Email Hypnosis

Do you want to get hypno emails?

Please choose your favorite topics. If you sign up for multiple categories, you will get more emails.

Use it or lose it.

You must open the emails or your spam filter will think they are unwanted and will block them! Please check your spam folder regularly, and always move the emails to your inbox.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does it cost anything?

No, it does not cost you anything. It costs me money use this system, but I make it back with the support of people who buy audio files.

Do you send the emails yourself?

Some of it is automated, and some is manual. I read all the replies, and respond to them if able. My assistants currently do not have access to my emails, because I do not want to dilute or “water-down” the experience for you. The emails you get are written by me (Jack), and any replies you send are read by me. 

When are you going to send emails based on my interests?

The emails are based on the topic you chose above. I cannot customize it exactly to your interests, because there are thousands of other users eager to get hypnosis emails, all with their own unique interests. However, I still love hearing about your interests and want to get to know you!

Can you read my inbox?

No, I cannot read your inbox. However, I can see whether or not you open the emails. If you don’t open them, I will see that you have lost interest or your system accidentally blocked my address. At that point you will be removed.

What’s it supposed to feel like?

It may feel like being engaged in a great book, or a little day dream.  The emails are a supplement to help keep you on course with my audio/video files. The text trance experience is different for everyone. Some users go into an incredibly deep trance state, but it’s uncommon. If it just feels like reading and following instructions, that’s totally normal! You are unique. There’s no right or wrong experience. 

How often do I get emails?

1-2 times a week. This will increase with every category that you choose.

Why have the emails stopped?

You may have accidentally unsubscribed, or the emails are going to spam folder. If a few weeks pass without any emails, you can return here to sign up again with the same email and it should repeat.

Is there an age limit? Do you need identification?

Yes, you must be over 18, but you do not need to send ID.

Why is the content so mild? I wanted HARDCORE! What gives?
I can’t send stuff like that, because “bad” words will get me blocked or cause legal issues. 

Above all else, I wish to provide–I want to give you everything that you desire. We have to be realistic in what we’re allowed to do these days. This is a fairly large and complex operation, with countless hours and dollars invested in it, and I want to keep this experience safe from shutdown and “cancel culture” so that you can continue to receive this awesome addition to your life. 

If you have any further questions, reach out to me on X or Discord