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I go into extreme details describing exactly how I am going to turn you into prey. This is a combination of smooth and calming, yet frightening. You are being savored as prey. You will be used as a bareback object. You are caught in a Kaa-like sort of mesmerizing gaze. You are encouraged to open yourself up to becoming prey for someone. 

Captured By Hockey Players

You fall into a deep sleep, and then you are captured by hockey players. They put you in a big hockey bag and take you to a hockey rink, then tie you up in nets and fire sleeping bombs at you. They tease you in different ways. In the end you are left in a pit filled with balloons, where you helplessly goon yourself silly (Edge until you are dumb)

Ten seconds is all it takes. Can you watch for just that long? This is a test of your willpower, and I will show you that I own your will. Ten seconds is all it takes to have you stupefied. Mesmerized, and under My control. 

Gay Nudist

You become someone who loves to be nude, especially around other men. Your exhibitionism encourages gay men. When you take your clothes off, your cock inflates and grows bigger, because you are turned on just by being naked.

Your love of nudity in your private life fulfills you so much that a sense of joy and satisfaction flows into your public work life. You are calm, centered, and enthusiastic when you know that being naked is your default state and you return to it regularly to refresh yourself. 

Sexually Comfortable

You become more comfortable with your body, and willing to share it with others and have the sex you want. You recognize that it’s okay to not be perfect and just enjoy sex.  

Hypnotic Balloon Factory

You have won yourself a tour of the factory where we make the incredible Unbreakaballoon. These silly toys are full of hypnotic surprises. You’re going to love where we take you. Lucky you!

Disciplined Masc Sub

This was a pretty specific custom request, so theres a lot of specific suggestions that may or may not apply to you. 

-Masculine subservient fuck hole to be used by alpha men. 

-Treat cocks as God. 

-Fuck your dom or anyone he tells you to fuck without hesitation. 

-Never ejaculate alone. Cum by getting fucked. 

-Get turned on by your dom fucking other men

-When you follow your dom’s instructions, it feels as good as getting fucked. 

-Carry out plans to improve life/income with Dom’s permission. 

-Become a muscle bound jock

-Dress as a masculine fuck slut. 

Extend Your Sub Limits

A submissive training session for gay submissive men. I’m going to extend your limits, making you more comfortable with deeper and harder kinks and fetishes. Open up a little. 

Only Anal Orgasm

You can only orgasm when you have your hole filled. This file features objectification but not degradation. The phrase “relax and accept it” makes your hole open so that it can be filled by a top. You will be called by “pup” or “good boy” (this was a custom file, so that’s why some of these things are so specific).

Custom Bottom Training

Prepare yourself to meet guys with big dicks. Stretch your hole bigger, then wear a butt plug after you play to keep your hole open. Love the smell of your sweaty pits. Seek out and meet guys with big dicks. Visit adult video stores for cock. Become a submissive hung cockslut. Stay horny all the time and shoot huge loads. 

The Phone Booth Trap

A nearby public phone rings, and you are too curious to ignore it. You step into the phone booth, and find yourself trapped within. Someone has been following your every move, and has formulated a series of traps and hypnotic tricks made just for you. 

Jack’s Jerk Schedule

You’re only allowed to jerk off when I tell you to. If you follow Me, then You will be masturbating ONLY according to the schedule that I give you. It’s simple, and you’ll see benefit from following My instruction. 

Servant For Everyone

If you listen to this, you will become of service to EVERYONE that wishes to use you (as long as safe and you trust them, of course). You will obey them in the exact same way that you would obey Me. They are your master now. You bow to all very humbly. It does not matter what age or gender they are. None of those things matter. You bow to all people. You are a servant of humanity itself. You are a tool to be useful to others. A Strong, sharp, powerful tool, but a tool nonetheless. You are proud to be this way. It’s who you are.

Full-Time Commando

You wear no underwear. You don’t even own underwear. You are completely unafraid of showing off your bulge. Your balls swing freely. Your package swings freely. You sit with your legs spread open.

Chastity Livestock

Chastity device required. When you put on your chastity device, your body becomes larger. you become extra muscular. You are addicted to wearing your chastity device and it makes you want to work out. Your cock keeps getting smaller and your body keeps getting bigger. You gain weight as livestock now. You’re nothing but an animal. You are dumb. You are addicted to the smell and taste of men now. You love the smell and taste of jockstraps and mens feet. You’re so submissive, you’re always ready to get fucked. You are unable to say no to ass play of any kind.

Tags: Gay, animal, anal, scent, bull, weight gain, workout, exercise

Mystery Fetish

Allow Me to make a decision for you. I decide what you like today. I’m going to give you a new fetish, chosen almost at random. You are giving your trust to me. Choose any one of the Mystery Fetishes. You can do multiple if you wish. 

Mystery Fetish 2

Mystery Fetish 3

Premature Porn

You do not cum prematurely in your sex life, but you do every time you look at porn.

420 Toke For Me

Pack up a nice BIG bowl before you listen to this. You’re going to be taken away on a dream trip as I guide you through smoking over and over again. Fill up your bowl again whenever needed. Keep it full.

Tags: Weed, Slow, Domination, Guided Smoking, Mind Fuck, Psychedelic, Light Humiliation

WARNING: Very intense. You are brainwashed to enjoy being abused as a fuck slut and humiliated. You love to pose for the camera and be a freak. Never being good enough. Wanting to be used by every single person that you see, no matter ugly they are, even perverted old men. Buy slut clothes and wear them all the time. Wear high heels. Ache to be a whore, pissed on and abused. Be a dumb little piggy whore. Go further with your sexuality and explore deeper and more depraved kinks. Suitable for women, MtF, or sissies.
Click title to download.

Tags: For-women, degradation, humiliation, brainwashing, enema, breast tying

Daddy Comfort

Experience being comforted by your Daddy, as if you are a child. Perfect for aftercare, or a great nightcap. If this is your thing, it will knock you out. This is a very deep, blissful, caring, and spiritual experience

Strip Trigger

A trigger is implanted. “Lose the [X]” where X is an item of clothing. E.g. “Lose the shirt” or “Lose the shoes”. The triggered person can try to leave the targeted clothes on, but they will become hot, itchy, and burning, and taking them off will cause pleasure and arousal. This is an open and permanent trigger, but it is very unlikely you will hear it accidentally. 

