like. [More details in the FAQ]

Each recording features a virtual workout session–a method that recent studies have shown to be very effective, even without any exercise (though it will massively improve any exercise regimen). It also uses hypnotic methods for muscle improvements, with only the best methods chosen after getting feedback from users over the years (this is why it’s called the Ultimate). No one could have better ideas for improvement than the people who actually use it!

You don’t have to workout in real life to make it effective, but listening will often make you crave to lift weights anyway.

The full program comes with 7 recordings–one for each day of the week.

Ultimate Recovery is for the day off. An extra deep, serene, and beautiful experience that will leave you feeling better than ever. The day when you are sore from your workout, and need some time to heal. Maximize this time by using it to repair your muscles and replace them with even greater size and strength.

You will be taken away by a wonderful dip into a golden healing pool, feeling it slowly rise up through your body, filling you with a light that repairs your muscles and makes them even better. Afterwards, your body uses its natural healing and repair system

You may also use this recording if you are feeling under the weather, sore from workouts, or have an injury that is preventing you from exercising very much. Because it is even deeper and more relaxing than the other recordings, this is the ideal audio for your down time.
Don’t forget that about 90% of muscle building time is in the repair and rebuild process. So optimize this time and use it to make your body into a powerhouse.

Ultimate Shoulders focuses on the size and shape of your shoulder muscles. This includes the trapezius, deltoids (front, middle, and rear), and even the inner muscles that make up the rotators.
The aim is to create a very powerful upper body look, with extra strength as well.
You will also be guided through a virtual shoulder workout. Before you start, familiarize yourself with the following exercises:
-Shoulder press
-Lateral/side raise
-Upright cable row
-Rear delt raise

Ultimate Back focuses on building a sculpted, defined back area with a thickset musculature.
This includes the trapezius (shoulders and upper back), Laterals(side of back), upper back groups, and erector spinae (lower back).
It also focuses on biceps and forearms, because these are also needed for back exercises
You will be guided through a virtual back workout. Before you start, familiarize yourself with the following exercises:
-Bent-over row
-Cable row

Ultimate Chest focuses on building a large muscular chest, in both the upper and lower regions. It also focuses a little bit on the arms (especially the triceps, because they are involved with pushing movements)
The recording will guide you through a virtual workout. Please familiarize yourself with the following exercises before you start:
-Bench Press
-Incline Bench Press
-Cable Flys

Ultimate Arms focuses on creating thick, beastly forearms, biceps with huge peaks, and definition in your triceps.Ultimate Arms focuses on creating thick, beastly forearms, biceps with huge peaks, and definition in your triceps.The recording will guide you through a virtual workout. Please familiarize yourself with the following exercises before you start:

-Bicep curls

-Lying Tricep Extensions

-Hammer curls

-Tricep Pushdowns

Ultimate Legs focuses on building size and shape in your leg muscles, to make them as large and defined as possible. This includes all the msucles in the feet, calves, thighs, and glutes.
You will also be guided through a virtual leg workout. Before you start, familiarize yourself with the following exercises:
-Sitting leg curls
-Standing calf raises
-Sitting calf raises

Sculpt your abdominals and core. It works great when you give a dedicated session to your abs, making you really enjoy and appreciate them, all while improving them beyond anything you’ve had before.
If you are interested in trimming down, this is the best one out of the Ultimate series. It is focused more on sculpting, while the others are focused more on increasing mass.
The recording will guide you through a virtual workout. Please familiarize yourself with the following exercises before you start:
Leg lifts
Side Crunch

Build a powerful, masculine body and mind. The mindset of a hero. The body of  a champion. You will do anything to attain these things. You will feel empowered and confident, and this confidence will flow into all other parts of your life automatically. You are filled with the best alpha male traits.

Your body becomes more muscular and defined as your natural testosterone increases. You have a larger, stronger body in all areas. Even your genitals grow in size to match your masculinity. Your sexual health improves as a result, making you virile and energetic. Your voice also deepens.

You develop an iron willpower, a need to go further with every aspect of your life, and an unstoppable mindset.

Expect an immediate change in mental traits after a few listens, and expect physical changes to be visible after one or two months of daily listening

Hit the link and read the wild reviews on this one…

Pop this on during your workout session and go into a waking trance, guided to lift. Relaxing your mind while your body squeezes and pulls heavy weights. Let go of your thoughts, you don’t need them during this time. The only thing you need is heavy lifting, while your mind becomes empty, blissful, and thoughtless. All your worries and pointless thoughts are gone.

