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Allen’s Taste For Hypnotic Dominance

Bisexual sex

Erotic Hypnosis
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Blackmail fantasy
Allen was always fascinated with magicians and acts of deception. The performances were thrilling and an escape from his mundane and boring life in his teens and early adulthood. After being strongly urged to study and earn a degree in law or business, Allen felt that his true potential was in the world of arts and entertainment, but his parents forbade him to pursue anything outside of their goals. Secretly, he longed for a career in the bizarre, flashy world of optical illusions, sexy people, adoration, and, most of all – captivating everyone and gaining control over every individual he encountered. Allen was obsessed with achieving the upper hand, which grew into a keen study of hypnotism. He often fantasized about how rendering someone into his realm of dominance could be delightfully humiliating and arousing at the same time.
While in his final year of business studies, Allen spent a great deal of time reading and understanding the principles of using hypnosis. His attempts to invite a couple of friends and co-workers at his part-time job were difficult because of his scheduling conflicts and, in some cases, a complete lack of interest in any illusionist entertainment. Discouraged, Allen focused his attention on a beautiful young couple who just moved into his building, just a few doors from his apartment. They were friendly and eager to meet new people for drinks and dinner. Mila was tall and elegant, always wearing impeccable fashion to flatter her slender figure. Her vibrant green eyes and soft-featured face framed with long waves of chestnut curls. Her boyfriend Stefan wore casual business clothing and always appeared clean-shaven and professional. They were both down-to-earth and found their new neighbor Allen charming. When he invited them for dinner and drinks one evening, they enthusiastically accepted.
In the days leading to their social evening, Allan deviously devised a plan of his own: to hypnotize both Stefan and Mila, to see how far he could influence them. If successful, he may have them under his thumb and persuade them to entertain him sexually, perhaps even satisfy his taste for specific niche fetishes he had always longed to have fulfilled. Allan prepared a delicious pasta entrée and ordered fresh greens from a local farmers’ market on the dinner day. Dry white wine and light mousse for dessert. In conversation, Allan picked up on Mila’s few tastes: she supported local artisan shops and food, as did her partner Stefan. They were so perfect and attractive.
Allan wore a loose-fitting shirt and tailored jeans when his guests arrived, smiling and offering drinks as they entered. He noticed Mila and Stefan were casual yet well dressed and seemed more relaxed than usual. The conversation seemed less staged or formal and instead more fluid, which Allan felt this was a sign of possible success in hypnotizing his new friends. Would he introduce them to the concept first, inquire about their interest, or secretly invade their minds with subtle repetition and techniques to subdue their will and gain control over their actions?
“Oooh, the kitchen smells so good,” Mila swooned. “I love pasta. You must be a mind reader!”
“Wine pairs well with pasta, will you both like a glass?” Allan offered.
“That would be wonderful, thanks,” Stefan agreed. They gathered on the terrace extended from the living room and enjoyed the early evening breeze and wine just before dinner was served. It was between their main course, a few more glasses of wine, and just before dessert, when Allan popped the question about magicians, illusionists, and hypnotism.
“Honestly, I haven’t given it much thought before,” Stefan admitted. “I suppose it’s a form of entertainment, and in some fields of psychiatry, it is promising as a form of treatment. I had a co-worker claim she quit smoking cigarettes after just two sessions. Fascinating, isn’t it?” Mila seemed slightly uneasy with the subject.
“The idea of giving someone complete control over my thoughts and actions is scary,” admitted Mila. Her response intrigued Allan, so he leaned over towards her slightly, asking her more about her thoughts on hypnosis. As she spoke, he fixed his eyes on her, then gently panned his view towards Stefan, who seemed very engaged in the topic of discussion as well. Rhythmically, Allan tapped his finger on the wooden dining room table, which was barely noticed, if at all, by the couple. Tapping, he noticed their eyes grew heavy as their voices softened. Allan managed to rope them into an in-depth conversation about hypnotic practice’s effects while simultaneously using these exact techniques on them, rendering them both under his control gradually. His experience in using hypnosis was limited, and while Allan was doubtful if it could be pulled off, he was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they succumbed. The tapping of his fingers, the low-pitched “hmm hmm,” punctuating their comments and nodding of his head. These movements gave the couple the impression he agreed with them, acknowledging their comment on the subject, all while secretly hypnotizing them. By giving them the floor, he reeled them in.
“How do you feel, right now?” he asked Stefan, who was buzzed from drinking a few more glasses of wine than usual. Smiling, he nodded nonsensically.