Pay Files

If you are going to buy any of my files, please buy them from these links, because these are my websites. They also cost less here, because there is no middle-man to go through. 

Having trouble choosing? You can get a collection of EVERY erotic file ever made, plus secret extras not on the list, and access to every file made in the future. Basically the deal of your life.

No Limits Slave

Use VERY carefully! You will become open to anything when you work with a Master that you trust (and ONLY a trusted Master!). Of course, it is completely up to you who you trust. You become incredibly turned on by being the ultimate obedient slave for them. There is nothing you will not do. Nothing is too far for you. You have no limits. For any gender/sexuality

Gloryhole Whore

You become a true glorywhole whore that lives to please anonymous men at gloryholes. You love taking cocks, especially when you may not even know who it is. You feel an electric sort of pleasure when you touch a mans cock through a hole. You will do anything with it that he tells you to do. It makes you feel incredibly submissive and turned on. You want to do whatever it takes to make this scenario happen and pleasure as many cocks as possible.  

Unhypnotizable Curse

You become incredibly easy to hypnotize, yet convinced that you are impossible to hypnotize. This is one hour long and is going to really mess with your mind. Includes some mild dumbing and being made fun of for the dumbing. Works FANTASTICALLY on people that are hard to hypnotize. You will end up very logically confused but susceptible. 

Diaper Safety Pin

You find it easy to let go and pee your diaper without second-thought or a check to see if you are wearing your diaper. But there’s one step that can make you lose control even further. If you wear a safety pin on your diaper, you lose all control completely. You can’t hold back the start of flow and you cannot stop the flow once it gets going. Only includes urination. 

Premature Ejaculation Curse

WARNING: This powerful curse uses frightening methods that will completely obliterate your cock’s ability to hold back your cum for more than 10 seconds. But every curse comes with a toxic trait to enhance the effect.. Your stamina is ruined, but you feel overwhelmingly compelled to seek out sex and desperately fuck as much as possible, making every attempt you can to please your partner. Some people may find the techniques harsh.

This file will completely change your sex life. Do not enter this thinking you can “just try it to see if it works”–many others have already made this mistake.

Remember, you are not just destroying your sexual abilities, you are changing your future relationships (for better or worse, depending how they feel about this). 

Masochistic Object

Any remaining human characteristic is erased. You become susceptible to  the programming from your owner (whoever that may be). You have a mindless sense of obedience to them. You learn to accept any feelings of pain that they deliver to you, no matter how extreme, and this helps to make you more of an object. 

Power Potential Trigger

When you say your trigger phrase “Power Potential”, you become incredibly horny for men, but you cannot masturbate until you do your choice of exercise for 30 mins. After that, when you say your second trigger “Power Activated”, all of those built up feelings explode through your dick and you cannot stop stroking until you climax. Includes a lot of muscle growth, fat loss, and increased cum production. Submission to mental domination.

*Intended for gay men.

Domesticated Bodybuilder

You don’t need to think so much. You’re dumb, but you know your purpose in serving powerful men. You work out hard to become bigger and more muscular, with absolute submission in mind. You keep yourself clean and shaved all over, with tight fitting clothes to show off your body (which you show off a lot).

You are strong and useful. You are docile, obedient, polite, humble and eager to please. What you think does not matter. You live to make the lives of dominant men better. When you are around them, they should not have to lift a finger.

You will do anything for them– whether it is housework, cooking, cleaning, rubbing their feet, running their errands, physical labor, driving them, or providing any form of gratification that they desire. You are grateful to receive punishment for anything they see as unacceptable. 

Secret Sleazy Sex

I’m here to help you with your work life– and I do help you with that. But once you are good and under my control, I train you to seek out dirty sex, too. You’re a professional. Organized, focused, and hard working. But that’s only at work. After work, you want to go out and have sleazy sex with powerful men. You get turned on. You find yourself wanting to get fucked more than you ever have before. It’s uncontrollable, something just takes over you, making you want to have nasty sex. 

*Suitable for anyone that likes sex with men. 

Degrading Gay Nipplegasm

Your nipples become so sensitive that you can have a nipplegasm just from a little bit of stimulation. You become very submissive to alpha men. Also includes verbal degradation. Gay “F” word used. This is a custom file, so it may or may not be suited exactly for you, but the description sums it up!

Demon Sex Attraction

Today, you’re going to open up to bedding a real, actual demon. This is not a fantasy. It is real. You should know that this is powerful, dangerous business before you dive in to this. Spirits exist in many ways that you do not understand, and this special mesmerization is one way of altering your body’s vibration (frequency) to connect with another realm of existence to align and synchronize with a spirit of surely ill will. I will teach you to become demon bait.

 You’ll be trained into the optimum victim to attract them. Demons will come to you. They will find you and they will fuck you. This is a dangerous thing to be sexually engaged with. I’m sure that’s exactly what turns you on, though. 

This will be a very other-worldly experience, and is best suited to those who have an aptitude for spiritual experiences. This is a long, complex, psychological mind-fucking experience. You must be very careful, because your quest for demonic sex could lead you to become one of them. 

Tags: Satanic, Hell, Dark, Occult, monster

This unending hour-long loop is a channel directly from God, a message to gay men. It will teach you the truth about what you really are. But through this punishment, you will learn your place. Note: Most people do not like this file. You’re not supposed to like it. 

Tags: Gay degradation/humiliation, castration, pain, Satanic, emasculation

In this fantasy, I’m going to shrink you down and humiliate you for being your size. Once you are at the height of my cock, you will worship that until I shrink you down further and put you in your cage for safe-keeping and future usage. 

Tags: Gay, degradation, Cock worship, giant 

(For gay men) Have as much sex as possible with as many guys as possible. Be dominant, kinky, degrading, and harsh when you have sex. 

Improve the quality of your erections while having sex so that you have a bigger and harder dick whenever you fuck someone.

Get into the your zone when you are fucking a bottom. Remove all sexual anxieties and focus on the experience.

