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Premature Ejaculation Curse

WARNING: This powerful curse uses frightening methods that will completely obliterate your cock’s ability to hold back your cum for more than 10 seconds. But every curse comes with a toxic trait to enhance the effect.. Your stamina is ruined, but you feel overwhelmingly compelled to seek out sex and desperately fuck as much as possible, making every attempt you can to please your partner. Some people may find the techniques harsh.

This file will completely change your sex life. Do not enter this thinking you can “just try it to see if it works”–many others have already made this mistake.

Remember, you are not just destroying your sexual abilities, you are changing your future relationships (for better or worse, depending how they feel about this). 

Cock-Brain Curse

You just can’t get cock off your mind anymore. Any time you try to think, all you can think about is cock. everything is related to cock. Motivated by cock. Everything IS cock. 

Your mind is unable to disassociate everything from cock. Everything is cock to you, and you cannot stop thinking about it. It interferes with your life. You can’t think clearly with so much cock on your mind. This could bless you or it could curse you.

This is an INCREDIBLY powerful curse that will deeply OBLITERATE your mind and replace it with only thoughts of cock.

My curses are not a game and not a roleplay. They are serious, deep, permanent changes with serious repercussions and you must be ready to be deeply affected by this for the rest of your life. 

This deep brain fucking may have unkind consequences. Just like any curse. You may find yourself meeting your cockdemons or seeing cocks everywhere you look, no matter how hard you try to unsee them.

Demon Sex Attraction

Today, you’re going to open up to bedding a real, actual demon. This is not a fantasy. It is real. You should know that this is powerful, dangerous business before you dive in to this. Spirits exist in many ways that you do not understand, and this special mesmerization is one way of altering your body’s vibration (frequency) to connect with another realm of existence to align and synchronize with a spirit of surely ill will. I will teach you to become demon bait. You’ll be trained into the optimum victim to attract them. Demons will come to you. They will find you and they will fuck you. This is a dangerous thing to be sexually engaged with. I’m sure that’s exactly what turns you on, though. 

This will be a very other-worldly experience, and is best suited to those who have an aptitude for spiritual experiences. This is a long, complex, psychological mind-fucking experience. You must be very careful, because your quest for demonic sex could lead you to become one of them. 

Tags: Satanic, Hell, Dark, Occult, monster

You will become completely impotent. Unable to get an erection. You will completely lose all ability to get an erection. You must listen every 1-3 days for a number of weeks, or longer if you can still manage more than half an erection. Every time you do this, it will permanently weaken your erection. Please BE WARNED– this is not a fantasy. This is NOT a hypnotic trick that can be reversed, it is a physical change to your body and you will live with this for the rest of your life.

Are you difficult to put into a trance? Find it hard to reach that hypnotic state? Well I’ll help you out. I will make sure that hypnosis has an EXTREMELY powerful effect on you. It is impossible to resist it. But there’s a catch–there’s always a catch when you work with something this intensely powerful. This IS a curse, after all. I’m not going to tell you what’s involved with this curse, though. You’ll figure it out if you’re brave enough to jump in. Which you shouldn’t be, because you WILL regret being so brave. But you will NEVER again say that it’s difficult to make hypnosis work on you. You’ll get what you always wanted.
This file works on male brains only.

Your body will stop producing the chemicals needed to make you hard and big. In fact, it will make your penis very tiny and small. You find it very hard to get an erection, and no matter how hard you try–it just will not happen.

Simple–Penis shrinking, and nothing else.

This is a channel directly from God, a message to gay men. It will teach you the truth about what you really are. But through this punishment, you will learn your place. Note: Many people do not like this file. You’re not supposed to like it. Tags: Gay degradation/humiliation, castration, pain, Satanic, religion


What is a curse?

A curse is a permanent negative effect. You must be very careful when listening to these files. The effects are very real, and these files are some of the most powerful of all hypnosis files. It’s understandable that you wish to listen to the most powerful content, but these files are only for the most masochistic of listeners. 

How does a curse work? 

The human mind responds exceptionally quickly and easily to a shock or fear. It activates the most primitive part of the mammalian brain, and then uses that opening to implant something (something that may or may not be related to it). This causes a very deep and instant implantation into the mind, but it is a dangerous maneuver that must be taken carefully. 

How are these different from the other “curses” you see online?

Most of these files you see on the internet are not real curses. They don’t have real negative effects, they are not permanent, and are no different from a regular hypnosis file. They typically just use some wording like “these effects will be permanent” (this doesn’t work), instead of using a real technique to make it permanent

Can the effects be reversed? 

Some of them could be reversed, and some of them may not be reversible, depending on the technique used.

Should I listen to these curse files? 

For most people, the clear answer is no, absolutely not. In fact, most people who listen to these files end up not liking them. Careful what you wish for. 

Real results from curses

JAckstock Tiny cock file result
Jackstock curse file hypnosis