Curious College Boys Fuck From Hypnosis

A couple of young men are curious about hypnosis files on the internet, and get a little more than they bargained for when they start listening. They seem to enjoy what’s happening though, and it’s definitely become very real.

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Charlie and Josh thought it would be funny to hear one of those hypnosis audio tracks. They had found the tapes online, all voiced by a supposed expert named Jack Stock.

Of course the two 21-year-olds were completely skeptical about the whole thing, and mostly wanted to have a long laugh about it and then tell their friends about how ridiculous the whole fad was.

Unbeknown to one another, both Charlie and Josh had developed a curiosity about what it would feel like to have sex with a man instead of a woman. It was a secret they refused to tell anyone else, and yet the hypnotic tracks were about to unbottle their sexual desires with no possibility of holding themselves back.

The audio began the way the two friends expected it to: A man’s voice smooth as butter and sexually suggestive, telling the listener to sit or lay down and relax. They chuckled and joked about it for a few moments, but then decided to give it a try, since they wanted to tell everyone this was nothing but a silly sham. They couldn’t quite claim that if they didn’t follow the instructions.

So both young men laid next to one another on the dorm’s floor, closing their eyes and relaxing just as the voice told them to.

It seemed so silly, and yet, something seemed to be taking hold of their minds before long. It was such a smooth, enticing voice, and it was almost as if it was grabbing at their brains and pulling them down an endless spiral, their cocks slowly but surely getting stiff as a board.

They didn’t comprehend what was going on, and yet, the desire only seemed to grow further and further with each new word. Charlie panted heavily, while Josh thrust his hips up into the air, feeling their cocks grow so powerfully stiff it actually began to hurt. They needed to have sex so badly, they needed to explore those lingering, deep desires to explore their sexuality further than ever before.

And so, as they opened their eyes just as Jack instructed them to, they turned their heads to face one another. Their stares locked for an instant before the two young men rushed into each other’s arms, a hungry kiss taking over their minds as the words kept on filling the room.

They were lost in a sea of arousal, aching to touch, to explore, to discover new and thrilling sensations. Their tongues danced together passionately, as both of them began rolling their hands up and down each other’s bodies, tugging urgently at those clothes, stopping the kiss only to throw their shirts over their heads and onto the floor.

“Fuck, I need this so badly!” Charlie gasped loudly, hypnotized by that enchanting, smooth voice that told them to keep going, to allow their deepest desires to simply break free. Their cocks throbbed badly as they were finally freed from their pants and underwear, and for the first time, both Charlie and Josh found themselves openly staring at another man’s erection with a desire neither could hide any longer.

Josh gasped, noticing how large Charlie’s dick was, how thick its girth. He felt his mouth water, aching to feel his friend deep inside him. Josh had always displayed a submissive streak, and even when fucking women, he adored it when they took charge of their sexual adventures, so it was no wonder he ached to be the small spoon when finally allowing himself to explore new paths.

“I want you to fuck me now, Charlie, I can’t wait another moment, please!” An aroused, panting Josh pleaded, his voice quivering with untamed desire. The voice kept on droning into their ears, stimulating that hidden corner of their minds that ached for this sexual exploration.

His hand was wrapped around Charlie’s rod, and he began to eagerly move his fingers up and down that thick shaft, making his friend moan out with pleasure. He looked so sexy when he was this aroused, it was such a relief to finally explore these feelings, these desires.

Charlie thrust his hips forward, using that fist wrapped around his dick to further stimulate himself, fucking Josh’s hand with growing pleasure.

“Yeah… turn around and get on all fours. I’m going to fuck that tight little ass and make you cum screaming my name,” Charlie grunted, lost in the hypnotic qualities of the track, unable to hold back his intense desire any longer.

Josh gasped softly and nodded, letting go of that throbbing rod and turning around so he was facing away from his face.

Almost quivering with anticipation, the young brown-haired college student got down onto his hands and knees, arching his back softly and pushing his ass out. He couldn’t believe this was truly about to happen! Between his legs, his own erection throbbed badly, oozing a drop of precum onto the carpet.

Charlie positioned himself between Josh’s open legs, giving them a little kick to help him have more room, before placing his hands on either side of his roommate’s hips.

“Ready?” he grunted softly, rubbing his bulbous head against Josh’s tight little asshole. It offered some resistance at first, as he slowly but confidently pushed himself inside his friend, forcing it to open a bit at a time.

“Fuck!” Josh moaned out loud as that cock began to impale him further and further, sinking into his impossibly tight ass. His walls clenched fiercely around that thick erection, massaging Charlie’s cock pleasurably.

“You’re so tight!” Charlie hissed, grounding himself inside Josh’s ass, his lap finally reaching Josh’s buttcheeks. He held himself as deep as possible for a moment before thrusting back, and thus beginning to fuck his friend with growing speed.

It felt so incredible, both men lost in that passionate, wild pleasure, the voice trickling into their minds keeping them aroused and aching for more, more, more.

Their moans merged with Jack’s words, paired up only by the slapping sounds of their bodies crashing together again and again.

Josh felt his entire figure being pushed forward with each new thrust, his cock throbbing badly between his legs, forming a small puddle of precum on the carpet beneath him. His balls were tensing and he felt he was so impossibly close to an orgasm, the kind of orgasm that would surely blow his mind and make him wonder how he had gone so long without exploring this hidden side of his sexuality.

Charlie, behind his friend’s tall, lean body, began losing control, his thrusts becoming more and more frantic as the pleasure reached new peaks. He grunted loudly, pushing his hips forward hard, almost roughly, impaling his friend with that stiff, quivering dick.

He felt the pleasure grow so fiercely, with such intensity, that Charlie barely got to warn his roommate he was about to explode before it happened.

“I’m so… fucking… close!” he grunted passionately, gritting his teeth as he thrust one last time inside that tight ass, releasing his seed like never before.

It felt so incredible, cumming in there, coating his friend’s walls with that sticky, white substance.

This, added to the voice that kept going on and on, finally pushed Josh over the edge, and his cock twitched between his legs, cumming fiercely onto the floor as he felt that thick seed filling his ass.

Both young men collapsed heavily onto the floor, Josh feeling his ass agape: such an odd sensation! And yet he loved every second of it. He knew now that there was no going back. He had to embrace the fact that he was also into men, and that fucking -or getting fucked by- them would only improve his sexual life.

“That was…” Josh began to speak, not knowing how to end that sentence. Charlie chuckled softly and only said:


“Yeah,” he grunted as a reply, and then, noticing the voice had finally stopped, sat up slowly, giving his friend a playful grin. “Wanna listen to it again?”

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