Persona files help you create a new personality, usually separate from your ‘normal’ self.

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Make Video Games Real – Virtual Reality Hypnosis

Life is all about having fun. Immerse as much as possible into that dream world and relax. You feel complete reality inside of any video game. It’s like you jump right inside the screen, becoming unaware of your body, your mind, or the outside world. Make the virtual world feel as real as your own hands. Take on whatever character you play as. Feel whatever they feel. Every sensation, touch, every accomplishment. Let the world become very real to you. It would be nice to have breaks and enjoy the outdoor world every day as well.

Body Mod Lover Hypno for Tattoos, Piercings Implants, Modifications

No longer feel any pain when you modify your body.
The pain is now a pleasure, whenever you get a tattoo needle or piercing needle inside of you, it feels exciting.

You desire to get as many mods as possible and creatively create your new body!

You wish to modify your body in ANY way possible as part of your art…. this may include tattoos all over the body…. shoulder tattoos, neck tats, full arm sleeves, half sleeves, finger and hand tattoos, chest pieces, back tattoos.

Piercings all over your ears, nose and eyebrow piercings, lip piercings and even transdermal piercings into the skin. You will get teeth treatments or modifications.

You may try injections of all sorts–lip injections fat injections, and more.
You will want plastic surgery, transdermal implants, microdermal implants, chest implants. butt implants, fat freezing or liposuction, hair implants, subdermal implants.

You will get exciting hair cuts or hair removal through waxing or laser hair removal. You may want genital modifications / reshaping / enlarging or piercings.

Shape your body with a corset.
Brand your body with heat or use scarification to make markings.
Shape your ears by cutting or pointing them.

And of course, don’t forget the possibilities with makeup and Jewelry to adorn your body. You will find a way to make your body modifications happen!

Lucid Dreamer

You learn to take full control over your dreams whenever you sleep. This is intended to be listened to before sleep, but you may notice that it is cleverly worded to alert you with clues if you happen to slip into a dream while listening. 

Natural Covert Hypnotist

Become a natural master hypnotist, with no scripts, you just speak and hypnotize, getting better at hypnosis all the time. You hypnotize people simply with the way that you speak. 

Interact with people in a way that shows them appreciation and guidance. Smoothly persuade them to go your way easily.

Be yourself. Be attractive. Be chill. 


You find yourself appreciating things that most people may consider morbid. Loving all things macabre. Loving to wear velvet, leather, fishnet clothing. Your body has dark makeup (or otherwise suited) with piercings and tattoos, on pale skin. The infatuation with goth music. A love for all things that are coffins, skulls, cemetaries, silver, and all other similar things. You have a sarcastic or satyrical sense of humour. You are individual and unique, but a certain level of romantic, supernatural, and mythical.

Manual Labor Pig

You like to work hard, eat, and fuck. And not much else. You seek out hard work. You love to serve. You love to fuck anyone. You have thick, strong muscles, but you only use them to serve, like the good stupid goon that you are. You seek out other goons like you and spend time with them.

Robot Maid

You are turned into a robot maid and programmed to clean and organize your house for 2 hours. You may easily simulate being human if you are in a situation that you need to appear human. The software keeps you focused on your objective. After that, you will return to your wireless charging station (your bed) and then a little while later you will return to normal. Suitable for any gender.

Pay Files

Any remaining human characteristic is erased. You become susceptible to  the programming from your owner (whoever that may be). You have a mindless sense of obedience to them. You learn to accept any feelings of pain that they deliver to you, no matter how extreme, and this helps to make you more of an object. 

You always knew that you were not human. You are less than that. You are an “it”. An object. An item. Something to be used. You do not make decisions. You are simply used by your master. If they choose not to use you, then that’s their decision too. It’s only up to them. You only appear as human, and you act as one when needed in your life…. but you always know what you truly are. Objects have no names, no gender, no sex, no wishes, no desires, no emotions. You are nothing and no one. Always have been.

This file is non-gendered and works for any sexual identity.

Tags: Objectification, doll, dollification, blank, lifeless, brainwashed, degradation, dehumanization

Great introduction to any persona change. Let the new YOU come out. Just imagine being exactly who you would like to be in any given situation!
It’s actually perfectly normal when you have multiple personas that work together in a healthy way. In fact, you would be crazy if your personality never changed around different people or places!

You will become the greatest stoner ever. You will smoke up any time possible. You will get high every chance that you get. The time flies by, with you stoned out of your mind .

Create an alternate persona that is activated any time you put on a redneck-style hat. It can be a ball cap or cowboy, or anything else that you feel suits your character. This persona will be separate from your everyday persona. They will have separate wants, desires, needs, and dislikes.

You can be a muscle jock AND a lover of the arts with this double-persona. With multiple selves, you can get more things done. You have a personality that keeps you in great shape, and one that helps you enjoy art, leisure, and your work.

You become a lowlife punk that loves getting dirty (figuratively and literally). You don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of you. You smoke and you love nasty scents. You bask in your horniness and kinkiness.


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  1. R Hilbert Avatar
    R Hilbert

    I paid for a file once before, slave leather etc. What I really would like is a file that I can listen to that would place a chastity device on myself. Keep it clean daily and stay locked not worrying about what my partner says. And while locked please my partner by blow jobs mandatory as often as possible. dream about licking his cum up, anything to want me to suck his cock.

  2. rick Hilbert Avatar
    rick Hilbert

    Need a permanent Chasity file.

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