Amazing Gamer Girl Program (Mind Control Story)

Gamer Girl Program

December 31, 1987

This was her life, alone in an arcade on New Year’s Eve.

Ok, there was one staff guy hanging out by the jukebox. Either he was a creep, or too shy to talk to a real-life “girl”. Of course, having just turned 18, she wasn’t a girl anymore. Anyway, she didn’t care about him. She needed to blow off some steam. Another fight with her mother had left her both physically keyed up, and mentally exhausted. She needed a challenge.

Josie wasn’t your ordinary girl.  She was an arcade queen. She wasn’t just the best female player in their little town, she won almost half the tournaments when the “boys” played too. She loved showing them up. This arcade was her home away from an excruciating home. She had a strategy for every game in the place. That was, until she saw the new one.

First and foremost, it was sleek, black, shiny and smooth. Only one blood red lettering was scrawled across it: Program.

Seemed like a bland name. Every video game was a program. But it was new, and new was just what she wanted right then. She reached into her heavy coin pouch, to make sure she had at least twenty quarters in there. It shouldn’t take more than seven or eight to figure the game out. She eagerly closed on the joystick, and controls. Just two buttons. Seemed simplistic. She glanced down at the directions.









That’s it? Fine then, she’d play along, literally. Still doubtful she popped her quarter into the coin slot. At the same time she did the staff guy hit a button on the jukebox and Salt n’ Pepa’s “Push It’ began playing. It wasn’t a bad song, it had just been so overplayed. MTV had the video on so many times a day. Anyway, time to focus on the game.

Push push it real good.

As soon as she hit Start, the lights began. In addition to that the lights were flashing, whirling, forming spirals and shapes that dissolved into mist within minutes, only to turn into patterns, and waves and energy. Nonetheless the graphics were really great. Then the game began. Round one was still simple enough. The point was just to match colored bubbles by hitting one, then the other of the same color. Josie needed less than a minute to work out the sensitivity of the joystick, from there she was picking them off like womp rats.

Push push it real good.

Now, the bubbles had words in them. As a matter of fact, there were three on each side, still three different colors. The words though, seemed to make no sense. She tapped on a blue word on the left side that read “Obedience,” the matching one on the other side read “Pleasure.” They really had nothing to do with each other, but the combo matched and she earned more points. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been playing, but she knew she was doing well for her first quarter. She knew she was doing well.


Push push it real good.

The next combination was “service” and “bliss,” followed by “surrender” and “orgasm.” Woah! That was naughty. She was caught by surprise, then surprised again as the screen began to flash and swirl even faster now. She really had to focus.

Push push it real good.





She looked at the first line which was simply “I.” The next columns began moving, like a slot machine, spinning quickly. She really had to focus.

The first combo was “I love sex.” She was a bit shocked, but yes, the two times she’d had sex had been great.

“Obedience is pleasure.”

What? The spirals and swirls and lights were making it so hard to focus and she really had to focus. Nevertheless, she needed to focus on the colors, the words didn’t matter.

“Service is bliss”

“I want sex.”

True, she guessed, in fact a little New Year’s nookie would have been nice.

Push push it real good.

“I am bi.”

Wow, she’d only just realized that all of a sudden.

Pus-pussy’s real good.

“I love cock.”

Yeah, cock was great in fact.

“I suck cock.”

She was just thinking also, wouldn’t some cock taste great right about now?

“I love cum.”

Suck suck it real good.

Then, she licked her lips.

“I’m a slut.”

Was she? Besides, It would be fun, wouldn’t it?

“I must obey.”

Then, she hit the sweet spot, as the dancing lights, the text, and the subliminals laced in the jukebox took complete hold. Her eyes glazed now; her mouth gaped open. 

“I must obey.”

“I must obey.”

“I must obey.”

“I must obey.”

“I fuck men.”

“I fuck chicks.”

Fuck-fuck it real good.

“I must suck.”

“I must fuck.”

“I must lick.”

Lick-lick it real good.

“I must submit.”

“I must obey.”

“All holes open.”

“All are welcome.”

“Fuck me good.”

“Fuck me hard”

“Be a slut.”

Slut slut baby.

“Turn and kneel.”

“Turn and kneel.”

“Turn and kneel.”

After that, she clicked the first two lines, before the command sunk in. Next, she turned and slowly sank to her knees. While at the same time her eyes dutifully looked to the floor, it was only his shoes she saw. But she knew who he was, the staff guy from the arcade. Then he stood close, facing her.

He undid his fly.

Josie had a new favorite game.

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Julien’s Pleasure Toy

Irene’s eyes stood frozen in their sockets as Julien’s right hand reached for the last button of her pristine white shirt; each of her breaths came out with a gasp as their skins touched. 