You will fall totally, completely in love with the next person that you see. It can be in person, a photo, or a video. It does not matter. All that matters is that they are your preferred gender. This will only work if the person is a legal, reasonable age and not part of your family. 

You lust for the next person you see. You enjoy their existence. The sight of them makes you ecstatic. Their smell is exotic and the sound of their voice is magical. 

You could fall back in love with someone, or fall in love with someone new. All you know is that you truly get the feeling of Love At First Sight.  

Works for any gender or orientation.There is a lot to take in with this file. Multiple listens may be necessary for some people. Much like any kind of love, you may also notice an instant or delayed effect, depending on your natural tendencies toward love.

You will use a few items to help you go incredibly deep as you watch a video of a bodybuilder working out. You will become super turned on by his muscles and you will edge/deny yourself to the extreme. You will want to become a bodybuilder exactly like you see in the video. You will need something to vape, poppers, and workout videos.

You become a lowlife punk that loves getting dirty (figuratively and literally). You don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of you. You smoke and you love nasty scents. You bask in your horniness and kinkiness.

You will become completely impotent. Unable to get an erection. You will completely lose all ability to get an erection. You must listen every 1-3 days for a number of weeks, or longer if you can still manage more than half an erection. Every time you do this, it will permanently weaken your erection. Please BE WARNED– this is not a fantasy. This is NOT a hypnotic trick that can be reversed, it is a physical change to your body and you will live with this for the rest of your life.

You become a more filthy, sexual, and masculine version of yourself. You like to be a total slut. A hedonistic sex pig. You are shameless and fearless with your sexual endeavors. You would love to do porn and fuck yourself. You like being called faggot, smoking 420, and modifying your body.

You’re going to smoke 420 and go down into a very deep trance, and when you come out of this you’re going to be uncontrollably horny. Very simple.

Whenever you put My collar on, you feel completely under My control. A hypnotic rope leashes you on, keeping you from straying from My power. You wish to wear My collar while listening to my hypnosis files, feeling it grip my hold around your neck. You want to wear my collar as much as possible. I am making you choose a collar. You will know which one to choose. It will become Ours.

It’s time to get seriously enamored by cock. I know you already like dick. But we are going to take it to the next level, so that you truly worship all things phallic.  This might work better for people who can sense things kinesthetically (those who respond best to touch or feel). If you are male, this file may turn you gay. 

Dedicate your practice to someone you love. This is a training session that will teach you to build your body for someone else. Work out your muscles and eat well. Become a muscle slave with the purpose of serving them. You will find it VERY motivating to do it for them.

You become submissive to your sex toy. It dominates you. It controls you. You feel overwhelming appreciation for it and you make love to it. Show your devotion to your sex toy. It can be any sex toy that you put your dick into. It’s your lover now. You treat it with respect and appreciation.

You will begin to feel very helpless, small, and vulnerable, but not before I turn you into a tiny baby that has no control and no willpower of their own. This experience is dreamy, slow, very mean, brainwashing, mind-dumbing, and degrading. No gender used.
Tags: Regression, Ageplay, DDLG, DDLB, Daddy

Are you difficult to put into a trance? Find it hard to reach that hypnotic state? Well I’ll help you out. I will make sure that hypnosis has an EXTREMELY powerful effect on you. It is impossible to resist it. But there’s a catch–there’s always a catch when you work with something this intensely powerful. This IS a curse, after all.
I’m not going to tell you what’s involved with this curse, though. You’ll figure it out if you’re brave enough to jump in. Which you shouldn’t be, because you WILL regret being so brave.
But you will NEVER again say that it’s difficult to make hypnosis work on you. You’ll get what you always wanted.
This file works on male brains only.

You will fall in love with big beautiful women. They excite all your senses. They turn you on like nothing else. The feeling of touching every bit of fat on them is very erotic. No woman is too fat. The fatter they are, the more attractive they are.

We are going to dive deep into you and inject an attraction to males on a visceral level. You will find men much more attractive… So attractive that you do not want to bother with any other attraction.
This is VERY powerful mind manipulation and you will become gay if you listen. Please ONLY listen if you are 100% certain that this is for you.

You will experience the most powerful brain dumbing today. Every sense that you experience is numbed into submission as you begin feeling incredibly stupid, not caring about anything at all. You’re only focus is serving and being submissive. There is a wonderful energy in following commands, and that is currently the only thing that matters to you. Just for now, nothing really matters, you are dumb like an animal.
This is a long, slow experience. You will find time passes without you even realizing it. You lose all track of time as if you are in a stupor. You will become very submissive to whoever dominates you while also feeling incredibly dumb and mindless.

Put headphones on and become a fuckdoll any time you listen. You find yourself laying down, motionless, unable to move. Whoever is having sex with you can do what they want, while you lay there as a doll. Your body completely loose and limp like a ragdoll. Your mind gets fucked while your body gets fucked and used. Please do this only with a partner that you trust.
If using this file on someone else, Always inform the listener of the effects before use. Give the listener a few minutes to adjust to the recording before you begin playing with them. Always make sure that you take care of their comfort and body positioning to prevent any chance of injury while they are limp and lifeless. There is no awakener and this can be looped. You must take the headphones off the subject to wake them up. Allow them to awaken slowly, as they will drop very deep and may not remember what they were doing.
Tags: Memory loss, free use, used, noncon fantasy, nonconsent, rape

Get some snacks ready, because you are going to be wanting to eat more and more. You crave food sexually. It turns you on to eat. You have a desire aching within you, an insatiable hunger. You crave to stuff more and more into you. It becomes intensely sexual. 

Get ready to do some weight gaining as you are instructed to eat, drink, and vape weed. This is a curse, so you will find yourself very addicted to it, sinking deeper into it, needing it.
You will need weed vape, food, and drink

Loop this as you sleep at night and you will find yourself having very sexual dreams. This is a very sleepy experience, so you would have to fight to stay awake (not that you’d want to). It will put you down into a very deep sleep all night long, then you dream about your most erotic fantasies. 

You find yourself incredibly turned on by the sight of any bare breast. Even the slightest amount of skin drives you wild with lust, making you erect. Intended for males.

