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Werebear Vape Transformation Hypnosis

(Vape needed, Male)

You found a 420 vape cartridge from a shady guy and went home to get high,

only to find that your body transforms more like a werebear every time you hit the vape.

You become very large and hairy. Your cock and balls become bear-like, and you

emit an aphrodisiac musk that causes other men to become aroused and causes

you to masturbate afterwards

(fantasy changes only, no real effects).

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Secretly Female Hypnosis

No one has to know your true identity. You can be secretly female.

This will help you become more feminine in your private life without it sinking into your public life.

Your female self has a female shape and a female mind. This part of you is also very submissive. Transform yourself now!

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