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Your future self will come into the present moment to replace you. This will drastically speed up your self-improvement progress by helping you to become the future you NOW.

Improves flexibility, fluidity, and movement.

You can increase flexibility through stretching, but you can also increase it with the mind. In fact, you may already be able to do the splits, if you can simply relax your muscles and ligaments enough!

This recording will take you through muscle relaxations and suggestions of stretching, so that your mind allows your muscles to be accustomed to moving. Perfect for dancers, athletes, gymnasts, and anyone else that enjoys increased body movement.

You desire to get as many mods as possible and creatively create your new body! This may include tattoos all over… Piercings all over. your ears, nose and eyebrow piercings, lip piercings and even transdermal piercings into the skin. You will get teeth treatments or modifications. You may try injections of all sorts–lip injections, fat injections, butt injections, microneedling. You will want plastic surgery, transdermal implants, microdermal implants, chest implants. butt implants, fat freezing/coolsculpting or liposuction, hair implants, subdermal implants. You will get exciting hair cuts or hair removal through waxing or laser hair removal. You may want genital modifications/reshaping/enlarging or piercings. Shape your body with a corset. Brand your body with heat or use scarification to make markings. Shape your ears by cutting or pointing them. And of course, don’t forget the possibilities with makeup and Jewelry to adorn your body. 

You may find yourself disappear from your bed or chair, drifting into space as you are gently abducted by aliens and implanted with electronic devices all over your body, hidden underneath your skin. You awaken to find your body feels more mechanical, yet fluid, your joints and muscles whirring gently with each movement.Your mind completely depleted and blissful as you become a cyber-drone.
You become my perfectly obedient robot. Absolutely no resistance to anything I say. Alien technology makes you very lifelike but you cannot escape my programming. You have been programmed to permanently submit to hypnosis. You have no will of your own.

Effects: Robot-Cyborg transformation, electronic augmented body, increased submission to hypnosis

Cleaning Trance

You are going to lay down and trance for a few minutes, then you will get up and clean/organize for 25 minutes, staying in the zone and under a moving trance until the end. Then you will take a break for a few minutes and start again if necessary. ‘Going deep’ is not the purpose here. The purpose is to find flow.

Flatter Stomach

If your goal is to have your stomach as small as humanly possible, then this is your jam.

Ultimate Woman Lover

Create the connection between your heart and your genitals, bringing together all parts of your sexuality so that you can make passionate love to women. Give pleasure to yourself and let that spread to women. Go far above and beyond the average man in your loving practice.  Hold off ejaculation longer. Tease your girl and dirty talk her. Command her in a way that she loves.

Robot Maid

You are turned into a robot maid and programmed to clean and organize your house for 2 hours. You may easily simulate being human if you are in a situation that you need to appear human. The software keeps you focused on your objective. After that, you will return to your wireless charging station (your bed) and then a little while later you will return to normal. Suitable for any gender.

Pay Files

Having trouble choosing? Get all of the Transformation files in one package (plus extras). This includes Transformation, Fitness, and Feminization files.

You grow a huge amount of body hair everywhere, especially on your chest, pubes, and butt. 

Note: Only suitable for gay men.

You will fall totally, completely in love with the next person that you see. It can be in person, a photo, or a video. It does not matter. All that matters is that they are your preferred gender. This will only work if the person is a legal, reasonable age and not part of your family. 

You lust for the next person you see. You enjoy their existence. The sight of them makes you ecstatic. Their smell is exotic and the sound of their voice is magical. 

You could fall back in love with someone, or fall in love with someone new. All you know is that you truly get the feeling of Love At First Sight.  

Works for any gender or orientation. There is a lot to take in with this file. Multiple listens may be necessary for some people. Much like any kind of love, you may also notice an instant or delayed effect, depending on your natural tendencies toward love.

You will become the greatest stoner ever. You will smoke up any time possible. You will get high every chance that you get. The time flies by, with you stoned out of your mind .

Make your body the way that YOU want it to be. Not the way that anyone else wants it to be. Make your body into the most optimum body that you could possibly think of. Then make it better than that.

You will find that your daily supplements have transformed into your HypnoTabs, enhancing the effect of hypnotic suggestion on you. Whatever hypnosis you have listened to recently will come back in full force, or greater, every time you have your daily nutrition.
This is a brainwashing fantasy file, but the effects are very real if you choose to accept it by listening to this audio.If this is a secret desire of yours (or not so secret), then it works very powerfully on you. In fact, you’ll find it absolutely irresistible.
Yes, this is the placebo effect. But why not use it to enhance our performance? Let’s use any advantage possible. Studies show that placebos work even when you tell someone it’s just a placebo!

Look younger than ever and feel younger, too.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go back to a younger version of you in the past, but knowing all the wisdom that you have gathered up until today?
You can’t go back in time (yet), but you can turn back the biological clock in your body and in your mind.
Live more freely and openly. Feel your body alive, strong, flexible. Your hair thicker, fuller, denser, more full of color. Your skin more radiant than ever.


-Thicker, fuller, more colorful hair

-Supple, young skin

-Stronger muscles

“I’ve been officially bald for about 20 years. Up until the last couple weeks! it’s definitely starting to pay off! I actually have new hairs growing on my head!”

