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Trans Barista Katja Hypnotized At Work

MtF transgender
Trans girl and male sex
Male hypnotist
Mind control
Memory loss
Nonconsent/dubious consent
Anal sex

Katja is beautiful and stunning 23 year old, standing at 5”2 with long dark-brown hair and blue eyes. She was born a man, but now lives as a girl and got some surgery done. She has huge E cup breasts that go with her hourglass, curvy body and matching ass. Her skin is tanned except her bikini line. Her cock is not the biggest, but a good 4 inches long with a thick head.
She is from a small town where nothing interesting happens, with not much to do to pass time. She is an academic, with her parents prodding her to go to university to be a nurse. She doesn’t really want to, but thinks it will be good to get some free space and live alone, so she got accepted at a university abroad in the UK. She leaves in 2 weeks and is very excited to go, but time is passing slowly and she wants something exciting to do. Katja is also a quite sexual person, with a high sex drive. She likes to touch herself and fantasizes about a lot of kinky sex. Just her overall shyness and fear to open up to someone has kept her from living out most of her fantasies.
She has a part time job working at a café, where she meets a lot of the locals and familiar faces appear every day. She is known to be polite and rather innocent, always greeting everyone with a smile and making their day. The men have taking a liking to her because of her looks. That day she wanted to spice up her 4-hour shift and decided to wear a lush vibrator. As she used her phone to play music throughout the café, she could use that that to also control the vibrations based on the beat and sound. She uses the bathroom to take off he panties and insert it, deciding against putting them back on.
During her shift she has to excuse herself a couple of times as the build-up sends her over the edge and orgasms. One time she had to bend over to clean up a spilled drink, which scared her as her uniform had a short dress that went up to her thighs. Luckily, she wasn’t in view of anyone, but the last one had her crouching behind the counter pretending to search for something as her body shakes. She moans and is panting hard, but plays it off that she was reaching for something far.
When she cleans up and is about shut the shop for this day, a late customer comes into the already empty store. Katja hates that, as she is just about to finish work. Her usually friendly attitude is almost gone, as she attends the customer.
“What can I do for….”, she stops in the middle of her sentence.
The eyes of the man that just walked in are mesmerizing. They are almost black and seem to be deeper as the ocean.
“Hey there!”, he says with a deep voice. “Can I still get some coffee?” Something just keeps Katja from answering to that simple question. She feels a clicking inside her head. She feels like she is watching herself from outside her body, completely out of control over her actions.
“Or do you want to get one at my place?”, the mysterious man adds. Katja nods her head slightly.
“Well then, let’s go.”, the man concludes while smiling at her.
Katja moves like she is remotely controlled. She quickly grabs her stuff and keys, walking up to the man, who is holding the door for her. Outside a black sedan is waiting, and a chauffeur already opens the backdoor. Once inside the car, the man introduces himself.
“My name is Gerard, by the way.”
“I’m Katja,…I think.”
“You think?!”, Gerard answers with a fake laughter. He keeps strong eye contact with Katja, as if he would be connected through her eyes with her mind. Whenever their eyes meet, Katja stops to move and her speech gets slower.
“You like my eyes, don’t you? Just keep staring into them, it’s ok.”, he convinces her.
As they pull up to his house, the car stops in front of the door.
“I hope you don’t have to be somewhere.”, Gerard ask, but at the same time implies. “No?!”, Katja answers. “Great. Because I want to spend more time with you.”, Gerard adds.
Katja‘s eyes get bigger, as she still has the thought of being inside a dream in her head. As they get out of the car and inside the house, she is overwhelmed by the beautiful interior. She hears the door shut behind her.
“You like it?”, Gerard asks her. But before Katja can answer, she feels his hand grabbing her waist and the other hand pushing her shoulder. Gerard pushes her gently against the wall, kissing her intensely. Katja is shocked, but feeling his strong hands touch up her thighs and arms, she doesn’t resist much and starts kissing him back.
He looks her deep into the eyes.
“You will just let yourself go. Enjoy the pleasures, follow my voice, let me control you.”, he says with great enthusiasm.
Her legs are already standing apart widely, as she is leaning against the wall. She doesn’t need to do anything, her body kind of just does whatever the man wishes.
Soon, Gerard’s hands start squeezing Katja‘s big tits, making her moan a bit. They fill out his hands completely, as he fondles them firmly. His hands are all over her body, while they two strangers kiss. He sucks on her neck, while his hand start wandering up her inner thigh. Pushing up the skirt, he soon notices the vibrator inside Katjas already horny asspussy.
“Little kinky, aren’t we?”, Gerard smirks after some hesitation. “A bit, yes, sorry.”, Katja replies.

