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Fem Blowjob Lover

Your body will be feminized with bigger breasts and butt. You will love giving blowjobs. You become ultra submissive when you give head. You may even orgasm just by giving head.

Flatter Stomach

If your goal is to have your stomach as small as humanly possible, then this is your jam.

suitable for any biological gender that identifies as female.

This file will help you with your fitness goals without making you too bulky and masculine.

You will gain a strong, capable, and beautiful body when you listen to this. It also helps you love who you are, eat plenty of vegetables, exercise more, and increase your feminine power in general. Click title to listen. 

Degraded Girl Loop

WARNING: Very intense. You are brainwashed to enjoy being abused as a fuck slut and humiliated. You love to pose for the camera and be a freak. Never being good enough. Wanting to be used by every single person that you see, no matter ugly they are, even perverted old men. Buy slut clothes and wear them all the time. Wear high heels. Ache to be a whore, pissed on and abused. Be a dumb little piggy whore. Go further with your sexuality and explore deeper and more depraved kinks.

Tags: For-women, degradation, humiliation, brainwashing, enema, breast tying

Daddy Comfort

Experience being comforted by your Daddy, as if you are a child. Perfect for aftercare, or a great nightcap. If this is your thing, it will knock you out. This is a very deep, blissful, caring, and spiritual experience

Lipstick Lover

You are gorgeous and beautiful. And whenever you wear lipstick, you you become ten times as gorgeous and you become extremely horny at the same time. you have a Lipstick fetish. You can’t get enough. All you want is more. Lipstick has an incredible effective on you.

Pay Files

Train your mind so that you are accustomed to speaking from higher in the throat and head. This makes you sound much more feminine.

(Fantasy only) When you put on your magic bra, you can feel and see your big breasts. You can morph into any female that you want to.

This is a very deep and mysterious file that you will have to listen to in order to find out what will happen. Be warned, though. Anything could happen. If you choose to listen to this, then you will be subject to all of the permanent effects.
May include submission and domination themes and mind control roleplay. You may also find it very hard to remember, making the contents and effects very hard to recall. This gives you a new surprise every single time you listen.

Allow Me to decide your fate today. Just like in the first Feminine Surprise, you do not get to know what is going to happen. Isn’t it nice to just let someone else decide for you? That makes you extra receptive. You may find yourself wanting to follow more and more.

There is one difference compared to the first surprise, though. You will be allowed to remember what happened to you this time (but only this time).

This recording will make you more feminine and sensual in your mind. Suitable for any biological gender. Can be used for MtF (male to female) or females that just want to be more feminine-minded.

This file features an alien abduction story, where your body is slowly evaporated from your location as you drift through space. You find yourself finally on the operating table, receiving a wonderful brain implant that turns your mind ultra-feminine for an extra-terrestrial experiment. You will re-condense back into human form where you started, feeling an uncontrollable urge to be more feminine. This is a fantasy, but the effects remain afterwards.

Effects: Sensuality (feeling through senses), Advanced level of love, appreciation, openness, playful naughtiness, receptivity, surrender, appreciation of beauty, girlishness

Such a fun file to listen to. I get so relaxed, and feel so good. I feel so beautiful after I listen to it!! Thank you so much for the file.

This is focused on creating a more feminine and curvy shape to your body, and making you look more womanly overall.

Your body produces extra female hormones as it uses up any male hormones. All people produce male and female hormones, but most of your male hormones are converted to female through a process known as aromatization.

Effects: Smoother skin, thinner body hair, reduced muscularity, feminine body shape, body scent may change

I love to surrender myself to this file.Master Jacks voice takes me very deep. His great tone and descriptive language help me to feel myself changing and becoming more and more feminine. The more I listen the more I feel the changes – I just want to keep listening.

You love moving your hips like a beautiful woman. Feeling the urge to move whenever you can, your joints free to express with feminine movement. Love being a dancing girl!
Suitable for biological females and MtF females.

Your breasts grow larger and larger every day. Fuller, rounder, and perkier. Works for any biological gender.
Feel the construction crew building them up without any effort on your part. A golden liquid light fills them, making them expand like balloons.

You live a double life. In your public life, you are completely normal sexually (or at least, as normal as you usually are). But In your private life, you become a cocksucking slut that needs to have all of your holes filled. You will submit to the pleasure of sucking cocks and getting fucked, whether that is in fantasy or in reality.

You enter My hypnotic chamber, where you are strapped in to my electric pleasuring machine. It’s like an electric chair, but don’t worry… we are not here to kill you. But we may just end your brain as it. The shockwave deletes you,  making you mindless as the vibrations become stronger. First we erase your sense of separateness… making you no one, no where, and nothing.  Then we vibrate and electric shock what is left of you. 

Tags: Bondage, shock, vibrate, mind control, domination, evil

You love Cock. All Cocks. Big, small, thick, thin, black, white–it does not matter. You love all Dick. A Dick has a mind of it’s own, and you give it whatever it wants. If the Cock desires to be sucked, you serve and suck It (and you do it well!). If It desires to fuck you, you open up and let It fuck you. You cannot resist the Cock. It takes over you, drains your will to hold back from it. Cock is your God. Worship Cock. Whatever the Cock wants to do with you, you do it.

You are broken down and stripped raw mentally, exposed and vulnerable. You are beginning to really enjoy the feeling of being so worthless. Your programming is all that matters. You become willing to do more, for more people… anything they want from you. You want to be used freely because are not even deserving of being called human. 

If this is your fetish it will twist up your mind with such pleasure. This hypnotist is the bomb in my humble opinion. It is very intense so if you are vulnerable to humiliation be careful. I love it.

I love this file. It makes me enjoy of being changed so much more. The pleasure takes easily over and drives me to do more hypnosis to become more like the fantasies of the hypnotists had in mind or what my creepy subconscious makes out of it. And this is exactly what I want. And I became much more obedient. It’s such a nice and addictive file that I can’t stop listening again. And again.

Absolutely adore this file. Always looking for more like it.