Julien was in full hypnotic control of her mind at this point, and now he even controlled her body

“Tell me that you want me;” the hypnotist ground his teeth as he whispered to her ear. Now his lips were closer than ever to her ear, eager to taste and bit her luscious skin. 

Her moan came exquisitely; “Yes, I want you!” and felt like her very soul was coming out of her body with that breath. Irene’s body was burning with desire at this point, yet she could not understand what happened to her; all she could think of was that she wanted to fuck the man in front of her more than she wanted to stay alive after that moment. 

“Good, that’s a good girl.” He smirked, then stuck his teeth into her flesh, to taste and feel the vibe of her blood rushing through her veins like there was no tomorrow. 

As his hand reached under her left breast, Irene gasped once more; “Ahh” but didn’t dare to take her prize. Right now, she found herself at Julien’s mercy, for him to do whatever he wanted with her. Before she knew it, she had become his personal sex slave craving for whatever he had to offer. 

Droplets of cold sweat began trickling down her neck and in between her tits as tension felt like going through the roof; it was a pivotal moment of now and never, and Julien rejoiced in torturing his prey, to tease her in all possible way until she begged him like no other. 

She was only one step to touch the wall behind her; her instinct was telling her to run still, but she was paralyzed; his influence was running through her veins now dictating her heart and mind to stay and submit to his desires, to mirror them in all possible ways. 

With the last button torn off, her bra was the last thing standing in his way, but that one fell graciously with the utmost sacrifice; her perfect pear-shaped breasts were at his mercy, and Julien delved in to ravish them with his lips. A shower of moans and gasps engulfed them both. 

“Yes, yes… fuck yes.” She moaned as both her hands were holding his head now, brushing his hair, pulling him closer.      

Those words triggered a lustful demon inside Julien who couldn’t resist teasing her. He tore her tight black skirt to pieces. Her delicate black panties were revealed for the first time to his eyes, and with a bite of the lip, he simply grabbed her and pushed against the wall; her back against him now. 

Irene’s round-shaped ass, along with all the curves building her body depicted an image of heaven, the picture of pure sexual perfection. Leaning against the back of her head, Julien grabbed his cock and penetrated her from behind. Her warmth and wetness were inviting him to release all his energy and sexual desire. 

“Fuck yes;” he groaned like a lion as his cock entered her warm pussy “You’re perfect!” 

The more he fucked her, the more he felt like he wanted more and more; his pelvis slammed against her ass, causing a clapping sound that was driving him crazy. His eyes now were getting lost on the curve of her spine, that stretched beautifully almost to infinity; Irene’s body looked like the perfect sculpture, crafted by the hands of the best artisan the world could ever offer. 

Grabbing her ass with both her hands, now caused Julien to pull her harder and harder towards him, while she did the same thing upon her own will. It felt like they were trying to become one through this sensual sexual experience, yet the sexual rage that took over him pushed Julien to desire infinity; 

His body was surging with energy now, a sort of sexual lust that was able to break all boundaries; he felt like he couldn’t resist anymore, therefore he grabbed both of her hands now, pushing her head against the wall in an almost standing position. There he began to thrust inside her like there was no tomorrow; Irene peeked at him in the corner of her eye, grinning with pleasure. 

“Do you like it like that, huh?” Julien ground his teeth as he was fucking her with all his strength, but all he got in return was a lustful grin that said: “Give it to me, give it all to me!” 

Irene was completely under his spell at this point, moaning and gasping with every thrust; this sort of silent, hypnotic sex engulfed them both as sweat began to take over both their bodies. Clearly, they had all intentions to consume each other until there wasn’t anything left. 

No warning in between, and Julien grabbed her feeble body to throw it on the glass table; pens and papers flew everywhere, as he fell over her in his maddening desire; now he was looking straight into her eyes while his arms were holding her thighs. His thrusting intensified now while his tongue ravished in her voluptuous breasts; it felt like it was now or never, a moment to rejoice before the darkness came. 

The more Julien fucked her, the more desire emerged until eventually a feeble gasped scream took over her lips.

“Ohh yes, yes…” and that was it, Irene came under that hypnotic sexual dance; her body was not under her control anymore, as Julien possessed it to its very core.  

Her heavy breathing and tense body, with every muscle clenching with pleasure, caused Julien to almost lose control. His cock felt squeezed inside her now as if her body was trying to milk it of even the last drop of seed, and this was stimulus enough for him to succumb. 

“Aww fuck…” he growled as he was about to fall prisoner to Irene’s sensuality, a second was all it needed for him to bust. 

Her head now fell backward while a cheeky grin took over her lips; their bodies were wasted, completely engulfed in sweat, and what was left of the desire that almost consumed them.