Interrogated By a Soviet

[M4M]Interrogated By A Soviet[Rape][Mind control][poppers][coercion][drugging][spy][Straight male]
It appears the Soviets have discovered you that you are a special agent within their ranks. A spy. A splinter cell. Your interrogator needs some information from you. And he really knows how to get it. He has some interesting methods. He knows exactly how to use some extremely sexual poppers to get you real relaxed and pliable. Then you’re going to tell him everything that he wants to know.

Erotic story
Mind control/hypnosis
Special agent/spy
Straight To Gay/coerced straight male

Ah, agent, I see you are awake. Excellent. I suppose you are wondering why you can’t move. That is because of the drugs we’ve injected you with. You will find you have no voluntary muscle control. You will notice you still have full sensation. That’s very important for what’s going to happen next.
Torture you? No, no, no. Quite the opposite. You’re going to feel very good. So good, agent, that you will give me the codes I seek. I know you have them, do not play pretend with me.
What is that? Da. Name, rank and serial number is all you give me? I’m certain you believe that, agent, but it is far from true.
Now, to begin. See this bottle? In it, is a special liquid. Not quite a truth serum, those never work. Instead, it’s going to make you feel amazing. In your country, these are known as poppers. I don’t know if you’ve heard of them. I understand you are heterosexual. Or at least your wife is a woman. In the end, it doesn’t matter.
Now, let me just hold this bottle up to your nostril. Then I plug the other, and wait. Ah, you are trying to hold your breath. Not exactly novel, or effective. Soon, you will need to breathe, and when you do, you’ll only inhale even harder. There you go. Just breathe it in. There’s no point in fighting it. Now, let’s give you some fresh air. Don’t worry, it will be back.
How do you feel now, agent? A little fuzzy? A little foggy? And very, very horny, I imagine. Right now, I bet you wish you could grab that dick and jerk it like a wild beast. But you still cannot move, at all. How tragic.
Perhaps I can help. Let’s get that shirt off. Why, you ask? You will see, very soon. Ah, how like a rag doll you are now. My little doll, to play with.
Let’s have another go with that bottle, shall we? This time, the other nostril. If you co-operate and breathe in for a count of ten, then I will take the bottle away. The longer you resist, the longer it stays.
There we go, that’s good agent. Breathe it in. Remember, count to ten. Ah, there we go. Now, let’s see how the good agent feels when I put my finger on his nipple. Oh, that was an interesting sound. Let me swirl the tip of my finger all around that sensitive nipple. Can you feel the poppers effecting you? Making you pliable, willing, and making you enjoy this feeling. This feeling of having your nipple played with by someone who truly knows what they are doing.
Da, agent, I can feel your nipple getting hard. Let’s try the other one next. Does that feel even better? What if I squeeze, and fondle, even pinch ever so slightly? And now, how about both nipples at the same time? Doesn’t that feel amazing?
It will feel even better when you take your next hit of poppers. This time, it’s a twelve count. Breathe in deeply. Let the chemicals wash away all thoughts but the pleasures of the flesh. That is all that matters now.
Your pants seem awfully tight all of the sudden. Let’s get those off too. Oh my! That’s quite an impressive piece of man meat you have there. And look, there’s a little drop of pre-cum. Isn’t that cute. You’re so horny right now, you’d give anything to cum. And you will.
Now, let me grab that nice hard cock of yours. Let me squeeze it a little. It’s so sensitive now, isn’t it agent?
Name, rank and serial number, again? It’s gotten old comrade. Let me just start stroking that dick of yours. You can’t fight it, comrade. You can’t fight overwhelming pleasure; and that, is what I will give you.
I think some lube might help. I have a special formula here, designed to make that cock of yours even more sensitive. I’m sure, right now, you think that is impossible. Let me squirt some on your dick, and you’ll know different.
See? I told you. Let me start stroking you again and show you how truly sensitive you have become. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt at all. I’ve very experienced, and very skilled. Feel me stroke, stroke, stroke.
As I do, another dose of poppers is in order. One hand jerking you up, and down, comrade. The other pressing the bottle your nose. My, my, you seem eager to give yourself to the poppers now. Look at you inhaling like your life depended on it. Sniff as long as you want. The drugs have taken control now.
You may not believe that. Still, you cannot deny the growing pleasure of my hand on your cock. Your will is ebbing away and you are starting to wonder why you are fighting at all. There’s no need to fight, comrade. You can trust me.
As I jerk, and stroke, firing up your addled brain. So horny now. So much pleasure. Pleasure like you’ve never felt before. However, I know exactly how to make you cum, and I know exactly how to keep you from cumming. I am that skilled. So you won’t cum until I let you, comrade.
Stroking now. Up and down. Swirling slightly. Rubbing the sensitive spots at the base of the head. Jerking you. Getting ready to milk you dry. That is what you want. Do not try to deny it, comrade. It feels too good to deny.
Just in case though, have some more poppers. Even longer than last time. Breath it in. Take it in. Let it inside your mind. It’s what you want now. What you need now. What you will always crave forever.
Let me jerk you, let me stroke you, let me pleasure you. Even jerking yourself has never felt this good. The poppers have shown you the way. I’m not so bad, am I? How can I be so bad, when I make you feel this good? Of course, I can’t.
Jerking, rubbing, stroking. I’ll even cup your balls with my other hand, rubbing them gently. You can’t deny how good this feels. Cumming right now would be the most incredible feeling in your life. You know it’s true.
You know what it will take for me to make you cum. You know what it will take. And who knows what else we can get up to once you’ve told me? I can make you feel this good in a lot of different ways, over, and over, and over again.
Come on comrade. You know this is what you want. You know you can never go back. You know you will never be the same. This much pleasure will break you, overwhelm you, override you.
As I jerk, and stroke, faster now. Harder now. It feels so good. If I stopped right now you’d lose your mind. If I stopped right now you’d be mad with desire. You want to cum. You need to cum. All you can think about is giving in to the pleasure. Giving in to the poppers. Giving in to me. You want to surrender to me. You want me to control you forever. You never want to stop feeling this way.
The wonderful thing is, you can have it. You can have poppers for the rest of your life, you can have pleasure unimaginable for the rest of your life. And lover, you can have me for the rest of your life. Isn’t that what you want? Can you even think of your wife’s name right now?
Jerking. Stroking. Rubbing. Playing.
Stroking. Playing, Rubbing Jerking.
Playing. Jerking. Stroking. Rubbing.
Rubbing, Playing, Jerking, Stroking.
Good boy. Da, you are my good boy. You want to be my good boy. So, go ahead. Prove it. Prove you’ll do anything for me. All it takes is a few numbers. All it takes to have the best fucking orgasm of your life. You know you can’t resist any longer. Just give in. It will feel so good. Don’t fight, don’t resist, as I stroke you. As I jerk you. As I make you feel so good.
Give in, baby.
Give in.
Why fight it? It’s too good to fight.
But maybe you need some more poppers to make it really amazing. Here they come., sealing one nostril. Now breathe for a count of ten.
Give me the codes!
Cum now, cum hard, let it all out! Betraying your country feels so good. Pleasing me feels so good. You’re my good boy, and you’ll always be my good boy.
And from now on, good boy, you work for me.

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