Your mind is not focused on who you are fucking, it’s just focused on sex. You are incredibly horny and willing to fuck just about any guy. You are willing to be used, and you are extremely submissive. You are willing to take pain and be used in any way your master chooses. You will expand your possibilities greatly. You are able to stop this at any time (even if you usually don’t want to), but this will enable you to avoid engaging with anyone dangerous to you. Tags: Fisting, cock sucking, rimming, piss play, huge dildos

Not everything is so great about having a huge dick. Let me explain to you the truth while I degrade you for what you have… All the while I make your cock grow even larger, permanently making you a stupid freak of nature with a dick that no one truly likes. You are a stupid novelty. Only weirdos like sex with gargantuan dicks anyway. That means only a weirdo would like you. No normal person would want you. Even if they do, they only use you for your dick.

Leather is your new ultimate fetish. It makes you uncontrollably horny and makes you want to fuck anyone when they wear it. It activates a new you. You open up to a new self when you are wearing leather, and when your partner is wearing leather, you open up to their leather self. What happens in the Leather Self stays in the Leather Self, as it all goes away once you stop wearing it. It’s impossible to orgasm unless you or your partner (or whoever you are watching) is wearing it. But when there is leather involved, you get mind-blowing orgasms.

I want you to walk around the house with leather or rubber on and work as a muscular slave. You will work out, eat well, and take care of your master. The hypno makes you even more submissive. And when you feel submissive, you want to serve. You want to work out and grow muscles. Listen  to the audio every morning. Be more submissive by enjoying what you do and give to your partner.

Celibate or abstinent from sex, but still masturbate. You will be a full-time gooner, meaning that you enter into the goon state–where you are edged and denied so often that your brain leaks out and you become dumb for a while. You are overcome with lust and the need to masturbate and feel more pleasure. You want to cum desperately but you hold back… Coming will only end the pleasure. 

You expand your sexuality to include wonderful new kinks and fetishes. You learn new triggers for all of your different kinks, keeping you coming back for more. 

Engage socially with other gooners. Enjoy getting off together. Moan with each other. Follow orders from internet photos and captions. Allow your mind to be brainwashed by the incredible internet world. Do whatever it takes to get more.

Tags: Humiliation, porn, pornography, jerk off bud, denial, tease, teasing, limits, BDSM

You are attracted to pretty much anyone now. You no longer have any standards. Everyone of your preferred gender turns you on. Maybe even beyond that. This will ONLY make you attracted to people of a safe, legal, reasonable age and relation to you. Suitable for any gender and orientation.

Electric Pleasure Machine

You enter My hypnotic chamber, where you are strapped in to my electric pleasuring machine. It’s like an electric chair, but don’t worry… we are not here to kill you. But we may just end your brain as it. The shockwave deletes you,  making you mindless as the vibrations become stronger. First we erase your sense of separateness… making you no one, no where, and nothing.  Then we vibrate and electric shock what is left of you. 

Tags: Bondage, shock, vibrate, mind control, domination, evil

You love Cock. All Cocks. Big, small, thick, thin, black, white–it does not matter. You love all Dick. A Dick has a mind of it’s own, and you give it whatever it wants. If the Cock desires to be sucked, you serve and suck It (and you do it well!). If It desires to fuck you, you open up and let It fuck you. You cannot resist the Cock. It takes over you, drains your will to hold back from it. Cock is your God. Worship Cock. Whatever the Cock wants to do with you, you do it.
Suitable for any gender and any orientation–anyone that wants to enjoy dick

You are always chaste. You never touch your genitals. You do not think of your own sexuality, you only think of others. You like to be used by others for their pleasure. You never masturbate anymore. Suitable for any gender.

You live as a servant to take care of domestic duties. You love to clean, do laundry, wash, iron, tidy up, shop, etc. You this all very quickly and you do it well. You work as fast as possible and dont stop until you are ordered to. You find a deep pleasure in serving like this, and it is completely natural. You always wear your uniform (shirt and tie if at all possible).

As a sub you should be listening to this, and as a dom you should be making your sub listen to this so that they take care of things around the house! Make sure they always feel like they are in their proper place. 

Tags: Slave, housekeeper, maid, submissive, serving, butler

Let My hypnotic voice take you down once again in a totally unique way, making you a cock addicted horny boy. You love pleasure. you feel more pleasure in your body and mind than ever before. You find new ways of getting off. you are a pleasure magnet. you fall into a sexy jerking stupor where nothing else matters and now you are my pleasure puppet.

Penis, dick, libido, gooner, orgasm, cum, joi

This file is awesome, particularly the last ten minutes or so were amazing. And the file is indeed working so thank you so much for it!

You are fully addicted to being used, degraded, and humiliated by twinks. You will do anything for them. You want them to cum and piss on you, while they laugh at you. It gets you off. You want to do more pathetic and disgusting things for them. You will do ANYTHING for a hard bodied twink. You want to be gang fucked by them. You want to sniff their dirty athletic shorts. You want to cruise twink porn for hours while you trance out to hypno recordings, sending your brain into a mindless bliss, transforming you.

Tags: urine, pee, semen, gay, humiliation, degradation, abuse, dark, faggot, homo

You become a big hairy man, obsessed with sex, edging as much as possible. You are horny all the time. You work out more. You eat more. You become as large as possible. You have a big ball shaped belly. even your cock and balls feel big and heavy now. You are also confident enough to really show off your body. You love other people seeing your big hairy body.

You become entranced and captured by My holiday elves, who take you into My Toyshop, wrapping you up so you cant move, gassing you into a deep sleep, and taking you further into the toyshop for further processing.

After you listen to this, you will be cursed to be a fat pig man, doing degrading things to yourself. You will enjoy this far too much, so much that it will be permanent. Unable to remove it. you have been warned. I make you fatter by getting you to stuff your face and get off on it. You will snort like a pig while you eat. You need to suck cocks and eat hairy asses like a good faggot porker.

