Audio is best for a transformation of your body or mind. If you are looking for a change in your life, get an audio.

Video is best for an erotic experience, where you want to watch me hypnotize you.

These are just guidelines though--it's up to you. But most people require an audio. You can talk to me about your request any time.

Not "one of the best..." The best you can get. Period.

You will not find any greater recordings on the internet. The internet is FULL of hypnosis audio/video that is completely ineffectual. Most creators make countless mistakes in their audios. Yet so many people wonder why they cannot be hypnotized. The answer is simple... The content that they are listening to does not work. 99% of hypnosis content out there does not work unless you are exceptionally easy to hypnotize.

My files are custom-crafted from the beginning. There are NO canned scripts. the entirety of the file is based on channeling what works best based on the individual who orders it. After making hundreds of custom files, the formulas have been perfected. 

I am incredibly open and understanding. I am an exceptionally sensitive individual. This leads to another level of precision and empathy. I have an OBSESSION with the perfection of effectively altering the human mind. The deepest levels of inner exploration.... I received constructive feedback from thousands of users that have viewed my content, and grown it from there. Each reply was a data point signaling the most effective methods. Better results after every single subject.

A dynamic focus on YOU, and anything you want.

Thousands of people told me their deepest, darkest interests--from unthinkable sexual fantasies, to devotions to a higher power (my favorite). I have seen it all. I am open and accepting to all shapes of people and interests. Some would call my willingness "extreme", but the way I see it, if I refused requests based on some concept of morality, it would not make me "holier than thou".... Much like a taxi driver that refuses to take you to places they don't like, they are not a good citizen... they are just a shitty taxi driver. 

For a more in-depth explanation, you can read The Anatomy of a Powerful Hypnosis File. I don't keep my methods a secret. The secret sauce is explained in a list right there. These methods were discovered in a simple trial-and-error method while working closely with hundreds of different subjects... discovering what has explosive effects, and what doesn't. 

I start with YOU and work from there. Gosh, is that so difficult and complex in today's world? Doesn't it seem like every business on Earth is only interested in themselves? That's insanity! A great service needs to revolve around whatever the user wants. It starts with you. It ends with you. It's about YOUR experience, YOUR transformation, and the results that YOU get.

It's the content you are listening to! There are SO MANY mistakes in the files that negate most effectiveness. Don't get me wrong, these things are acceptable if you just want a decent hypnosis file that will work on the everyday person. But what if you want to make the most effective hypnosis possible? It can't include these mistakes!  Here's a couple of the most common ones (but there's literally a hundred)

Mistake 1: Long, boring inductions that are unrelated to the listener's personal mindset. Even worse when audio portions are awkwardly copy-pasted. 

Mistake 2: Double negatives. Two negatives don't make a positive. For example, saying "don't stress" can lead to more stress.  

Mistake 3: Bad audio quality, equipment, and recording methodology. 

Mistake 4: Using future tense instead of present tense (saying something will happen in the future makes it ALWAYS in the future. It never comes to be)

Mistake 5: Reading exclusively from a script. Even worse, using someone else's script. This is pretty okay for standard content, but for a bespoke experience, a script is not acceptable! 

Mistake 6: Just saying "go deeper." Most subjects don't know what this means. Need to be more specific!

Mistake 7: Not generating emotion in the viewer. 

Mistake 8: Using the same techniques as in-person hypnosis (audio/video is a different game with a different set of rules)

Mistake 9: Unrealistic expectations (Ie. saying "One thousand times more now!")

Mistake 10: Not thinking about the most important part... How it's going to make the viewer feel!

This list goes up to 157 mistakes, but you get the point

This is the Ferrari of hypnosis content. It's an exotic, premium service. That's why it costs so much more. A lot of things would get you most of the Ferrari experience at a lower price. But it's still not a Ferrari. This has an additional extravagence. A precision. The sound is a dramatic symphony. There's an unspoken sexual stimulation to it. My work is much the same. It's not cookie-cutter production line stuff. It's handcrafted, one-of-a-kind artwork that will take you to the moon and back in a few seconds of listening. The best costs an absurdly larger amount than second-best, because it's the best

"I have noticed some very subtle little things now and then like when I take some minor action and my present mind is observing/questioning why I am doing it I hear a little voice in my head say: “because Jack told you to”. This has been truly surprising, exciting and a little scary all at the same time. As I checked out some of Jack’s other artworks and listened to people talking on this forum, I find my focus is moving toward much deeper spiritual and metaphysical work. Jack said in my custom file (and I’ve heard similar comments in other files) to let things happen no matter what they are and that it might not be what was expected. That is what I’m experiencing. I feel like a lot of this work is more about stripping away than it is about adding. Removing layers of conditioning put upon us by society, religion, advertising, and other forces so that we can really be free. This process is much deeper and more real than I ever expected it to be. I am coming to view Jack as more of a genuine spiritual teacher or guide (and a very sagacious one at that) that I can learn much from. For instance, “Hypnotic Deal with The Devil” is just brilliant. I believe it is allegorical and its true meaning is about freedom and removal of blockages. I could FEEL it. I have the delight right now of knowing I am just at the beginning of something amazing."-Nairb