This is your time to let the whole world go, and let your lifting session become a relaxing vacation in muscle build paradise.

Three different voice tones used to confuse the mind and help you think less while you exercise

BONUS: Play this during your sleep, and your mind will be in muscle building mode all night. An entire night’s sleep in anabolic mode. Works best if listen while awake/working out at least once first.

The fantasy is an experience, but the residual effects remain real. You become abducted by aliens, evaporating your human body from wherever you are, and transported to the mothership in another galaxy, where the aliens augment their experimental human with a new hardware upgrade: Supernaturally powered muscle fibres. This is advanced technology that makes your muscles bigger, harder, and stronger.

Feel yourself melt and evaporate, being transported through space-time onto that mystical operating table that you know and love.

Feel as they open up your body parts, one by one, making each little bit drift away as each part of you becomes developed.

Waking up, you feel these new permanent robotic super-connectors between your bones, like robotic joints. Your muscles feel a new toughness with the perfect elasticity for optimum performance. They also feel larger and slightly more fibrous.

This is a great fantasy, though it will cause actual physical effects

Effects: Muscle strength, Muscle size, Joint/Sinew strength

Ever since Milton Erickson made a man grow 12 inches taller in the 1960’s, our ideas of what is possible with suggestion to the human mind have completely changed. The methods used were not complicated. In fact, they are similar to what is used in this recording.

Most people prefer taller mates, so you can actually make yourself more attractive by becoming taller.

This recording is intended to lengthen and extend your entire body, muscles, bones, and joints. Straightening up your body to stand taller as well. I hope you experience the most gigantic growth!

Become a bodybuilding champion. Do whatever it takes to work out hard, break way past your pain barrier, and eat the right foods. Become a dominant bodybuilding gay man that has power over other gay men. Power over weights and power over other gay men. You crave absolutely intense bodybuilding training, and you make it your life. No matter how you feel, you summon the power to train and your body has a natural infinite strength that makes you even more powerful.

You produce rock hard erections like a teenage male (or better). You are hard all the time, even when you are not particularly horny. Sexual things drive your dick crazy. Just rubbing against something in your pants will make it hard. You will be hard in inappropriate situations (that’s totally normal for a teen, or anyone with an over-active cock). You will get hard whenever you follow my instructions. Your sexual energy is through the roof. It is uncontrollable. 
“Thank you for the file. I absolutely love it! I’m so very happy you had fun with making this one too.” -S

Every time you taste a cigar, you feel a craving for working out, getting big and huge. You imagine the sensation of your muscles squeezing and lifting weights, that draws you to lift.You want to eat tons of good foods. The cigar drives you crazy with the desire to become incredibly muscled

You no longer need to think. All you can think about is lifting weights, becoming bigger and better. It feels good to have all your thoughts go away, so you can turn into a muscle freak. 

This file works so good. Whatever I try to think about just keeps coming back to the gym haha

After drinking from the fountain of youth, you become a perfect muscular teen boy with youthful, smooth skin, muscles that look almost soft, but obviously huge and powerful. You have teenage face and hair, perfect hair stylishly cut. Smooth skin, clear eyes, barely any facial hair. You have an easy, fluid posture that teens have before their bodies settle into an adult frame. That teenage energy and metabolism, teenage hormones running wild, growing cock and balls insatiably horny and hungry for sensation. That cocky, carefree attitude of an alpha teen, comfortable in the knowledge he’s the biggest, most virile teen stud in the world.

This file is amazing. After listening about 20 times I have literally become younger. I lift weights anyway but now my muscles are so tighter and swole, People keep saying I look 17. And my skin and eyes have become really clear. Feels amazing

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does it work?
Yes, it really works. Many people have used these techniques to gain muscle mass or otherwise change the body, and the hypnotic techniques make it work even better.

Can you gain muscle without working out?
Yes, you can use any of these files to gain muscle without ever working out. But the best results come from listening AND working out.

How can I best use hypno to help with training?
Set a listening schedule and stick with it. Every 1-2 days will work best. Once a day is fine. You don’t need more than that. Most files are 30 mins, and that is only 2% of your day. Stay awake while listening.

Should I be conscious of it while listening?
Yes, you may be fully aware and awake while listening. That is fine.

Is it okay if I go unconscious?
Yes, Some people go totally blank and forget the whole thing. That will work fine for most files. You have still heard the whole thing, you just forgot it because you dropped deep into it. The effects will remain.

Is hypnosis the same as visualization?
You might call muscle hypnosis ‘visualization on steroids’.

