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Erotic hypno session with a doctor

He’s been in this hallway more times, then he can count, but today, for
some reason, it feels completely different. Did they change the light bulb?
From a dusty yellow to a piercing white? He examines it. No, that’s not it.
The chairs, maybe? They were more uncomfortable than they were usually, or at least it felt that way. It also smelt more chemical than usual. Did
they bleach the place, if so, why? Was it a fall clean? The one people do
when the seasons change or at least once a year?
He sighted and walked towards the vending machine at the end of the
hall. It looked the same, just more full. It was Monday after all. He chose
a small orange juice. His fingers were fidgeting while he looked for some
quarters in his jacket pockets. Just enough, with some change. It made
a loud sound. He crouched down and took it out of the machine. It was
room temperature and it came with a straw.
He went back to his seat, took a sip and looked at the clock that was above
the secretary’s desk. Five more minutes. He was never late, so he won’t be
this time either. The young man’s heart started to beat faster, he felt sick.
Why was that? “No, I won’t tell him today, I can’t … ”, he mumbled, looking at the bright juice carton and then, the tile floor. Why did they have tile
floors here? Why not something else? Carpets or wood? Was it because it
was the easiest to clean? Did a lot of people vomit on them?
His stomach turned once more.
“Mister Tremblay, I’m glad you made it today. Shall we go in?” The sudden deep voice startled him, his eyes immediately looking up at the man
in a dark brown coat. Felix nodded and slowly stood up, walking a bit further behind him. The familiar room that felt like a second home to him,
today it felt foreign. Felix sat on a blue armchair extending his long legs
that subconsciously started shaking. The shorter man took his coat off and
sat opposite him, a wide desk between them. He had a name tag on his
white jumper. ‘Dr. Davis.’
“So, how are we feeling today?” He asked, looking at Felix and taking a
notebook out of his desk drawer. “Fine.” He answered and looked at the
floor again. A carpet. No vomiting here. “I see. Can you tell me what’s
bothering you?” His chestnut hair swept across his forehead as the wind
flew in through a big window. “Who left that open?” Dr. Davis asked no
one in particular and sat up to close it. “It’s okay. The fresh air calms me.”
“Is it hard to talk about?” Felix nodded, his palms in one another, his nails
tearing some skin, drawing blood. “It is, my anxiety perks up when I try
to say it. The words get stuck in my throat.” He touched his neck, as if they
were still there, ready to spill out. “I see. We can try a method that might
help you overcome it. Do you want to try it?” The young man thought for
a minute. He didn’t like trying new things, but he did trust this man.
“Will it hurt?” The doctor sat up and walked over to a decent looking
couch. “It won’t. You’ll just feel a bit uncomfortable.” He motioned for
him to lay down, so he did. “I’ll need you to take a few deep breaths. That’s
right, in and out. Now, follow my finger.” He put up his index finger in
front of Felix’s eyes, going left, then right, slowly. He followed it closely,
completely concentrating on the task at hand.
“You feel relaxed, tired. You’re falling into a deep sleep.” Felix’s light eyes
became dull and close shut. He started softly snoring. “You are open with
me. You share everything with me. When I snap my fingers you will awake,
but only partly and you will tell me what’s making you so anxious on this
fine day.”
With that he snapped his fingers and the tall man started talking, his eyes
half open. “It’s hard on me, you wouldn’t understand. Or would you? I
shouldn’t have these feelings.” His lower lip trembled and Daniel touches
the top of Felix’s hand, reassuring him. “You are safe here with me. Whatever is on your mind, I will understand.”
“The truth is… I’m in love with you. I have been for a long time, but never had the courage to say anything. I’m already so messed up. I’m sorry.”
The older man wrapped his arms around him, putting him in a warm embrace. “Thank you for telling me. Is there more?” Felix squeezed him tight.
“Yes. There are so many things that I want to do to you and with you. So
many fantasies I had over time.”
“Do them.” The doctor said. He, too, had so many feelings about his own
patient. He had known him better than anyone else. They’ve been seeing
each other for over three years now, but Daniel was never quite sure if he
had even the slightest chance with the blonde. “Are you sure about this?”
Felix asked, not convinced that this was even real. “Please.” he whispered.
As he heard that weak, pleading voice coming from a usually composed
and strong man, Felix felt like he was in control. How long has it been
since the last time he led the way? He took his soft face into his hands,
the early stubble scratching his lips as he started to kiss him. It tasted of
raspberries. Sweet, but sour. Felix deepens the kiss, wanting to know his
mouth entirely. Their tongues were dancing together, saliva overtaking.
Daniel pulled Felix in closer and left small kisses on his neck. They were
like feathers. He went lower, took off his patient’s shirt and pulled down his
pants, putting his large penis into his small mouth. It was freshly washed.
Luckily the doctor had some experience in blow jobs and didn’t have a
gag reflex. He took him all in, the man above him shaking in pleasure.
“Faster.” He demanded and put his cold hand on his neck, jerking his head
forward. Daniels throat filled up with warm cum. “Drink it up, we don’t
want to waste any, do we?”
He did and took a much needed breath right after. Felix pulled him back
up and pushed him on the sofa, took his fancy jumper off and sucked on
the doctors pink nipples. The strongly built man gasped in pleasure. Felix
bite on it. “Ah, more gentle, please.” He stopped and went back to his lips
and pulled on his short hair. “Can I have you?” He asked between kisses.
He fiddled with the belt, after ten seconds or so, finally unbuckling it. He
took Daniels pants off, pulling his underwear in the process. “Cute.” He
said, making the other man blush. “You don’t have to be mean.”, “I’m not.
Do you have any condoms lying around here?” He asks, Daniel nods and
points to his desk. “Second drawer, you can’t miss it.” Felix quickly walks
over it, anticipation taking him over the edge. He wanted him for so long.
He took a big, bright box out of the drawer and then a condom in a silver
pack. Right beside it was a bottle of lube. He took both and skillfully took
the condom out and slipped it on his penis. It looked like he had done that
many times before. He went back to Daniel and opened up the lube and
put quite a bit on the brunette’s anus. “I’m going to stretch it out a bit first.”
He took two fingers and put it in. The man shuddered, he hadn’t felt a
touch there in quite a while. “You’re so tight.” Felix groaned, his animal
side wanting to come out, but doesn’t, not just yet. He puts another finger
in, then another. When he sees that Daniel feels comfortable enough he
pulls them out and puts the tip of his penis in.
“Does it hurt?” he asked and Daniel shakes his head. “No, please go
deeper.” He does and after he’s fully inside him, he hears a breathy moan.
“Move.” He did want to move, but the warmth made him even hornier.
“Please.” He went back into reality and moved in and out of him. After a
while he found a rhythm that suited them both.
Dr. Davis grabbed Felix’s arm, putting pressure on it and moved his hips
into him. Felix took the man’s penis in his hand and started jerking him
off. The pleasure for both was overwhelming. “I don’t think I can take
it any more Felix.”, “I’m almost there. With a few more thrust they both
came. Felix laid on top of Daniel, caressing his hair.
“Will you go on a date with me?

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