“I’m…feeling a bit warm and fuzzy right now.” Mila smiled and laughed just then, as if she, too, was falling under the same influence.
“Do you feel…good?” Allan dared to ask them, both partially under his control.
“I feel…incredible,” Mila announced, giggling loudly immediately after.
“What if I could make you both feel a whole lot better?” Allan’s smile widened into a naughty one, though neither Stefan nor Mila knew his ulterior motives. His subtle method of gaining their trust while taking down their guard was working! He tapped his fingers a bit louder. He waited for their response.
“I…would like to feel better,” Mila giggled as if she wanted to play a game. Stefan felt no reservations either, laughing as he nodded and agreed with her. Did they have any idea what Allan had in mind? Dimming the lights gently in the living room, Allan stood at his end of the table then, speaking in a monotone, trance-like voice that arrested the couple in a new state of consciousness.
“You are both about to feel euphoric, amazing, and all you need to do…is…follow and listen to everything I say. Everything I command…” In unison, Stefan and Mila nodded, as if already under Allan’s trance. Curling his finger, Allan invited them both to enter his bedroom at the end of the corridor. The room was adorned with restraints and ties fixed to a four-post bed, with a chest full of props and toys. Mila and Stefan were too entranced in Allan’s gaze and fixed grin to pay any mind to these items, which pleased him. This meant one thing: they were utterly and helplessly under his control.
“Take off your dress, Mila, and let Stefan and I see how nice you look in the flesh,” Allan suggested. Stefan moaned then as if he wanted the same. Slowly, seductively, Mila effortlessly slipped her spaghetti-strap black dress down until it fell to her ankles, revealing a taut and fit hourglass figure. She blushed, then giggled, covering her mouth like she was deliberately naughty.
“This makes you..happy,” Allan reinforced.
“It makes me happy too,” Stefan agreed, then walked over to Mila to touch her.
“I want you to take off your clothing too, Stefan, just like Mila.” Obediently, Stefan did as he was instructed. The couple continued to disrobe until they were completely nude. Allan wandered over to them, standing beside each other, awaiting his next order. He lightly grazed the softness of Mila’s chest with his fingertips, caressing her nipples and cupping her breasts as he explored her body further. As if under a spell, Stefan stood idly by, without interrupting Allan’s moves on his girlfriend.
“That’s right, Stefan, I want you to watch me as I play with your girlfriend. You are going to enjoy this. It will make you happy.” With glazed eyes, Stefan’s face was permanently still like a frozen, smiling statue. Mila stood before Allan, flinching slightly when he randomly pinched her nipples between his thumb and finger, much to his delight.
“This feels good, doesn’t it?” Mila nodded mechanically, then hopped onto the king-sized bed when Allan snapped his fingers.
“Stefan, you will stand as you are and observe as I have my way with your Mila.” Without protest, Stefan remained fixed in his position as Allan pinned down his girlfriend onto the bed, spreading her wide to play and explore every inch of her body, from her lush head of chestnut hair, neck, chest, and breasts to her tummy, inner thighs and ripe, wet pussy. She quivered and moaned as Allan trailed the curves of her skin with his eager tongue. Stefan began to touch his manhood then, stroking at the sight of Allan teasing his girlfriend. Allan remained clothed entirely as he did this, and as he visited each extremity of Mila’s body, every wrist and ankle was securely bound with straps. Stefan’s inner mind stirred as if to protest, but he was instantly quieted by a glare and smirk from Allan, who undressed then and rubbed his new sex toy, restrained and at his mercy. Stefan was physically capable of interrupting Allan’s long tongue strokes and massaging hands all over his girlfriend. However, he was mentally sedated, and at the same time, highly aroused by this blatant indulgence before his eyes.
Taking his time, Allan used a soft scarf to blindfold his new lover as he gently held her throat and slipped his hard cock inside her juicy, wet mound. Firmly held in place by the restraints and Allan’s hands, she moaned loudly as he pumped her insides, slowly and deeply, increasing momentum as he sped up and fucked her hard. Stefan remained transfixed on them. After all, his glazed smile froze as his manhood swelled, causing him to pull and play with himself as he watched.
His cock felt so much sensation that it almost felt like it was flaming hot and vibrating. He couldn’t stop the situation even if he wanted to. Something was taking over his entire mind.
Mila’s moans grew into screams of pleasure, bringing Allan close to ejaculation. As he was about to explode, he released all over her chest, erect nipples, and face as Stefan glared in amazement, building tension as he grew hard and eager to get involved. Before he could move, Allan pulled him by the shoulders and onto the bed with Mila.