Tags: obsession, ass eating,  faggot, sweaty, hairy, degradation, humiliation, gooning, hog, animal

You become insatiably addicted to twinks and their cocks. You love young looking, hot boys and you’ll do anything for them. Worship their smooth bodies. You are a cum dripping faggot for them. Whenever you see a hot twink in public, you become mesmerized by them, and you become hard and horny. You can not have an orgasm without permission from a hot twink. Always say yes to them. Say yes to whatever they ask of you. 

Tags: Fag, gay, degradation, desire, pervert, lust

Your sex drive is rewritten to be focused on your addiction to Me. You want to serve and fall in love with Me. You no longer need anyone else in your life. The most important thing in your life is My pleasure. Fuck yourself up for Me. Obey My commands.

Servitude, Slave, Curse, homewrecking, Life destruction roleplay, slavery, servant

You are broken down and stripped raw mentally, exposed and vulnerable. You are beginning to really enjoy the feeling of being so worthless. Your programming is all that matters. You become willing to do more, for more people… anything they want from you. You want to be used freely because are not even deserving of being called human. Suitable for all genders and sexualities (No genders mentioned).

If this is your fetish it will twist up your mind with such pleasure. This hypnotist is the bomb in my humble opinion. It is very intense so if you are vulnerable to humiliation be careful. I love it.

I love this file. It makes me enjoy of being changed so much more. The pleasure takes easily over and drives me to do more hypnosis to become more like the fantasies of the hypnotists had in mind or what my creepy subconscious makes out of it. And this is exactly what I want. And I became much more obedient. It’s such a nice and addictive file that I can’t stop listening again. And again.

Absolutely adore this file. Always looking for more like it.

The need for relaxation brings you to play with your hole using your finger and you find it very pleasant and relaxing. You relax more and your hole relaxes more. It opens as you begin to gently pull it. Increasing relaxation and hornyness. It opens more and more and needs to be filled with a toy. Each time wider and wider. The deeper the hole stretched or the dildo goes deeper, the deeper you go into a mindless trance. Every move of the toy inside you makes cum pump into your balls. The only thing that exists is your pleasure, until you ejaculate. You remember the pleasure and want to always do this again and again.

I make you feel calm, safe, loved and supported, until you are vulnerable. Then you are taken down a relaxing elevator ride… The further you go down, the more your darkest desires come forward. With each floor, it gets much worse. Men step onto the elevator and degrade you, spitting on you. More men get on as you fall deeper, as they begin to piss on you. When you reach the basement, you are dragged off and bolted down to the floor with your cock covered in sweet fruit syrup so that it gets covered in insects from the concrete floor. You are cast down into the deepest of low as you are commanded and you are dominated as a money slave, working ever harder for your hypno-master and giving up more.

Tags: Pain, Degradation, humiliation, submission, spit, pissing, Findom, Financial Domination, for-men, insects, hypnotic bondage, gay

You are lulled into a comfy sleepiness until your desire for total mind domination is revealed. You will position yourself as a total submissive, showing your vulnerability to Me. You show devotion. You want to worship and kiss my feet, but you would never even get that much. You live to serve Me. You will nod when I ask you a question, and with every reaction you make, you will drop deeper. My pleasure is everything. Make no mistake, you will feel pain and suffering; anything it takes to make my life luxurious and powerful. I’m going to place a ring of control around a certain part of your body, and it will send you wonderful, terrible, shocking PAIN any time you fail to obey…. And I will push you hard. Your life will be different now. You wont be wasting MY time by watching videos, scrolling social media, or getting yourself of. I don’t care what it is, if it’s not productive for ME, it’s not happening. We’ll make sure of that. You’re a worthless little insect and you do whatever I say. Now you’d better send me a message and tell me every disgusting fetish that you have… I’ll be using that against you, because that’s what you deserve.

Tags: Money, cash, cashmaster, findom, financial domination, verbal humiliation, degradation, productivity, punishment,

You live a double life. In your public life, you are completely normal sexually (or at least, as normal as you usually are). But In your private life, you become a cocksucking slut that needs to have all of your holes filled. You will submit to the pleasure of sucking cocks and getting fucked, whether that is in fantasy or in reality.

Create a massive amount of cum by expanding your inner sexual organs that produce semen. Making bigger ejaculations than ever, and reproducing cum very quickly to replenish your system. You ejaculate gigantic ropes of cum every time.

 Whenever I loop this track, I wake up feeling full to bursting and horny AF. It really does seems to juice my natural processes into action and produce more semen in my system. My glands feel full and thick and when I shoot, it’s a gusher. Awesome file.

I got about 3/4 of the way into the track before i was interrupted and pulled out and I much to my surprise I had a huge precum stain and at best I was rocking a semi… im talking like precum wet spot like I was a highschooler making out during a movie. I’m going to do my best to post some results later on but just 20 min into it and it already seems effective. Well done

You have an addiction to ass. You are mesmerized by it. Whenever you look at an amazing ass, it will fill you up with pleasure, just like the way a drug does. It feels like ecstasy whenever you see the butt of someone you of your preferred gender. If you like that person, it will feel even better. If you think they have a great butt, it will feel even better. You are frozen by the intense pleasure of it. You love to see, feel, smell, or taste ass. You crave to eat ass. You want to have anal sex. You will do anything for it. Completely dominated by the booty. Works for attraction to your preferred gender.

Whenever you hear the word “stone”, your penis becomes hard as a rock. It will become bigger and harder than ever before, pushing all of the blood into your cock. You can also self-trigger yourself just by saying that word. Plain and simple, that is all that will happen!

You’re being further developed and trained to grow bigger with muscle and fat. You have been cursed with body growth. You become extremely horny, addicted to masturbating uncontrollably. It’s all you think about. it’s all you want, and you’ll do anything to go further, to go deeper down. You want to be dominated and called ‘faggot’ over and over again. You’re growing mass all over your body, but especially on you big ass, with a big meaty neck and muscles all over your body.

You will find that cum tastes like delicious white chocolate. No matter who it comes from– you, or anyone else. It doesn’t matter. You want it all over you. You want it in your mouth. You want to swallow it. You want it on your face and body. It’s your new favorite flavor. Listen to it yourself, or get your girlfriend/boyfriend to listen to it.

