"After only a short week of finding your work, I feel like you are already more effective for me than any hypnotist I have run across in the past 15 of exploring this. I wish I had found your work earlier!" -Thomas

"You are a talented and creative guy, and very sensitive, open, and accepting as well, and I appreciate that incredibly! Thanks!

"Jack is really making me go deeper in his induction. It begin with his free youtube videos and then i bought a file. I don't feel the same when i am listening to him, he make me want to be the best version of me." -Steven D

"I just wanted to say thank you now that I know you read these.. At a time in my life when all has gone away or turned negative and my thoughts have gone dark and hopeless, you have turned on a part of me from 40 yrs away I put away and forgot. Importantly this part gives me light and reason to go on and when I watch you videos a smile. What you have given me unknowning to you is something in life I could never repay or put a price on. " -LM

"OMG Jack, thank you sooo much! You are a God! This file is just amazing!! Just finished my 3rd listen since last night, and it is perfect! Everything I asked for, yet SO much more! And talk about connection. I was just thinking how great your inner smile email would be as a file, and here it is, without me even asking for it!
I am in love Jack. With your words, your voice, your soul!
I'm so glad you enjoyed making this file, now I just want to keep pleasing you by fully undergoing this transformation!
Just can't express how good this file has already made me feel!!

"I have only purchased two custom files in my life because I am very cautious about spending the money required to obtain one. Jack is my second hypno master that I ordered from; it is beyond phenomenal. It took about four days from the time of purchase to the time of receipt, this is such a great turn around. One might think that with such a quick turn around, the file would be low quality; this is incorrect. Jack has the most amazing voice for hypnosis, it is steady, strong, even, and it lulls you into trance. Jack puts care and love into all of his files and you receive so much more with a custom file. My request was all over the place and not very specific, Jack hit every bullet point and embellished making it so easy to go under. I think about listening to this file through the course of my day and I am excited to do so when I get home. It is a far departure from hypnosis files written and driven by the hypnotists desires. You can almost literally feel a warm embrace and incredible amounts of love emanating from his voice. I will definitely be ordering more files from Jack in the future. It is worth helping him with money because he can give you what money cannot. -C.B.

"I just have to thank you for the file you made for me. I had to stop everything I was going just so I could hear it right away. I love it! It’s perfect!
Thank you for being so kind and understanding and sympathetic. Just being able to admit to you what I wanted and needed, and having you hear me and say that that was OK was a really great feeling - it was like you lifted a heavy rock off my chest.
I’ve been feeling better ever since hearing you about a week ago. Your Alien Implant file had an unexpected effect on me. I’ve been feeling less pain. I’ve sustained a lot of damage over the years and started developing arthritis in my 30’s had to have my hip replaced, wrists repaired etc. I didn’t realize how much it was hurting, until it started going away. That alone is a huge gift that you’ve given me.

Many thanks. I know I put a lot of detail in my request, but this is far beyond what I had imagined. Beyond that I am so wonderfully and blissfully speechless!
Kind Regards,

"Hello Jack,
I deeply appreciate what You do. I know that I’m one of many who benefit from Your efforts.
Thanks for Your continued positivity, creativity and concern for those in Your community.
Peace, love and health

" I've done a custom file from @JackStock also, and it was one of the best hypno experiences I've had." -IceJock

"This WILL be life changing. I’ve had custom files from @JackStock and they are dope !!!!!!!!" -DaleBob

"Your videos and audios are such masterpieces in mind control, brain surgery, and subliminal coding. "

"Your files are amazing. I love how decent and clean your content is. Well done." -Christoph

"I have never heard a Hypnotist as good as You in both structure (technique) and style (content). You have a way of making us feel so easily controlled. It's a very peaceful full control. I am listening to the "Join the Brainwash Research Program" and I love when you say, "There's nothing that you can do to stop our program." These very direct commanding quotes come very heavy towards me becuase they're mixed in between such innocent and gentle phrases. When they come, it's a bit of a shock because my mind's guard is way way way lowered and it's almost like a disbelief that such a strong command has come directly through. It's like, "Did he really just say that to me? Yup, He sure did....and DOWNNNNNNNNNN i go."
Thank You for that.
i hope to support You as i learn more about You and Your files.

"I often feel my least anxious (and therefore best) while deep in trance with one of your recordings or videos. I’ve had erotic experiences that were incredible with some, but also I have just had moments of sheer joy or just being truly calm when I struggle with that regularly. I like giving up control.

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