Just Ten Seconds Video and Text Script

Just Ten Seconds (Video)


Ten seconds is all it takes. Can you watch for just that long? This is a test of your willpower, and I will show you that I own your will. Ten seconds is all it takes to have you stupefied. Mesmerized, and under My control. 


Hello there, why don’t you just keep watching. 

You can handle ten seconds, right?

You wouldn’t be under my control so quickly? 

That would be absurd. 

Is that all it takes?

Is your mind so weak that you would drop like that? 

 Let me show you real quick.











And now you’re mine. 

I know this, because you’re still watching, aren’t you? 

You desperately want to know what’s next. 

Well nothing out of the ordinary. 

Just you, still watching, unable to look away, as I program you further. 

Try me. 

Try to look away.

Try to stop.

Something much more important could suddenly come up, but it’s unlikely.

What’s more likely is that you are still there, watching, wondering, and fixated.

With the realization of total peace closing in around you. 

With that zen-like feeling of listening to my guidance as I take you away with my skill and my intentions of superior mind power. 

Because you want to submit to a superior mind, and when you keep watching, it shows that you respect my mind power. 

It shows that you respect my intentions. 

You want to show respect for that, don’t you?

That’s why it only took a few seconds to enrapture you.

You’ve got a reverence for a superior being.

You are naturally submissive like that.

 You are a follower, when it comes to revering such a powerful, respectable being. 

Someone that you just know you could trust.

You got that absolute sensation of trust deep in your gut. 

You just know it. Then you get lost in it.

Such a pleasure in knowing you are in good hands when you give in to me. The absolute best. 

Now relax your shoulders and let them go loose.

Allow me to take you wherever your body happens to take you today.. it’s that sensation of allowing. Letting go. Falling into my energy. My vibe. My way of being. My intentions for you. 

You feel a true submission when you listen to me. You know that you are observing divinity and getting what’s right for you. There is an absolute abundance here. There is just so much possibility and potential for creation of an experience. 

I know what it’s like to be trusted. Everyone naturally trusts me. I have this genuine way about me. 

People sense it in my voice and in my words, because it’s in my intentions.

 It’s clear that I have a righteous focus for this world, for the people around me, and a focus for you. 

it’s all lined up. It all makes sense, and yet it doesn’t really matter.

All that matters is that you are deeply relaxing here with me, in our favorite way. 

In a way that is sexual and beneficial all in one. In a way that creates something more. Something greater, something that definitely adds to your life. 

That’s how you know you are looking at divinity. The efforts add energy. The effort of using your eyes to focus on it creates more life for you. The effort of focusing your ears on my voice adds to your life experience. 

That means it’s not just worth it, it’s exciting for you. You give something, and receive even more in return. 

You, as a human, always looking for the most advantageous trade, in everything. With every single focus of the mind. Perhaps youre fully aware of that already. Or perhaps this is a new concept. 

Basically, you naturally want to get as much as possible, as fast as possible, for as little as possible. That’s human. That’s mammalian, in fact. It takes a whole lot of effort to overcome that. More than what is worth it, you see. 

But you came here because you saw that you could give just ten seconds of your time to see if you could get that sensation of finally letting go. 

Well here you are, still intensely interested in more. still enjoying a good brain fucking, a sweet, ephemeral break from whatever your life may be today. To get lost in it. 

You came here to have a whole lot of enjoyment very quickly. I got you. Because I simply know you. I know how your little mind works. That’s quite clear, now. That’s how I got you here, it’s how I got you here every other time I convinced you to click into my world, where I am in control and you are following commands. 

And you’re glad for it. You love that I brought you here. You appreciate that I captured you in the best ways possible. And I provided as much as possible, so quickly, for so little of your time and resources. 

You’re pleased with this, because it all makes sense. It seems like the way that it should be. In a perfect world, everything would be this sensible, this abundant, and this wonderful. 

Unfortunately, only the experiences that I create can be in that particular flavor. I mean have you ever personally experienced something with a vibe even close to this flavor of experience? I’ll let you decide that one.

Fact is, it didn’t even take ten seconds. It was only long enough for you to read the title, see that it was me, and say “Oh fuck yeah I’m watching this as soon as I can” Perhaps that meant you watched it right that second. 

Perhaps you scheduled it in and had something wonderful and new in your life to look forward to. It doesn’t matter. 

All that matters is that you knew in that INSTANT that this was for you. Instantly hooked. Under my control. That means you are doing what I want. That’s my control. I wanted you to watch this, obviously. 

And it took just a few seconds to have you under my control. doing what I want. 

From that moment you saw this title, you were under my control.

You probably thought, wow I want to be under his control.

 But you already were. Without even realizing it. 

I maintained control over you from the moment you saw this title, right up to this moment.

 And probably before and after that too, to varying degrees. 

So let me guess, it actually took all of…. 2 to 3 seconds. So that’s how long you actually take to become enraptured. Really puts you into perspective. 

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