How many sessions does it take?
You can have amazing results from just one session. If you want visible results, listen every 1-2 days and you’ll see changes in a few weeks.

What are some signs that it is working?
Instantly, you may feel more positive about yourself. You may feel stronger and broader. You may feel more motivated. You develop a great mind-muscle connection. With time, the way you look changes too.


“This is the best body building/workout file you can get. Jack is amazing. He guides you with his strong, addicting voice and leaves enough room for your imagination to fill in the blanks using your own imagination. This makes the file highly customizable and personal. If you keep listening, Jack stays with you during the day and that’s a good thing. The feelings, thoughts and emotions are powerful and positive. I’ve been listening to this a couple of times a day every day and I promise you, if you are truly into a transformation for the better, this file can provide it. You’re incredible, Jack!”

“This hypnosis file makes me feel more confident about myself, manly and attractive. It encourages me to work on my body and mind. I get so relaxed when I listen to it, experience such pleasant sensations… I can’t describe how I love this file…”

“I’ve been going the gym once a week for the past two years. Until lately, I simply forced myself to go; I didn’t enjoy it, I even hated it, but if I did not go, I’d feel even worse. I’m in my late 50’s, and am simply trying to prevent my body from atrophying too much.
OK, so I’ve been reading the trance emails, and have started listening to Jacks’s Gym Motivation Pleasure recording, for the past two weeks. Here is what I’ve noticed.
My attitude towards going the gym has changed completely. I know longer complain about it, and actually look forward to it with enthusiasm.
Prior to this, I was able to burn 700 calories per visit. But that 700 was very exhausting, I felt like it was killing me. I even went to my doctor to see if I was pushing myself too hard, to see if something was wrong. He said my heart and lungs were ok, and to go ahead and push myself. But I found it just to painful. For the last several months, I was burning just under 700 calories per visit.
Two weeks ago, I burned 760 calories. My maximum heart rate, which had previously never gone above 165, went up to 207! I was breathing hard at the end of the workout, but didn’t feel like I was going to die, like I had in the past. On the contrary, I felt really good!
This week, I burned 830 calories, and had a maximum heartrate of 225! And felt fine afterwards, and for the rest of the day, and the next day.
I have also found myself more interested in working out and trying new things, new exercises, how to work out more efficiently, eat better, sleep better, trying new supplements. All this INFORMATION seems to keep coming my way, without me even trying to look for it, I’m just attuned to noticing and using it.
I’m just finding all this so amazing. I’ve made more progress in the last two weeks, than I have in the last two years! And I’m really liking it! -Chip21

“So gotta say first day after our session and I’m definitely noticing the results. Been feeling a lot more confident and alpha. I woke up this morning and immediately began working out, and had to flex every time I saw myself in the mirror. I swear my voice has also gotten deeper too. Just did even more workouts in my room just now. I have so much energy it’s been great.” -A.P.

“I wanted to share something that happened at the gym last night that made me really happy: one of the other patrons said to the Coach in passing (while I was powering through a set) that I looked super focused, and that they wished they could be that focused too!”-Ice Jock

“”I have transformed my face to a very attractive masc face. The file has totally trained my brain to let it grow and remain bushy. Every time I stare in the mirror, I smile and laugh how the hypnosis file transformed me. I am definitely going to check out your work out files soon.” 

“At my request, Jack made a custom file for me. It’s a bodybuilding and nutrition file that’s probably a little freaky, but I broke down and requested it anyway, despite its weirdness. And Jack did it with no pretense whatsoever. (He may have WANTED to call me a weirdo, but he refrained, which was very professional and appreciated.) Nevertheless, I was confident it would do nothing, but requested it just the same because the concept really pushed my weirdo buttons.
I got the custom file very quickly from Jack. After a slow start (2 days/nights of listening), and a few minor modifications, then 4 more overnight 8-hour loops, not only am I certain I have finally tranced multiple times, but the file has literally taken hold. In a very serious and profound way. I am amazed at its effectiveness at all, much less its effectiveness so soon. I am the world’s biggest skeptic, but my freaky motivation idea is actually working (much to my surprise) thanks to Jack’s interpretation, execution, and spot-on delivery of my custom request.
If, like me, you have been unfortunate enough to never experience full-fledged trance (I hope I was not the only one!), I urge you not to give up hope. After many years and many hypnosis files, this custom file finally hit my gray matter full force using a VERY powerful (and personal) motivator. I am truly amazed and grateful to Jack for getting me to this place finally. Very cool.”


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