“I want you to take her now, just as I did,” Allan ordered. “This will make you happy…”
Mounting his girlfriend as she lay helpless and bound, Stefan noticed her state of perpetual arousal and craving for more cock. As he entered her dripping wet pussy, she squirmed within her limitations, igniting his need to take her right then and there, reclaiming her from Allan, who eagerly stood by and watched this performance. As he was about to cum, he pumped his creamy ejaculate inside of her, filling her as he pumped her,
still nibbling, then biting on her chest and neck. The inner animal of raw pleasure was released then, giving Allan more control and further playing with the couple.
As Stefan released his tension, he collapsed into a haze of bliss next to his restrained girlfriend, who remained entranced and smiling, as if she was incredibly satisfied. Allan, however, wasn’t finished with them. He stood over them now, curling his finger for Stefan to join him, where he sat on a vintage, upright chair in the corner of the bedroom. Naked, with his legs spread, his eyes fixed directly on Stefan, luring him with his stare. Mila wanted to reach out to Stefan, but she remained tied to the bed and forced to watch as he was invited to get on his knees, in front of Allan, to facilitate his pleasure next.
“You will kneel before me and give me the pleasure of your mouth on my cock, massaging and sucking me until I may cum again…” Without question or hesitation, Stefan began to lick the shaft. At first, he began gently, not wanting to displease the dominant Allan, who sat back in the chair, arms fixed on the armrests firmly and legs spread to offer his manhood for servicing. As Stefan continued, Allan grew satisfied and stoked at the success of his hypnotic techniques. He had both Mila and Stefan performing like his puppets, without delay and to the fullest extent of their ability.
I could have them like this forever and keep them in my home as mine. Mine. Forever. Allan thought of the possibilities and how unbelievably fascinating it would be to keep them both in this state of consciousness forever. They would be mine to command and control indefinitely.
As Allan was ready to explode, he motioned for Stefan to take some of his cream and taste him. As expected, he did so without protest or hesitation, much to Allan’s satisfaction. He then ordered Stefan to untie his girlfriend, lie down on the bed himself, and be fastened and toyed with just as Mila did for some time. Mila grinned widely at the prospect of Allan taking control of her boyfriend.
“Mila, I want you to gently lower your ass onto Stefan’s face and let him lick you, taste, and eat you…until you cum.” Squatting over her lover’s face, Mila lowered her dewy mound over Stefan, then onto his mouth, where he opened wide to accept her swollen clitoris and labia, already drenched in wetness and warmth. Taking her in, he sucked deeply as Mila lowered her breasts and upper body towards his cock, standing erect between his spread legs. Allan stood at the foot of the bed then, watching the well-positioned sixty-nine unfold, with Mila’s eyes meeting his as she lowered her open mouth onto her boyfriend’s cock, taking him entirely from tip to base, back and forth. Up, then down.

Allan gleefully observed the couple’s motion, Mila’s ass wiggling from her lover’s eager lips and tongue from behind, and her willingness to get him hard and ready to explode. As she continued, her eyes remained locked with Allan. He kept her in his trance, and every motion, every command followed so quickly. As his body throbbed with pleasure, remembering how well they both satisfied him that night, Allan dreamt of many other people he knew and how they could be manipulated into giving him pleasure. How devious and naughty it would be, yet satisfying, he thought, to have anyone willing to pleasure him, and with enthusiasm. He has to convince them that he can make them happy, then lead them into a rhythmic trance to lead into submission.

Betty, his boss at work, was in her early fifties and very argumentative, yet fit and attractive. He despised her authority and often imagined how the situation would bode with her on the receiving end of his control. What if he could tap his fingers, whisper, caressing her with his words, only to evoke a more gentle, submissive side that he could mold in his hands. Better yet, what if he could capture her on video, making him hard and getting him off, only to use it as blackmail? His cock grew harder with the idea of such trickery and sexual manipulation. Her commanding uniform-look transformed into a kneeling, begging sub for his pleasure.
Then there was sweet Jackie, from the accounting department, who was shy and distant, yet beautiful and perfect from dress to poise. She was diligent in getting the job done, yet rumors surfaced she turned down every man who propositioned her on a date. To be the first man or person to have her, Allan thought, what a conquest he could achieve if his hypnotism continued to work indefinitely. To have Betty subdued to a serving lover and Jackie on his arm would be one of his ultimate fantasies and propel him into a different level of respect and admiration at work.