“Go down.”, Gerard orders her, slightly pushing down onto her shoulders. Katja does so, squatting down between him and the wall. He starts to take her shirt off, in which she assists him by lifting her arms. Her beautiful and big breasts present themselves in a nice black bra.
“Take that off too.”, Gerard demands. While she takes off her bra, Gerard opens the zipper of his pants, taking out his already hard cock and also his balls. As Katja turns her face up again after releasing her bra, she has his massive cock right in front of her face. She gasps, but quickly her hands fully grip the bottom part of Gerard’s shaft. Katja barely wraps her tiny hands around it, but she squeezes it firmly. With very soft motions, she starts massaging the cock up and down. Gerard’s face also changes a bit, he closed his eyes and tilted the head slightly backwards. Katja puts her other hand on his big balls, starting to massage them as well. They feel plump and heavy, as they lightly bounce up in her palms, thanks to the stroking. “That feels nice, babe.”, Gerard says, still having his eyes closed and enjoying Katja‘s tender hands. She just smiles. His cock stands fully erect in all his size now, and Katja admires it for a while. Gerard is looking down to Katja, making eye contact.
After some moment, she says:
“You are so hot! You really turn me on.” Gerard smiles.
“You are so cute!”, he replies.
They look at each other for a while longer, while Gerard’s cock is pulsating in thick glory. Finally, Katja starts moving her mouth towards the cock. She puts her face against the base of it, then starts licking the balls with her tongue. Slowly running the tip of it around both balls, lifting them up with it, then sucking them inside her little mouth. She sucks them gently, while playing her tongue against them. This makes
Gerard’s cock pulsate even harder. He moans a bit more loudly now, starting to touch up the size of Katja‘s roundly shaped tits. Her hands are gently tickling the inner thighs of Gerard, as she slowly starts to lick upwards. The tongue wanders from the balls over to the shaft, making its way up to the already wet head. She lets her tongue circle around the tip, pressing slightly against it. Gerard sighs in joy, as she makes eye contact with Katja again.
“That is so amazing, I love it!”, he says. Hearing that makes Katja smile.
Stopping to play with the head, she puts one hand around the cock and takes the head inside her mouth. Her lips are wrapped around it nice and tight, as she starts sucking on it. In a synchronized motion she moves her head and hand up and down. Getting her mouth extra wet and varying the strength of suction she applies to the head of the cock, Katja quickly makes Gerard feel amazing sensations. She soon starts to taste more and more precum, which is something she enjoys a lot. “You taste so good, I love your cock!”, she tells to Gerard, while still jerking off the cock. Gerard is indulging in pleasure, so he doesn’t even reply. Katja’s other hand already found its ways onto her asspussy, softly playing around her hole with the middle finger. She is getting quite excited herself, as she gets very turned on by giving head.
Just in this moment, Gerard pulls out his cock from her mouth, grabbing her by the hand and pulling moving with her to the next room.
“I need to fuck you!”, he says, still amazed by Katja‘s blowjob skills. He sits down on a leather couch.
“You will need to take out that vibrator.”, he suggests. Katja does so, also taking off her skirt in the process. The vibrator is covered in her asspussy juice already, as she gently moans while it pops out. Gerard is observing her, stroking his cock. “Sit on it.”, he demands with his deep and sexy voice.
“There are condoms over there.”, he adds.
Just as Katja is about to grab them, he grabs her at the neck, pulling her hair.
“Look me in the eyes and think again. Do we need condoms?”, he asks her. After a few seconds, Katja slowly shakes her head.
“It’s fine, you can fuck me bare, I love to feel you purely and fully.”, Katja answers. He doesn’t turn down this great offer, knowing how well he has her under his control. Katja positions herself over his lap, her legs next to his. Holding his cock’s head against her slightly gaped asshole, she slowly sits down on it. After some resistance, her asspussy opens up wide enough to let his massive cock slide inside her. Inch by inch it she works it into herself, impaling her more and more, until she is fully filled out by it. “Yes! You are so big! I love it!”, she says, while breathing heavily.
Gerard just grunts, as he firmly grabs both her asscheeks. Katja starts moving her hips and bounces up and down, as the insides of her asspussy massage Gerard’s cock. Her big boobs are pressed together very sexy, just in front of his face. Gerard takes that invitation to play with them. He starts flicking Katja’s hard nipples with her tongue, making her go crazy. Gerard makes it fast, then slower again, running the tip of his tongue around the areolas. He also sucks on the stiff nipples, making very naughty noises.
“Oh my god, you are making me feel so crazy good!”, Katja says, while looking at Gerard sucking half of her juicy tit in. Gerard smiles big, making the sucking stop for a second.
Her bubble butt is still bouncing on his dick, making some very sloppy and slurpy noises, as her asspussy is flowing with juices. Gerard grabs hard into her ass cheeks, spreading them, and also playing around Katja‘s asshole with his fingers. “Oh yes, I love that!”, Katja shouts. He keeps fingering around her ass, while pushing his cock deep inside her.
“You are very kinky under all that shy and well-behaved mask, aren’t you?”, he says with a smile. “Uh-huh.”, Katja moans in reply.
“I want to cum! This is too fucking good!”, Gerard announces. Unwillingly to let go of this wonderful pounding, Katja hops off and goes on her knees in front of him. She presses her lip as tightly as she can, around his cock’s head, sucking hard and playing her tongue around it. After a good minute of this sensation, Gerard holds his breath before releasing a deep moan. Katja stops moving, just having the head between her lips. She feels her mouth filling up with warm and sticky cum. The cock and the body of Gerard twitches in tension, as shot after shot of cum gets unloaded. “Ohh, yesss!”, Gerard sighs, as he throws his head back. Katja makes sure to suck every drop inside her mouth, as she pulls it off the cock.
With a slightly overwhelmed look and a mouth full of cum, she looks at Gerard. He looks with satisfaction at her, as Katja squints her eyes and swallows down the whole lot of cum.
“Wow, that was so much!”, she says, while clearing her tongue from the remains. “Well, you got me excited, babe.” Gerard answers.
“I might get coffee soon again. And my driver is waiting outside to get you home.”, he says, while starting to dress up again.
“Well, anytime! Thank you!”, Katja answers with a very big smile, as she starts to get ready to leave, still not believing, nor understanding what just happened. Before she leaves the room, the man runs up to her and looks into her eyes one more time.
“After waking up you won’t remember anything. Your fuckholes might be still
swollen and opened up, but your memory will be empty.” Without any emotion, Katja slowly makes her exit.

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