You find yourself unable to resist the pull of humiliation, falling deeper and deeper into it, seeing the real Truth of who you are. A worthless humiliation addict. Just relax as you listen, having it completely take over you. There is no going back once you listen. You have a hypno psychic drug released into your body making you feel degraded and craving more. Making you feel pleasure every single time you take yourself deeper to that place you need to be. After listening to this, you will be unstoppably, hopelessly addicted to being humiliated in every way possible.

Tags: Loser, degradation, pathetic, worthless, junkie, mindless

This is my favorite Jack Stock file. I love that its gender neutral, so I can listen too, since Im female. But I love most of all, how evil and effective it is. It took me a while to truly understand how thought through everything is in this file, and how everything just make sense….. Even on a spiritual level almost. This is a file that will make anyone realize what a lowly being they are if they truly are one. Thank you so much for this. I want to listen to this again.

Your body will stop producing the chemicals needed to make you hard and big. In fact, it will make your penis very tiny and small. You find it very hard to get an erection, and no matter how hard you try–it just will not happen.

Simple–Penis shrinking, and nothing else.

My expectations were kind of low—I’ve listened to lots of different downsizing files, including ones that claim to be permanent, etc. A lot of them didn’t do anything; some worked quite well but wore off pretty much immediately upon exiting trance. This one is a rare surprise, because after literally one listen, here I am staring down at a smaller package. Nothing drastic—by my own measure, about half an inch smaller when hard—but it’s been hours, and I still can’t get it to go to full size. This is the first “permanent” one that I’ve had success with, so I might have to actually consider whether I should go further. I’m a bit used to getting off scot free—haha. And it’s surprisingly intense to actually be stuck (potentially indefinitely) smaller downstairs.

A very sexually pleasurable muscle production, taking you from normal, blowing up to bodybuilder size, then growing to Mr. Olympia proportions, then up to the size of a biological freak. You can feel an intense pleasure as your muscles grow, similar to the pleasure that your cock feels when it’s being stimulated. Includes genital growth as well. Mostly fantasy effect, but may have an effect on real body change as well. 

Tags: Penis growth, Muscle, Bodybuilder, Freak, Pleasure, Permanent, vascular, veiny, hard, confidence

You become a big, fat, hulking pig. Lusting and drooling for pleasure like the fat hog that you are. You are a porker. Your body transforms, making you bigger, fatter, with huge chins and a big muscular body to go with it.  Nipples, cock, and balls growing bigger, making you completely into a pig man. A squealing, oinking, slobbering, masturbating fat-muscled hog beast.

Your default state is a huge, muscular, bullish monster (has nothing to do with animals). Big and beefy, crazy high testosterone. Easy to lift huge, heavy items. Cock and balls swelling and huge. Growing bigger and bigger all the time. But whenever you, or someone else puts a collar on you, you immediately deflate, becoming tiny and thin, with tiny little cock and balls. You feel submissive and obedient, weak and small. Once the collar comes off, you go back to becoming huge and strong again.

(Different file than 420 Smoke for Me). Pack up a bowl, grab a lighter, then flip on the MP3. Being guided through your smoking experience just feels so good. You are commanded to smoke, taking it all in, and breathing out any resistance.You may find yourself slipping into an extra deep trance, unable to hold back. Just try to resist this one. You won’t be able to. Beginning to see the psychedelic waves of control wash over you. I won’t tell you what happens next (don’t ruin the surprise).

[Dominant induction] Whenever you see a picture or video of a blowjob, you will actually feel your cock being sucked in real time. You feel this person in your presence and you get all the sensations of having a blowjob, physical sensations, emotional sensations, psychological sensations. You feel those hot, wet lips wrapped around your cock, the feeling of it being sucked on, the vibration of their moaning on your cock, Your warm cum filling up their mouth as they swallow it or take it on their face. Everything they say to you is really being said to you and is completely real. You look into their eyes and they look back at you with love, and you feel appreciated and excited. It’s a vivid experience. Blowjob videos will become the greatest experience on Earth. Triggered by saying “Blowjob Time Now” and you immediately feel every sensation, emotion, and feeling.

Whenever you see a video or image of a cock, especially of a cock being sucked, you will feel yourself sucking that cock. You feel every sensation of it, and become very proud of yourself and very submissive. You LOVE sucking cocks. You love this feeling. You will take any opportunity you can get to enjoy the feeling of giving a blowjob and swallowing all that cum. You feel amazingly gorgeous, Your face and body becomes that of the person giving it. Your hot, wet lips make them melt with ecstasy. And when they cum, you will fall into an unstoppable orgasm. it is out of your control. Just say trigger “Giving Blowjob Now” and you experience every sensation.

Hopelessly in love with BIG TITS. You love the look of them so much. You could pretty much cum just looking at them. You love everything about the way they look, feel, taste. Big tits make you feel intense pleasure. Waves of pleasure all over your body. 

A long, slow experience, where you are degraded, your soul is imprisoned, and you fall down very deep into a place of obedience. 

Did you think that you could ever escape from cock lust? I’m going to drive it deep into you. You will no longer desire any gender but males. ONLY MALES. Not just cock. But MEN. ONLY MEN. You got that? Don’t even dare think about anything else. I’ll make sure that you never, ever will. It doesn’t matter how much you try to resist. In fact, I invite you to try to resist, because the harder you try, the more difficult it becomes. 

This heavily layered brain warp encourages you to have submissive gay sex while also degrading and humiliating you for it. The words come up on the screen while mesmerizing you with a spiral, hitting your brain from all angles, taking control of you completely. Gay F word usage. Enjoy this creative combination video from a surprise guest video editor. 

I go into extreme details describing exactly how I am going to turn you into prey. This is a combination of smooth and calming, yet frightening. You are being savored as prey. You will be used as a bareback object. You are caught in a Kaa-like sort of mesmerizing gaze. You are encouraged to open yourself up to becoming prey for someone.

This video was filmed on my new professional camera setup. Still dialing in the complexities of it, but the quality is already looking much better!

You come to Me for help, but I have other things in mind. I mesmerize you with a pendulum and take you under My control. You lose all power to Me. I turn you into My slave, making you call me Master. Whenever I trigger you, you come dreamwalking to me, then you strip down, and masturbate. When you cum, I implant a trigger that forever connects you to Me and allows me to take control of you whenever I want.

