Induction & Deepener

These audio files improve the effects that you get from hypnosis files. It makes them more effective. It makes them dive deepener into you. It may work for all audio files, but please remember– these audio files are designed to help you trance with my hypnosis style, so it may not be as effective for files from other hypnotists. 

Talking more and more slowly until you drift off into a deep sleep.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel perfectly tranquil? I’ll help you feel that way, and make you feel in tune with yourself and the people around you. You fall into a place of deep calmness and serenity, and easily make all the complicated things in your life work together well. 

Use the power of audio hypnosis to improve the effects that you get from text hypnosis–whether that is from a text hypnosis script, or interacting with someone as they type hypnosis to you, putting you into a deep trance. It does not matter which way the hypno is coming to you. It could be in the form of subliminals, or words on a hypno spiral. This will enhance the effects that you feel.
Now you can be hypnotized by hypnotic text that you read. Click title to listen.

After listening to this audio file, you will find that your daily supplements have transformed into your HypnoTabs, enhancing the effect of hypnotic suggestion on you. Whatever hypnosis you have listened to recently will come back in full force, or greater, every time you have your daily nutrition. Click title to listen.

Lets make a little change in you. I think your sexuality could use some readjusting. Let’s make sure that the only thing that turns you on is being hypnotized, or something caused by being mesmerized. It’s time to fully give up control.

Click title to listen.

Brain Drain

You are finding it harder to think. The thoughts that you come up with don’t make a whole lot of sense, and they don’t seem to matter anyway. Your thoughts are not that important. We are going to take it real slowly today. There’s nowhere to go. Let’s take some time to chill.
Throw this one in the middle of your playlist and enjoy some long periods of trance.
Tags: Slow, deep, spiritual, meditative, deepener, renewing, work-safe

A long, deep, mysterious journey that will train you to become more submissive to hypnosis

Brain Blast

Your brain gets absolutely zapped by a series of cleverly placed voices and subliminals, forcing you into complete submission. You will be totally mindwashed during this experience.


You  feel a drug-like orgasm in your brain and body, sending you into a deep relaxing bliss. After experiencing this, you are very susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. This makes a great warm up.

Takes you deeper than ever before. You will submit to hypnosis. All suggestions under hypnosis will become increased, and have a powerful effect. You have no control. You are willing to give up control to the power of trance. You let your world become the world of trance. Click title to listen.
Effects:Deeper trance ability, slow time perception, Increased submission to hypnosis