Audio is best for a transformation of your body or mind. If you are looking for a change in your life, get an audio.

Video is best for an erotic experience, where you want to watch me hypnotize you.

These are just guidelines though--it's up to you. But most people require an audio. You can talk to me about your request any time.


Absolutely worth every penny. I have ordered several custom files and each one blew my mind! If you have something you want, stop thinking and just order your custom file, you wont be disappointed!



Jack’s custom files are very well done. He follows your requests and the more descriptive you are in your request, the more pleased you’ll be. He is very efficient and punctual in their production



Excellent as always, all the effects are felt almost immediately and get stronger with each listening. Very powerful stuff and addictive – in a good way. Will always use this dude

Neil Goerz


Custom file was precisely what I wanted. Still getting goosebumps.



I was thrilled with the custom file i received last week. It was ready very quicly (I only ordered it a few days earlier). I actually got a custom version of a standard file which I love so that it takes me to the next level. The custom file was so much better than I could have ever designed myself, I am already making changes in habits to help me get to my goal. I requested something that was really direct. I could not have asked for more. With the custom file, I know the outcome, I know that I will listen every day, and I know I have no choice in the matter. I have never felt so liberated!



This is definitely worth the money spent. Jack has an amazing ability to capture just what’s being requested, rivaled only by his work ethic (the file was completed really fast, and correspondence was always met with a quick reply). Give it shot- you won’t be disappointed. Definitely a repeat customer here!



The custom file I ordered was even better than I could have hoped for. I don’t know how Jack does it, but he truly has a gift for what he does. I was nervous about ordering something so personal, but I didn’t have to be, Jack handled the whole thing very professionally, the whole experience has been fantastic!



Been a few days since Jack finished my 2nd custom file and OMG he is a Genius! Everything I asked asked for, sure. But SO much more & better than I could of dreamt of myself!
Thankyou so much Jack for raising the bar even higher!



I love my custom file and it was done so quickly. It was everything I wanted and more!