As you adore My cock, My consciousness is pumped deep into your core. You submit to it. It takes over you, now and forever. You give up ALL resistance. You become permanently enthralled by the sight of My cock, with no escape for the rest of your life.  

A Demon Cock forces you to worship Satan, turning you into a gay submissive slave cumdump for men to gangfuck raw. Optimized for mobile device viewing. 

Feedback from original requester:

“Absolutely brilliant, really better than expected. That will help me go to the place I want to be. Open me up before hook ups. Hope you enjoyed making it as I did listening to it. I really enjoy having my mind fucked and doing perverted acts with (demonic) men. I would even say that might be your best file yet.”


In this compilation video, you become incredibly submissive to My words, as my words appear on the screen, mesmerizing you. 


A psychedelic remake of the Cock Hungry Mesmerize video, which involves a ton of cock worship and brain training. 

You just can’t get cock off your mind anymore. Any time you try to think, all you can think about is cock. everything is related to cock. Motivated by cock. Everything IS cock. 

Your mind is unable to disassociate everything from cock. Everything is cock to you, and you cannot stop thinking about it. It interferes with your life. You can’t think clearly with so much cock on your mind. This could bless you or it could curse you.

This is an INCREDIBLY powerful curse that will deeply OBLITERATE your mind and replace it with only thoughts of cock.

My curses are not a game and not a roleplay. They are serious, deep, permanent changes with serious repercussions and you must be ready to be deeply affected by this for the rest of your life. 

This deep brain fucking may have unkind consequences. Just like any curse. You may find yourself meeting your cockdemons or seeing cocks everywhere you look, no matter how hard you try to unsee them.

Your brain is going under for me as you watch this cock get stroked. I know just what to say to drive you crazy with horniness while I relax and melt you at the same time. It’s a sublime experience and it ends with a huge cumshot.

I want you to let this cock relax you, because it does relax you when you look at it, even if it stimulates you and turns you on. Especially when it gets big and hard and full of blood.

There’s a certain life force to a hard cock that cannot be explained, but you feel it. You love to stare at it. especially this one. I will make you feel so good, and relieve you of all this daily stress in the way you love it most. 

Play this on loop in the background while jerking off to your favorite porn. I will instruct you on how I want you to jerk off. This is exactly how you should always be jerking off–my way. The only way that you know. You will edge yourself into oblivion with my instructions, guiding you through the process of melting your mind, increasing your edging capacity so that you can hold the edge to the next level. So that you are held right at the breaking point but not yet cumming

Allow Me to demonstrate My greatness. You are below Me. Watch My gigantic cock control you. You worship Me as I mesmerize you with my voice. I will put you into your place. I will make you MY worshipper forever as I drain every bit of life that is left from you. I fucking own you, and you will breathe JACK until your last breath. I make you loose and lifeless, ending you and your pathetic ego. Tags: Humiliation, degradation, draining, narcissism, bragging, big dick worship, SPH, wetness/leaking, psychic

Watch me jerk my big dick with a pair of slippery leather gloves given to me by a very nice sub.

I’m the boss around here and you are a new employee that has to learn the rules. You need to be mesmerized so that WE own your mind. Mind fucked by My mind and My cock. Then you’re going to suck on it and really feel that cock in your mouth, filling up your body with pleasure. 

You love Cock. All Cocks. Big, small, thick, thin, black, white–it does not matter. You love all Dick. A Dick has a mind of it’s own, and you give it whatever it wants. If the Cock desires to be sucked, you serve and suck It (and you do it well!). If It desires to fuck you, you open up and let It fuck you. You cannot resist the Cock. It takes over you, drains your will to hold back from it. Cock is your God. Worship Cock. Whatever the Cock wants to do with you, you do it.

Watch me mesmerize you into a trance, giving you a new fetish: boot licking. You absolutely love to lick my army boots. You can’t get enough of my boots. you love being down on the ground, kissing them, licking the dirt off them, and begging me for more

You find yourself in a sauna with Me, after being drawn here by My mesmerizing presence. I make your mind go away, drifting off into nothing. You are then made to pleasure Me and My cock.

This video  was nominated for the video of the year on ManyVids!

I’m going to make you feel my huge cock inside of you with every stroke of this toy, because you are MY toy now. Feel My voice mesmerize you as you lose all connection to who and what you were before. Let Me take you away. Let go of all that. Take a break from what you call reality. And let me fuck you deep and hard. Just the way that you want me to. And even if you don’t want to be fucked this way, I’m going to entrance you until you love it and beg Me for more. With each stroke from My toy, you feel it deep inside you. You feel My massive cock fucking you deep and hard. Fucking your mind so deep. Fucking your body deeply.

I’m going to make you hopelessly addicted to this big cock. You worship it so much, you do whatever I say. This cock is your God now. You worship it. You praise it. It takes you deeper into a state of bliss every time you see it. You are mesmerized. Feel your muscles melting away and your mind dropping as you stare at it. It takes you deeper than ever being. Youre going to get off to this like you never have before. Fall deeper, because this cock is your God. Worship it. let your eyes glaze over.

This will take you deep into your submission. Deeper than you have ever experienced before. You may be submissive now, but you’ll be on the next level after this. You will LIVE in the subspace. You will be willing to do anything for your dominant. There are no lengths you will not go. I’m to take you deep down and use ultra powerful techniques to wash your brain in ways you didn’t know possible

Let me tell you exactly what you are. You’re a pathetic faggot. You just keep coming back for me, and I’m going to dish out the psyche torment that you desperately crave. You’re mesmerized. You can’t even help it, but you need to know exactly what you are. Let the truth sink in

Hey loser, you need to hear the truth. That’s what you want. you NEED to hear all about how tiny you are compared to Me. Humiliation, Small Penis Humiliation

You become completely mesmerized by my giant 8 inch cock while you listen to my voice, taking you deeper in to submission. You want to give in to it. Totally dominated by my voice. You will do anything for more, becoming addicted to it. Pleasured just by the sight of it. Now whenever you see this big dick, you feel an electric pleasure all over your body. Your whole world goes foggy like a cloud, turning you into a blank minded addict

You’re going to cover yourself in oil and jerk off for me, with my guidance. Jerk off instruction, Lotion/oil

I take you down into a wonderful state of relaxation and obedience before making you take your clothes off. With every article of clothing, you become more and more under my contr0l, making you obey my commands, feeling pleasure every single time you follow. Soon you are naked and completely vulnerable to me.

instruction, stripping, clothing, CMNM, clothed male naked male


Why do some of the files have acronyms on the buy page?