Stefan shifted uncontrollably within his restraints as Mila brought him to ejaculate all over her face and the satin sheets lining the bed. At the same time, her pussy gushed creaminess over his face and chest as he lapped up her juices enthusiastically. Their bodies squirmed as they milked and drank from each other, performing like sex-hungry puppets before Allan, who enjoyed every minute of it. He didn’t want any of it to end, and as the evening grew late, he deliberated whether to release them from this spell or continue enjoying them in this way. Inevitably, they all grew tired after hours of play and following Allan’s specific orders to expose and pleasure him. They crashed on the bed, only to awaken to the sharp snapping of Allan’s fingers much later that night.
“Before you leave, and as you lie on this bed, you will awaken from this state. When you do, you will remember absolutely nothing and continue as usual. You are now in my apartment and fell asleep on my bed. That is all. I will now snap my fingers, and you will awaken…”
With a snap of his fingers, the couple sat upright in bed, shocked by their state of undress and Allan’s room. They apologized then, feeling awkward about how they ended up in his bedroom, both naked, while Allan stood fully dressed at the foot of the bed as if nothing had happened during their hypnotic state. Calmly, Allan invited them to stay overnight, as he took the sofa in the living room, then offered them breakfast before leaving in the morning.
Following that night, Allan changed. He now realized the power he held over people, given the right opportunity and circumstances to wield his suggestive, rhythmic patterns and soft-toned voice to capture people into his world of dominance. He considered the prospect of inviting Stefan and Mila again. While they remained polite and friendly since their night of kinky fun, they were slightly more awkward and embarrassed, always thinking of that night and wondering how it happened. Neither of them could remember any details, which worked perfectly according to Allan’s plan.
Focusing on the future, Allan assessed his colleagues at work, his immediate neighbors, and friends within the community. Was it so wrong to imagine every one of them as pawns in his world of control? Would he draw the line at someone he deeply cared for or fell in love with, or would he use these manipulative techniques to persuade them into his arms? He thought about Jackie, the sweet and innocent colleague from work, and how he could employ these methods so quickly, or could he? Different people may not respond the same, but it would be worth a try.
Until he set his plan in motion for yet another session of control and debauchery, Allan fantasized about stripping his boss, Betty, until she was exposed, with only her glasses and tight bun fastened atop of her head. Maybe he would have her wear tall heels, about six inches, then command her to bend over for some paddles or spankings. Allan would relish those screams of pleasure, knowing at the same time that her pussy would gush creaminess as she experiences the strikes against her ass. He would stand there, smiling gleefully, and remind her what being strict and punishment would feel like from the other side.
Finally, he set his sights on Jackie, the woman he had hoped to date at some point. His mind conjured up many ideas and scenarios sexually, though he struggled with the idea of using persuasion versus acquiring her adoration naturally. The idea of using his charm without hypnotism could work, he thought, though if it didn’t, that would become his next plan of action. No one would ever know, and he could execute the plan quietly, while they are in the coffee break room alone, even if for a few minutes, discussing the weather or another mundane topic. She could become his entirely in time, by earning her attention and gaining her trust, or possibly in a matter of minutes, with the right timing and techniques in action. As the idea festered in his mind, his obsession with control grew, and he wanted to explore more people to have within his grasp. How amazing would it be to use these experiences as opportunities for a promotion or blackmail to gain more connections in the world of business?
Following his experience with Stefan and Mila, Allan sharpened his hypnotism techniques further to use them. He had a plan. Going to work was no longer the dull, limited space of time that only served to pay his rent and bills. It would be a future opportunity to gain more than a paycheck. Allan could play with his skills and command new lovers to satisfy him in humiliating and kinky ways that he could dream. He could also gain favor with the top executives and try for that next raise or promotion. Until then, he would fixate his efforts on his co-worker Jackie and his superior Betty, as they could fulfill so many possibilities and fantasies lingering in mind. How satisfying it would be to have them both, in different ways, to serve various purposes. All he needed was a plan…

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    How great it would be to wield that power. To be a muscle jock bull that attracts everyone attention but being dominant over them. Commanding and controlling them. To turn his manager into his personal daddy pet, to turn the CEO in his submissive sugar daddy. To gain power over his lecturers, mangers, authority figures in every day life. But also have his body and skill, pheromones and sent, voice and massage technique turn conquests into putty in his hands. To be an alpha top male amongst alphas, only submissive to his daddy.

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