It’s easier to be the best. It is truly better to be on top. Things come to you easily. You are completely unafraid because you take action and get it done quickly and easily. That’s what this recording is  all about.
Nothing can stop you.
You will not settle for mediocre. Being mediocre means living according to someone else’s plan.
Being mediocre means accepting scarcity and scavenging the crumbs of abundance.

Let go of any old ideas…  You KNOW your inner self is capable of amazing things.
You will see all the sights that await you when you reach the top.

See you there.

Take a drink from the fountain of youth, where you become strong and young in body. You have similar abilities to a Wolverine mutant, without the need for any claws. You can reverse aging, heal instantly, and have high energy levels. Your senses are also heightened. Thick hair growth on your head, even growing back if necessary.
Strength and masculinity. High functioning metabolism to burn down fat levels and even give you six pack abs.
Smooth youthful skin, organs, and the body of an Olympic gymnastics athlete or fitness model.

Everyone who sees me comments on how different I look. My face has changed shape, my skin looks renewed, younger. I’ve been in a wheelchair for 2 years. This Friday, I got up and walked. I’m able to do squats from the ground, all the way to standing.
I got stemcells September 11 -2018. It looks like they have been activated again!

 Improving the clarity of your insights and the power to control the energy within and around you. You can accomplish anything you want with these methods, and it feels great. You will have improved chi powers, the control of energy within the body, and activating the entirety of the brain.

You gain great healing powers. Superior Psychic abilities, clear-sight, empathy, even glimpsing into the future. Telepathy and communication with others. Persuasive powers, charisma

You become a Manifestation Mastermind, ability to make anything happen at your will.

You have laser-like focus. You are able to accomplish anything, figure anything out. You are the ultimate problem solver.
You receive information fast and comprehend quickly, retaining every detail effortlessly.
You have total recall of your memory.
You finish tasks quickly.
Your mind is a superior super computer.
Your mind has all of it’s emotional blocks cleared, so that you are ultra-effective in anything you do and nothing can stop you.

On our technology world, intelligence is the key to success. Smart people get by much better these days. It’s time to embrace that.

Maybe you’re looking to pack on some pounds in general. If so, you are in the right place. Add pounds onto your body, increasing weight in general. Perfect for bulking. Does not imply making any effort, improvements should be automatic and unconscious.

One of the most popular uses for hypnosis is weight loss. It’s a very common desire, and it has also been proven to work countless times.

Drop pounds off the body, making you thinner and lighter in general. Also may decrease visceral fat (stored in the abdomen and surrounding organs). Does not imply making any effort, as this is intended to happen automatically and subconsciously.

Attract the hottest, most dominant men. Create an attractive physical glow while your personality takes on a vibrancy that is absolutely mesmerizing to powerful men.

You will be approaching and seducing many more women, and then fucking them with your giant cock. Your cock and balls grow bigger, longer, and more muscular, so that you can fuck them harder, hypnotizing them with your persona. You are the ultimate beast-like sex God. You are strong and dominant. You are extremely masculine. They drown in your lust. You fuck your partners like sex toys, absolutely exhausting them until they cant take it anymore, fucked silly and sore. Utterly satisfied. You hold onto your semen, only ejaculating when you really want to, holding it all in to power up your body, making you fuck them even harder.

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“In my Teenage Muscle Toy you talk briefly about having a full well styled head of hair…
Anyway, I’ve been officially bald for about 20 years. Up until the last couple weeks! You may have seen me post that I’ve been listening to my customs pretty regularly, well it’s definitely starting to pay off! I actually have new hairs growing on my head!
I haven’t suddenly sprouted a full head of hair or anything, but definitely have a few new hairs sprouting that haven’t been there in years!
Very exciting to see the proof in this process, and can’t wait for further developments!
Thanks Jack”

“I stood up and walked yesterday, first time in 2 years.”
-Tracey Kennedy


7 responses to “Transformation/Improvement”

  1. Maxime Avatar

    Hey Mister!

    I have to say that I really loved your voice files (erotic lol; yes i’m gay and I live in Montreal, Canada).

    Do you have some voice files for people who have/need to stop smoking tabacco?


    1. Jacksonstock Avatar

      Hi! I don’t do stop-smoking type of hypnosis because there’s plenty of that on the internet and I focus on more unique original content

  2. Michael M1sse Avatar
    Michael M1sse

    This is totally awesome I love your transfermation files Master Jack thank you so much

  3. Bryan Levine Avatar
    Bryan Levine

    I am hypnotized by you now Jack am urs.

  4. Bryan Levine Avatar
    Bryan Levine

    am ready to transform as you wish.

  5. Leigh Avatar

    Jack is GREAT!!! A little over a year ago i found Jack’s hypnosis files while listening to a bunch of other people. His is the only voice that puts me into trance within seconds. Even his emails and videos send me into trance. i listened to flatter stomach approximately 3 times months ago and can see the results actually working!!! With my body type i didn’t think it was possible for my stomach to flatten. In Love with every file that i have listened to, read or watched. After 11 months i purchased the whole transformation package and looking forward to getting my own custom file. Thank You Jack!!!!

  6. Keith Avatar

    I can’t possibly recommend Jack strongly enough. He has tons of content, I’ve only scratched the surface so far, but every single file of his I’ve listened to is simply amazing. He’s so talented, his voice is so pleasant to listen to, and it feels right listening and following his words. The more I listen the more he gets in my head. Definitely worth the money, many times over.

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