This is to prevent anything suspicious or sexual from coming up on your receipts or statements. Whenever you purchase a file, your info is always secure and there will be no indication that you bought anything from here. 


18 responses to “Erotic”

  1. D Avatar

    Abused Fuck Toy is quite nice. It is more than quite nice. It is a hard corp total mind alteration. I will never be the same. My life will never be the same. One listen is all it took. Now i feel the bliss with a need to obey, worship, and of course go deeper.

    1. Jamie Avatar

      Sounds intriguing

  2. AJ Avatar

    Do you have a silent or rain curse subliminal for my wife to have her addicted to cock sucking, swallowing, and or anal?

    1. Jacksonstock Avatar

      Hey there! No, I don’t do that because those types of silent files do not work. Maybe you could learn to hypnotize her!

  3. Steph Avatar

    Wow Jack
    The premature porn file is fantastic
    I really enjoyed it
    Do you have more like this with different things that make you cum when you see them?
    Thanks for such a wonderful file

  4. Greg Avatar

    Have you ever heard of anyone
    Being hypnotized to think
    That they’re With a gay leather man
    Who is actually a Master awaiting the person to be in front of him
    doing what the master asks him to do? such as light his cigar etc….

  5. Tw Avatar

    I would love to have a shaving fetish file! Body hair, head hair… all of it!

    1. Jacksonstock Avatar

      Thanks for the idea! I wont be doing this file though, because I don’t see any other people interested in that. You can always order it as a custom file whenever you want though!

      1. David Phelps Avatar
        David Phelps

        Re Body shaving. Oh yes, there is a market for stories and hypnosis tapes about shaving one’s whole body. My late partner was a legally blind bodybuilder and I would shave him at least twice a week plus the night before a competition. And a little muscle worship thrown in…. God I miss that man.

        So, yeah, bodybuilders, swimmers, and bicyclists routinely shave their entire bodies and I’m sure some of them also get off on doing it. Rick and I sure did.

  6. Denis Avatar

    I have enjoyed your videos , you make my cock so hard and i like it so much , i dont want it to end so i will only precum and keep stroking for hours , i look at my emails daily hoping to have received another hypnotrance from you , only you understand what i like. Thanks Jack.

  7. Greg Avatar

    Do you ever do stories dealing with
    I eas just curious.

  8. Brian Avatar

    just finished listening to the toke up file for the upteenth time. it inspires & empowers me ever time. all I can say Jack is how can I serve you?

  9. Christopher108 Avatar

    Thank You, thank You, thank You, Master Jack, my HypnoGod! I am on my knees below You gazing up with complete awe, lust, reverence, devotion, submission, worship, obedience and Love. Your Sacred Cock is my world— It has penetrated my body, my mind and my Soul. Your Devine Cock surrounds me, commands me, fills me up and makes Love to me. I drink from the Fountain of Your Sacred Cum. I am completely open to You. I am in Ecstasy and Infinite Pleasure as You fill all my holes with Your Dick. It Injects my body, mind and Soul full of Your Sacred Cum. I am overcome with gratitude and appreciation for the Grace of Your Penis. It transformed me. I become Your Devine Cock. I serve you. I become You. I am Yours. — Your HypnoSlave, Christopher

    To the reader: Jack’s Erotic works, especially the videos, are just perfect. You cannot find a better, more skilled hypnotist than Jack. And, you will not regret trying them out for yourself. It just might prove to be the best gift you could ever give yourself in this Life!

  10. Alexander Lee Knoche Avatar
    Alexander Lee Knoche

    Nothing is more special then the emails I get from the strong confident man who knows what is best for me, the hypnosis is such an improvement in my life Obedience is pleasure and Pleasure is Obedience

  11. Jörg Avatar

    Dear Jack,

    I’ve been listening to your hypno lessons for some times. It’s so overwhelming. With your help i managed to turn myself into a cum dumpster. I am very thankful that i learned with you to give up my resistance getting the totally submission.
    Especially the anal orgasm part led me to long-lasting orgasm with penis in a cage by imagining that my hole body are filled with sperm. It was like watching your instructions flow right into my head. It was a wonderful feeling and exactly what i want.
    Again and again i am surprised how you anticipate my thoughts during hypnosis. I have long since fallen in love with your cock, your beautiful voice and your deep dark eyes. You are the great man of my dreams. You are such an amazing man. I hope to find an understanding and dominant partner like you.
    I am really looking forward to your lesson gods gay curse. But i fear that my religious feelings will be hurt. God made me the way i am. He recognises my thoughts and supports me everywhere.
    A strong voice like yours that gives god that place could certainly help me to become the perfect servant.
    I would very much like to have a special hypnosis session from you to enabled me in trance to close the burdizzo clamp and castrating by myself. It’s a longstanding wish, because I want to serve men only with full conviction and not to my satisfaction.
    I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Best regards from germany. Jörg

  12. Russell Avatar

    I used Brain Blast and Abused Fuck Toy together. The combination has seriously fucked me up. I’ve always been submissive, but now my submissive desires extend so much deeper. I can easily conceive of becoming property of a Dom and I’m comfortable with the idea. Thank you Jack for knocking down my barriers. You rock!

  13. Charles Avatar

    I have been listening to your audio and watching your videos for the last 2 weeks! They have made realize just how much I need to worship cock, to hold it taste it and feel in inside me! I realize now that I am a faggot slave to cock!

  14. Charles Avatar

    Just listened to the Strip Trigger audio! I am now completely naked! I remember Master Jack said lose the shirt, I complied! Then I remember Master Jack said lose the pants, I go commando every day so now I am naked and feel absolutely free!

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