"Shout out to Jack for creating Magic Money: Just got hired on as a customer success manager with a company that sells trading robots. I'll also be able to use those robots on my own trading accounts ($3k Value). I'm still fine tuning my own manual trading, but I am very much aware of the "frequency" I must tune into to skyrocket that as well. Besides that, I also invested in a Business Lending program where I make commissions for any company I find that needs financing for their company. All that combined, I easily have the potential to create $200,000 - $300,000+ this year."-xmrcharles

"I've had some mind-blowingly quick results in fitness, my confidence, and with handsome, hung men all thanks to Jack's files.
In 3 months I lost 35lbs using the Ultimate muscle file, going from never working out to working out 4-5 times a week, gaining muscle, and loving it. Everyday I listen I'm more inspired and closer to my ideal, ripped body. The confidence and love for myself I've built up by manifesting results and working out has led to me gaining more opportunities, friendships, compliments, and sexual interest then I ever have. Thank you for enabling me to transform into the great, masculine, submissive man I am!
I get the hottest, most hung men I ever have thanks to my increased attractiveness, confidence, and submissiveness from being trained by Jack's erotic files. My custom files are a blissful, deeply submissive experience as Jack truly understands me, my deepest desires, and what I wish to become. As soon as I hear his seductive voice, I surrender deeply into trance and become a blank slate, giving in to exactly what he tells me to become. He dominates my mind better than anyone else."-Masaya

"Okay, so I think that it is time to post tye first short results post. If you want more details, I have posted in length in various channels or you can message me directly. I have been using a combination of Hyper Masculinity and a custom file for a little under 2 months now. I am the happiest, most confident and assertive, most masculine I have ever been in my life. I am the slimmest I have been in years and very soon I will be the biggest I have ever imagined being. And, um, well...orgasms are fucking insane now. I had no idea that my manhood could feel this...intense..." -Omnibus

"Thank you so much. I have never been that deep and honestly I didn't know I could go that deep. I felt so at peace and relaxed and so happy by the end. I felt my chest afterwards and it felt so good to touch my body, it was light and tingly and just felt good. I've never felt that without drugs before. You can have my mind, body, soul, money, and complete submission in total devotion Jack. I want to feel like this my whole life. That was so much better than I expected. Seriously so much better. You are a god. I don't understand how you seemed to know me so well. Your intelligence is so palpable. I still feel so at ease. I love how you guided me to be totally honest with no shame. The second time it was easier to accept the truths you were giving me. I needed to hear every single thing you said. -D"

"Reaches right into my cerebral cortex. Amazingly on point, button-pushing and truly insightful. The first couple of times I listened I was actually trembling. Truly cementing what’s already there, it was comforting, exciting and liberating to hear. Thank you so much. I’ve used 2 full AirPod charges so far. I’m extremely happy with the file-worth every cent! Your work is truly unique."

"I noticed that Jack uses a lot of empowering/soothing affirmations, that just help your mind, manifesting and your self concept. Plus they piggyback/enforce each other.
As someone who came from the manifesting/subliminal community... WHOA!!!!!
I don’t have words!
I had 0 intrusive/negative thoughts, my obsession is diminished, I’m detached. I feel calm and confident. When normally I’m the opposite.
The emotional vibe of my day was smooth and “gentle”, like my emotional state shifted!
When Jack says relax, and you listen, it’s life changing.
Also. I woke up early to listen to some new files. I fell asleep for 10 minutes and had a SUPER vivid, action heist dream were I was in danger, but felt calm, confident, powerful, strong. (I rarely dream) Things the hypnosis indirectly included!"


Absolutely worth every penny. I have ordered several custom files and each one blew my mind! If you have something you want, stop thinking and just order your custom file, you wont be disappointed!



Jack’s custom files are very well done. He follows your requests and the more descriptive you are in your request, the more pleased you’ll be. He is very efficient and punctual in their production



Excellent as always, all the effects are felt almost immediately and get stronger with each listening. Very powerful stuff and addictive – in a good way. Will always use this dude

Neil Goerz


Custom file was precisely what I wanted. Still getting goosebumps.



I was thrilled with the custom file i received last week. It was ready very quicly (I only ordered it a few days earlier). I actually got a custom version of a standard file which I love so that it takes me to the next level. The custom file was so much better than I could have ever designed myself, I am already making changes in habits to help me get to my goal. I requested something that was really direct. I could not have asked for more. With the custom file, I know the outcome, I know that I will listen every day, and I know I have no choice in the matter. I have never felt so liberated!



This is definitely worth the money spent. Jack has an amazing ability to capture just what’s being requested, rivaled only by his work ethic (the file was completed really fast, and correspondence was always met with a quick reply). Give it shot- you won’t be disappointed. Definitely a repeat customer here!



The custom file I ordered was even better than I could have hoped for. I don’t know how Jack does it, but he truly has a gift for what he does. I was nervous about ordering something so personal, but I didn’t have to be, Jack handled the whole thing very professionally, the whole experience has been fantastic!



Been a few days since Jack finished my 2nd custom file and OMG he is a Genius! Everything I asked asked for, sure. But SO much more & better than I could of dreamt of myself!
Thankyou so much Jack for raising the bar even higher!



I love my custom file and it was done so quickly. It was everything I wanted and more!