What Jack wants

Perhaps you are interested in being a true subject. One that does not play pretend with their own fantasies of what Jack would like from them. Well here is your opportunity.

Most people will not like what I want them to be.

Doing what I want WILL challenge you. Are you ready to take that on?  Are you ready to comply, whether you like it or not? The only thing I can guarantee is that you will not expect what you’re about to see. But this is your comprehensive guide on being a true Jack follower. 

Hypnosis file list

 The truth is, I do not want you to listen to all of my files. They have many different interests from many different people, because most of them are custom ordered hypnosis files, made exactly how they would like them . Most files have nothing to do with my real interests. 

So here’s a list of the files that I actually personally would like you to listen to. You don’t have to listen to all of them at once, of course. It is best for you to choose your favorite, learn that one well, then move on to the next when you are ready. In no particular order. 

Peace and Harmony

Magic Money

Alternate Persona

Insanely Productive



Hypno Tabs

Perfect Body

Supernatural Body

Supreme Psychic Powers

Sharp Mind

The Champion

Flex Trance

Book List

You are to read these books. Read them. Highlight them. Read them again. Know them. Understand them. These are listed in suggested reading order.  

Mandatory reading:

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

The Inner Smile – Mantak Chia

The Sculptor In The Sky – Teal Swan

Flow – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Optional reading:

Awareness – Tony De Mello 

The Multi-Orgasmic Man/Woman – Mantak Chia

Meditations – Marcus Aurelius

The Rational Optimist – Matt Ridley

You Are The Placebo – Joe Dispenza

The Tao Te Ching 

Tantra and the Tao

You are many

You are made entirely of bacteria

You are never to consider yourself a single entity. 

This understanding of yourself as many billions of consciousnesses is a stepping stone on understanding yourself as a bacterial portion of planet Earth. And beyond that, the earth as a bacterial portion of many other planets, and so forth. As above, so below. 

You have multiple selves

You are never to consider yourself a single entity. 


Work is an extremely valuable component of your life. I value the work that you put in. It is always best that you pursue the career that best suits your aptitudes. If you have a particular skill, then go for that. Like an RPG game, you must play your role based on the stats and abilities that you were given or chose to develop.  

If possible, I want to see you start a business. If you lack entrepeneurship abilities, this is fine. Most people are not meant to take on such a monumental task. 

If you have not already decided a career, there are a few career paths that I would prefer to see you in.


The generation of electricity, storage of electricity, and development of electrical technology are among the maximum importance to me. If possible, pursue one of the following careers or something related to it. 

Electrical Engineering

  • Windmill, solar, nuclear, or fusion development
  • Hybrid fuel and electrical motor development
  • Battery and energy storage research. 
  • Hydrogen production and technology
  • Hydrogen combustion engine technology
  • Semiconductor development 
  • Electrical systems application programming 


  • Rare Earth Element (REE) research
  • Hard-rock geology
  • Geological Prospecting
  • Electrical physics Ph.D. research


  • Online electrical content creator
  • Educational electrical toy development or affiliate sales 


  • Commercial or residential electrical installation or repair services
  • City electrical worker
  • Heat pump installation
  • Windmill or solar maintenance worker
  • Residential solar and battery installation
  • Insulation installation


  • Brainwave frequency video creation


  • Start your own business involving any of the above.
  • Electrical stimulation sex toy manufacturing (e-stim or similar)

Please remember, these are just optimum career suggestions. It does not make you a better or worse subject based on choosing one of these.

Your finances

You spend money to get what you want. You make money by providing people what they want. That sums it up. Your financial goals:
 1. Grow your finances by helping others get what they want/need. 
2. Grow your finances from the ground of the pyramid up, so that you build with stability. 

Appreciation is growth.  

The financial pyramid. 


Liquid chlorophyll or other green stuff. 

Feeding the bacteria (prebiotics)

Vegetables and beans


You must contribute to planet Earth for the advancement of the planet. Your additions to Earth are not just for others. It’s boosts your own consciousness. There are many ways that you can contribute. You can do it with your career. You can just do kind things for others. 

Write notes that say “You are loved and appreciated every day” and leave them under car wipers or in mail boxes.


Biological males ejaculate at a maximum of once per first digit of their age. 19 is up to once a day, 29 is is every 2 days or more, 39 is every 3 days or more, and so on.

Biological females orgasm as they please. 


Above all, I want you to stay alive in the event of a natural disasteGather a compact set of useful tools based on survival within your geographical area. Your safety is important, and you must be ready for any emergency that requires your sudden relocation.

Your body

Prepare your body to have stamina and fortitude. This is the most important requirement, because you will need this even without an emergency situation. 

Your go-bag

  • Water filter and lightweight plastic bottle– A Sawyer filter on top of a Smartwater or Lifewater bottle is often chosen because of weight and capacity. Water is heavy. Do not carry too much unless it’s scarce in your area. 
  • Durable clothing suited to your climate
  • Shemagh- A rectangular scarf that protects from sun or cold. Put it over your water bottle to pre-filter water you pick up. Dampen it over your face to breathe through smoke. Use as emergency rope or Small pillow.
  • Knife
  • Ferrocerium rod – Burns hotter than regular striker rods, can be used to make thousands of fires.  
  • Stanco Aluminum grease can -Used by backpackers as a cheap, lightweight, stainless pot.
  • Hand crank radio and phone charger cable in a waterproof bag -Radio contact and unlimited backup power for your phone. Download a survival info app on your phone.
  • Aluminum ultralight backpacking trowel – For digging shit holes.
  • Small soap, toothpaste, sunscreen, petroleum jelly, toilet paper
  • Mosquito net
  • Medical bandages and tape
  • Snugpak – Warm blanket capable of folding very compact.
  • A list of edible plants, insects, and animals in your area

Do not overdo this. Make your kit small and simple. Use less stuff than you think you need. Do not make a big heavy pack, this is intended to enable long-distance travel to a new location. The smaller and lighter your stuff, the more food you’ll be able to carry. These are just the basics. Add what you personally need and pack for your climate.