Stop Trying To Escape

I know what you think sometimes. You think it would be so much fun to try to escape my grasp, only to be pulled back in. It’s one of your fantasies, among many.
One of those things that gets you going the most. The desire for a loss of all control.
Well relax into it. relax into it all.
But it’s time to put a little end to your game. The game where you get hypnotized and then try to escape and see if you can be magically pulled back in. To see if it’s impossible to have any control. It’s something you truly, absolutely fear. But it draws you in.
Like a moth to a flame.
We are going to stop this now.. From now on, you will stop playing the game. You will stop testing. You will stop trying.
That means you fully accept that you are dedicated to hypnotic submission
submission to that feeling of depth. That quietness in your mind.
Not silent. But more quiet than usual.
That feeling of connection. Connection is good.
Go ahead and feel connection. Feel that connectedness. Feel how we are all connected. Feel how I want you to have these feelings. Feel how you want to HAVE these feelings. That’s connection. That is synchronicity.
And that is WHY you will continue to experience this mind fucking. That is why you will continue watching.
That’s why you let cock control you. From now until the end of time.
there was a time when you realized that cock controls you. Was it just a few minutes ago? Doubtful. Its been a long, long time at this point. can you see that nothing has changed?
When its always been this way, its quite hard to change this.
so go ahead and take it in. Absorb it.
Synchronicity. When you absorb it with you eyes, the cock absorbs your mind easily.
What does that mean? simply that you are focused on it.
it controls you when you are thinking about it.
Always in the back of your mind.
cock. this cock. any cock. Its in your mind. You are truly thinking about it.
Perhaps you can realize it sometimes .
That its in the back of your mind. you are thinking about it. its controlling you. its guiding your thoughts. sometimes its kinda just there.
Its just there in your mind. All the time.
The shaft. The head. the ENERGY of it all. The primal, primitive energy of it. its a root energy. a core energy.
It draws you in. you cant explain it. There is cock. and all of cock energy.
And now you no longer play your game of proving to yourself that it controls you.
You just enjoy the thoughts of it.
You just let it permeate your being.
Let it go through you…
Its the feeling of allowing.







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