[Vape needed][Male] You found a 420 vape cartridge from a shady guy and went home to get high, only to find that your body transforms more like a werebear every time you hit the vape. You become very large and hairy, your cock and balls become bear-like, and you emit an aphrodisiac musk that causes other men to become aroused and causes you to masturbate afterwards (fantasy changes only, no real effects).

You go into a snake den where you are transformed into a timber rattlesnake. Your head turns snake color slowly, your fangs become bigger, and you become venomous just like a rattlesnake.

Awaken your inner animal beast with this recording, where you open up your eyes, ears, touch, and even smell to their highest ability, while also making the body more strong and agile. The ultimate hunter. You also improve your natural intuition, sensing extra things in the environment as animals do.

I'm going to help you open up to that inner beast within. The instinctual mammal that lives within you. lets clear out all of modern life, and not only bring you back to the natural human state, or mammalian state, but even beyond that. So that you have increased sight, hearing, smell, and even natural strength, dexterity, and stamina.

You really are a cat. Feeling the fur on your skin. Feeling your tail. A fluffy, cuddly predator. Meowing, playing with objects, and not thinking deeply but simply observing. Scratching things with your claws, feeling total pride and self-satisfaction. Totally alert all the time, and yet able to drift off into a deep sleep at any moment.
Effects: Claws, tail, fur, cuddliness, playfulness, simple thoughts, predatory, alert but sleepy

Robo Mare

Transform from a male human into a female sex robot mare, ready to serve your master as a maid. A set of nanobots will transform you as you lay there on your charging port (your bed has become your charging port). A tentacle enters into your sex parts to charge you up. The bots vibrate your body pleasurably, slowly transforming each part of your body into female mare perfection, with a fiber optic mane, expressive holographic eyes, and strong legs and hooves.  in personality, you are now caring, nurturing, and confident. Cute and feminine but still dignified and strong. You are robotically programmed to serve your master. when you awaken, you feel that it has been a full year of serving him. In your dreams, you have new memories of serving him.
Tags: Robot, servitude, slave,transformation, cyborg, feminization, animal, furry

Fan-favorite fantasy recording that will leave you with some amazing sensations, even days after you have listened to it. It’s quite the experience, and it is very visceral and real-feeling. Just read the reviews below!

Quick summary: You lay down to rest in the forest, where you soon meet up with a gigantic werewolf creature, taking you away and transforming you into another creature just like them. You eventually wake up as a furry, muscular wolf-man. As the full moon approaches, you will notice your inner werewolf coming to life.